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  1. I'm 4 months together with my girlfriend, and in the beginning, sometimes we would talk about spirituality, but it didn't interest her that much. She was open to exploring it though. Last week, she had an awakening and a couple days when we we're together, she had one as well after giving her pointers that she contemplated on at that very moment. She's now even watching leo's video's, and reading on the forum a lot. It has opened her up. It feels good to share this with her. It has deepened our connection even more.
  2. Also look at their values. Some girls just care more for short term emotional stimulation, and this is why dating is so compelling for these people. It provides a lot of emotional stimulation. When these girls enter in a relationship, it may last for a while, but as soon as you get used to eachother, and she doesn't get much emotional stimulation anymore, she will be open to get it elsewhere and be magnetically pulled towards those experiences that provide positive emotions for her. Often those are experiences in the context of dating and sex. You'll have to use your intuition when looking for a long term girlfriend. You want to make that you have deeper values that you share with eachother.
  3. @Average Investor It’s not an impulsive reaction to the pregnancy. I’m someone who loves to create. Today, there’s a huge digital revolution. Everyone is seeking help on the internet for their problems. I recently delved deep into nutrition and health because I had severe ADD and chronic fatigue. I saw a HUGE improvements after implementing strategies to detox heavy metals, changing diet, introducing vitamine and mineral supplements where I was deficiënt in, and also introducing Some herbs and adaptogens. My mental ability and energy levels increased dramatically. The world needs hollistic medicine. Not doctors describing pills to cover up symptoms. I want to integrate hollistic medicine into an online business, as Well have a physical Office where people can meet me and get coaching to improve their health. I also have ideas to make other information products, build multiple online businesses around them. Such as dating, social interaction, learning guitar, self improvement topics, .. I have worked a lot on these ideas so they are not vague unrealistic ideas in my mind. and yes, there’s a lot of low quality products out there, with generic information. I’m aware. The thing with eben pagan is that I read he’s got a good reputation here and has helped Leo quite a lot in his journey to build this business. My intuition says that his products are worth it. It would be wise to invest in that as it gives you a very clear map to build an online business as he has done it multiple times and earns millions selling information products. And of course I notice how I’m justifyng buying his product right now, but I don’t wanna be idealistic and not buy it because of principles.
  4. I would think it's strategic to invest in courses from business guru's such as eben pagan when wanting to start an online business. The thing is that I currently don't have a lot of money, but I'm willing to work and save money to get such courses so I can have a map so I know how to go about starting this online business. I want to create information products and sell them. The thing is that it's hard to find high quality online business courses. Do you think eben pagan's courses are worth it? Are business courses in general worth it, or can you find such information online, or in books? Or can't you really compare the free information out there to information from people who already are succesful in business?
  5. The heart can want what it wants, but I don't wanna be the guy that enters a pet shop, sees a cute puppy, and decides to get it, without having though about it and brings it to the animal shelter a couple months later after realising that he can't take care of the puppy. My feeling says yes. My thinking says no. When making this decision, you can't be naive, you have to be realistic. If I raise a baby, I want to do it well, and without income, I simply can want all I want, I won't be able to afford anything. I hope that I get financial support, I'll contact the institution tomorrow and see what they say. Believe me, I do want to have that baby with her, but it's a difficult situation when you're both still in college for the coming 6 years.
  6. I'm excited to be a dad and raise the baby. I'm just a bit worried about how this baby will fit into my life when I'll be busy with a lot of other things. I'm switching to medical school next year and this will occupy a lot of time. Also have a lot of other interests, and things I want to work on. I always have a lot of ideas in my mind that I want to delve deeper into, but lack the time. I don't see this changing in the future. That's just in my nature. I like to learn and to explore things. I like to be busy spending time with myself. That where I get my energy from. She's also studying, which means we don't have an income. This is the only problem I'm facing here. I don't want to sacrifice my studies as well. This is not going to happen. Nor am I going to allow her to do that. This means I will have to find a way to get an income. I hope that we can get financial support in my country. If we don't, I really don't know how we are going to handle that without having to sacrifice our studies. If we get financial support, then I know I can make it work and do a good job at raising the baby. It will take some time adjusting, but I know everything will fall in it's place. Apart from how much I want to have that baby with her, raise it and love it, I will not sacrifice my studies. So I'll see if I can get financial support, and if that's not the case, I will just talk to her, and I hope we can come to a conclusion.
  7. It's difficult because we really want to keep the baby. I feel that although I'm 19, I'm ready, both emotionally and mentally to make this work and do a good job at raising a baby. I can't be naive though, by thinking that without being financially stable, I can make this work and do a good job at raising the baby. I think there might be options to get financial support as we are both still studying. I'll look into that. If there isn't, then we can't keep the baby, and that I would find very sad. But it is what it is.
  8. I had very severe social anxiety in the past. When I would cross people on the street, my energy would rush to my head, I would lose all connection with my body - my feeling. While the person on the street passes me, I would look down, I would compusilvely take my phone out, look at it without something on the screen and pretend I'm busy on it, just so I don't have to think about being judged at that moment. And a lot more of different compulsive behavior for escaping the feeling in my body. You have to practice grounding your energy into your body. If your anxiety is really severe, practice feeling into your body, feel into your legs, your arms, your chest, feel it. And relax into it. Relax all your muscles. Let the tension flow away into nothingness. Do this while walking down the street and passing strangers. Then go to shopping malls, busy streets, and stand there, still, completely still, while 100s of people pass you. Try to put all your feeling into your body, focus on breathing, and let your energy ground into the earth, like you're a tree and it roots go into the ground. Visualise your energy going down into these roots. After this, while previously if you would stand there in the middle of a street, completely still, you would think about what people are thinking about you, that you look stupid, standing there, or weird, or anything else. Now you find yourself standing there completely relaxed, with a still mind free of anxiety and worrying.. . you're just really present. Then practice this while walking in these busy places. After a while, your nervous system adapts, and being grounded will be your natural state. After that, you can practice talking to people. Your energy will most likely escape to your head again, and that's normal. You have to challenge yourself, and adapt the technique of feeling and relaxing into your body, and grounding your energy. Place yourself in new situations, ask directions, ask for stuff, ask for cigarettes, ask questions, talk, go into sales, go do improv theater, and relax into your body, always. After a while, you will notice that your anxiety is gone because your nervous system has adapted. This worked for me.
  9. Is adding table sugar to my oatmeal bad? I don’t like it otherwise. What would be anternatives?
  10. I'm not sure how to deal with this situation. I'm 19 years old, first year in college. My girlfriend is pregnant and is also in first year of college. She wants to keep this baby, and although something in me wants it as well, I don't feel like I'm in a position where I can raise a baby. I want to focus on my own development and life purpose. This is not realistic for me and for her. I don't want this baby therefore, but I can't force her to do anything against her will and I don't want to escape responsibility. Any insight?
  11. You can't half-ass this path and expect to get enlightened. You can have lots of direct experiences of Truth into a lot of different facets. It's not that after these experiences, boom, you are enlightened. You have to integrate them and allign your experience with them. If you don't go all out, there can be lots of mind impurities left causing things like depression. They are just residues of your ego. Enlightenment is trancendance of your ego. You have to go all out. The spiritual path isn't for everyone I think. Ego is sneaky, and will not let itself get killed that easy. You'll have to put the work in. Believing that enlightenment is out of reach for you is a trap.
  12. Join a toastmasters club! Also get actual voice coaching by someone who knows how to use your voice properly. Using your voice properly is very nuanced. As you have developed these bad speaking patterns throughout your life, they will need time to adapt to better ones. It relates to your neural pathways which have been conditioned in a way that makes you talk the way you do now. Luckily, speaking is something most of us do regularly, so you have a lot of opportunity to practice, and adapt. It will take conscious effort though. After a while it will be your natural way of speaking.
  13. When we hear the word illusion, we automatically get the notion that we’re talking about something that seems real, but isn’t. It’s important to know that real/Unreal doesn’t exist. ‘Unreal’ is a human concept and is only a projection of the mind. Everything is exactly as it is. All direct experience being experienced is real. our thoughts, emotions, imagination are real. They are all real from the pov of the ego mind. our individual existance, our awareness, is bound to mind. Mind is bound to duality, to forms. We experience the world through these forms and in our experience, they are real, to our mind. We are pure infinity. The formless dimension which precedes, and contains all forms. From this pov, all forms are finite constructions within infinity, from infinity. Illusion is just a human concept.
  14. I'm adopting a more whole food plant based diet to improve my health and improve cognitive function. I'm looking for recipes that are healthy and cheap and easy to make. Because I have not much experiencing shopping for groceries and cooking, it's all a bit new for me. I'm specifically looking for recipes for dinner. For the rest, I will be eating lots of fruits, oats, eggs, superfoods. For dinner, I mostly eat pasta, potato's, meat, vegetables at this point, but want to replace them for more healthy foods. Any ideas are welcome
  15. @Bridge to Infinity those thoughts arise in awareness and are made from the same substance. Just as everything is made out of awareness. They are not the ego’s thoughts. The ego is the identification to the thoughts. Meaning that I (consciousness/awareness) am identified to mind = ego.