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  1. It was a lot of fun though. Should give it a try.
  2. The 1% rule, each day builds up, and when you give yourself that chance to not do what you are supposed to do, you start from 0. We always run from tension when it rises and becomes too hard to step through. When you finally compound that 1% each day over those 3 months lets say, everything becomes easy and your life changes. What matters is pushing through the resistance and not letting yourself don't do it. And if you feel like you really can't do it and you slip into apathy, then do more basic stuff first that builds your self-trust and self-esteem. Like basic goal setting. daily cold showers, healthy eating, waking up early, daily meditation. Basic stuff that gives you the self-trust to push through the more difficult emotions. How can you ever be consistent with difficult things like healing your emotions if you can't trust yourself to keep the easy stuff consistent. All adds up. 1% rule baby.
  3. I did travel a ton the last 2 years. More than I ever have. I also met more people the past 2 years than I ever have in my entire life. I feel like in no way the pandemic is limiting me in exploring life. Quite the opposite. Maybe in your country it is more strict but I think in general it is more about how you feel and what you focus on.
  4. And did it make you feel lighter? Did it release any emotional tension from your body? If you do it right and you have a release, your body instantly feels lighter and this gets accompanied by more positive thinking which slowly builds more positive belief if you do this daily and put much of your focus on it. You ask me if what you are doing is correct, but I can in no way tell what your consciousness is doing at that point. You might be trying to release from the mind/head through analyzing and thinking about it. This is typical when too much in wanting/forcing energy instead of just relaxing through the body and letting it come to you. A release has to be done through connecting with the body and letting your minds activity slow down to the point you have very little thoughts. What can help prepare you for releasing work is to do some self hypnosis sessions. This can help you understand intuitively what it is like to be in a really relaxed suggestive state where you can release more effectively. Or do some group sessions of holotropic breathwork. They also get you into that same state that is needed for releasing work. Or do it solo. You can get in some very deep meditative states this way and get an experiential understanding of the depth of relaxation that is necessary for releasing work. This is vitally important. The mind needs to slow down and the body fully inhabited. Once you are in this state of consciousness. Full relaxation, little thoughts, fully here in the now, then you can do some releasing. What you do is slowly getting in touch with your energy centers in your body. Chakras if you will. You can call it whatever. Emotions are stored and experienced in the body, so we just use chakras as reference points to describe the areas where we just put our attention. If you can't locate your chakras, read some books about them or just do some research. So, if you can locate them, finally you can do releasing. So you slowly get in touch with your energy centers/chakras and you start to feel into them. remember....feeling. No thinking about them. Slowly open them up with your ability to manipulate consciousness/energy in your body. We all have this ability, don't think about it. Feel your heart opening, feel you connecting with your self-love, with your courage, with your ability to love others, to forgive, to feel powerful, to feel peace, to feel here and now, to feel non judgmental. Feel that energy. It has a very distinct quality of openness and acceptance and allowance of the present moment as it is. When you feel the energy blockages coming up, allow them, accept them. And love them. Open your heart to all of what is. All is perfect. You are perfect. Can you feel this? Is your mind resisting this process? Welcome that. Are you resisting welcoming your resistance? Welcome that. Welcome all of you. Feel all of your energy centers opening. Experiment with grounding yourself into the earth. Feel that the earth is supporting you, allowing you and loving you. Feel the back of your legs, spine, arms and ground your tension into the earth. Some extra tips: It is also important to get away from your center of comfort. Your house probably. Release outside of your home. Go to a park, sit there and feel the park, the people there, feel the nature. Go sit under a tree. Start the releasing proces. Feel that the trees supports you with grounding. They absorb your negative energy just like it absorbs CO2. Afterwards show it some love and appreciation The most important tip in all of this is to do this daily for months and you won't believe who you have become after you have done this process long enough. You won't even remember how you felt because the old patterns have removed completely from your consciousness. Realize that this process takes time to unfold. The first times, the mind will probably be thinking a lot and analyzing. That is normal. Frustration can come, welcome that. After a while, your inner guidance will be strong enough for you to recognize what you should do. Do the things suggested above, seek the relaxation, the quietness and then release. Now I will tell you something about my personal releasing journey. I had a lot of shame in being myself. In expressing myself towards others, I was painfully shy and shameful when I had to show myself to others. I felt embarrassed everywhere I went. I even felt embarrassed at home and was in a permanent state of cringe. I could not stand the way I was. Crippling shame. Couldn't go anywhere. Felt defective and flawed. Very lonely and isolated. And I had this for when I was getting into highschool. After discovering the self-help world, I finally found some hope to change, did lots of stuff, psychedelics, meditation, intellectual spirituality, reading, affirmations, detox, diet, therapy, exercise, yoga and nothing seemed to get to the root of my problems. Then finally I began to understand more holistically what beliefs are, what emotions are, what attracts certain experiences, what is energy, what is our body, what is consciousness, free will, thoughts, how we can manipulate our reality using our mind and body. This holistic understanding through studying all different modalities and techniques is what helps you form that understanding of how all these things interconnect. Releasing came forth from that understanding. First I released at home. I made a lot of progress this way. I got out of apathy thanks to that. Apathy is basically the heaviest energy that makes it so you procrastinate, analyze constantly and keeps you stuck. Then I released outside in parks, slowly faced my shame and fear of people. Then what I did is triggering all the shame and fear in my chakras when really confronting all of it through approaching people and just expressing without filter. I then released in those moments, never making it about how I felt, how they felt, just how all of it was how it was, and loving all of that through the body. I went to strangers to release while talking to them. Feeling the earth beneath me, feeling the back of my legs, back, arms and feeling that I was grounded and supported. This is a really powerful form of releasing. You seek your resistance to feeling certain emotions, you step into them, and you ground them through the earth and then lastly, you feel your heart opening to yourself, the other person, the environment and everything else. The whole universe loves you is felt through the heart at that point. It felt great. I also did some psychedelics, moderate dose of 150ug I believe and then approached people. This has helped me connect with my ability to release and accept in order for big releases to happen in the future without psychedelics. That said, it is not neccessary but it can help. You can do this fully sober. Psychedelics can align you to the right state of consciousness, but then you will need guidance from someone who understands this process because otherwise it can also set you back and get you in loops that won't help you and can even damage you further. But also that can be put in perspective. Anyways, you can apply this process with all kinds of things you feel emotional resistance to. With all your goals, it is the same process, just a different context. There is a lot more to be said and a lot more nuance to this process but it would require a whole book to be written. I suggest you read David Hawkins letting go, The work of Lester levenson, you can buy the revealing/releasing product from the website of 'the fearless man' which also has a YouTube channel. That channel is mainly about attracting women, but it is a lot more than that. I found that product to be everything that you need to set you up for succes in this process of releasing. The books are also good but might also just be more confusing as it goes into the mind and rarely has an energetic impact. The releasing product of the fearless man is more in depth. I never buy products in my life because most of them are shallow, but this is really something different. I also encourage you to go to workshops, intensives, retreats that will slowly build that experiential understanding in you in order for you to build that interconnected hollistic insight into how to change your thinking, beliefs and emotions. Remember that everything you undertake in your life builds up. Where you focus on, the energy flows. The most valuable thing that I have learned is the 1% rule. If you can understand this rule and apply it to your life, you can change everything around. Things done change instantly. You don't instantly release all of your negative emotions and thoughts. It is not like, okay, I am going to release for an hour and afterward everything is going to be okay. No, You keep doing it for an hour everyday. For 2 hours even. And you combine that will all kinds of other things such as doing the workshops, doing the exploration and all of it will compound over time. It is like a snowball rolling down the mountain.
  5. Good video as well.
  6. Being high conscious means knowing who you are, doing what feels authentic, what feels right to YOU. The spiritual path is not about trying to live up to an ideal of what the highest consciousness spiritual path looks like. The path is about coming closer to who you are as an individual. It is about becoming emotionally free to do what you want to do. To explore your passions and desires. I would be careful absorbing too much conceptual spirituality. Making the distinction between you and your ego can be a valuable realization, but the context around that is a lot more important. the distinction between you and your ego does not make your individuality less true or conscious. Be true to yourself, that's the highest lesson. This kind of thinking is why people commit suicide in the name of spirituality here on the forum because they aspire to be something bigger than what they are but don't understand they are already all of it no matter the shape or form. Don't be so hard on 'your' ego - or yourself? , just do what you want to do and what feels natural whatever that is.
  7. What things are you struggling with and what do you want to achieve? I like to use the revealing/releasing process which when people heal, they all use this, consciously or unconsciously. It is related to letting go David Hawkins, Lester levensons work, the fearless man on YouTube, his emotional embodiment courses are powerful as well. Sedona method, etc. The techniques you mentioned can be powerful as well, but you have to work on getting more in touch with your body, not your mind. Releasing happens from the body and feeling into parts you are suppressing. If you are not moving towards your goals rapidly, you are not vibrating emotionally at the right frequency. If you live in CAP (Courage, acceptance, peace), all of it comes easy. Study deeply how releasing works. And if all of that is not working out for you, it is because probably you are trying to do it from your head which does not work. Releasing is 100% body. For example, here is a video where the guy is releasing and processing his emotions. He experiences shame and fear related to talking to women. The instructor in the video talks him through the process of feeling into his body, locating the held feelings and then letting them go through the body. You can see him escaping to his head, analyzing and trying to release from his mind, which the instructor observes and then tries to make the guy aware of it. It takes a while to get an intuitive understanding of this process, but the video below is a good start. He has very good courses that are definitely worth it. And if you still don't understand it, he has workshops which cost 4k for a weekend, but they are worth it and bring immense value and understanding to your life. A weekend there can feel like years of self development and sometimes even decades. The proces in the video is about negative subconscious patterns related to self esteem and how that relates to attracting women, but this proces applies in every area you feel stuck.
  8. Self-esteem is a complicated topic. These videos are a must watch to understand it deeper. Yes! Are you planning on doing those and when? Great stuff. Many people experience that. It is as well a part of the shame you currently embody. It is not actually about your appearance. You might actually be really handsome in the eyes of others physically but you won't see that as you feel ashamed and unworthy emotionally. And even if you would be ugly objectively, if you feel really fucking confident and powerful, you will see yourself a greek god in the mirror. And you can feel that way no matter how you look. In my photo gallery, I have like 10 000 pictures of myself because I felt ugly. I took all kinds of pictures in different light, hair styles, and making these faces to make myself look cool. All of that went away as I worked on my self-esteem. Through challenging myself in different areas. 80% socially and 20% different areas such as gym, BJJ, studying, making commitments and building discipline, all of those tendencies went away as naturally the mirror began to mirror my internal sense of power and self-love.
  9. Dude, Great job! This really is a powerful exercise. What is the next step? Exactly this what you are doing. As seen in your post, this amount of tension is perfect for you. It is triggering shit in your body which you can release on in the moment. Keep doing this exercise for at least 3 months and don't give yourself the chance to quit. The first day is the most difficult. There will be other difficult moments where you don't feel like doing the exercise and just stay inside, but if you want to finally get this area of your life right, consistency is key so don't let yourself be inconsistent. Don't let your mind take control. You have full control each day. The fact that this exercise is triggering anxiety means that you should keep doing it until you are so embodied and flowing during the exercise and there is no resistance what so ever. Meaning there is no reactive energy at all during the exercise. You remain completely open. This exercise has the power to eliminate 90% of your social anxiety. If you can do the 100 hello's, flirting and connection becomes 10x easier. What makes the hello's work is your connection to your body and how well you are feeling. When saying hello, can you remain open - feel through your chest and heart? Like actually feel through that area and feel people through their heart? instead of tensing up and rising up to your head? Can you look people in the eye while remaining connected to your legs, pelvis, spine? You need to work consciously with the flow of energy through your body. I will link 2 videos which you should check and they will help you understanding the next steps.
  10. Staying in your home and constantly being on your computer or phone will reinforce apathy. To get out of It, spend time outside of your home, away from electronics. Nature will work best. Forcing yourself to just be with yourself and nothing else will allow emotions to come to the surface. You can then also do some visualization on what your ideal life looks like, and see the contrast with how it is now. Seeing that you are getting older and yet not really accomplishing what you want. Reflect on how that feels. As said above, anger really is powerful in getting you out of apathy. Then you are going to have to face other difficult emotions that the apathy is covering up in the first place. I got out of apathy by forcing myself to travel and did some intensives/coaching weeks related to emotional embodiment. Sometimes you just need a good container for you to grow and you don't need to figure it out yourself. Putting yourself in the right place can activate a lot of healing and get the ball rolling. When you struggle with apathy, you need to stop overthinking, analyzing and looking for the next best thing that will solve all of it. You just need to get something going on which gets the ball rolling.
  11. That sucks my friend and I can relate to a bad home environment when growing up. It definitely hinders your healthy psychological development. That is why you don't feel grown up. Much of the patterns you have today are rooted in those childhood experiences. Our emotional system absorbs those negative emotions in that time because of trauma and until we release those, we will never feel fully whole. Your personality and life will adapt to those emotions and we will become so accustomed to it that we forget that we are not those patterns. You can choose to not identify to any of that and you don't have to be a victim to your low self esteem. You could say, I have acne, insecurity, shame, low self esteem etc and identify with that, but in the end, it all does not matter because you can change that around completely. But you have to focus your mind on the possibility of growth rather than how all of it is right now. All of your emotions, thoughts, situations, jobs, friends, relationships are a direct result of your level of embodiment of certain emotions that you can grow into through doing certain practices. What do you think self-esteem is? In practice, not theory. How do you think it can be increased? How would you imagine the path to becoming more confident and whole? You think that rationally... But how do you really feel? How do you feel about yourself? You don't love yourself so that becomes projected externally. And because reality and other people will always mirror how we feel about ourselves, you get the impression and confirmation in different circumstances that you are not loved. How can you start to change all of this?
  12. The porn just is a result of your feelings of shame and unworthiness. Deep down you feel like you don't deserve a woman. You feel weak and insecure. That's very typical for people liking this kinds of fetishes. When you process your emotions and become a stronger man, your sexual desire will change. But you also have to adjust your brains neural pathways and build new ones. When you heal those emotions and get more masculine, you practice directing the arousal to more healthy outlets such as just normal sex and you keep reinforcing this In both imagination, masturbation and actual sex where you are enjoying the presence of the woman through your senses. If you heal your shame and work on your self esteem, naturally you will feel more masculine. As a result, the opposite energy than the one you embody will be a lot more attractive. And then slowly you let that porn behind you as you build and reinforce the new neural pathways. Now you are kind of in a loop. You keep thinking about the porn and this induces even more negative feelings, while it is better to observe it systemically from a distance. They are just a symptom of underlying emotions which will go away naturally as you solve the underlying cause: low self esteem So in what way do you feel weak? Why do you not deserve a beautiful woman? Are you avoiding emotional tension in your life? For example, if you don't dare to approach women, start there. There you can raise your self esteem and masculinity and you will start to feel worthy. Naturally the cuckold shit disappears. All the negative emotions surrounding it as well. And you welcome a lot more joy and acceptance in your life through the new found self esteem. Just start with approaching women. I had some fetishes as well that came from negative unprocessed emotions such as shame and fear. As I worked on healing those and becoming more powerful, my sexual desires changed.
  13. 'The fearless man' on YouTube.
  14. The awareness you have of that is beautiful because now you know exactly what you have to do to grow. You develop a practice to release those emotions. You approach people with the intention of being weird and having them react in the way that you fear and resist. And then you ground those emotions through your spine and legs right into the earth. That's acceptance and non-attachment which when done enough and consistently will release the negative emotions permanently. Eventually you will remain open when this happens and your heart does not close down anymore. And when this happens, you will notice people reacting differently and almost never will there be anyone that reacts unfriendly to you. The same for girls sitting on a bench. You look at them, you keep looking, and you accept it through the body. You feel the tension and ground it. You try to not constrict the flowing energy through the body. You let it be flowing through the heart, pelvis, legs. And do this again consistently until it releases permanently. Of course in the beginning you will be reactive and not dare to be fully vulnerable, but you will gain that strength the more you try. Developing a grounding practice is also powerful because it works with getting the energy away from your head to your legs and feet. That's confidence. You can apply this proces with everything in life. The most you do it, the bigger your life will be. You can work with a tension journal. Where ever you feel heavy emotions / resistance, you write it down, and you go face it. Man, if you make this true in your life. Like it becomes who you are. The guy who is constantly facing tension, then you will grow so much in confidence and attractiveness. Navy seals, fireman, police, businessman are attractive to woman because they face tension and are good with it. They don't run from it, instead they are proactive with the tension which is what you want to develop yourself. Every resistance is an opportunity to grow as a man
  15. I can relate from what it used to be in my life. That is why releasing and embodiment practices are so powerful. There, all spirituality that you practice at home gets put to the test. If you are still so contracted and anxious around people, then what is all the spirituality doing for you? It's nice to have intellectual understanding and feel whole when you are by yourself, but true embodiment is so much more valuable if you want to live a great expansive life. Approaching women done the right way is the perfect embodiment practice. There you can become really one with everyone and break down your ego so you don't feel like a constricted speck anymore. Imagine you would walk down the street and you feel so connected with everyone. No anxiety at all. Everyone receives you well. You get to experience much love and joy. Lots of opportunity. It is a simple process to achieve that. But you have to attune to the right state of consciousness to receive all of it and only intention can bring that.