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  1. Depends on why you want to do it. For some fun? Sure, if you like that. It can be interesting definitely. I've only done 200UG trips in social settings and for me it was the only time that psychedelics became useful and meaningful. I wasn't doing it for fun per se. my intent was always to transcend fear and shame. And man, it was incredible. I have no words for it. I had done LSD lots of times before, but never got anything useful out of it. Only a lot of confusion. When I went out in public on LSD, I understood everything I wanted to understand in this life. But yeah, healing vs fun. Different frame.
  2. Ultimately it's just projection from your subconscious mind, and it is mirroring how you feel about yourself. I'd inspect self-esteem issues. When you haven't felt recognized or loved by the people external to you, it's normal to have this sort of defense mechanism that is about attacking the outside world in order to get a illusory sense of power and self-esteem in yourself, which is an automatic reaction to not getting it from other people. Being valued and loved by others is vital in happiness. But once you tap into the more universal vibration of love that goes beyond the individual, you don't need that external love anymore. But it also requires being established in that vibration as a natural state of being. To get there, it is always good to do regular meditation, more than an hour a day. Some long determination sitting. As well as focussing on purification of the body. Cultivating presence is the key. And from presence, love arises. And it is a steady flow/stream that is uninterrupted. And it is both internal and external. You'll feel more one with people, and in that space, curiosity and openness can arise, instead of defensiveness as is now. It's all found in presence and stillness of the mind, and purification of the body. It's all connected.
  3. There isn't much 'doing' in this. Rather think about doing less. It's all about feeling into your body, feeling your turn-on energy and letting her feel that as well. When you look at her, allow yourself to sink into her eyes a bit. Take her in. Feel turned on for her. Don't think about it. Just notice what you are already feeling. Some shame, guilt and fear may come up. Now you work through that. Also express directly what you're feeling and thinking about to her. Express sexual intent verbally as well. If you have a problem being direct with your feeling/energy, you can use verbals to guide you into the tension. And now limiting beliefs and negative feelings will come up again. Process them. Always keep in back of your mind to connect to your lower body deeply. When you're communicating with her, just in the back of your mind, put like 30% of your attention on your own body. Especially the spine, legs, feet, outside of the body, the pelvis, stomach. Relax into those. Those will ground any nervousness and reactivity when being in sexual tension. It's mostly when you tense up these body parts that you raise up into your head and you become ungrounded and reactively expressive. The lower body parts and the spine/back are the masculine. When you are deeply connected and relaxed into those body parts, playing with sexual tension is easy. It sounds like your feminine is well developed, which is amazing. You just need more tension skills and grounding. And that you do through connecting with the body more and more while being under tension - such as being direct with a woman. Look at Russel Brand. His feminine is also well developed, but he is grounded under tension. He knows how to look people in the eye with sexual intent and feeling. He transmits that unapologetically and that's why he is attractive. Ultimately you need to become comfortable with your sexual desire and express it unapologetically. A nice practice to start this is to just start approaching women in public and be unapologetically direct with them. That's tension and now you are learning to become grounded in it. Also, a nice practice to do as well is to observe other men in public and notice where their energy is located. Some men are up in their head, anxious and nervous. Some are apathetic. Some are confident and grounded. Some are prideful. Some angry. Some are grounded but not feeling much emotion. Feel all those subtle differences. Especially look for men that feel masculine to you. Replicate that energy within yourself. Police men, firemen, navy seals are examples of such men. They are usually very grounded and good with tension. See if you can feel into such people.
  4. That feels like strong apathy. Realize this. Thinking will never resolve any of your issues. Only feeling and action will. And if you aren't clear on what type of action you need to take, then start here. Just spend one week in nature, don't do anything else, don't bring a computer, phone or any distraction. Just sit with yourself and take a notepad with you. Start to find out what you want out of life. But don't force it. During your time alone, maybe also go to the city a few times and just walk around and practice feeling your heart. Practice feeling joy and relaxation. Look around. Observe people. Notice how they are feeling. Notice how they make you feel. This process will get you out of your head and into your body. There will come up tension and frustration probably and a bunch of other feelings. Can you sit with all of that? Can you release and get to a place of relaxation? Can you allow yourself to enjoy the moment as it is, a little bit more each day? Can you become more fluid in feeling and imagination? From reading this post, it feels like you have a strong want and also strong frustration related to the want. You most likely have a bunch of limiting beliefs and stories about yourself. There is the notion of 'I can't' t when talking about how you want freedom. So slowly, without forcing, when you start to relax a bit more after you've been there a few days, you can start to imagine what your ideal life looks like. Because you spent some time away from distraction, automatically you will sink in your body and your body will guide you to insight about what you want. You need to get out of the mind for inspiration to come. Nature is perfect for this. There is something magical about it's effect on your mind and body. You'll feel curiosity to different ideas after a while. You can proactively generate different ideals in your mind and practice feeling in response to those ideas. When you find out your ideal life and you have felt the excitement that comes with that imagined ideal, now you can start to do goal-setting in order to get that life. But the reason you are in apathy is because you have limiting stories and beliefs about yourself. Now the goal is used to change your self-esteem. Because the core of apathy is self-esteem. Thinking about your ideal life, you probably feel resistance as well. Distance yourself from it and just feel as if you already would have the ideal image. The key is also that you can never change your life if you can't exactly envision what you want. There needs to be a set object of focus: Your goal, which by using your frontal lobe, selectively focusses your attention of taking action on that goal. Imagine if the world is empty. And you say 'I want to focus on something'. How can you focus on something if the world is empty? In the same way, how can you change your life if you don't have clarity in what exactly you want? So the first step is to work on that. You could say 'I just want freedom', 'I want to feel joy and excitement'. But what are the experiences that will allow you to feel that? There is not just one? For me, riding a motorcycle at high speeds in beautiful landscapes gives me thrill, joy and freedom. But also meeting strangers, making friends, dating women is exciting. So what are all those experiences you would have right now if you would be fully free? Once you know all of that, you can work on releasing resistance to those goals and taking action. But again, without clarity, you will always be wanting and thinking about having a better life. But nothing will come from it.
  5. There is something called succes orientation. It's focussing on the small successes and small wins, rather than the things you perceive as wrong/failure. When you focus on failure, you will get more failure. When you focus on succes, you will get more succes. If you are going to see yourself as a failure simply because you haven't achieved your ideal scene yet, then that's a problem, because then you'll always feel like a failure unless things things go exactly the way you want them to go. And all those thoughts and feelings of self-judgement and self-hatred are the result of focussing on those perceived failures. Change your criteria for succes. For example, if you fear giving her a compliment or you feel nervous looking her in the eye for too long, can you let that fear go, and do it anyways? Or if you can't do that, can you tell her that? Can you own it? The key is just to go on more dates and to release some of your judgement and self-hatred a little bit at a time. A little bit each date. Each date will go better. With each date, see if you can focus your mind on the succes, and the feeling of that succes in your body. That will compound over time. Can you feel proud and courageous because you got a date, and you dared going on the date? Can you feel hopeful towards your future, because you know that each date will grow you more to the person you want to become? If you feel shy, nervous and insecure during the date, can you maybe own that and even tell her that? How much courage and acceptance will that bring you? That would be a huge succes. Can you even start to love yourself when you feel unworthy? Can you also stop judging that you judge yourself? Can you let go of judgement towards judgement? If you can't let go, can you accept that you are doing that? Can you stop making all of it wrong and just be? This is all a sort of meditation. You release your negative energy in your body and mind, and you transmute it to self-love. And that will ultimately get you out of your head and into your body. It will translate to having more confidence and presence with the woman in front of you. You just need to focus on small successes. And trust me, if you focus your energy on succes, that will compound a little bit each time. And over time, it will manifest outside yourself. And women will mirror your increases sense of power and succes. Because ultimately, it requires personal power to stop focussing on what's wrong, and instead focus on everything that's right. Lots of men can't even get a date. So you are already doing super well.
  6. Fart and poop your pants in public until you don't care anymore. Maybe get a fart cushion and start there. Use it to trigger your repressed feelings and release them on the spot. Just start 'farting' in front of other people and you'll naturally start to heal. Then maybe progress to pooping your pants if you are ready. I did something similar for my toilet anxiety. I was always afraid I would pee my pants in public so I started to throw water on my pants when I went outside and released what came up. And then I progressed to actually peeing my pants. Going through the actual experience of peeing my pants in front of other people, but from a place of proactivity, naturally released the resistance to the experience of peeing my pants. I could relax into it and let go of the resistance. And so my anxiety disappeared because subconsciously, I knew I could handle it. The problem is that you think you can't handle it. And so therefore you resist it. If however you would allow yourself to go through the experience of the thing you resist, you would be amazed at how much more emotional discomfort you can handle and you would realize your own power of turning discomfort into acceptance. You just need to become proactive instead of reactive. And that means stopping avoiding and stepping into the tension of that resistance.
  7. When you sit still and you don't do anything for a while, automatically your uncomfortable feelings are going to come up. Because when you are sitting still and not doing anything, you are going to sink deeper into your body. And when you feel your body more, you are going to feel all the stuff that is inside your body. If you have negative feelings, those will come up. And so you are probably using all that stuff just to avoid the uncomfortable feelings. Try to commit to a month of just being with yourself. Leave your laptop and phone off. Only check it for stuff that's necessary. Don't do anything other than just being. quit the 'doing' for that month. Your emotional baggage will come up. At first, your mind will generate thousands of thoughts telling you to distract and 'do'. And your body will feel painful and it will have this strong pull/urge to do anything other than to be. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. If you can overcome any urge you have and still commit to the whole month, you'll find that after those 2 initial weeks it all becomes easy and you'll be much happier. You'll become so much more present. Just try it and see for yourself how good it feels. Achieving goals is so much easier at this point.
  8. It is an enlightenment experience. It is not enlightenment yet. You have to close that gap now with the insights you gained from those experiences. It's the path from an enlightenment experience all the way to liberation that you now need to walk. So feel all that resistance you have again. Resistance to certain experiences, ways of expressing, and moving into the physical world. Feel into that resistance and step into it and while stepping into it, let the resistance go and replace it with love and peace. Do that thousands of times with each bit of resistance you feel until there is no more left and you can basically step outside naked in your city without feeling resistance. (Not that you should do that). All those patterns of feeling and thinking are stored in your subconscious mind / nervous system. You need to rewire that. That's how you embody those higher emotional states of freedom and love. An enlightenment experience transmutes your emotional state all the way to peace because you temporarily expand outside your egoic consciousness. Your system will rebalance to homeostase and that's when the work begins. So now, feel any experience you have fear/apathy/grief around and transmute it to courage/acceptance/love/peace. Thousands and thousands of times. And your self-esteem will slowly adapt and you'll get to a point you feel naturally peace/love such as you felt in your enlightenment experience.
  9. Try to do the urine test that Leo talked about in his video about heavy metals on his youtube channel and go from there. If you cannot get tested, well, you can get started with the protocol and just see if you are feeling better after 20-50 rounds. It won't hurt you to experiment. Anyway, it's usually not just one thing. It's all these little things that are out of balance within your mind and body and every little thing that's out of balance will contribute to the issue a small percentage. Do most you can to purify your mind and body on all different levels and what you'll find with each thing you improve, you'll also improve your issues bit by bit. It's little percents that compound over time. Some things will improve you a higher percentage than others. Diet might only improve you 20% and heavy metal detox might improve you 60%. Who knows? It might be the other way around as well. Everything you do that's good for the body will ultimately be helpful in healing your issues. I'd say to just go for it and see if this improves your issue. Indecisiveness is the worst. But do improve in other areas of health as well. Go for a holistic approach. Good luck.
  10. You need to rewire your nervous system consciously. It's through processing your feelings in the face of tension that this gets accomplished. Tension is basically the experiences that you resist and therefore avoid. The only real solution to getting rid of this issue is to become fully vulnerable to all your feelings within tension. It's opening your heart to other people repeatedly and dealing with the vulnerability that comes up. It's fully stopping avoiding what you feel. It's feeling it fully and then letting it go. It's also letting others see it, feel it, and not hide it from anyone. You need to get to a point of full acceptance of who you are, love who you are and then from that feeling of being at home with yourself that you do goal setting and make a strong decision to step into tension daily. Then you get triggered. And now all the fear and shame come up right in front of other people. Now you cultivate presence within the tension of being in front of other people and you relax into it fully. Your body's automatic response is closing down and shutting off. Now, in order to avoid the tension of being seen, you have these ticks. But that's only because you are avoiding vulnerability and becoming reactive to the vulnerability. Try to open your heart within the tension and instead of becoming reactive to all the shame and fear that comes up when you do in fact open your heart, you become proactive with it. You generate courage to feel what ever you feel, and then you generate acceptance and love for whatever you feel. A little bit more each time. A little more each day. Every single day for at least a year. The only thing that will fix this is 1) A strong decision that allows you to become your own container. It's through clear goal-setting that you commit on stepping into tension daily. You give yourself daily/weekly/monthly goals that will guide you to get triggered. You need to start at the level of tension you are okay with. Maybe it is asking the time, or saying hello to people you pass on the street, or maybe just smiling or having eye contact. See whatever you are comfortable with and start doing that daily. Let yourself be seen. Feel interactively with your imagination what you avoid/resist, and then work on stepping into those things. 2) When you do step into those experiences, see if you can become vulnerable, welcoming and allowing of your internal body sensations. This whole issue shifts when you come to the point of becoming non-reactive to those sensations. So see if you can learn to love vulnerability instead of being scared of it. That's where all the growth is. 3) Everything else is avoidance. Make this practice 95% of your treatment plan and you'll grow through this. Do meditate, do eat healthy, do visit a therapist, but don't use it to keep avoiding facing the tension and vulnerability. Every path that heals you from this involves tension and vulnerability. What matters is that you choose the direct path. Indirect paths like meditation and psychedelics are only complementary. We often direct our attention to the paths that are indirect because it lets us avoid vulnerability. It's distraction. It's another protection mechanism that has the goal to avoid feeling the repressed feelings of shame and fear. Shame is very uncomfortable emotion to feel so we do everything to not feel it. When we try to get rid of social anxiety and shame, we try to not feel our shame and fear the most we can. We think there is another way to fix it. But it's only when we can feel it fully and not making it wrong, even loving it fully, that you process it. And that happens right in front of other people. In the face of tension. You can process some of your feelings in meditation, in psychedelic experiences, but the bulk is processed through vulnerability and tension. We need to get triggered first. And then change our relationship within the experience of being triggered. Are you really being triggered when sitting alone in your room? Or in front of the therapist? Think about it this way. If you now imagine doing some social exercises, like chatting up groups of men/women and joke with them, how much tension and vulnerability do you now feel thinking about going outside now and doing that? It's in this direction that you have to look. It's those feelings of resistance that you need to change your relationship to. And how you do that is by starting at the level you are comfortable with. Such as asking the time and then doing that thousands of times so you release fear/shame from that level of tension. And then you increase it after it has become easy. Trust me. Commit on a month of stepping into tension - Asking directions to 20 people/groups each day. See if you can love yourself a little bit more each time. See if you can become more relaxed and present each time you ask directions. Come back and update at the end of the month and see how much more relaxed you feel with that level of tension. Also note that you may feel worse before you feel better. All your shame/fear/anger/sadness/guilt/apathy will come up. But that's a sign that you are growing of course. You must just become proactive with it and it will process.
  11. @Pav You are super close man. You’re never stuck. It feels like you are stuck. But you are always moving. Your heart is always beating. Your breath continues even when you are unaware of it. Nothing stays stuck. It is just one state of consciousness that repeats itself until you intervene. The stuckness is just perspective and it is guiding you to become more courageous and more allowing of your own emotions. Some people stay stuck for decades. Most stay stuck for their entire life. Most don’t even realize they are stuck. But you can move out of stuckness in just 5 minutes if you surrender. You can now consciously transmute some of that apathy into courage and then even beyond that, into love. But then, is your goal to get past stuckness for good? To be in love/joy permanently? What is the goal? Where do you want to feel more love/joy? What area of your life isn’t allowing you to feel joy/love permanently? For example, you can now transmute into love and feel joy. But all your patterns / attachments won’t be released through transmuting only once. There needs to be done goal-setting where you apply these transmutation principles in the face of tension. That’s where you will move past more macro-level stuckness (through goal setting). You can feel stuck in many ways, you know. For example macro, is the distance between the now experience and the ideal experience you have in your imagination. The key to move past that level is to learn to transmute feeling stuckness now. If you can learn to transmute that stuckness now, you will easily move past stuckness automatically with bigger goals. If you are a virgin and your goal is to fuck 1000 women but you don’t know how to seduce a woman. That’s stuckness. His stuckness is there for as long as he hasn’t fucked 1000 women. Yet, he will move rapidly towards having that goal if he learns to, in this present moment, transmute his feeling/vibrational state to higher vibration that results in the now experience of having confidence and freedom. Maybe he flirts with one woman and she gives him positive attention. That’s already moving some of that stuckness into momentum. So the key is to move some of your lower emotions into higher emotions. A little bit at a time. I’ll explain later. From what it looks like, you have an inner conflict where you are avoiding feeling your lower emotions (the lower vibration you talked about) and therefore you are using lust/anger/pride as a way to get the higher experience/feeling you want. But it’s only a push on the present moment, it’s your misalignment and attachment to future. Your mind is completely projected into the future as a way to avoid your lower feelings, but still with the intention to achieve your goal. Therefore it uses the mind. Because the body has the resistance which you avoid by escaping to the mind. It’s the mind compensating. You are pushing out of your lower emotions with force, using the mind. You have to ask yourself the following when you feel stuck. Where are you not becoming vulnerable and being allowing/welcoming to those lower vibration sensations? Where are you unconsciously closing doors? There are so many doors you can open that will transmute you to freedom. Yet, you have to become proactive with your resistance. And when you are in apathy/avoidance/stuckness, you will be hiding yourself from those doors. You need to gain the courage to open the door and to walk through it. And then the next door. And the next. Until there are no doors anymore. The closed doors represent the experiences that confront you with the resistance you’re not willing to become vulnerable to and therefore avoiding. The stuckness is just the strong lust/want with the apathy (resistance to feeling the lower feelings). When you are within it, it seems like a huge obstacle. It’s like a mountain you see in front of you and you feel incapable of climbing it. Even more so, you feel like you have to climb it. You think that when you get on top of the mountain, you will find a pot of gold. While the gold is just behind the doors. You just have to open the door. Open some of your doors in your own house. It’s not difficult. Its your mind/body which make it seem so difficult. If you surrender to how you are feeling, and you work on transmuting that shame/fear through stepping into low amounts of tension (opening doors), you will slowly feel lighter. That anchoring into love, peace, courage, authenticity, freedom, is a process of stepping into tension and transmuting the lower feelings inside the tension, into higher feelings. A little bit at a time. A little each day. You welcome lighter feelings slowly. And that’s where you are releasing the attachment to your lower emotions. You do that until all attachment are released and you are free. The thing is, you can never get to love/freedom/joy if you don’t learn to allow your lower vibrations and to feel them fully in the face of tension. You don’t release lower vibrations through just letting them go like that. Poof. You channel them. You channel them into courage and acceptance. Energy doesn’t go away. It moves. It contracts or expands into different states. You need to direct it consciously. Fear -> courage, Shame -> acceptance. We like to think that we can become free at home, through thinking and wanting. But it’s only when we step outside and confront those stories directly through tension that we become free. We just have to become proactive with the lower feelings. Not reactive. If you are reactive, you are going to escape to the mind, and use anger, lust, pride in order to still get your goal, but without feeling your lower emotions. Let’s say you want complete freedom with people all the time. No boundaries. No anxiety, insecurity, nervousness and shame. What we often try to get out of that is that we start feeling the want for more confidence, freedom and all of that, and after we recognize that desire, then we will start trying to find a way to have that what we desire. But we feel the fear and shame, and we become reactive to it. Now we start to resist the fear and shame, and we shift into apathy/stuckness/avoidance. Then anger/lust/pride is the mind inside that apathy that is desperately wanting to move the experience into being, yet has no clarity and power. It’s super reactive and avoidant. When you can recognize in that moment, in the moment that you are stuck, that you need to work on welcoming courage/acceptance/love in small amounts, in relation to stepping into low amounts of tension, that you will slowly move out of stuckness by yourself. But it requires daily work. Only then your subconscious has the power to completely shift. Consistency is key. And you become proactive, comfortable and completely vulnerable with your emotions. It will feel super raw, naked and vulnerable. Learn to love that because in loving that, all the freedom is. So I have a challenge for you to work on this. Only do it if you can do it from courage. If you are pushing through this challenge, that’s something to let go as well. Pushing is avoiding vulnerability. Courage is decision and allowing. When you shift from anger to courage to step into tension, it feels more like you are surfing and riding the wave. Anger/pride/lust is like the surfer desperately trying to catch the wave and then always missing it. He’ll end up frustrated and quits. So see if you can become relaxed with this challenge. A little bit of push in the beginning is fine. As long as you can let that go during the challenge. For 3 months: Daily - Approach 15 men/women/groups and ask them directions. For 1 month: Daily - Say Hi to every stranger you pass in a semi-busy street, not skipping anyone. Be fully expressive. Next months: Keep stepping into tension daily. Increase the amount of tension progressively. Until you are fully free and anchored into the higher emotions. During these exercises, you can learn to transmute those lower emotions into love experientially. That's the key because you don't learn this stuff in your head. It's all experiential work. When you are feeling love, it is easy to do these exercises. But it is when feeling fear/shame and then doing the exercise, being proactive with your feelings, welcoming more courage, acceptance, love that you will become conscious of how this process works. You will get an intuition for it and it become second nature. Then you get a point you can easily shift your emotions in minutes/seconds. Until you don’t even have negative emotions anymore. That’s imperturbability. Definitely meditate as well because it makes it all so much more effortless.
  12. @Optimized Life Nice that you had that experience. Now you know that it’s all about your energy, and how you are feeling inside, that determines wether women are attracted to you or not. So that’s really nice. Yes, you can have that ‘magnetic field’ or ‘aura’ at all times. It is not easy work and indeed not one thing you do. I regularly do the following just because I like to play around with energy and feeling, and seeing how it reflects back in the world. You may find this useful to experiment with. First, I walk around with a closed heart. I pull up my energy into my head (which automatically happens when you are nervous and anxious), and then I make eye contact with everyone that passes. I say ‘Hi’ from that place as well. And what I notice is that they look away, they shrink, they are shocked by my presence. Then, second, I get into my body, I relax, I open my heart, I ground myself, I embody the feeling centers in the back of the body to create containment and security, and after I connected to the back of my body (my containment), I open the front of my body (feeling), primarily at the heart. This allows me to be touched by other people emotionally, I let them in and I connect to them from a heart-centered space. I consciously bring up joy and love in the heart as well and let them feel that. Now almost everyone connects to my eyes. They start smiling, lighting up and even approaching me. Even people across the street start looking. Because I’m radiating love super powerfully in the environment and people get pulled into that. Then third, I drop into the lower body and stomach. I feel 20% love in the heart, but I’m mostly bringing up energy in the pelvis and the inside of the upper legs (thighs) and the stomach. And now I’m walking from the connection to the lower body. I bring up a lot of intensity there and it charges me up. It gives me a super powerful penetrative presence. It is not sexual per se. It is more turn on / creating / penetrative energy. But it can be expressed sexually. And now when I come across women and men, they can’t almost not look. They just feel that energy. And I express it unapologetically through my gaze. I project that intensity into them. But I stay in my own body, connected to my grounding. And I am slightly doing it from heart-centeredness as well. It is balanced, grounded but very penetrative. I’d say, the most important thing here is that you become fully free and one with your external environment. Instead of operating from self-contracted consciousness, your consciousness should be expanded into more non-dual consciousness. Meaning that you literally feel one with everyone. There is no fear, shame and limiting sensations that contract you and hinder your full expression. You need to get to a point where you can exchange energy and feeling with other people without a sense of separation preventing you to be fully expansive. Your body needs to become super light, yet very grounded. You need to become super present in your own body for this. The mind needs to be stilled. You can best experiment with Kriya yoga, or other types of yoga that work with your energy-body. I also recommend concentration meditation, as well as do nothing meditation, as well as osho dynamic meditation. Daily. Eventually, your mind and body will become anchored into the now. Your increased presence will become the gateway to increased feeling and feeling-connection to other people. Do some walks in your city with music like this. Surrender into the body and become one with the music. Let it really touch you. Look at everything around you, the people, the scenery and let the music guide you to feel more of the essence of it all. I also recommend a simple practice where you can experiment with some of these principles. Daily, put aside 2 hours where you will go outside into a semi busy street to say ‘Hi!’ to everyone that passes. Put 70% of focus on your own body, and let your consciousness flow from those internal centers. Express from them. Express from the heart, the stomach, the pelvis. You will get different reactions depending from where you express. If you have a lot of apathy, anxiety, nervousness, fear, shame, and all of that, then you will probably express from the head. And people will pull away. They will reject you. If you are pushing on people from lust, anger and pride, then the world will push back on you. For example, back when I had this super strong lust to get to freedom, I went outside to give people high-fives. I was pushing on people from lust/anger. I HAD to become fucking free, And I fucking HAD to give everyone high-fives. And then one guy who had a lot of anger himself wanted to fight me because he thought I was provoking him. It was our anger that connected. Now in this exercise, you can learn to ground all of that rejection and become non-attached to how people perceive you. And there is a lot of liberation in that. You simply stop caring and become one. And then when you shift to non-attachment when doing the ‘Hi!’ Exercise, you will feel that shift in your body. Your feeling centers turn on and you start to express from there. And then people start to say hi back. They smile, light up and they want to talk to you. If you can do this exercise daily for a month, you’ll grow leaps and bounds. You’ll become non-attached not only when saying hi, but in every other way that involves expressing your emotions in front of other people and to other people. You become grounded in your self-love and self-validation. This enables you to transmit feeling out of authentic inspiration. You don’t look for permission and validation to be who you are. And the more you become grounded in this non attachment, the more people will become pulled into you. It will change everything. It really heals your energy body because you don’t need the permission of the outside world for your consciousness to express fully. Your become fully expansive with your energy. Your aura/magnetic field/bubble includes the whole universe. There is no bubble anymore. You just surrender those boundaries you had. You flow without boundaries and man, that’s where you will truly feel alive and connected with people. And women will show up naturally when you have this freedom. You don’t need to push and force anything anymore. You can even practice this ‘Hi’ exercise with women, but instead of saying ‘Hi’, you just approach them, ask them directions and you do it from feeling. You ask it from connection through the heart, pelvis, grounding, stomach and you will notice that their response will reflect your level of embodiment. When I ask a woman for directions when I feel embodied within my own grounding and turn-on, as well as when I have a completely open heart. They will often lean into me and get curious right from the start, and give these sexual gazes. And then finally you can do direct approaching with the hottest women and practice becoming non-attached. You just do it so many times, and you make it all about how you feel in front of her, releasing any attachments. Just becoming more and more grounded, more and more feeling. And naturally as you do that enough, you have absolute freedom with them and they show up naturally in your life. Through getting out from self-contracted consciousness and expanding into non-dual consciousness, your sense of peace, joy, openness, confidence and all of that comes from within. Nothing externally will then influence that. You generate all of it from your own body. You can get to the point with this work that when you get rejected, you feel more confident, more alive, more joy, more love. You simply ground it. Rejection is just the self-contracted consciousness needing external permission to feel whole/one. And when it doesn’t get it, it will become more contracted. When you get beyond that, your relation to ‘rejection’ completely shifts. Imagine if you could walk down the street and could just bring up bliss and ecstasy in your body just through your intention. Imagine if you would be able to walk being turned on and open naturally. Not needing anything to feel that way. Just being that naturally. You would enjoy rejection just as much as validation. You would sit inside the club, be present in your body, feel the music and even if you wouldn’t talk to anyone that night, you would still feel amazing. And when you can feel that way all by yourself, women will come up to you all the time. Or if you would be sitting on a bench at the beach, and you just feel joy and love in your heart, as well as feeling this grounded peace. You look at the people that pass by, you nod, smile, maybe say hi, and your inviting presence will cause these reactions in those people where they will often just talk to you because your energy makes them curious. There is just no rejection when you are this peaceful and joyful by yourself. You just need to bring that same level of feeling and non-attachment to approaching, meeting and connecting with women. And that is a process. You surrender all those negative feelings and stories, and eventually you become free from all of it. Now your ‘energetic field’ or ‘aura’ is just the consequence of your own effortless feeling and expression of that feeling. You don’t need any external thing to turn that feeling on within yourself. You simply are feeling and energy.
  13. Okay, thanks guys. I'll just cut down on the honey and see if it still occurs. Or maybe switching to another kind of honey. @mmKay Hmm, yes, possibly that. Super odd. I never had any allergic reaction to anything. Or atleast nothing that I could consciously notice. I always hated bees and wasps though. Should probably go outside and try to love them more.
  14. @Yarco I don't think it's that. I've had heartburn before but this is different. It's primary in the chest, around the heart. It is like a very sharp pain pulsating. I had to lay down in my bed and breath through it. So I guess it's something else. @puporing Isn't sugar good for us? I mean, raw honey is supposed to be very healthy, right? I've been eating it because Sadhguru gave off good vibes talking about honey. So I thought, let's give it a try. Apart from the reaction, I definitely felt more alert and energized. And he doesn't seem to be talking about low quantities of honey. The more the better, he hints. I'm all open for experimentation and listening to my body more to feel what is right to eat. I've heard the saying 'Don't eat too much sugar.' already a lot, and it seems acceptable to me, yet I'm not sure where it comes from. I'm curious why you think sugar in too high amounts is bad? @Leo Gura Hmm, that could very well be the case. Is there any way to know for sure? May it not also be a sign of detoxification? I usually drink it on an empty stomach with warm water. I heard sadhguru talk about how powerful it is in detoxifying the body, and so maybe it is just some classical detox signs. Though it feels like having a mini heart attack.
  15. When the woman with the other guy passed, God is literally SHOWING you, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE that you need to change your internal landscape. HE IS THAT SMART. RIGHT IN YOUR FUCKING FACE. LOL. He is doing you a favor. He is reaching out his hand for you.