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  1. Be careful with that. If you choose a businessmodel completely out of allignment with your values & strengths, you'll quickly drain yourself. It would be far easier to start a business in function of your LP than to create a random business from scratch that you are not that passionate about.
  2. A person who you are not attracted to, but in a relationship with... We can't call this a healthy functional relationship. You don't think so?
  3. If it alarms you like this, there is probably more going on than her calling you 'bruh'. If I would make a topic for every instance my girlfriend called me something that could be considered friendzoning, I would have made thousands of topics already. But I just understand her intentions and I can read her cues. Girls like to tease and test guys over and over. It's just playing. I don't take it serious at all because I'm self secured in our relationship and I'm not attached at all. I just slap her ass and tell her she has to be a good girl. It's just teasing. Why are you so alarmed? Are you insecure in your relationship with her? Do you feel needy of her? Does she give you any other signs? Imo, her calling you 'bruh' is not important at all. Is the context that surrounds it that is. Many girls say 'bruh', just to express themselves. For example when they see something weird online, they might say 'bruh, check this out'. The only reason someone would get stuck on their girlfriend calling them bruh is because they are deeply insecure about the relationship and that's something to look into.
  4. Been trying to grow a beard. Maybe next year.
  5. @Karmadhi Why guys obsess about their looks isn't really rational. It is just so that in a society like this, from a very young age, guys are getting shamed for being themselves and expressing themselves. Much of it happens in child-parent relationship and peer to peer relationships. They feel fundamentally flawed and these emotions of not feeling enough do get projected onto their appearance. It is in human nature to look externally for making up their identity and so they tend to project these emotions of shame onto their appearance because it is something more tangible to understand and make meaning off. People don't easily understand their emotions and a lot of them get projected.. The same goes for shame. The rationalising goes like this; I feel ashamed and flawed as a human being-) External experiences validate this belief/emotion -) 'It is because of my looks' While actually, it has a lot to do with supressed emotions and projection. In the end, looks don't matter that much. It's all about vibes, emotions and being. If you would be more connected to your heart and confidence, reduce your shame, you wouldn't care about your looks that much. You can still subjectively understand that you are not the best looking guy, but it won't become something compulsive as you won't project your lack of self worth and connection onto it anymore.
  6. The dynamic of rejection is irrelevant for a man that knows seduction. Gaming is also something completely irrelevant. It's about him, being authentic, integrated, emotionally embodied. A man who knows about the dance between the masculine and the feminine. A man who knows how to connect to his heart, alligned in his turn-on, his curiosity, his openness, his intention. That's a guy who gets women, no matter his looks, status, money. A guy who is a natural with women does not game or get rejected. He is all about being. The guy you are reffering to in the topic needs to transcend 'game'. He needs to understand the subtle energetic interplay between a man and a woman and come home to himself. He is not good at game. The thinking that he has good game while still not appealing to any women is fundamentally misunderstanding what seduction is about. A woman can have a type though, but she is more reffering to the man's capacity to feel and be that she asociates with a certain kind of man that she calls 'her type'. That women can be attracted to many other guys that she does not directly associate with her type initially. This is because women tend to make up an image of their type through experiences with guys who appealed energetically to them, but this appealing of these guys to the woman is not dependant on attributes like looks, status, money, more so the underlying embodiment and feeling of that guy. Therefore the attraction gets projected onto those attributes while they don't neccessarly have much to do with it. The woman can be then attracted to someone completely different in terms of secundary attributes like looks and status, but still has the same underlying embodiment and feeling.
  7. You will get all sorts of advice here, but honestly, do you really want more advice? Or do you want to get some clarity and finally some real long lasting change? Honestly, just do one of these events: The intensive experience and then the weeklong intensive. Then come back here and tell me how it went. You'll feel like a changed human being. I can explain what is wrong with you, as I understand your position, but you probably won't attune to it. Just do the events. Thank me later.
  8. @dflores321 You'll have to face that sort of tension again. I suggest you go do MMA and learn how to fight so you can heal and integrate. No other option, you'll have to be able to find relaxation and acceptance in that sort of tension. Only then, those emotions can heal.
  9. I can relate. Tell me about your father and I'll describe you . Consider also that harnessing the masculine is more so an internal process of releasing and embodiment, rather than an external theoretical proces of reading books etc. The implementation has a lot to do with feeling, stepping into tension and vulnerability. Of course there is nothing wrong with reading books. Often it can be a distraction though for the real work that needs to happen when you talk about integrating your masculine energy. Good luck with moving out.
  10. Consider it is not really about james bond, the charachter, the personality. Rather it is about the underlying energy and charachter traits that he possesses that you feel you lack. So the wanting to be like james bond, is the projection of your own shortcomings. The epiphany comes when you realise that you don't have to be him. In fact, deep inside, you have the potential of the same traits that make him attractive, but unconsciously supress them by hidden emotional blockages that you haven't yet resolved and integrated. The true masculine essence that james bond represents is not embodied by you. What if you would become completely unattached, confident, unshameful, without fear, purposeful, authentic, react to your own inspiration and instincts. Would you still want to be like james bond? You feel you lack the masculine energy that he has, but you desire it so much, so it gets projected onto him. Yet the potential is there, but it is just not flowing. It is blocked. You can consciously choose to 'drop the act', but if you deep inside still feel the same way about yourself, emotionally, there is really no change.
  11. I'm glad it helped you. One more thing. You are your mind and aren't it at the same time. A strange paradox. The content of the mind is that of you. Those are your thougts and emotions. You are not seperate from it. Denying the existance or validity of them would only set you back. Why do you feel like others need to think you are wise and intelligent? Me too, I had this feeling. I found out I had to impress others to make me feel validated. It came out of internal lack. Shame and insecurity. It's a form of compensation. A shadow element. You are honest about it, which is good. But you haven't yet welcomed and embraced it. Cover-up behaviors like this point to something inside you that needs your attention. That's just my impression. Maybe even some part of you want to study all these intellectual topics so you can appear as wise to the outside world, and then in reaction, feel more whole, accepted and validated. Supressed emotions can move you in all kind of directions as an avoidance or distraction mechanism. Shadow work is very important in general. It can shine light on unresolved emotions that hold you back from finding your real authentic core. Best of luck to you.
  12. Not only is dating an important part of a complete spiritual practice, they also can't be looked at as being seperate from each other. You'll discover many aspects of yourself in relationship to other people and how you react and behave within the context of the relationship. Supressed emotions, self deceptive world views, biases, empathy, love, compassion, integration, embodiment are all dynamics existent within relationships. A relationship is like a mirror. They give you opportunities for deep self reflection, healing and wisdom that are not easily achievable outside the context of a relationship.
  13. You are asking the right questions and following your intuition, you can't really do anything else. In order to really feel in allignment in your life, you gotta experiment and sometimes fail. I've dropped out of college 4 times and had many more persuits that I quit eventually. That's just how it goes. Not everyone knows exactly what their purpose is in life from the age of 5. I distracted myself unconsciously out of fear for years and years. In hindsight, my LP is so so obvious. But it was behind walls of deep supressed emotions. What worked for me was stop lying to myself and admit my fears to myself. I could not hide anymore because the emptiness kept building up inside of me. I just stopped looking for meaning anymore. I let it come to me. I accepted that there was nothing in this life for me that is worthwile persuing. This acceptance can allow you to become inspired and find your more authentic self. The motivation needs to be a very personal one that entagnles with your values so well. You'll know it when you find it. Is is a deep intuitive knowing that you are on the right track that will arise eventually. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself and that you have to figure it out right now. It is a proces that sometimes can feel like climbing a mountain. Don't take it all so serious. Relax. Go travel, go dance, go listen to music and express yourself. Feel the motions of the music and feel yourself for a bit. Or whatever does it for you. Allow yourself to be lost. Allow yourself to feel empty. Stop the compulsive seeking for meaning in your life. The pressure really traps your creativity and authentic inspration. You'll make choices out of lack and desperation, rather than that authentic intutive inspiration and knowing that is you. Discover what is really important to you. Learn about yourself, your emotions, your desires, values, strengths. Don't stop growing yourself in other areas as well. The more you develop yourself, the closer you are to your LP. Sometimes, self-development is like digging into the soil with a shovel, maybe if you dig deep enough, you'll find your treasure. Just don't let the uncertainty of how deep the treasure is burried below the ground hold you back. Accept the proces.
  14. Do one of these workshops