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  1. What are your goals? If you’re looking to gain strength and muscle mass, I recommend Stronglifts 5x5. it’s a fullbody plan, with 3 workouts per week. It consists of compound movements, that will build foundational strength. Very clear, straight to the point article on how to go about this.
  2. @JustThinkingAloud I have this neurotic compulsive tendencies to find distractions. Thoughts, objects, nail biting, standing up and going to the toilet, standing up and taking food or something to drink without me being hungry or thirsty. Anything so I don't have to sit still and focus. I will be setting intentions for the day right when I wake up, in line with my long term vision. Doing kriya yoga, and concentration, changing diet, cleansing my body.
  3. @CMacD Yes! I will be writing down my intentions for the day right after I wake up and stick to them. No more playing around.
  4. I'm very creative. I always have a lot of ideas and things I want to explore, research and implement. The thing is that I struggle being productive and getting things done. I think I have ADD/ADHD. I can't concentrate for more than 2 minutes. I tried keeping a commonplace book, but things quickly get really unstructured there, and I don't find much use in it. I think I try to do too much things at once. I always have like 10 google tabs opened up, all with different things I'm researching, and I end up getting nothing useful out of it, and implement nothing. Sure it helps planting seeds in my mind, yes. I also try to implement new habits, like having a steady sleep schedule, cold showers, practices, but don't have the focus and dicipline to stick to these things. I guess I will be focussing on developing a more efficiënt way of approaching my ideas and research, and become more strategic spending my time. This is difficult for me with my potential ADHD/ADD. I will be detoxing heavy metals, change my diet completely, find more precence, and suppelement with beneficial herbs and such. Looking on more perspectives to approach my situation. Thanks
  5. @Peo Thc percentage is much higher nowadays. And the CBD % decreased as well.
  6. I don't use it anymore, but in the past, I've had awakenings on weed. For me, sativa's have a great capacity to put me in a contemplative state. It gives me much more contemplative power. Insights just hit me non stop. Indica's don't do anything for me though. I only have physical effects off that. Just use your direct experience and see if it does something for you. Amnesia haze is a great strain for spiritual work in my opinion.
  7. @Thewritersunion that varies. Cold shower in the morning, I go to the gym 3x per week, I also sleep well. I’m a college student. I try managing my time so I can work on my life purpose, study, spend time with girlfriend and friends, doing consciousness work, researching, and creating music. It sounds like I’m productive but in actuality I’m mostly doing nothing, listening to music and biting my nails.
  8. Will do. Thanks
  9. I don't understand your question
  10. I have never been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD I can't focus for 2 minutes. It's annoying. I can't read books, articles, comments on forum. When I'm reading, it's like I 60% just look at the text, and 40% actually register it. I struggle in social interactions, because most of the time, I can not process what is being said, it's like my brain has a 1998 CPU, running heavy software. Would it make sense to pay a lot of money for neurofeedback as it might help me? I will also take meditation, concentration and kriya more seriously. My diet is alright, I think. I haven't researched into proper nutrition tho. I don't have the time for that. Okay no, I have the time, but most of that time, my mind is all over the place and I have 10 other things I want to do, but end up doing really nothing because I instantly lose my focus and end up doing nothing productive. I can't imagine how much I can learn if I had a focussed mind.
  11. ego is false sense of self in the sense that your awareness is identified to mind? And individuality is only existent in relativity by means of experiencing in perception, mind, I think I get it, I find it difficult to conceptualize things
  12. Why is there even something that's infinite and how is it doing this finite things...... AAA.... Why is there even a reality... I know I can't grasp it but that doesn't satisfy me Yeah, it's infinity expressing itself, but is that supposed to satisfy me? Why is there even infinity in the first place
  13. I don't get it either although I have had multiple awakenings into most of the things you talk about in your 'facets of awakening' video. So if reality is the formless and the forms. The nothingness in and behind the forms, what even is the substance of that nothingness? What even is formlessness being formless and how is it generating consciousness......?