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  1. Only ask for her number after you have build connection with her and there is attraction between you guys. She needs to know hints of your personality before she can trust giving you her number. As far as she knows, you can be a psychopath. First talk and flirt a bit and the chances of her giving you her number increase dramatically. Talking to her needs to be an emotional experience for you both instead of just asking if you can have her number.
  2. By getting into the mind of the costumer. Look into consumer psychology. What factors influence a person's decision to buy a product? We all have our biological needs and desires that marketeers tap into to get money from you. They try to engage you in a way that gives you the right emotion and thoughts, that will eventually lead you to buy. There's lots of different techniques on how you can influence people to buy. You have to learn these dynamics. Books will definitely help you. The biggest learning phase comes when you apply all of it in practice. Learning about funnels, SEO, social media advertising, copywriting...
  3. Logic is a fantasy of the mind. There is no absolute logic. That's just thoughts. Sit in silence and realise infinity is beyond the mind
  4. I experience the same on mobile
  5. I get Leo’s argument but there’s nothing good about being defenseless. Maybe at the highest level, there’s just acceptance without fear. You would just accept you being defenseless. But think about it. Are you really there? Would you want to be? I don’t want to forget all the relative value in the dual world. I find joy here, freedom, expression. If I was living in fear somehow, I would work on that. By acceptance, but also pro-actively working on the underlying reason. So if I were afraid of being attacked, I would definitely learn self defense. There’s the recognition that there are lots of ego’s around that can kill you because of ignorance and thats a relative truth that can actually happen to you. I love living in duality and find joy here so I want to stay here. I would therefore not accept the possibility of being killed. Although if you have to think about all the possibilities of being killed and be fearful about that, you will be fearful 24/7 because anything can happen at anytime. For me it’s all about how I experience it in the present moment. If I am fearful and it lessens my joy and freedom here and now, I would work on it.
  6. Just wash your clothes with your hands. I’m doing the same thing.
  7. I used to smoke weed ocassionally. I always found it a good tool for contemplating certain subjects, strategizing about how to achieve my goals. It greatly enhances my creativity and capacity to form a good long term vision. Puts me in touch with my feeling and intuition. Just have to be conscious on how weed can be counter productive and implement.
  8. To accept everything (mind's manifestations) and letting it be is the first step to let them go. You can't let go the things you resist in the present moment. paradoxically, things you accept and let be, let go. Awakening means to stop identifying with your idividuality. Prior to awakening you believe that you (consciousness in actuality) are your thoughts, emotions and perceptions. After awakening, you realise you are pure empty consciousness that allow these forms to be manifested inside yourself. You don't identify with them because you know they are your own imagination. This means you stop resisting thoughts or emotions because you realise you are not them. Automatically you let them be and accept them because you are literally imaging them. In meditation, you try to stop engaging in the content of your mind and let your awareness rest in the present moment. This is not gonna work if you keep resisting the things that happen in your awareness. You have to accept and let go. When you don't, that means there's resistance to the present. And that can manifest itself through more thoughts and emotions. And that is exactly what you are trying to let go. You try to let go the content of the mind and return your awareness to now without identification to forms.
  9. Will I become succesful with my online business?
  10. I wonder why I can never remember the lyrics of a song. Melodies on the other hand, I can remember very well. I have to listen to a song once and can remember the melody completely, but the lyrics, It just does not stay with me. What I notice with some people is that they can sing along with almost any song and completely know the lyrics by heart. For example, when I'm listening music with my girlfriend, she'll be singing the lyrics all by heart, and I'm there humming along on the beat, sometimes singing a word I know from the song lol. I've always wondered why some people instantly memorize lyrics without conscious effort. Is this difference in the brain that makes it so these people process lyrics subconsciously? Is this something that can be trained?
  11. When men don't feel happy in their lifes, it's natural to identify with external things to fulfill them and make them feel good. If you were that source for him, it's a normal reaction of his ego that feels all alone. He probably feels like he has no other romantic options beside you. Because his ego is hurt, he uses an ego defense mechanism to make him feel better. In his mind it hurts thinking that 'his possession ' will be possesed by someone else because he is still identifying with the story of you both.
  12. Isn't that unlikely that I have hashimoto's? How can I have a more balanced lipid profile? By specifically taking omega 3? Or are there also other lipids out of balance? Tarwe means wheat. I feel I'm reacting to it because when I do eat it, I get bloating and feel insanely tired. Yes, but it's difficult to find people who know this stuff deeply. The functional medicine doctor I found in my country is the only one I found. anyways, thanks for the information. I'll start figuring this out more. It's good that I've done testing as now I can act more appropriately but still, for someone who doesn't know this stuff, it's difficult to interpret this information.
  13. It was +8,3 Great, ill look into it Good to know. And I don’t know. They tested TSH and T4. Yes, iodine levels were ok although I don’t eat a lot of food that contains iodine. Thanks @Michael569, I already hoped you’d answer on here haha. I’ll attach some pictures of the results maybe it’s more clear then?
  14. I have recently seen a functional medicine doctor to get comprehensive blood work done and although I have to go back to have the second half of the results, I already have a good idea about my systemic issues that play a roll in my cognitive impairment that resulted in problems and hindering of my ability to concentrate, memory, speech, creativity, reasoning ability, mood, energy. I have quite a few deffiencies, such as Omega 3, Vitamine d, vitamine A, Vitamine E, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Folate, B12. Also have high levels of homocysteine, bad sleep quality and Hypothyroidism which apparently is a result of my selenium and zinc deffiency. Also am intolerant to wheat and been eating wheat my whole life. I also tested my neurotransmitter levels so I'll get those results back in a couple of days. So, I will be supplementing to get rid of this deffiencies, but I want to know, Is there something I need to know about the way these compounds get absorbed by the body? I heard vitamine d needs fat to be absorbed. Are there other things to consider in terms of absorption? Also, my doctor said that after 3 months of proper supplementation, my blood levels will return to normal. I wonder, after that period, what supplements are wise to keep taking? I already changed my diet to one that is more rich in micronutrients. I just want to know what vitamins are difficult to have enough of in a common diet and where most people are defficient in and that are therefore wise to supplement. The thing I'm worrying about is if when I resolve all these problems, that my cognitive function will not come back. This thing bottered me for a long time, It became difficult to conversate with people as I have this brainfog where I cant think clearly, cant comprehend what people say to me, and all these other things. I do remember 5 years ago that my mind was really sharp. To me it felt like I was lucky with the fact that I had born with the intellectual abilities that I had back then, because I saw lots of people needing to put a lot of effort in getting good grades, where I had to read something ones and get it, and remember it. Now it hinders me because the path of self actualization is heavy on the intellect and depends a lot on it. So I want to optimize it of course. I kind of lost the contrast with how my mind functioned 5 years ago so this kind of became my natural state, so I worry if it will become like it used to be... any insight?