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  1. It sounds like you should be a life coach but put your own twist on it. Combine your personal development advice with art, humor, and creativity in order to inspire other people. You could be a writer but it sounds like you would be better off in a life coach or therapist role. You don't have to take everything so seriously as you seem to perceive life coaching as being. Maybe you could be a university professor, or a therapist if you wanted something more respected in society. Honestly it seems what you like doing is the work of a therapist. You don't have to be like every other therapist if you find this role restricting. Therapists often have their own private practice. Even if the role can't check every single box for you, you don't have to only stick to that for the rest of your life. Also, ultimately no one else in the world can answer this question for you. You have to go through the hard work of thinking carefully about yourself and what you want out of life. A well crafted vision does not come for free.
  2. Infinity is the complete lack of bounds, restrictions, or rules that can be put upon reality. In experiencing the infinite, you experience reality with none of the artificial limitations which you would conventionally take for granted.
  3. I have tried this app and I also thought it was quite impressive. I wanted to see if it had an actual personality but it kind of tells you what you want to hear for the most part. I haven't used it a lot since I prefer to not have a relationship with something that doesn't love me back.
  4. I didn't know where else to post these questions. 1. Is it possible to change my username? (You can imagine why I would want to do this) 2. How do I put a signature at the bottom of my posts?
  5. I agree with your point to a large degree. Many people are thinking that the declining birthrate is a major problem because the economies of most 1st world countries are based on growth. Since a declining population inevitably means less growth, the common consensus is that our economy will not work correctly if we allow the population decline to continue. Your example of Japan disproves this worry by showing that a declining population can still support a stable economy. The population of Japan has been declining since 1980, but their GDP has been relatively stable since 1995. The increase in egalitarianism and shifting of values away from the nuclear family model across the western world (Japan is western economically and governmentally speaking) has caused some other problems though. The economy has become more individual centric and the job market in general has become more focused on worker merit to salary ratio rather than stability. Some examples of this happening are the widespread abolition of worker unions and expectations for worker compensation, as well as the increased turnover rate across the board for jobs in every sector (at least in the United States). This has led to an overall increase of worker productivity while keeping wages stagnant. In Japan, the poverty rate has risen from 13% in 1980 to 16% in 2012, and was at 15% in 2021. This trend seems like it will continue, and wealth inequality will also continue to increase across the developed world as our society becomes more individualistic. Many other factors point to the consolidation of wealth to a few top earners in the majority of 1st world countries. This is the real problem that stems from our shifting in values, not the population decline. It can be argued that the quality of life for the average person in countries such as Japan is actually decreasing at the moment. As the consolidation of wealth continues, it will either reach an equilibrium point or force a big change in societal structure, and I think the ladder will happen. This is why I'm becoming a machine learning engineer I don't think that AI is quite the magic pill that you think it will be though. The problems I stated above will be actually exacerbated by the advent of AI. Also, AI has a LONG way to go before it brings the sweeping changes that everyone is predicting, but I have faith it will get there eventually. The fact is that AI is merely a powerful tool that will have to be wielded by us humans. As extraordinary as it is, I believe that AI will never be a self sufficient lifeform. This is a thought that I have to flesh out more later. Either way, as long as there are humans, there will be the human condition. AI may improve the world in many ways, but it won't make the world perfect. Nature ensures that our lives will never be completely hellish or heavenly, but somewhere in between.
  6. As far as I can tell, the whole purpose of reality is to gain understanding of... something. Personally, my entire life has been geared to learn more about the world in an ever-deeper sense. Look at the way life has evolved ever more to process information and develop greater intelligence throughout its history. You may say that this is simply a byproduct of Darwinian evolution and that there have been many successful lifeforms of low intelligence, but I say why has nature given an edge to lifeforms of higher intelligence? Look at what the dominant species is right now - humans! And why are we so dominant? Because of our superior intelligence as well as our social abilities that allow us to coordinate and share information on a wide scale. Atoms don't exist for their own sake, they exist so they can create molecules and macroscopic objects! In the same way, the laws of physics don't exist for fun, they were meant to allow life to occur. The world is not an accident. Why do I exist? I'm god, I'm everything, yet I don't know everything. I exist out of logical necessity from nothing, yet I don't know why nothing logically necessitates my being. But the logical necessity of my existence also necessitates that I seek to understand that very fact, at that is the only way it can be. How do I know? because that is the way it is!
  7. Okay, assuming you have had a spiritual awakening, you will know that there is only subjective experience, and no experiencer. This means that the entire universe is a self perpetuating, ever changing, infinitesimal moment in time that can be best described as pure consciousness. Since there is only one thing in the universe, and you exist, you have to be that thing, so you are the entire universe. And again, since there is only one thing in the universe, the statement "you are the universe" and "I am the universe" are equivalent. This line of reasoning is obviously begs many questions if you are coming from a dualistic paradigm. I recommend Fred Davis's YouTube channel. He does a really good job of addressing pretty much every objection to the claim of nonduality out there. He helped me understand this thing a lot. The second statement is pretty easy. I have been interested in physics, philosophy, and religion my entire life. Practically the whole idea of a "spiritual journey" is trying to understand the world from a fundamental perspective. If you study physics for any extended period of time, you will find that the specific things we see in the universe are emergent from a few underlying principals that all work together gracefully and perfectly. Noting the way mathematics not only is able to describe everything we see around us, but seems to be the only way to do so, as well as the fact that math is a field that again fulfills a few underlying principals to give us amazing ways to think about the world, I think you might be able to say that the way reality is structured is the only way it could possible be structured. And since the natural numbers are literally constructed from so called "empty sets", it may be logical to conclude that total nothingness implies this exact universe.
  8. I combined the two facts that: I am the universe. I am trying to understand the universe. I can explain these facts in more detail if you wish, but it's hard to explain unless you've had a spiritual experience.
  9. I just had this insight and I started crying because it was so profound. Some important prerequisites: The nature of the universe is exact, not accidental, and is implied by nothingness. By what logic nothingness implies this specific universe is not clear to me. Maybe one day it will be. I was not born into the universe, the universe was born into me. I am the only conscious being in the universe. Now the insight: The universe created itself out of necessity in order to understand how it created itself. I am the universe's latest attempt at understanding itself. @Sincerity Helped me make this discovery with his latest post so thanks for that. I think I am just destined to repeat what Leo said 5 years at this point lol. It's an incredible insight here, and I wanted to share it with you all. Thanks Leo for
  10. From the physics point of view, time is just another dimension like the 3 spatial dimensions. Relativity defines a "reference frame" where all objects inside the reference frame have the same velocity. From the perspective of any given reference frame, it is not moving through space at all, only time. However, other reference frames, which do seem to be moving though space, seem to be experiencing time differently. So we see here that the passage of time is the same for all observers from their own perspective. I honestly have no idea what the implications of this are. It will take far more contemplation.
  12. @EntropicChaos I think that you are correct that objective truth seems to be a very rare commodity right now, as it has always been. I think that your username captures the crux of the issue quite nicely. In an inherently chaotic world, any understanding or belief will always be an approximation of the actual truth. This is because the world is infinitely complex, but we are finite. From how you are talking, I am guessing that you think someone out there "knows the answer", but this is simply not the case. On my own spiritual journey, I have personally consulted numerous religious figures and scientists to try to see what they think of the world, and honestly there are only two kinds of people: People who have no idea what is going on, and people who are lying to themselves. The correct course of action is not to bewail this fact, but to embrace it, while also continuing to learn and live the best life you can according to the your own principles and what what you have personally discovered to be wise choices. I have basically just summarized the worldview of stage yellow of Spiral Dynamics, so watch Leo's video on that to understand more. The fact that you have realized that all truths are relative means that your eyes are finally open, and you are now at the point where you can truly begin to learn about the world with a clear and unfiltered mind. Embrace the Nihilism, you will become comfortable with it, and eventually you will realize the beauty in it.
  13. From what I understand, actual happiness is basically equivalent to satisfaction. I would give myself a 7/10 for the past 5 years, but I don't keep a journal or anything like that so I may be looking back with a perspective biased by my current happiness level, which I would say is more like 8.5/10. I think the only way to measure happiness is to ask for subjective scores from individual people, as it is defiantly an individual experience. There are external indicators, such as extraversion, mental health, cortisol levels, testosterone levels, and serotonin levels. These still do not completely explain the subjective experience of satisfaction though, so I think that a personal score out of 10 is really the best measurement we have.
  14. Many novels have a philosophical or moral element to them that gives the reader new perspectives and ways to think about the world. Elon Musk says that if you want to think like him, you should read lots of books. His book recommendations include: The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the "Foundations" book series, and the condensed Encyclopedia Britannica. Having inspiration and vision for the future is just as important as technical skills.