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  1. No more socializing again, no more interacting with normies NO more being infected by weak & unambitious men & energy draining, empty broken women No more carless spending No more times on forums & nothing more to learn right now dont need leo right now No more sociazling or chasing girls No more drinking or sleeping 6 hours in a hot sweaty shared room No more restaurants, takeaways, ice creams, ubers, More saving, more working, more investing Back to gym, back to sleeping well, looking after skin & health quit smoking again, BULLSHIT No more fast food or macdonalds LEVELING UP, GOING AWAY, UPGRADING MY BRAIN & BODY, NO MORE NEGATIVE INFO ONLY POSITIVITY DEEP WORK EVERYDAY & DEEP REST THEN BACK TO WORK AGAIN 1 YEAR OF THIS SOLID COME BACK ANOTHER MAN. 5 YEARS OF THIS & IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD. 10 YEARS & IM BATMAN & JOKER COMBINED. UPGRADE TIME NOW. GETTING AWAY FROM SOCIETY BECAUSE FUCK ME ISN'T EVERYONE A NORMIE. EVEN SITTING IN A CAFE TRYING TO WORK IM INFECTED JUST BY SEEING ALL THESE AIMLESS LAZY PEOPLE JUST SITTING THEIR & their so fucking loud I want to work but ah need a better environment need to change place fuck need to change city again Hunter eyes for a True Hunter. Drive starting to return, Mental health starting to recover. I can really feel it now. I won't be posting again much. FUck it, i want to come back in 3 or 6 months or a year & SAY REAL FUCKING PROGRESS. LESS IS MORE. MY LAST WORDS. TO WINNING AT LIFE, COMPETITIVE AS FUCK AGAIN. NO EMPATHY, NO POLITICS OR MESSING ABOUT, COMPLETE RUTHLESS SELFISHNESS, ALL BUSINESS ALL MONEY & UPGRADING, ONLY EMOTION ALLOWED IS PASSION & SUPREME CONFIDENCE, COMPETITIVE AS FUCK IM GOING LANES APART FROM THE AVERAGE JOE, AVERAGE JOE DISGUSTS ME, I MYSELF & WHERE & HOW I AM & MY LIFE IS EVEN DISGUSTS ME RIGHT NOW, DIGUSTING. THE STANDARD IS SET. IM COMING BACK
  2. Disappointing? Not worth watching?
  3. I feel so hollow & broken right now but I know it's a temporary feeling (Unless I just don't fucking work on myself more, then it will get worse lol... Obviously duh) I won't call for sympathy hence why I writing this on the Journals, to be honest I feel pretty pathetic too. Almost wrote a long post again WHAT THE FUCK, this is literally worse than drinking, long rambling posts, my time is so valuable. no I keep shit short from now on unless I genuinely have something really good to say that I thought about deeply. I'm gonna go outside & feel broken but feel into it & get it out the way quickly & then let my soul recover, then I will hopefully sleep & I will watch The last of us 1 or 2 scenes on youtube (My new hobbie, I love watching games like movies) ... I need a PS5, But now is not the time, I have bigger prioritees must resist it for now, soon come tho
  4. Not feeling good at this point, getting worse & worse mentally & I am so far away from repaying the sleep debt, & I keep messing shit up eating a fried burger & drinking beer before bed. No I deleted my whole post, fuck this shit, my opinion doesn't mean shit, I'm a stupid & young guy with self caused mental health problems. What do I really have useuful to say, even just to myself. Erh, I should get laid or something. Then I should move to a better living place. Then I should find my inner drive again & drop the deamons & depression. GET THE MONEY. PLEASE, FUTURE SELF, IMAGINE RICH ME, FUCK, OVERCOMPENSATE TO THE MOON WITH MONEY, FUCK.
  5. @lxlichael Why not fuck off then? If you read the comments you can see that I am not trying to judge Owen, I actually like much of his content & even said I think being fat suits him. I already have warning points & may get banned for this comment. You know what, if you're gonna refer to an entire demographic of people as inferior to yourself, & try & sneakily articulate your conceitness ina politically correct manner and then throw in your fake spirituality to double virtue signal then I will happily tell you to fuck off & get banned as a consequence because I don't care, but I do care about calling you out just how you need it
  6. Wrote a long post then deleted it. Fuck the b.s ... TDLR = I feel like total shit, sleep deprived & struggling mentaly. Fuck it, work is the only solution, I'll work my ass of anyway, in spite of that I feel shameful, weak, ungrateful, neurotic, disappointed, stressed, foggy, unbalanced, unstrategic, obssessive. I'll still try work & build a dream life, I can always just jump off a bridge if there's no way out, but the time hasn't come for that yet. There's more left in me, I think so.
  7. TO CLARIFY. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE BRAINWASHING NARRATIVE OF JAMES BOND : Fuck the secret service, fuck the police, fuck all of those scumbags The novelist was actually hired by MI5 or CIA to write James Bond specifically to paint secret service agents in a positive light, to detract from all the fucked up shit they were (& still are) doing. It's just a film, the idea of "RIghteous secret service hero vs "those bad guys" with an accent" ect... I have no commentary on IT'S JUST A FILM ... But still, it's the filming, his sauveness & competence & the scenery & the music & the fight scenes that inspires me, I couldn't give too shits about the actual secret service in reality, they all a bunch of scumbags.
  8. Would be interesting to hear you list some examples if u know any ... (would also help me understand what owen's actual strengths that are my weakness So I can listen to him with purpose)
  9. But how do you know he's still focused on that? I don't follow him tightly enough nor hang out with him so how could you make such a claim? "Chasing" is slightly pejorative presumably he would just have girls / a girl and not be "chasing" at this stage, given that he's meant to be an experienced pick up artist? Or do you mean he's still stuck going to club & picking them up every day ... Again I don't know much about him from the pick up side.
  10. The guy literally has 8-9 figures, lives in LA and escaped wage slavery over 10 years ago ? He doesn't look like he sleeps 4 hours. He has the most relaxed face & voice, and good for him but I don't perceive any stress.
  11. That's fair enough yeah just fully read my comments to understand my confusion. IMO being strong and muscular is extremely healthy and beneficial. Looking good is merely a by product and 1 benefit of having a strong and healthy body, the more muscle mass and less body fat the better. I'm not a healthy person anyway, but even if you're unhealthy it's better to be strong and ripped than not, it still has numerous countless benefits that are mostly obvious
  12. That's fair enough but why isn't he at least authentic and honest about it? He continually laments how "we put garbage food in our mouths & constantly numb ourselves" and makes out that he eats organic and doesn't have addictions, and makes money of self help content. It seems pretty hypocritical & dishonest if that's the case ... If he genuinely loves food & is happier this way & has no regrets about it & is intentionally fat & enjoying himself I think that's fine ... it's just at least be honest about it ... Plus I dont think you can get that fat from eating a purely organic green diet, no matter how many vegetables you eat, which he claims to ..
  13. I don't understand why Owen Cook is still fat. He's filthy rich, "has his own gym", doesn't drink, eats organic food & "hasn't got sick since 2012". Yet he's somehow fat still wtf ? Tbf I think it suits him more than skinny some reason, makes him more amusing but still I don't get it, he's not an Endomorph either I don't think. * Also why do so many of these self help guys not workout & get muscular either? Such a basic easy habit but so many don't do it (although it wouldn't suit Owen).
  14. I think im gonna drink again, think im gonna smoke again. NOT because im weak but because i cant deal with mt head right now.