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  1. Who gives a fuck? It's better than being a incel. If you sleep around you have a much higher chance of getting a girl anyway. Just stop "Thinking around". Stop thinking. Go get laid, keep doing it. Go impregnate women across the globe. And then cry about it afterwards. Then do it some more.
  2. He needs a stylist. Consciousness talk is the most boring cringe af , gotta miss the old Leo.
  3. 2 minutes & I'm gone no time to waste. I'm multiple myers briggs types simultaneously. I used to struggle with insecurity, then I got married with narcissim. I'm in love with narcissim. Id kill myself without it. It suits me, it aint for everyone. At night my myers briggs changes, my T becomes F, My S becomes N. At night I change colours, at night Im black purple & occasionally a little red. My life was always binary, it's always all or nothing. I can't do normal, I can't do in the middle, I can't be like everyone else, it wasn't for my temperament. I differ greatly in personality & values to Leo, but I resonate in how he is so different. I'm so different to him, yet we are both so different to the average. His unusual thoughts towards englightment & god (doesn't interest me) I have the same unorthodox wiring to lifestyle, society, social norms, How I treat life, How I see patterns. I'm not better than anyone, I'm deeply flawed, deeply flawed. But I'm so fucking powerful at the same time. It's ashame I fapped today. It's a real shame, I need maximum power & force. I've got backlash mechanisms coming in, I've got overthinking & I'm getting lost in my mind. I didn't fap like 7 or 10 days but fapped today. Main thing Is I sleep ok. I might delete this journal. I'm all about value not just being a talking head. I'm writing based off emotions at the moment. Fuck society, I'm gonna win. I ate macdonalds today, like a little fucking bitch. I ate 2 ice creams & binged some mainstream normie youtube for an hour or 2, like a little fucking bitch. Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym and I'm gonna plan my day & I'm gonna visualize & dream. And I'm gonna do 10 - 14 hours of execution. There's no time for ballance right now, I need brute force.
  4. Look I just wasted 20 minutes of my life. I'm going to delete this thread soon as a punsihment. No more forum time even like this, enough is enough. I'm going a bit crazy atm, I'm gonna chill out maybe I should drink 1 beer. I have both the capacity to be sweet and merciless. I'm not a psychopath, I feel empathy and capable of romance and deep love for animals and beings. When it comes to revenge though, I am sometimes merciless. I just don't let it go. Turn the other cheek was never for me.
  5. I'm officially not an incel for 6/10's anymore. 6/10's are pretty easy for me, even 6.5's bit more work but can be easy. I don't really want them unless I drink. It ends up not feeling worth it anyway. I want more 7 + in my life.
  6. Couldn't agree with you more that physical/social activities are the most powerful for mental health > especially the kind that helps you get lose in your body, and become less self conscious and free. 2. What led you to feel this way with such conviction? 3. Do you still listen to videos e.g "how fear works" (leo) > Or this just worthless psychology again to you?. (I'm assuming you don't because I guess self help videos is just audio form of a book). I dunno, I think the how fear works series was at least very useful in reminding that fearlessness is something you have to deliberately cultivate and laid out some steps, "like face the fear head on" > This is obvious common sense, but it helps to be reminded & pushed to do it. Then again ... It's still probably overkill of information, I don't think the exercises or most of it is worth it, literally all you need to do is inmediately "start facing the fear face on" & everything will happen for you, I would easily get so lost in theory, and leo doesn't help this by over complicating everything. Success is cliché and simple.
  7. My life is gonna get so much better now I'm committed to ZERO "Self help". Everything has to come through the funnel of result. I may listen to Owen Cook again, but I'll be wary. I'll be filtering for result triggering information, most of his videos are just rambling nonsense tbh, what was I thinking? Goals Art Nature Downtime Music Money Results Women, Sex Lifestyle Physical Health Get big and Ripped Train Pick up TANGIBLE SHIT. I NEED TANGIBLE SHIT. LETS GO. Too many cult members on here, I'm gone.
  8. The issue with self help is there's certainly some gold buried within the dirt ... that you might not get in the normal world. 95% of it is just nonsense ... or common sense that you don't need to hear. I had to go through some years of pain to realize it's all a scam. The only thing that counts is results, OBVIOUSLY. Don't read self help books, never again. Don't watch self help videos, never again. WIll this lead to more results? Better social life? More money? Escaping the system? Lifestyle I want? More free time? More women? Hotter women? More status power ect.. ? More producitivity? Therefore, not all of self help is technically a scam, but most is. Nearly everything leo talks about is fucking useless ... or it's just common sense that you already know, he makes it sound profound. Power of asking questions is good No growth without training good. Not all of it a scam, but the problem is MOST OF IT IS. AND HOW MUCH TIME DID I LOSE TO REALIZE WHAT IS AND WHAT ISN'T "Learning = making distinctions". This hasn't helped me in my life, it's just common sense we do it anyway. "Learning = observation", isn't that just common sense, maybe it's helped me I don't know. But ultimately self help was a net negative to me, However had I watched Julians the GAP Method FIRST, before any other self help content then in that case it could've been a net positive becuase he clarified the intuition that Most self help is dumb because it's about what YOU want productive is relative. I'll always respect Julian for that, however he seems to be lost deep in the cult, talking about "trauma release" and shit. But leo doesn't clarify this enough to all his lost young followers, because he's a fucking cult leader. Fucking cult. I'm done with self help. I'm done with this forum. No more self help. A lot more training. A lot more listening to music, not leo. And once I got some money, a lot more playing video games, sex, movies, all the stuff that's "a waste of time" to leo. I was never dumb enough to believe him on this 1 thankfully. A lot more listening to Mozart. Rock House Classical Movie Soundtracks Base Bit of Trap Almost no rap no pop but especially merging genres. 100% Focused on Results, which is inversionally proportional to "self help". I'm talking about real self help. OHHHHH, AND DON'T GET ME STRATED ON SPIRAL DYNAMICS.... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. If you want to see the most irritatingly annoying freaks on planet earth, then check out all spiral dynamics obsessives, lool. I don't care if that's you, I'll slap that imaginary theory out of your fucking face, go live your life & chase your dreams you dumb fuck, calling me "Orange" cos you got like 0.5 brain cells? Am I an oompa loompa? Okk am I a pumpkin? Nice, I think I'll buy lamborgini now hahaha.
  9. Love this comment. I feel exact same way with 1 exception. If I have the right wingman/friends logistics & the venue suits me, then I can feel at ease with NG. But like 3-5 different factors have to line up. Whereas DG I can consistently feel the same & I know how it will be, NG is chaotic. DG is like constant variables, a reliable equation. Pickup or basically anything in life should NOT be turned into a dogma ... it is always about self - understanding & being the arbiter of your own life, there's so many methods or styles to approach it. Flexibility, requisite variety, experimentation, open - mindedness, consistency, focus, persistence, decisiveness concentration. You need all of these attributes & at different times should double down on 1 of them. Experimentation & requisite variety > Find what works > consistency & persistence. Stops working/Plateau/Getting too complacent? > Back to more experimentation open mindedness flexibility.
  10. I hate this over-use & obsession with "Needy". It's only needy if you cling to each girl you talk to. Developing high value skills & character is not needy, and the end result of this game is to become less needy as a person. Most guys are needy AF Because they never gamed a lot, I attest to this how much I'd obsess & cling over the "special 1" before. It's also all about the energy you exude & context dependent. For E.G : I went out with an (incompatible) wingman to DG recently & imo he seemed very needy and creepy, yet we were both doing the same thing. It wasn't the action or practice that made him needy and not me, it was the difference in our energies which is something more subtle. His entire aura was just creepy whereas even if I spam approached 100 women though, it wouldn't have been creepy or needy, as I said it's the difference in energy and mindset that really counts, not merely what you're doing. The wingman seemed kinda dead inside to me like he had nothing going on other than his (mediocre) pick up and his boring 9/5 job, he clearly had no desire to maximise his charisma, live an exciting life, break his patterns change city, change his awkward dress sense, or any other vision, whereas to me even though I really want to bang hot girls and enjoy life, I have a much larger vision, even in the domain of social life I have a larger vision than to merely be "good at day game", I love travel and culture and creativity and building skills and other things, maybe being relatively creepy is just the norm if you go along with the crowd and in turn become an empty guy, to be confined within the imprisonment of normality is to be creepy.
  11. You're completely wrong. Night Game is not fun unless you are extremely spot on with your wingman/social circle, money city, venue and logistics, majority of people aren't realistically gonna have this all perfect. NG Is generally NOT fun. NG is suffering, bad sleep, bad energy, bad bad people It's all suffering and it will make you broke, old, tired, depleted and distraught. NG does NOT have a higher concentration of attractive women, DG Does for my cities. With NG You gotta travel, que, Then there's no quality there, u gotta go the next place travel back, it's all so fucking messy. NG is LESS RISKY? Are u out of ur fucking mind? DG has no risk > It's you and the girl, sober. A feminine 130 PB women. No risk other than to your own ego, the only risk is the insane growth that you are afraid of. NG is SOO Risky. Maybe u only lived in safe places where people are nice & sane. I dunno this. Men in NG are hyper competitive, agressive, jealous, passive agressive, accusative. They just always get in the way. Women give mixed signals, waste your time, float around from guy to guy, they're low quality and drunk and fat eating greasy food. NG is dangerous as fuck. Better become a serious martial artist then.
  12. WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH. This is tooo much. Lets just change 1 of these things for a week. I'm deluding myself as if I can focus on all this at once. I choose : To do list + Morning Routine ... This might just be enough to have a good day either way, everything else may just fall in place.
  13. I feel guilty sharing this guy's channel, he does more harm than good & I don't watch him anymore... But I was intrigued to give him a check in. Yet again, he's talking with 2 PUA's (James Tusk & the other guy) (2 guys with average game teaching pick up, but they seem like nice guys at least). Now, this video isn't valueless per say & there may be some nuggets ... But I've seen a basic replica of this fucking video like 2 or 3 times before, all 3 of them basically saying the same things... these guys need some imagination, they just seem so dumb to me. I was apathetically skimming through it (Please don't waste your time) mostly because I slept 4 hours and didn't plan my day, but partially out of interest ... I did gain about 1% of value here or there, but most of it, THEY HAVE TALKED ABOUT & SAID THE SAME POINTS IN LIKE 2 + VIDEOS ALREADY. THESE GUYS ARE DUMB. Especially James & the other guy, no wonder they have average game, with a dumb brain like that. Why are you repeating yourself lol? Does your mind ever think about anything new or interesting? Also, my biggest point ... This is all just mental masturbation, it's so obvious & common sense after a video or 2 & these guys bascially just lack imgaination, yes geo max answer recieved no need to make another video about it ... you boring fucking guy man. I should've become a content creator years ago, I'm so imaginative & creative that it's just really really difficult to understand that humans exist on this planet like this and talk about the same things in the same way like this with the same structure & energy and voice & blahblahhablah. My potential was always so high, I must let go of how much I wasted it, that is another path to depression & rumination. I still have some hope left. Another point, Spend 95% of your time just actually doing the things you need, not on these videos... So why does James Tusk keep churning out these videos? A lack of imagination + survival needs, he needs to just spread his content to survive as a biz & content creator. That's why I'm getting rich manipulating the system & I'll create content out of inspiration not for money, the money can be a nice bonus but if I already make 20K/Month then it's not gonna be the driving factor. Let's be real tho, even if I was desparate for money I'd still be ultra creative, & These guys are still ultra boring & unimaginative & repetiitive & dumb af. I am hate watching again & I have to stop this habit, I have more creative & imaginative stuff to do with my life & brain.