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  1. @hyruga What ? But maybe I didn't know it, or it wasn't at the front of my mind & I needed reminder. I found this video useful so not sure what you mean there. Are you trying to say that there's no point me posting this & I should just get to applying it, overthinking it. Well no one really responded so I might as well just do it & trust the process. No time to wait.
  2. This post has potential for mucho juice. Someone help.
  3. I am about to start a daily " Visualization / Manifestation" Habit. It's hard convincing my mind to do this... But I believe in the power of the subconscious. If anyone has actually harnessed the law of attraction / Visualization of achieving a goal or a better lifestyle before, please share. PLEASE do not write long paragraphs or give vague airy fairy spiritual answers. I'm open to a spiritual explanation, but it must be grounded in practicality, & you must have actually experienced this habit work yourself (anecdotal proof), ... I do not trust your response if you're just parotting what you read / heard > ONLY comment if the law of attraction actually worked for you achieving a clear goal, & be concise in your answer! * Bonus points if you share how you "used LOA to build a business, get a girlfriend, move country, earn 6 figures" (something tangible & ambitious). Here is the video I watched. I am watching it for the 7th time today & taking notes, because I need to remember & understand why I'm doing it or I'll quit. I just hope I'm not wasting my time with this whole process.
  4. Can anyone link me to the best pages on law of attraction / manifestation. I know how you do it but more also people recording how it actually helped them & how they used it.
  5. John Anthony Lifestyle. More plates more dates has some solid advice too.
  6. I agree with this from my experience. Coffee makes it impossible for me to concentrate. It doesn't feel balanced enough. I struggle to read, listen to stuff, I become frantic. Sometimes too much energy is the problem.
  7. Chia latte is the only drink I buy at the café. Tastes amazing too !
  8. 5PM ??? 1 Cup after 12AM & I will struggle. I can't even drink coffee anymore, I am allergic now.
  9. Yes. take the rage out on an inanimate object like a bag, become an animal, scream & go crazy. Best not to take it out on a human. But definitely learn martial arts, at least then people won't make you feel threatened & they'll probably sense it off you.
  10. @datamonster If he's a "complete douchebag" then 99.999999% of are even bigger douchebags. Where do you get that opinion from? He's open minded, hilarious, entertaining, & endorses positive values which have helped me. I don't worship him or think he's a genius ... but He's a better, more charismatic person that 99.9999% of people I tend to meet, see. He's done a great thing with his podcasts, had some really interesting guests covering a wide variety of topics that have spread awareness, opened my mind to stuff I didn't know existed & is arguably the best podcaster/interview in the planet due to a mix of his conversation style & charisma. I also love how you use the deductive term "complete douchebag", completely ignoring all his good qualities & actions. Even if he isn't some super smart genius, he is at least a funny, entertaining charismatic guy who's cool to listen to sometimes when you just want to drift off in the evening. It's refreshing to have people like that. The kind of guy I would enjoy you'd hanging out with.
  11. Focusing to broadly on the category of investment is not sufficient. E.G "Is Real estate a good investment" It always is. It just depends : There's tons of real estate investments, bought at the wrong time in the wrong place. But if you say, have a syndicate or great connections, you could find a steal bargain say of cheap real estate in somewhere like Budapest if you know the right guy, buy at ridiculously low prices > (Say you knew the area was to be uptrending /tourist attractions coming in, but it's currently a sleeping giant) - renovate a place & charge way more for rental, as the uptrend occurs in several months or year say then whilst still charging even below the market price typically for typical tourist/holiday rentals ect.., creating a win win for customer, all because you got in there early or had some good connections. However, focusing on categories is useful too. Think ahead to the next 3 /5/10/20 years. What's coming? VR, robotics, prosthetics technology, Video games, AI, Electric /self driving vehicles, Renewable energy systems, computer advancements, decentralised Finance, Based on this list alone, it's pretty obvious that investing & ethics are not mutually exclusive & in fact, it's the "ethical" investments that will milk you the most money. TESLA for instanced 14X in a year the last couple years, because they provide value to the world. This will happen with AI, Neur link, electric vehicle going forward.
  12. @Armand Hell yeah, Shadow work may need to be done. I never denied the darker aspects of myself, but tbh I'm starting to love myself so much more (I still have regular backlashes) & I have so much more optimism for my future. I don't have a plan, but the acknowledgement that I am actually capable of being a creative mutherfucker was one of the most shockingly beautiful insights in my entire life, especially given that I'd been told I was dumb & useless my entire life by almost everyone I came into contact with. As I stated, I know it's unhealthy to compare with others, & it's not really that I care about "competing" because the universe is infinite. But I do just want to go far so I can laugh at all those fuckers who laughed at me, I know it's an immature motivation, but it's hard to shake, it's stage orange but I just want to scratch that itch at least once. Again though, ego is hard to tame. If I could go back in time to my younger self & had one thing to say i'd tell him you could become a creative genius, you don't need to act out of fear or worry about your future, you don't need to hate yourself & the world so much because creativity will take you places you couldn't imagine. I have to remind myself this attitude every day, or I will become glued to the monotonous grind of survival & lose that sense of intuition, that is despair.
  13. or do people think for books that merely writing down an overall summary of notes is better I'm quite OCD so I always feel like i'm missing out if I don't catch every detail. Probably toxic attitude
  14. I thought you stressed that taking notes was imperative for studying & learning? So when is it best to take notes vs not take notes
  15. @Arcangelo @Twega @dflores321 Do you guys all buy medical weed? I want to smoke today, but I will have to buy it illegally off a friend. Is this more likely to contain heavy metals? Not sure if I should just wait until I move country, because it's not legal here so quality control doesn't exist.