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  1. That's great. I've struggled with the traditional posture though and like to lean up against something to support my back. So for 3 hours, what do you end up mostly thinking about while your meditating?
  2. Love all these quotes. Good thread. Especially the original post.
  3. Mental masturbation is a pandemic but thankfully the death rates are low. Not sure on the recovery rates though ??✌
  4. In what way? Some write best selling books and are prestigious lecturers. Or are you talking about the odd philosopher who has fallen on hard times and become a bum? LOL Wtf man? Your post had me chuckling away for a good few minutes.
  5. I think when people leave the forum it's normally to take a break from mental masturbation, or to practice their mental masturbation in private instead of here on show There needs to be a NO FAP movement to help all people addicted to mental masturbation. But on a serious note, thanks for your comments on my journal, be nice to stay in touch. So the forum isn't meeting your needs or holding your interest?
  6. Thanks Peter. I need to get back into the journal, been lazy with it. Thanks for this.
  7. Are you alright? Yep. I was an unbeliever before.
  8. Great link. Thank you.
  9. The timing of this question. I'm not sure whether you are trying to be funny (and I am actually laughing to be fair), or you are being admirably down to earth and keep calm and carry on! Either way, well played! Even God ain't too keen on messing with COVID 19 right now!
  10. It's people like you that live too long that is crippling the NHS
  11. Too true and well said. It most definitely applies to me what you said. As for your DoB on your profile. Be careful mate as you are at increased risk re COVID-19 due to your age group Date of Birth 07/04/1873
  12. Great thread man. Thanks for taking the time. That's a lot of work you put in to give us this. I've bookmarked to come back to and to think about implementing some of it for myself. The emphasis on breathing and also dopamine is nice. I'm in a bit of a rut with this forum at the moment feeling that everything's crap on here and a waste of time to read and i hate feeling like that. So stumbling onto this is great. It's positive and grounds you back to basics. Well done for this and thanks!
  13. I never got back to you! We've all been instructed to work from home at the moment. So I'm doing all my client work by phone, text, and email. It makes me wonder what would have become of me if this whole Coronavirus stuff hadn't kicked off, because I was on the verge on completely falling apart at work. Now, I have some much needed perspective and the pressure is off somewhat. I feel bad saying that, but it's true. I feel saved by the bell a little bit. I can't pretend to feel otherwise. I feel a massive sense of gratitude. I've still got my job. Still on the same salary and working from home with 50% less work pressure because all the job targets have needed to be relaxed a bit. However, it's a private company who get paid by meeting Government targets. Sooner or later the math's won't add up and there could be changes. I've got my nursing status to fall back on if that happens. I'm still a registered nurse. My dad's pissed because the two things he likes doing have gone. Pub breakfast in the morning and then pub drinking in the evening, so I'm supporting him a bit more, he lives over the road from me and he is 77 and on his own. But back to you... As you say, stress can do that. I read once something that always stays with me.... at times of stress we fall back on our existing habits. These habits will either be good habits, bad habits, or a mixture. Whatever habits you have built, you will practice and lean on at times of stress. So, that's where it could be either; booze, porn, anger, manipulation, eating, or it could be meditation, prayer, reading, exercise, social connection or relaxation. If you are anything like me and the vast majority of 12-step programme members, when you have practiced bad habits for 90% of the time over the course of 10+ years, compared to 10% good habits, then guess what happens? Revert to type and get right back into those bad habits unless you purposefully and with complete dedication install and practice new habits.
  14. That's nice Keyhole. Thanks With the group meditation. I much prefer the idea of people meditating or praying together at the same time for everyone, so we are doing it together at the same time if that makes sense, but I know it could be a challenge in terms of time zones. I've always found meditation more powerful when done with others, either in person, or remotely like we are discussing here.
  15. Your comments about race are more idiotic than the original post. And why is it a threat? You are seeing things that are not there, like a meltdown. It's not worth freaking out on. Now is the not the time to do that. I've been forever saying that.