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  1. I'd encourage you not to indulge in judging and categorizing into enlightened/not-enlightened. Not just towards Leo, but in general. I mean, do what you will, but ..it's a questionable categorization to begin with, and regardless, obsessing over enlightenment is counterproductive. Great replies in here.
  2. Oh I wouldn't replace coffee with modafinil that's for sure. There's no reason to believe that's a healthy switch. You might want to give modafinil a try for occasional usage, but I don't think it's a good long term solution to junk food and depression.
  3. I don't have a lot of personal experience with the 'afinils, but using them to help transition off of more harmful stimulants is a good strategy.
  4. I was talking specifically about the context of medicine, but sure it's a good habit to measure risk vs. benefit in general.
  5. I'm not sure about the covid vaccines, but the average flu vaccine has half as much mercury as a tuna steak. I expect the covid vaccine will be about the same. Unlike a tuna steak, this vaccine will prevent deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention prevent the long term cognitive impairments seen in a high percentage of COVID-19 survivors. As with anything in medicine, you have to look at the risk vs. benefit. If you only look at one side of the equation, then you will come to foolish conclusions.
  6. I don't think sex is ever "casual". Maybe it can get to that point for some extremely promiscuous people, but there's inherently so much vulnerability and intimacy in sex, I think it's extremely rare for sex to become a casual exchange. So the question is, in my mind, can there be too much of this kind of sharing and intimacy with many different people? It's definitely physically dangerous without condoms. It's emotionally harmful if it's done without openness, respect and caring for the other person, in both (all) parties. I think it's possible to be very promiscuous and to do it right, but it's extremely challenging and probably not sustainable for most people/women. See the book "The Ethical Slut". Not my cup of tea personally, but I think it's kind of the bible for poly people.
  7. Nice one @Persipnei It sounds like you've overcome this. It sure gives respect for how powerful an addiction to a more addictive substance like opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants or alcohol can be, and how much of a challenge that could be to someone wrapped in those tendrils. Watch out for addictive behaviour in other aspects of your life.
  8. Yeah we haven't even talked about all the electronic waste when these bitcoin miners have to upgrade their rigs to stay competitive.
  9. They can, they are, and they already exist. There are many "bitcoin 2.0s" out right now that use less energy. People just don't hear about them as much because bitcoin gets so much hype. The hype started due to BTC being first to the game, and is amplified and extended due to willfull blindness on the part of people who have skin in the BTC game (miners, hodlers).. I'd love to shill my favourite projects on here, but crypto tribalism is just so ugly and annoying. I'll just bite my tongue and say there are multiple next generation crypto projects (2.0, 3.0..), so check it out.
  10. Ethereum is actually not on POS yet, it's still POW and is nearly as inefficient as BTC. I know they're working towards POS, and I deeply hope they make it work, because it means ETH will use about 1% of the energy that it currently does. I haven't followed the other projects you mentioned, but I believe they are POS like you said, which is ridiculously more efficient than the POW that bitcoin uses, and a far better approach if you care about our planet at all.
  11. Found the hodler! This could easily turn into a long-winded debate because it's a topic I've dug very deeply into over the years, I'll try to be terse. I used to hold bitcoin since 2014, but sold it all in 2017 when I realized what an energy pig it really is. I can't ethically support bitcoin because of its extremely intensive use of energy. The energy that bitcoin alone uses is nearly 1% of the earths total energy usage, as of 2018. This isn't 1% of the financial sector's energy usage, it's 1% of the entire planet's usage. The problem is that as the adoption value of bitcoin goes up, its energy usage goes up in proportion, because of the way mining works. So right now, we're in a situation where BTC accounts for some tiny fragment of the world's financial transactions - but it's already using 1% of the total energy. If BTC continues to be supported and shilled, and climbs up to 20k, or 100k, it's footprint goes up with it at roughly that same ratio. This is a completely different scale from the energy usage of the bank employees driving around and eating meat. And banks won't go away because of bitcoin anyways. Bitcoin won't replace banks, for a bunch of reasons. The simplest is just that it's not up to the task of being a good currency because of transaction times (~10 minutes currently), and transaction fees (always up and down, anywhere from $2-$15). These don't improve as bitcoin scales; they get worse. The more transactions there are on the network, the slower they run and the higher the fees go. There's a whole host of other services that banks provide that bitcoin simply isn't up to the task for - mortgages, loans, investments, whatever else they do. Fintech will disrupt every last service that banks currently provide, but it bitcoin won't be the one tech that does this. The one thing bitcoin is very good at is being a portable store of value. There's probably no better way to move a billion dollars around. The crazy thing is that we can have our cake and eat it too. There are many cryptos out there that can do everything bitcoin does, but better - faster transaction times, lower fees, and more, and are much much more efficient, sometimes by orders of magnitude. Bitcoin was simply the first generation of the technology. tl;dr - bitcoin is an energy pig, put your money in something cleaner.
  12. It's a couple of orders magnitude difference with bitcoin. We're not talking about the amount of energy to drive to the bank. Bitcoin is currently burning 77.33 TWh per year, as much as Chile's entire energy needs - and it's hardly processing a fraction of a percent of the total value transactions on the planet today. Check this out: https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption/ Imagine if this scales x10 or x100 like its enthusiasts hope? It's just not compatible with the planet.
  13. To all who are eligible to vote in US elections today, please take the time to vote, and if you're at all on the fence still, vote against Donald Trump! Fuck that guy. Settle for Biden!
  14. @Average Investor lol Model T is a good way to describe bitcoin! So many people think it's going to change the world and is the currency of the future, but there's just no way it can in its current incarnation, it doesn't scale the way many of its fans imagine. Yeah I really hope the lightning network takes off, for the sake of the earth and just having better tech. I do think it feels a bit kludgey, although I don't really know much details about it. Seems like it still has a ways to go even though it's been "nearly there" for a long time now. I also really hope that Proof-of-stake and other consensus methods prove to be secure and scalable. It should use vastly less energy than POW. I doubt bitcoin would ever switch to POS, but one can hope, and there are many others that might go that direction and take the lead. I think there are other consensus algorithms that are being explored on other cryptos, and even more sensible ways to do POW, but I'm pretty out of the loop on all that.
  15. If mining/confirming was all conducted using cleaner energy, it would still be using clean energy that other more useful things could be using. But yeah, clean energy is always better. It's kind of like having a pig of a truck that only gets 0.01mile/gallon - is the solution to burn biodiesel, or find a way to build a more efficient truck?