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  1. Yeah, I think it's fair to say almost all scientists think consciousness exists, it's only the most radical materialists that argue otherwise. They usually think it arises in the brain, yet science itself gives absolutely no explanation for how consciousness arises in the brain, or what consciousness is. That's the elephant in the room that nearly everyone can see plainly, but there's barely any way to talk about it. One materialist "explanation" for consciousness I've heard is that it's how it feels for information to be processed. But this just kicks the can down the road because it doesn't answer what is the "it" that feels, why does it even feel in the first place, and what is it to feel something?
  2. What do you mean by zen body? You will need more than 90 days to master the core teachings of the Buddha. For most people that takes several lifetimes
  3. The fundamental problem with science IMO, is that it misses out on consciousness. Science tries to find a coherent model of an objective reality that is external to consciousness. Science is what you get when subjective observers, peering out from consciousness, put a story together of what is out there, without ever being able to peer back at themselves. The ultimate conclusion of this materialist outlook is that consciousness doesn't exist. Yet here we are, as conscious beings, experiencing being present in reality right now, and science really has nothing to say about it. Science is on track to be able to pinpoint the exact neuronal firing patterns that correspond to the experience of tasting a mango, but it seems unlikely to be able to explain qualia, why it is that there is an observer experiencing tasting that mango, or what is that observer, or what is the nature of subjective experience. Current science breaks when it starts looking at these questions. It's even hard to phrase these questions in language. Science is the investigational toolbox for understanding the reality we find ourselves within. Ultimately, if science is any good, it needs to look at the elephant in the room, but that may be impossible. Then again maybe not. Science has changed a lot since it's birth during the enlightenment, and the future is vast. It's interesting to note that the words science and conscious have shared roots. I don't have any disdain for science btw. On the contrary I think it's the essence of being a being in this universe and that ultimately spirituality is an extension of science (or vice-versa).
  4. I hope this is a one step back, two steps forward kind of thing. Iran + Persia has historically been such a important cradle to human advancement. I hope Iran can incrementally progress forward again over the decades.
  5. If you feel a thread has been unjustly locked, feel free to contact me or any other mod with your reasons why. We can unlock threads if a mistake has been made Mods won't stop locking threads that break forum guidelines Try not to take it personally if your thread gets locked or if you receive a warning. No one is holding anything against you Let's not over blow the importance of this forum, your thread, or of being a mod. Take a step back and it doesn't look like such a big deal
  6. Sounds like a good call @noselfnofun Funny user name btw
  7. Looking forward to these videos Leo, this is a crucial topic!
  8. What will you do if you don't go to the retreat? What's the alternative, will you be in the dumps anyways if you skip it? Will the extra challenge of these life situations make meditation impossible? Do you think being silent with your issues will help you come to terms with them, or will it be more like picking at a wound? I think it's going to be really hard for someone else to answer this for you so the best I can do is bring up some questions.
  9. Nicely said @ajasatya - I feel he speaks for me here, if not the rest of the mods as well. If you feel a thread has been unjustly locked, or a mod has made a bad call, feel free to report it. We are all human and are going to make mistakes. There's lot of grey area that we operate within. This isn't 4chan, we're tying to keep discussion on a bit of a higher level around here.
  10. @tsuki @Mu_ I'm glad you're ok with it, but it's still against forum rules and it degrades the quality of discussion on this forum to have useless banter shouting back and forth. Let's try to raise the bar a bit around here.
  11. @tsuki @Mu_ please refrain from name-calling. You have been warned.
  12. @EvilAngel Leo hasn't done anything to you, you need to take responsibility for your current state of affairs. Also, your existential crisis is nothing to do with autism.
  13. I'm not so sure about that. When you look at the state of our species objectively, we have never been further from extinction. As for the rest of life on earth; not so good.
  14. David Bohm talks about the rheomode in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, which is his thought experiment or proposition to use language based only on verbs. The idea is that because reality is in a constant state of flux without any fixed state, this would be a more truthful way to communicate on reality. Apologies if this has been mentioned, I skimmed the thread pretty loosely.
  15. @Shaun Yes it's the round cushion they use in zen sitting meditation. If you're going to buy one, I'd recommend trying it out in person rather than ordering on the internet because it's kind of nice to get the just-right sized one.