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  1. @dinone I don't see much medical research that would agree with that, and that article is pretty thin on references and heavy on hand-waving. There might be something to it, but there probably isn't. That blog in general has a lot of red flags. If someone were to insist on drinking distilled water, it would probably be a good idea to remineralize it before imbibing, with some kind of gentle healthy combination of nutrients/salts/vitamins. That way you'd be playing it safe on all fronts. Ironically, a lot of distillers, at least in the old days, had leaded solder joints in them, and were prone to bacterial growth. I'm sure you can find clean ones these days, but you'd still want to be vigilant. Another irony in the whole snooty drinking water thing is that a lot of people buy water in plastic bottles, which is absolutely atrocious for the environment, and the plastic leaches into the drinking water as well, contaminating it with hormone-mimicking compounds and so on.
  2. You should definitely drop the weed if you do decide to try psychedelics again. Anecdotally, it seems that people who combine weed+psychedelics are far more likely to have intense, dark, disturbing trips that can potentially be harmful to mental health. I think (this is just my opinion and you'll have to assess this for yourself) that if you stopped smoking weed, and very carefully experimented with well measured doses of psychedelics, well spread out over time, you could be fine and possibly even bring some healing to your bipolar disorder. In studies, users of psychedelics tend to show higher degrees of mental health than non-users. This doesn't mean there aren't outliers who test worse though, so it is possible that you'd be playing with fire. But on average at least, using psychedelics tends to be beneficial to mental health. This has been my own experience and observation as well. If you do try psychedelics again, you're going to want to really pay attention to mindset and setting. You might consider working with a guide.
  3. What is Real? by Adam Becker is a really good book on the history and politics of quantum physics and it's interpretation. I recommend anyone with an interest in the area to check it out. It really puts the science around quantum physics into context and perspective. I like the quantum multiverse interpretation, it's the only one that makes sense to me. The Copenhagen interpretation has a problem where you have to find some boundary between quantum scale and normal scale, which seems artificial, and you have to kludge in the observer thing. Bohm's wave guide interpretation seems contrived, but I can't really remember the specifics of what I didn't like about it off hand... It's very mysterious, but I like what you had to say @crab12. Even if we rationally knew 100% what's going on there, would our experience of existence be any different? I think Bohr and the Copenhagen people are/were satisfied with "it's weird and here's the math", maybe the quantum level really just is the limit of what is knowable about reality.
  4. You can totally meditate while running. It's easier than sitting meditation. This is because it's easier to be fully present when you're doing something than when you're not doing anything. You can practice just running, not thinking about other things, always bringing awareness back to your present action action of running. So yes, you can meditate while running treadmill, or any running, but It's still a good idea to practice sitting meditation because it's so damn hard.
  5. Lol totally The topic of psychedelics makes many people very uncomfortable. Over the years I've learned to avoid mentioning them most of the time, sadly.
  6. @SidBySide I've struggled with this a lot myself. There are a few things that give me some peace: Things have never been better for humanity - we are extremely lucky to be living at what is peak humanity. The level of global peace, health, lifespan, information, education, human rights, has never been higher at any point in history. It can all improve, but we are currently living better than kings did 300 years ago, even 100 years ago. It can and will get even better Things aren't so good for most non-human creatures, it's very true. We really are chewing up our planet. But don't forget that life has bounced back on this earth after much worse encounters than with Homo sapiens. The planet has been decimated in the past by colossal meteor impacts that threw so much dust into the air that almost everything died, mass extinctions that make our worst-case scenario seem like a picnic. Super volcanos, and other catastrophes that make what we're doing seem mild. We won't end all life on earth, and we won't wipe ourselves out. We could definitely turn the planet into something of a biological desert if we don't watch it. The earth needs people like you if there is to be any hope for protecting the ecosystems that make our planet a joyous garden to live in. We won't erase our impact, but we can learn to be good stewards for this amazing place. We really need to take action and steer humanity in the right direction. The less we do that, the more bleak things look in the future. But no matter how bleak it gets, life will go on. We just might make it a very sterile place if we don't watch it.
  7. Gays have kids too, but it's true that homosexuals have lower average fecundity than the heterosexuals. That's why major religions and dominant cultures tend to come down so hard on homosexuality, it's counter to the survival of the tribe, when that tribe is competing in numbers with the next one. But at this stage of the earths development, it's vital to the survival and thrival of humanity as a whole that we abandon these old negative attitudes towards gays.
  8. Oh that means she's in love with you jk Don't worry about it, don't read into it too much. Just let it go, and talk with her.
  9. @The Don girls get awkward too lol! Awkwardness can be a feedback cycle.
  10. Don't look for techniques, I don't think there are too many because it just comes down to practice. Just talk to girls more and more and eventually it's less of a big deal. Talk to girls, slow down, talk to girls, be chill. If things get awkward just remember that they don't have to remain awkward. Awkwardness is a tension, and if you can come up with a stupid joke it can break that tension, sometimes a sense of humour helps a lot. Or it could make it even more awkward and then you have a great story to tell about that time you were so fucking awkward. It's normal to have some awkward social interactions, just move on. Just make sure that if you're getting awkward that you are being non-threatening. That's the most important thing. Stay aware of her space, don't close her in or anything like that. If you're awkward and clearly without ill intention, some girls will take it as a compliment. I'm old and have spent so much time around really beautiful women, dated a few really hot women, and have an extremely attractive wife, but I still get awkward around attractive women sometimes. So it never goes away completely. It's fine, you can embrace the tension, it's there for a reason, because there is energy, and then just let it go (see Leo's vid!) as much as you can. And as much as you can't, that's ok too, it's part of being human.
  11. I think your "hardcore christian" and cultural background has made you very scared of being gay, and that has built it up into a bit of a fetish for you. You might be a bit gay, or fully gay, or maybe not even gay at all but built up this complex. It sounds like you're going to have to experiment to really find out what you're into. It's going to be hard given your cultural programming, but I think once you give up resistance and accept the possibility you're going to have a much easier time. It's OK if you're gay, it's also OK if you're not, it's OK to not have to define it either way, and just be into what you're into.
  12. I think there are exceptions. Dating isn't the same level of commitment as marriage, and there are situations where a relationship needs to be broken off, new love be the catalyst for this to happen. About 20 years ago I met the woman who I knew was the love of my life, but we were both non-single, and I knew the time wasn't right anyways. 5 years later life brought us back into one another's world. Again, we were both dating other people, but both in unsatisfactory relationships. We had an attraction that was so strong and right that we ended up leaving our partners and coming together. Now we are celebrating 10 years of marriage and beautiful children together. It happens. I feel bad about the hearts we hurt, but we are all friends still, so I think we made the best out of a difficult situation.
  13. Cut out the mountain dew, cut out the factory food like TV dinners, pizza rolls, mac n cheese, packaged foods, etc., and cook for yourself from whole ingredients. Try to not take Ibuprophen. Pay attention if Gingko is actually helping you, it makes me feel like shit. And get some bloodwork done from your doc, including looking at iron.
  14. Great analogy! There's too much of an idea floating around that psychedelics are a magic pill that will do the work for you.