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  1. Yeah I was thinking that about cannabis too.. it's really nuts. It's so crazy about how hard it is to gain permission to research this stuff. On the other hand it's waaay easier now than it was in the 80s and 90s. I agree that social support is about where cannabis was 20 years ago, but I feel it will take less than 20 years for PDs to get the point where cannabis is now. I think there's some real momentum happening right now with the way being paved by cannabis, and because of the promising research that's going on rn. Time will tell. If I had to wager right now I'd say 10 years.
  2. @Serotoninluv sweet thanks for the details, this is good stuff to know. When it goes stage IV, does that imply that the drug will become re-scheduled since it will have an accepted medical use?
  3. @Outer yeah the drug laws in the USA (and most of the world) are so backwards it's absurd. I think MDMA is on the verge of being approved as a prescription medicine, and I think this means it will have to be re-scheduled. Let's hope this is the first brick to fall in this ridiculous wall. I heard a talk from Rick Doblin and according to him MDMA is one of these rare non-divisive issues in the USA currently. People on the right and left are rallying around approved MDMA therapy for PTSD.
  4. @LaminMP01 I believe it. I've been surprised at how most of the time I check in and my tongue's actually in the correct posture. I'm not sure if it's because of reading all this, or if I was doing it most of the time anyways. I suspect the latter. So kids probably do it most of the time naturally too, as long as they're nose-breathing and not stuffed up or something.
  5. Gay people are at least as diverse as straight people, so some will be into feminine men, some into "bears", and so on.. Maybe some gay people fit into the category you describe of repressed heterosexuality, but it seems to me like that's a lot more rare than the other way around - "straight" people with repressed homosexuality. Most gay men (and women) I know are just gay. They're just into the same sex, simple as that. I don't think you need to have "done gay stuff" to speak about this topic.
  6. @Outer I know what placebo means, and how double blind experiments work and all that, but my question is: are researchers simply looking if people can differentiate between a microdose vs. placebo, or are they looking at whether or not people demonstrate measurable improvements vs placebo on some cognitive tasks such as IQ, memory, creative association and so on.
  7. What do you mean "beats"? What criteria are they looking at?
  8. Would anyone object to me going through this thread and pruning out the off-topic stuff? This could be a lot more useful to newcomers without all the banter. I'll move all the junk (including this post) into a separate thread for safe-keeping.
  9. Funny I was just thinking about this yesterday. It's called Nominative Determinism and it's a running joke in the New Scientist magazine. But despite it being a joke, it really does seem like there's some truth to this!
  10. Waiting until you're 25 strikes me as an excellent plan given your family history, and the uncertainty around psychedelics' interaction with genetic risk factors for mental illness. There's really no rush. 👍And like everyone is saying, if you do decide to get into it, proceed in small steps, and check in honestly with yourself along the way. On a population scale, psychedelic users show a higher degree of mental health than non-users - this is shown in controlled studies. I think it's because psychedelics tend to point people in the right direction, face their shit, grow up and so on. Kind of like low-budget, hyper-effective, self directed psychotherapy. However, there is a pretty strong possibility that psychedelics don't play well with schizophrenia and psychosis prone minds.
  11. Tolerance resets quickly with 5-MeO-DMT, so physically you should be ready within hours or a day. @Leo Gura seems to recommend going into it fairly regularly if you're ready and up for it, hopefully he'll speak for himself on the matter. I might be a bit more conservative, and feel that once a week is about the maximum frequency I'd ever recommend. The most important thing is that your previous experience is adequately integrated from one session to the next. To me, integration means that I have implemented the insights I've gained from the previous session, and am ready to build on them, or look from a new angle. In practice, at this point in my life, integration takes me weeks or months. There is merit in going for one deep session after another in quick succession, with intent and intensity, so this is something you ultimately have to figure out for yourself. It probably depends a lot on where you are at in your life.
  12. Too complicated I think. The idea of the lamb taking away the sins has it's roots in ancient practices of sacrifice - animals (and especially lambs in the fertile crescent) were sacrificed to the gods in order to make them happy, take away disease, make the crops work. By giving something up (the lamb) to the gods, the sins that displease the gods were cleansed. A transactional arrangement with the gods. Then Jesus came along and died on the cross for all our sins, so the transaction became sublimated, abstract. Nowadays we don't have to sacrifice actual children or lambs anymore, we just have to ask Jesus to forgive our sins or something like that. It was a bit step forward for humanity to be able to put blood sacrifice behind us! Something we don't appreciate much these days...
  13. I've actually skimmed that book a long time ago, so I'm realizing I probably regurgitated that from the depths of my brain thinking it was my own original thought Either that or it's a self-evident pattern.
  14. @Tony 845 I haven't gone through this whole thread, but I would agree with your statement that psychedelics are another tool. They're a *really good* tool, but definitely not the only way to move towards enlightenment. They certainly aren't for everyone, but they're a good fit for many more people than current societal norms allow for. This is why I think it's worth while for those who have benefitted to share their experiences, gently. The idea that there's "one case of confirmed enlightenment" from 5-MeO-DMT (Martin Ball) is really twisted to me, on multiple levels. It's a mindfuck to even begin to unravel that, so I'm just going to leave it alone, and say: perhaps you need to question that whole ball of yarn.
  15. It's over IMO. Sounds like it's time to let go of her, and move on, in order for both of you to grow as individuals. You're both young, she probably needs to experience other loves, you're saying in love in the past tense, you're probably attached to a person she isn't anymore, and it sounds like you don't even live in the same place. If you do decide to end it, make very sure of your decision, and when you do it, be decisive about it, no waffling.