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  1. What e-reader/tablet can you recommend for reading books and pdfs? There are a lot out there and I'd like to shortcut the research process by getting some recommendations on here. I know almost nothing about what's out there. I'd like to find a good reliable device to read pdfs that I've amassed that I can't bear to read on my notebook. These are my criteria: Should probably be one of those ones that behaves like paper in that it needs ambient light to read the text, easier on the eyes. Should be a bit old because I'd like to find it used. I like to buy used things to reduce wastage and save money. Needs to be able to easily load pdfs from my notebook somehow Should be pleasant and easy to use Some decent battery life would be good What I'm not looking for is something like an iPad that has a video screen. Thanks!
  2. There is so much good advice for you in this thread! You'd be wise to listen to the general sentiment that you need to chill and give it time in this situation. You might want to try to use a different mentality than trying to "get" the girl. I think it works better when you focus on being with her, becoming close with her, talking with her, dating her, banging her... lol. Most people don't want to be possessed, especially very early on. It's OK to have a crush on someone, try to be comfortable with that. Direct that energy into positive attention towards her, smiles, friendliness, conversation, listening. It sounds like you're holding some unnecessary magical beliefs about your neediness manifesting in her getting another boyfriend. This is a very self-centred outlook. If she gets a boyfriend who isn't you, it's not because of something you did, it's because of something she did. You need to respect her as a free agent. Also, you'll need to be ok with that possible outcome. I think if you fixate on not letting your emotions be controlled by this situation, you're already letting it backfire already, and you're getting your emotions controlled by the situation!! Try to give yourself loving acceptance of whatever feelings come up. You can't force emotions, but you can choose your actions.
  3. I met a guy who claimed he was stuck in a mental hospital for years until he figured out that he was completely celiac, and that even a tiny crumb of bread would send him into schizophrenic symptoms, batshit crazy. This was around the year 2002, so well before "gluten intolerance" was a trendy thing. Once he figured that out and strictly avoided any trace of wheat, he was able to function as a totally normal guy (well maybe a little bit trippy), no psych meds or anything, holding down a job, pleasant to be around, chill. I wonder if these keto people were really just the same kind of celiac, and all they needed to do was avoid wheat, rather than go full keto?
  4. @TrynaBeTurquoise Yeah I think that the beer is probably mostly functioning as an extra source of carbs. It's hard to eat enough when you're training hard in this kind of heavy cardio, so more carbs in == more capacity to train. If you can squeeze in a bit more from a beer (and get a little reward like you said), it might help with the training in the big picture. I suppose it could be a source of useful hormetic stress too. Not sure about that though, I've never heard of alcohol being beneficial in this way. It might be the kind of thing where the useful stress is outweighed by the negative (toxic aldehydes produced from the metabolism of alcohol are really bad). Something I've wondered about is if the GABAnergic properties of alcohol might somehow help with recovery and muscle repair. I know that many weightlifters used to take GHB after workouts because supposedly it helped them recover. I've tried to read up on this, and all of the research I've come across seems to indicate that alcohol doesn't help you recover from a workout - probably again because the dehydration and toxicity outweigh any marginal benefit from the GABA agonism. I don't know a lot about the GABA system anyways.
  5. Yes @Lento and others, obviously this is an optical illusion, that's exactly the point. The weird thing is how the illusion of movement actually changes direction depending on if you're breathing in out. I think you're right @EddieEddie1995 good call! If I shift my attention between my fingers, and toes say, it still does this, but not nearly as easily. Blinking didn't do it for me at all. I'll venture that the breath is an abnormally strong anchor for attention, which is probably why it's nearly universally used as an object of meditation.
  6. Yeah there might be something to this, I remember reading in a book by Lydiard (a famous old running coach) that runners should "make sure to eat adequate bread with plenty of butter, and drink adequate amounts of beer" or something along those lines. Sounds like very old-school advice, but sometimes these old ways are really onto something. Alcohol quickly gets into net negative territory though, and there was a meta study published fairly recently that concluded that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink, when looking at heath outcomes.
  7. Found on social media. This one works so well for me, don't have to breathe slowly. How the heck does this happen?
  8. I wonder if its therapeutic effects would still be present if you made a tea out of it, so that the chitinous material could be discarded? Also, has anyone on here experimented with Stamets' triple combo of lions mane + psylocibin mushrooms + niacin?
  9. @Matt8800 could you talk a bit about cartomancy/tarot? I have a soft spot for the traditional Tarot de Marseilles decks
  10. So... Science never really is able to replicate these kind of results, and from what I understand Emoto was always very evasive and avoided in conducting his experiments in proper controlled scientific conditions. Generally speaking, the "water memory" stuff Emoto etc talk about is regarded as bunk pseudoscience, there is probably not a real, physical phenomenon here. But... Intention has a lot of effect, not in these kind of direct physically observable ways, but in more of a meta-way. Psychologically, sociologically, spiritually. So I feel there is a more important truth here, that guys like Emoto aren't literally correct, but what they're talking about points to a more important higher truth. Kind of like how a lot of Chistians believe god is a bearded man living in a nebula somewhere - no that's probably not literally true, but it might point a lot of them to a higher truth and the details don't matter so much. Cargo cult
  11. How much do you drink?
  12. @Anna1 yeah of course it's less harmful. Just looking at the toxicity axis, have you ever heard of someone dying from smoking too much weed? I'm not a weed smoker myself, so I'm not trying to defend the drug from a self-defence perspective. I do drink occasionally. I've just read a ton over the years about the harms and risks, and it's pretty hard not to come to the conclusion that weed is a much safer substance than alcohol is. I'm not saying there are no risks, just that they are far, far higher with alcohol.
  13. Good job, that's a huge accomplishment. Weed is a much less harmful substance to be dependant on.
  14. When you obsess over beating someone, one-upping, venegance, getting them back you're always distracted and compromised, so you're always at a disadvantage and you can't play your best game, or be your best self. When a part of your mind is preoccupied with this stuff, you're at least partially missing actually being present in the thing, so you loose. You can't put your heart into it when your heart's somewhere else. Try to let go of thinking in terms of winners and losers, one-upmanship, dominance. It actually doesn't matter. Use the force, Luke.
  15. We encourage reviving old threads here, rather than starting new ones in the same topic. It helps keep the forum organized. Welcome to the forum @See and I really hope the UK elections go well. Good luck!