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  1. Details are very important when it comes to dosages! Don't fuck around in this department, no matter how wavy you let yourself get. Seems too young to me to take 5-MeO-DMT. His brain is already plastic enough at this age. I think it is not wise to jump into one of the most hardcore psychedelics right off the bat at such a young age, it is something he could come back to later for sure. If he was interested in psychedelics, I think it would be better to introduce him to something more standard like mushrooms, LSD, or something very easy/mild like 2C-B. Just my 2c, it's hard to know exactly in any situation, let alone from a few words on a screen. In the end, he is the judge. But I would just remember, there's no rush.
  2. I really enjoyed reading "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" by Bohm, and recommend it.
  3. @Member I didn't take note of the points
  4. I really liked this test, I prefer it to the more popular one with the cute avatars for the different personality types (16personalities.com) I was easier to answer the questions because the examples gave context to them, so I felt like I was able to give more accurate answers.
  5. I'd be interested to know what % of participants on this forum register as INTP. Has anyone set up a poll for this?
  6. Funny, as a programmer who works for nonprofits and is really happy with his life, I don't think I'd recommend you switch careers. In fact, looking back sometimes I wonder why I didn't go into medicine myself. I definitely had/have the interest and aptitude in biology and medicine to go that route, but ended up with computers because they are also fascinating. I had a lot of friends who were going into medicine and it seemed like they were chasing Success, and I felt a bit too punk for that or something. But looking back I was making a false association. The thing is with medicine you can really directly help people, and I think that would be very fulfilling. As a computer programmer, you are just kind of making the machines work. It's a lot more abstract and technological. With either career you could definitely write on the side. It would just be a matter of making the time for it and having the discipline to actually do it. I don't see either medicine or programming being an advantage in enabling this. Medicine might give you more of the human insight that would come into play into making you a great writer on philosophical topics. OTOH we are entering an increasingly technological future, and perhaps that's where the interesting philosophical margins lie. Not sure you'd get any particularly deeper insights into the philosophical implications of technology as a full-stack web developer though, vs what a layman or doctor could observe. In the end you'll have to trust your guts and come to your own conclusions. It's really hard to peer into the future. Try to suspend any decision until you've taken a really honest and fair look at both sides without unreasonably glamourizing or idealizing either side.
  7. Yeah I suppose it's like anything, you have to look at the parts that are useful/interesting and not get hung up on the parts that aren't.
  8. E-cigs are definitely less unhealthy than smoking tobacco, but like everyone else is saying, try to use it as a middle step to getting off of nicotine entirely.
  9. I'm into some pretty dark stuff, but I find Lovecraft to be the kind of negativity that I don't need in my life. It seems he was a bit of a racist too, even for his time. I don't know, I feel like his writing gives a bit of metaphorical life to the evil entities that he talks about. Don't feed the monsters.. lol. Sorry I'm not really answering your question, I haven't read that specific story. Have to admit he's a bit darkly fascinating, and sometimes I do read his stuff a bit, and usually end up feeling a bit icky and wondering why I let that into my head.
  10. We could split hairs on the definitions, but I think the main point is that there's a big difference in the mechanism of action between the class of compounds that's normally labelled "psychedelics" and the group normally labelled as "dissociative". Like you said, it can be useful to make this distinction. Traditionally "psychedelics" are serotonin receptor agonists including the tryptamines, phenethylamines, and lysergamides. So LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT are all examples Traditionally, "dissociatives" are NMDA receptor antagonists like DXM, Ketamine, PCP, MXE and a bunch of other related compounds. That doesn't mean you can't have psychedelic-like effects on a dissociative, or dissociative-like effects from a psychedelic. People get psychedelic-type effects from smoking weed too, and that's yet another set of receptors. But I don't think it's accurate to call weed a psychedelic either. Heck some people even claim they see god when they drink booze.
  11. @Javfly33 In the pharmacological sense, DXM, ketamine and PCP are not psychedelic, they are dissociatives. They work on a different set of receptor sites than the psychedelic class. This doesn't mean anything about the kind of experience you can have on them, and there's no rule saying you can only have an ego death on a psychedelic.
  12. It's a dissociative so like Peo said it's not a psychedelic, and it's unhealthy - even if you could get it pure, it's still bad for you. I'd recommend staying away from it and get some real psychedelics instead.
  13. This is a good and heavy read. I haven't gotten through it all yet, but will come back. tl;dr: Don't combine 5-MeO-DMT with MAOIs (including ayahuasca, which contains MAO inhibitors)
  14. @Mihael Keehl that sound does sound similar to what I've experienced. Yes, it's like a fascinating deep metallic drone sound that is ever morphing, and is related to the attention you put on it, so there is this feedback loop between attention and sound, as if you are listening to your own listening. Gravity is very flooring, lol.
  15. Pretty straightforward question. What is meant when people talk about the soul? How do you characterize or define the soul?