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  1. @Arhattobe I'm able to abide in a state of relative non-thinking at times, during meditation or while doing simple things, yet aside from rare deep moments of stillness, there's yet a background murmur or hubub of thought chit-chat bubbling away in the background. Sort of mind activity just below the surface of consciousness, sub-thoughts bubbling away. Occasionally, in the most profound moments of stillness even these fall silent. I'm wondering, when you say you go about your life without "thinking", do you still experience this kind of background chatter? Or does that fall away too in a prevalent way?
  2. "La hoja de coca no es droga" I think coca leaves are used in Andean culture strategically pretty much for their stimulant effect, like the way most of the world uses caffeine in tea/coffee. But there is some ceremony and sacredness around it. Kind of like how first nations in North America approach tobacco traditionally. There is some link to Pachamama that I won't pretend to really understand. Agreed. I've basically steered clear of anything in the dopaminergic (coke, amphetamines etc) or opioid (opium, oxy, heroin, fentanyl) class in my life, because I've witnessed over and over how much these kinds of drugs can fuck peoples lives up. Don't really trust the dissociatives either (ketamine, nitrous, pcp etc), but they seem to cause a lot less harm on the whole, and ketamine is even being used clinically to treat depression, so these ones are more complex.
  3. Very cool this is gold, nice one.
  4. There is nothing, and there is something. Nothing is only possible in relation to something, something is only possible in relation to nothing. If there wasn't anything, then that would include at least the rule that there is nothing, which would already be something. There is no magic rulebook in the sky, because that would be something outside of the everything, pointing at and defining the everything. If you go out far enough, you get to an everything that has to include *every thing*, including any rules (physics constants, metaphysics parameters etc) that describe existence. Eventually you get to the scale where the universe/multiverse/reality can only express itself in terms of itself. If there was nothing, that would be an everything that includes the rule that there is nothing, which would no longer be nothing. Since that's not possible, we're left with the other option which is an actual nothing, including no rules about there not being anything. That leaves no bounds on existence. Truly nothing, means no limitations, so there is everything. Lol
  5. Heroin and cocaine will not be helpful for personal development/enlightenment work. There are no potential benefits to these drugs, and they should be absolutely stayed away from. Heroin and other opiods will destroy your life if you get involved with them. Cocaine is the same drug as crack and both are very addictive, ego stroking and life destroying drugs. They dole out an artificial rush, and should be avoided. Some people seem to be able to use cocaine recreationally without it getting out of control, but I don't think it's worth going there, and it certainly won't give you progress in the big picture. These drugs are not useful for personal development/enlightenment. Don't make the mistake of conflating them with psychedelic drugs, they are not related to one another at all. Do yourself a favour and stay away from drugs like heroin, cocaine, speed, meth, benzos. Weed/marijuana can be somewhat useful for some people, but it can be a bit habit-forming. Weed is best used for this kind of work if it's only used very occasionally. In SD terms it can sometimes potentiate transition from stage blue/orange to stage green. I personally know someone transitioning out of a very stage blue life, into basically orange. I don't think he looks at it in SD terms, but he's using weed and it's neat to see how it goes hand in hand with this transition.
  6. Relax to the very bottom of your being. Release to the experience, do not resist what comes. There is a point where your heart will race, and this can manifest as fear. Release and relax into this, don't resist the feeling. Accept the process that is unfolding. Allow your mind to not think, let it be, no need to figure it out. Let it be, go deeper, into the moment, let your thoughts fall to the side. Just being, no resistance. Allow it to unfold.
  7. Yeah read Rumi, he's cool! There's only one way to find out if it's the right vibe for you. Can you read persian by any chance? His poetry is meant to be much more beautiful in persian than in the english translations. I'm pretty old compared to you and am just starting to understand his poems (in english lol). I don't think 14yo me would have gotten it at all, but I'm not a very poetic person.
  8. @kieranperez What is it about Byron Powell's premise you don't agree with? I don't remember many specifics from his book, but I've probably internalized some of what I read in his book, so I'm curious about where your viewpoint differs. I seem to remember that he emphasized training volume way over quality. I still think that's important, but I'm in favour of the "20%" (or so) quality (intervals etc) in my training currently. I'm self coaching right now, I'm enjoying the process of experimentation and discovery, and I prefer that over being told what to do, even if it would be more efficient to have a coach. When I'm more experienced it might be cool to try out working with a coach at some point too though. A question for you and @Sahil Pandit: in your training, how often do you feel you should go into that agonizing level of effort? You know when you are doing intervals or something, and you're pushing way into the severe discomfort territory? How often do you feel you should do that? Is that where the real growth happens, or is it just self-punishment that's going beyond the stress signal that your body needs for adaptation, or is it something to embrace and go even further into?
  9. @Kev Draper Sounds like you can crack that 3hr mark with that kind of 1/2 marathon time! Thanks for the threshold running tips - I feel like that kind of thing helps me a lot too. You remind me I need to get back in the pool too. Re: getting sick, have you tried maltodextrin? It's been a nutritional godsend for me.
  10. @kieranperez thanks for the list, that's awesome, should keep me busy for a while! I've read a few of those: Endure, Daniels', Running the Lydiard Way (what an odd book! Seems like he was drunk or just didn't give a shit while he wrote it. Tons of gems in there, but just weird reading experience), Born to Run. A couple other books I liked that I didn't see you mention were Relentless Forward Progress and Racing Weight.
  11. @Wisebaxter Yeah such a good album. @Cosmic Flavor Tsuruda, Culprate yeah man! Love that kind of stuff. Looking forward to checking out your recommendations. @Mafortu Heilung is pretty interesting. Quite the creation.
  12. @Antonius 5mg increments sounds good too. If you're going to be experimenting with 5-MeO-DMT in the long term, you might want to think about investing in a quality scale like this American Weigh GeminiPRO - if you're careful with your technique you can take extremely accurate measurements with this scale and others in that quality range. Yeah you summed it up there pretty well there. I've definitely had personal, more grounded insights on 5-MeO-DMT that affected how I interact with the world, but on the whole, you've got the general pattern there: it dives straight into consciousness, nonduality pretty readily.
  13. To play devils advocate a bit, so what if he's a sprinter or competing or not? It's fun to push your limits, no matter what they are. He's probably not pushing past a healthy limit - it's always extremely uncomfortable pushing physical limits, and that's how you grow them. Just make sure you rest adequately after these sessions! It's an interesting question though, what drives us to try to be our best? Is it ego? Is it an unhealthy drive?