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  1. You don't need to be a writer to be able to leverage your talent as a writer. Writing is fundamental to so many paths in life, it's a tremendously useful skill in all kinds of arenas. I think when you find your calling, it may very well be in an area that depends on being able to write well, despite not being something people think of as "writing".
  2. Redosing is typically haphazard. If you wanted to redose DPT, and hour later would be too late. If you're talking about plugging or snorting, you should have a pretty good idea of where it's going by 20 minutes in, and at that point it wouldn't be too late to augment your initial dose. Much better would be just to wait until the next day or later and try again at an increased dose in one go.
  3. Working in a lab at your age is such excellent experience, you're earning double or triple your wage in awesome work and life experience right now. Yes, you can't eat that, but it's really going to pay off in the long run. You might be a super effective 19 year old, but more likely you're a fairly normal 19 year old, which means it's a bit of work for your boss to take you on and he probably is doing you a bit of a favour. A mutually beneficial favour to be sure, but he's probably got to train you and supervise you a lot more than someone with more experience and age. Don't worry too much about what your salary will need to be in 3 years to support living away from home, you're not there yet, and when that time comes the money you need will be there for you. In the meantime you're getting paid something like a stipend and gaining priceless experience. In 1 or 2 years you'll be way more valuable to the lab than you are right now, and that's when you'll be in a better position to be a bit more aggressive about your earnings.
  4. @Apparition of Jack holding up specific indicators like Reiki or sound therapy as prerequisites for green is a bit dogmatic isn't it? IMO spiral dynamics is a lot more big-picture than that. Sure, some green people will be into Reiki, but it's certainly not a 1:1 relationship. I do agree that it's pretty optimistic to call almost any society on the planet Green at this point in history. You definitely see it more strongly in some areas than others, but even the most "green" places are probably actually predominantly orange still. It's relative too though - what once looked like radical green is now standard fare in a lot of places, and what feels like normal behaviour in one place seems extremely progressive when you go back to a place a further down into orange. At some point it is just a model. A very useful one though.
  5. Fission: I voted pro fission, but with some big qualifications. This is something I've definitely flip flopped on a lot in my life, and can't say I feel completely settled on. We're definitely headed towards catastrophic global warming right now if we don't make some changes. Nuclear is part of the answer that many scientists and environmentalists are urging us to reconsider, and I think it's worth looking at. I'm not pro-fission if we're talking about traditional nuclear power plant tech, but there are many next generation nuclear techs that solve the problems with previous generations of fission power. We're not talking Chernobyl or Fukushima, the Model T Fords of Fission technology. Fusion: I'm pro-fusion, in my opinion it's one of Humanity's great callings to solve this puzzle. It won't perfect or as utopic as it's been hyped up to be, but it will be several orders of magnitude better than anything we have at the moment. In the meantime, we already have an amazing fusion reactor running, and we even have the technology to harness it's power - the Sun, and photovoltaics. PV is already cheaper than coal in many parts of the world. Again, it has it's own problems and challenges, but it sure beats fossil fuels. Great poll!
  6. Yeah I can imagine that. It's probably a very long stretch to expect to find much Yellow anywhere really. I definitely saw a lot of green when I was there - so many activists, artists living alternative lifestyles, weirdo punks and ex-squatter culture. But if I'm really honest about it, probably most of the city's populace fits into the same general orange as most other modern cities today. Just a bit heavier on the green end than say Frankfurt or Chicago. Switzerland's gifts to the world include the Green/Yellow cultural catalyst LSD, as discovered by the mighty Albert Hofmann! I suspect also that there must be some solid veins of Yellow running through the straight-laced and rigid Swiss society.
  7. Eat San Pedro/Peruvian Torch and not Peyote. Peyote is critically endangered and should no longer be harvested from the wild for consumption non-indigenous people. So, unless you know specifically that the Peyote has been cultivated, opt for the San Pedro, otherwise you're just contributing to Peyote's demise. San Pedro grows quickly and easily, isn't at all threatened, and delivers the same mescaline experience. Yes ayahuasca and mescaline cacti are well known to be good for liberation and oneness They won't point as directly to the ultimate primordial nondual experience, but that can be a good thing too. Peyote is such a beautiful plant!
  8. Do you think we'll see more exodus out of HK now?
  9. See to me, David Bohm comes across as a profoundly spiritual person! Quintessential Stage Yellow individual IMHO. I really look forward to checking this video and the channel out, thanks.
  10. Trump doesn't want to complain too much about authoritarianism, it could come back to haunt him when he seeks his third term in office.
  11. Yes, I think this is exactly it. Plus the guy in the white house seems to admire dictators and dictatorships, and the USA sets the tone for global politics to some extent. So the timing is exactly right for China to make moves on Hong Kong's special status.
  12. @K VIL could you please edit your post and give us a summary, or quick explanation of what makes this resource special, and worth being here? Thanks!
  13. To what extent do you believe in using Strategic Voting? This comes into play particularly in multi-party systems. A classic example would be the situation where you have 3 contenders in an electoral district, A B and C. Say C aligns with your values perfectly, B is not your ideal candidate, but preferred over A. In this election, it appears that A and B are in a tight race, and that C has little chance of winning. Do you vote for C and stick to your values, or do you compromise and vote for B, knowing that they are preferable to A?
  14. They're not the same because oils and carbs are stored and burned completely differently in your body. I can't say which calorie source is superior in your situation though. It's usually better to not go to any one extreme, so maybe the answer is a bit of both, and experiment with it, monitoring your body, as Rigel says.