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  1. Gotcha. With comments like "you don't exist" or "it's all a dream" I just laugh at that. I don't take it seriously, but perhaps not everyone can laugh it off. I know it's not intended to be a joke. I think I read your comment wrong. It sounded like you were saying Leo is telling people to accept his theory and teaching without question, which I don't think is the case. All of Leo's teachings are a concept, an idea, a belief. That's what I think is important to remember. There is no need to have nightmares or depression about not existing and all that jazz.
  2. Hey man, I'm butting in here! The bit I've bolded above. Who is teaching that they should unquestionably accept the teachings of someone? Leo? Are you saying that Leo is teaching others to unquestionably accept his teachings?
  3. I'm actually looking for a cult. Can't find one anywhere.
  4. Yes they are. On this forum you are 100% responsible for your actions, how you are feeling and your beliefs and Leo is 0% responsible for your actions, your beliefs and how you are feeling. You are not here under the care of Leo. He is not your doctor or nurse. This is a school in an informal sense. You are a student in an informal sense. I don't even resonate with Leo much so I'm not some groupie just showing loyalty for him but let's it get right here, Leo is no ones Guardian or Carer. It's an internet forum and virtually a chat room.
  5. @Surfingthewave Thank you very much my friend
  6. Happy to interact with anyone who wants to. Happy to receive suggestions and feedback. But what I will do is acknowledge them on here and then reply to you via private message. Doing it this way will keep the journal on point and not overly conversational. Genuinely do want interaction! Goals of the Journal To provide a written account of the progress, or lack of, in addressing the difficulties To help promote a deeper connection with forum members To help others, and to be helped by others Methods One post per day minimum to foster routine and habit Constant, daily references to self-help and spiritual material. A mixture of books, quotes, YouTube, and music will form the bedrock of this journal. I will highlight the source material and describe my understanding of how it relates to me, and my efforts to integrate the source material into my ongoing recovery Shadow Work Values Work Big Picture Issues (all the below three of course overlap) Discipline Values alignment Interpersonal List of Difficulties the Journal will focus on Discipline & Self-Care Nutrition Exercise Sleep Meditation & Prayer Attention & Concentration Action Values alignment Engaging in character assassination Selfishness Entitlement Blaming Punishing Not admitting I've done the same thing Expecting others to be what they are not Avoidance Interpersonal Not being open and honest, expecting others to “read between the lines” Intolerance Impatience Not admitting when I was at fault and/or saying sorry Acting superior At the route of everything listed above is FEAR
  7. Taking wall of text to a whole new level
  8. Had a feeling yours would be less wordy than mine! Yeh thanks. I like that.
  9. @Nahm For me Nahm it means that there are less hurdles to jump over than I fear there is, or as we say in AA, the hoop we need to jump through is wider than we think. That it's not just one way traffic and an uphill struggle. The increased peace of mind I'm chasing is also chasing me if only I can get out of my own way to receive it. And for you? What's your take?
  10. I've only watched a couple all the way through, and they were the older self-help type. I can't watch any of the new ones. They are too long. Interferes with my Netflix consumption. Love the forum though, and I'll always have time for Leo's "take responsibility and stop being a victim" ethos. I love that side of him.
  11. I'm not sure if we are all clear on what embodiment is? Can you clarify? I'm not trolling you. It's interesting. My understanding is that it means to make something more concrete, observable and measurable? Surely Leo would be unable to do this even if he wanted to? This whole nondual concept cannot be proven one way or another. You either believe it or not. I assumed that with Leo's teachings you take it on faith that he is right or you dismiss it as you see fit. Up to you. He always says if you don't resonate then look elsewhere. He actually let's people like me run around on the forum from a pure self help side. I'm grateful for that. His teachings cannot be proved one way or another surely? Well there is the whole 'direct experience' term, but that is flawed as well because all direct experience has to be interpreted by the mind first anyway. Direct experience is grossly affected by self bias. Lots of his ideas and beliefs cannot be measured. There is no test to see if he is right. I also don't think we can expect him to flood his videos with warnings. Warning of what? That we might not like it? That we will have nightmares that we don't exist?
  12. Yes okay. You are speaking for yourself. Totally respect that. I realise that you are not respresenting anyone or speaking on behalf of people and just conveying your own personal opinion. You know what they say about opinions... we all have one
  13. Have you tried the jokes part of the forum? You will get your needs met there maybe?
  14. I get that. You've already summed it up though to a degree. He cannot be objective if he is passionate and motivated by what he teaches. Unless we view objectiveness on a scale. He could be somewhat objective but not totally. If someone is sharing what they think is Truth and what works, being totally objective is probably not a priority for them. I guess you would need to remove all personal bias to be totally objective. Impossible (virtually) in my opinion. Not disagreeing with you. Some good points your raise. You are right, most things can be dangerous to various degrees. Going to church can be dangerous, reading content on here could be dangerous. A lot of it would depend on the underlying vulnerabilities of the "consumer". I'm not suggesting you are arguing different here, but I for one, do not attribute any responsibility to Leo for safeguarding people's vulnerabilities. Now, if he went out of his way to exploit and put people at risk, that's different. But I've never seen a shred of evidence for that. There are other seemingly responsible moderators (in my opinion they are all good, compassionate people) that can also help guide people if they come off track and/or are disturbed by any of Leo's content, plus there is the whole mental health subforum. These factors don't reduce the risk to ZERO, but what will?
  15. I always wondered there that quote came from. I think I first heard it via either Wayne Dyer or Les Brown.
  16. Okay, I read your post again Do you think Leo should embody warnings throughout the whole video presentation? You allude to this, but is that what YOU would like? Are you suggesting that a video full of warnings would hit someone's subconscious to a degree that danger would somehow be avoided? Do you think there is danger within his content?
  17. I'd be really interested to hear more about this, either on this thread or elsewhere. Do you have a journal? Also, I'm glad suicide is not currently high on your agenda. I hope it stays that way for you.
  18. You write about "not going to change anything", what is the change you refer to? What is the context to the change talk?
  19. I have developed three questions to ask myself when my peace of mind has been disturbed. I got this idea from a mixture of Osho, Don Miguel Ruiz, Albert Ellis and Alcoholics Anonymous. Osho refers to following "the law" in his book The Buddha Said. Osho writes that when we feel like shit it is because we have gone against the law and we need to reflect on how we have gone against the law. He says don't be in conflict with the law if you want to be happy. So, if I am upset or otherwise agitated I come back to these three questions. Every time, at least one of them applies to my upset, and my upset is a warning sign that I have gone against the law. 1. Am I sure? 2. Have I taken something personally? 3. Are my demands out of touch with reality?
  20. Imposter Syndrome. It afflicts us all at one time or another.
  21. You are talking in riddles my friend. Not sure if it's a language barrier for you or you intend to write this way?