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  1. Simple goal this week, spend less of my free time sat around indoors and instead get out more. The lack of outdoors time and quality solitude is affecting me. It's on me to make it happen rather than waiting for it to find me. Sometimes it involves saying 'no' to people and this can be a challenge. Alongside that keep working towards nailing the basics of sleep, diet and exercise.
  2. Sounds as if you aren't far away from that next level in terms of a relationship. As you say, becoming the person you'd like to meet is key. Will be interesting to see where you go with your projects. Overall some very positive recent posts mate. Sounds like you are really handling your business and building something solid. Keep it going!👍
  3. A few days into a week which is all about restoring balance. It had been a steady few weeks of late nights and alcohol prior to this week. I'd not been getting enough sleep, was getting no exercise and was dehydrated. And working a full time job that can be emotionally tiring and triggering. As such i have been in a bit of a fear state all week. Anxiety and paranoia just below the surface. It is a relief to hit a wall and surrender but with a better balance in life it would not take hitting a wall to trigger necessary change. Much better self care this week. We will see how things are looking next week. @Gladius your most recent post about fear certainly rings true for me too. Understanding and harnessing fear is a lifetimes work. It still bullies me on a daily basis but I will keep doing the work.
  4. Making progress with improving gut health. I have adapted my diet slightly but nothing too extreme. I have noticed an improvement in my symptoms. I have also made a move to get some more talking therapy and am due an assessment soon. I did attachment-based therapy last time, and i can imagine that it'll be CBT based this time. I don't enter into therapy lightly - the aim is to be my own therapist. But I want to try different schools of therapy and take as much from them as I can. Other than that, I am not consistently getting the basics right just yet - but i am working on it. @Gladius thanks for the feedback as always 🙂 I think being more and more present and living in the moment is a lifelong journey and one I am willing to take.
  5. I agree 100%. You don't want to be 'paying' for your holiday for days and weeks after it has finished by overdoing it - but you need some freedom to relax everything a bit and have some fun. Very important for balance and to restore your batteries. That's a great observation about people-pleasing. I have the same issue. Assertiveness is a muscle you have to keep working. Keep up the good work - and more importantly - enjoy the second half of your break 🙂
  6. I have had some stomach and digestion issues for a while now and have adapted my diet to tackle the issue. I am hoping that this will have some positive effect on my mental health as well. I have read about the gut-brain connection in recent years but havent really done the work and made the correct changes until now. How often is that the case? It makes me wonder about the amount of studying and research i have done over the last decade into all sorts of areas without actually doing the work. Reading is good and books / resources are fantastic. But the growth is in the work. Currently working my way through the audiobook version of the power of now. Eckhart Tolle has a great voice. Remaining present and not living in the past or the future all the time strikes me as the most important life skill someone can develop. I suppose it is balance in all things. I still have 'feeling' healing work to do which does mean some mental time travel. But Tolle says that presence and living in the now is also a way to dissolved what he calls 'pain bodies'. And i buy into his ethos: now is the only time there is, so working towards presence in day to day life feels like a worthwhile goal. Other than that, i am still working on the basics. Sleep, diet, exercise, and monitoring my thoughts.
  7. I have around a week off work. Aim for the next week or so... those magic words... back to basics. Eating more of the right foods and less of the bad. Drinking lots of water and less alcohol. Getting back on the weights, getting outside more and some quality solitude. Start and finish a spiritual / healing book. Journaling. Prioritising sleep. I'll use the coming days as a chance to reset, but i won't be hard on myself. My self-talk has been very negative lately and I want to address that. @Gladius you are right. Balance in everything is the key. I love that even Bruce Lee used to like an occasional mcdonalds, despite his incredible dedication to health and fitness. That is a good lesson for us 🙂
  8. That's a good summary of your work and a useful reference - thank you for sharing. Lots of wisdom there my friend. 🙂 We are on similar paths in many ways. You are right it's a life long process so a key is to enjoy the journey - the present moment is all we have. Your healing is very inspiring so thanks a lot. Very interested to see how you accomplish your creative goals. Creativity is a real good outlet for trauma. I'm not ready to pursue my creative goals at the moment, so I have to continue to be patient.
  9. Progress is slow across the board. I am working, eating and sleeping and that seems to be the cycle. My free time is spent unproductively and passively. Youtube, internet, ebay. Excess junk food and alcohol has crept in with regularity. I respect the ebb and flow of life and we aren't always going to be 100% on the path all of the time. Still, i'm looking to take some action which sparks something and leads to some momentum building. The days are getting lighter and the lockdown will be easing gradually and it will be a good time to start working harder towards my goals.
  10. I know what you mean. Sometimes boredom is a useful sign that something needs attention, or needs to change, or that something is missing. Sometimes it is another emotion/mood (or lack of one) that needs to be accepted and observed until it passes. Simple as that. Have a good week mate
  11. This week i'll be focusing on rebuilding my gym schedule and gradually reintroducing a morning and night routine. I'll also be mindful of time spent on the phone, as it has been excessive. I have become aware of a consistent level of anxiety that I have been experiencing for some time now. It's mainly in the background, but it does surface in the morning and at night when i am half awake. I do intend to try some EMDR therapy this year and perhaps something else alongside it, but in the mean time I will try and address the anxiety through journalling. @Gladius Thank you 🙂 It is important to acknowledge progress we've made, as well that there is always work to be done.
  12. This past month has been settling into the new job, and not much else. That has been an important step. I have always struggled with conventional jobs with any degree of pressure, but i am making progress here and the job could and should work out. This will enable me to move out of the family home - this is the next important step. in the meanwhile, I have to be patient, because things are moving slowly. Working remotely is increasing the suffocating pressure of the lockdown, and because i am not having to get up especially early to leave for work, there is a laziness to my mornings which carries into the rest of the day. I am working, but doing nothing else. I want to reintroduce gym, journaling and try once again to establish a meditation practise.
  13. I had the same feeling a couple of years ago. I was single, 35 years old. I hadn't finished my degree and didn't know where i was going. Most of my friends were married with kids, and seemed to be further along in life. I was in a small minority who didn't have any of that and still lived at the family home. Things have changed for the better since then. It's normal to sometimes have fears about the path we are on and fear we are on the wrong track, and missing out. It's good to be conscious of what you are doing and make adjustments if necessary, and seek advice. But i believe all the rewards are waiting for you on the path. Keep it up brother
  14. Settling into the new job. Almost gone from one extreme to the other - from doing very little in the closing months of 2020, to being busy in a full time job and the related pressures - and i'm too busy / tired to incorporate all of my self care habits and routines into my week. Plan is to settle into the job and gradually introduce the practises back into my day. Having said that, I am reading more. I am turning screens off at a decent time and reading fiction at night, which is the basis of a good night routine for me. @Gladius thanks man! i appreciate the support as always.
  15. Yeah, the lockdown does present a different context. Recruitment has slowed down in some areas (maybe sped up on others). Plenty of time to plan ahead and make the right move. Thanks for the suggestion on the guide to meditation on netflix - i'll be certain to check that out. And a belated happy new year mate. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the coming months