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  1. I am addicted to this forum .How can I delete my account ?
  2. I am 27 and i never had a girlfriend. also I lost the motivation to get a girlfriend.
  3. Does Leo still meditated everyday or did he stop?
  4. Is it possible to be happy without having a girlfriend or wife ?
  5. If I was 6 '5 my life would be complete.
  6. I am male and I am 5 foot 10 tall. is that bad?
  7. Is it true that Leo is 6 foot 6 tall, I am just curious .
  8. Also reality is perfect so I do not to need escape it and everything else is just a distraction.
  9. @martins name I used it as an escape from reality. I think even Leo stopped meditation.
  10. I used to mediate. I did the do nothing meditation.
  11. Yeah i know what you mean . I will only say yes If i want to.