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  1. I wish man but I live in the UK.
  2. I approached 5 girls in the last 3 months
  3. Life is a nightmare.
  4. I am already 27 years old I have tried getting girls for 10 years. It just cannot happen. It is time to move on and focus on mediation and enlightenment.
  5. Maybe relationship is not me and if I want sex I am just going to a escort
  6. One time I nearly got a girlfriend but she told me that I have no confidence. She said girls like confident guys.
  7. Women have very high standard. I have approached some girls and didn't work out.
  8. I feel like I don't deserve a girlfriend. Why do I feel this way?
  9. I don't have access to psychedelic.
  10. Maybe I should love my ego.
  11. How can I experienced ego death?
  12. Maybe spirituality is not for me.
  13. I want to remove it so badly. My ego causes so much suffering.
  14. Why does the ego even exit? I want to get rid off it.