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  1. I want to improve my self esteem. Victim mentality = low self esteem
  2. I have to cure my victim mentality.
  3. When I do self inquiry I fell like I am dying is this normal.? Non exiting is scary
  4. How can I cure my victim mentallity?
  5. one day it will happen.
  6. MGTOW is toxic. I am going to stop watching mgtow videos .
  7. I think it's all about repetition. i just need to face my fears. if i get rejected I will try again,
  8. something bad is going to happen when i approach girls.
  9. how can I approach a girl? I fear of rejection.
  10. how can I use law of attraction? I have tried positive thinking but it didn't work.
  11. For the next 30 days i am not going to use the internet, I can only access my email account. Starting from tomorrow.
  12. i have tried self inquiry before. self inquiry is quite scary .
  13. I want to improve my self esteem and work on my shadow.
  14. i dont understand enlightenment and consciousness. Leo's videos are very complicated and hard to understand . I think it is better to focus on basic personal development.