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  1. Lol. I wish others would think like you.
  2. HOLY!!! WOW! Now that is a meal... I love redsnapper! It is my favorite meal of all time. I like to broil it with a little orange juice. Supper Cool! Thanks for sharing! LOVE
  3. Very well done for finding a solution to your problem. Seems like you are on the right track! Bravo! LOVE
  4. In my cause it has been a load of B.S. I was/am very peculiar, but I reject the "titles" bestowed upon me because I see the world differently, act differently, and communicate differently and differ significantly from the popular majority. My dad was the oldest in my family... lol I am also the oldest. Franky, "black sheep" is a name that sheeple give to people who seem different from regular sheep... lol. Both my sister and I have very strange peculiarities as did both my parents... lol so I guess you could call it a family of black sheep if you wanted to use words... lol If you can be a "furry" you can be anything! lmao I'm not a furry but I am furry! If you see the world differently, you look for different things and you find unique answers.... Some of those answers could only be found in the "spirit". Normie world looks like a box and I just see there is more to see on the outside... Nothing special, I just like looking around LOL... Any follow up questions?
  5. Hell yeah! What do you do with the turnip and radish? Put it in a food processor? They are pretty damn hard aren't they( even after boiling)?
  6. @Yimpa This is video explains cat psychology.
  7. Ego is simply identities you assume. It becomes an issue when you create and reinforce false identities. What are these false identities? Things you think you know, when you really don't. Things that you hide from yourself and other people. This "hiding" becomes a "problem" when you start encountering limitations and are not able to dream and create freely. When it doesn't address the source of the problem. When it doesn't provide the expected results. When you dream up explanations, defenses and justifications to protect those identities. When you' re effect, not cause. Know TRUTH and Know FREEDOM. If you don't have the freedom to assume any viewpoint, you don't know enough Truth, you don't really know freedom and you are not "enlightened/awake"... It is easy to see when people are not able/willing to have this ability. Or even admit to other people and themselves that they don't have this ability. LOVE
  8. Lol thems fighting words here in Texas! Actually it's incomplete... it still needs to be deepfried in batter to satisfy its dietary requirements.
  9. OMG! Amazing ???? now that is just heaven right there!
  10. What is your favorite fish recipes? I don't get much good fish. But I was thinking of making some fish head soup a good friend taught me about, it's been 10 years and I am getting a craving lol. I'll post a pic if I do it.
  11. Definitely Rapini (Rabe(... you know your Italian food, I'm very impressed!❤️?
  12. LoL that's a brisket! And I would argue it's VERY healthy!lol
  13. I made my daughter and I some Orecchiette con cime di rapa I didn't take a picture. But here is close to what I made... just more greens.
  14. Damn!!!! Super awesome! I love the chickpea thing!! Wow impressive!