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  1. LMAO then again... For non-American measurements... With the Food and drink she consumed more than 5kg in 15 minutes! I been to that restaurant and almost finished 1 steak in 55 minutes, but I threw up and lost the challenge! lol!
  2. Ah, she has no problem with weight. Does that mean you need some slaps in the butt?🤔🤔🤔 Lol to stay on topic, you could get pregnant! That would gain weight real fast. Thats a solution! 🤔 lol.. change what doesn't work. You eat tooo healthy Adopt an American style diet and you won't have trouble gaining weight... lol Eating more frequent meals help gain weight... every couple of hours even at night. When I wanted to gain some weight I would have a mean every 2-3 hours and snack inbetween. lol extreme I know. lol Sometimes, 8 meals a day.
  3. Enlightenment means liberation. It takes the idea that you have lived many lives, had many past existences and past bodies. You are free from the continual cycle of birth and death and can BE and operate with or without a physical body by decision and choice alone. You are liberated from the bondage of negative reactions, worry, fear, regret, remorse, ect…. You are liberated from the harm of nonsurvival or nonoptimal thoughts and feelings. You completely unite or “melt” into total spiritual absorption and become one with the universe… dissolving personal consciousness and attaining universal consciousness. Western Man tends to disregard and ignore and reject the most important part of the idea of “enlightenment” which is literal immortality meaning that you preserve your most basic identity/personality/individuality you can bring it into to the next life. In other words, If you killed your body right now, would you be able to enter a new body and be the self you are now? Could you recall your experiences and things you had done in your previous bodies? Traditional Buddhism is very clear that this is the case. So unless you have that understanding/ ability. It is not enlightenment… Unless you change the meaning of enlightenment into a different concept. Therefore, it would be logical to coin a new word or adopt an existing word to explain the state/realization you are referring to. Enlightenment is ok, I guess. But, it needs continual explanation to what you actually mean and what it actually is from your POV. Interpretations complicate communication which makes it much more difficult to attain the goal. This needs to be made crystal clear. P.S. I like God-realization far better… lol
  4. I am in love with you, my friend. I am probably the oldest active (regular) member on this forum, yet I only have 700 or so posts. I would not comment if I didn’t see something truly beautiful and amazing in you that has sparked my interest. You have so much potential, and I really wish you would see it too. I know I can act like a smart-ass. I am only showing affection. I see you as a brother and as brother’s we can get on each other’s nerves. I do truly care about you despite my obnoxious behavior. Understanding karma can help solve problems. Karma means work/actions+results. Karma also includes the effect of any an all human actions. I do not say basic Karma as an offence, but as a path to make your life the way you wish it to be. A method to use Karma in a practical way… a tool. Let me put it in another way. Success is the sum of all validated improvements. You measure your improvements through your actions. You build your mind by validating the improvements you make, dozens or hundreds of times every day. You do this by loving and admiring whatever improvements you make every single moment. You must improve your certainty that you know that what you did was correct and was an improvement. You see the perfection, the beauty in your actions and things that you perceive. This is how you build your mind. All the beauty that you have is the beauty that you decide to create. Only with a strong mindset can you turn your dreams into a reality. Then, you can put joy into your actions and/or have hope or faith in the grind and work that you are doing. And yes, I am in love with @Princess Arabia She is a sister to me. I have a special attachment to her because she reminds me of a daughter (and looks like her) I had a few centuries ago, named Cedella. Which means princess, I believe… I forget. But yes, she is very special to me. I like to tease and joke around with her because she is dear to my heart and I really admire her humor and way of thinking. You may think me a fool and delusional with this, and I am happy if you do so… I am who I am and that’s all I am. @Razard86 You are a Nothingness. You can not resist. However… You can put something to resist or something that resists. What resists are thoughts (or manifestations of the mind) that you don’t know or a lack of (love+admiration). These are impurities because to experience something to have an effect or be an effect, you must hold on to the illusion. You must resist and not know that you are putting it there. This is the essence of assuming a viewpoint which results in the consideration of existence/nonexistence duality. I know that is exactly what you are saying in your post and GOD DAMN ...It is music to my ears! I love it so much. Thank you for that. You never cease to impress me. LOVE!!!
  5. lol Palpatine. DEW ITT! Yoda. Do or do not. There is no try.
  6. Well damn... what do I bang then! lol YOU are perfect. YOU are pure in simplicity (you know) and beauty (love+admiration). Can you say the same thing about your thoughts? I know I sometimes have impure and ugly thoughts!... and boy... can I complicate things! lol Anything that isn't perfect, isn't you. Decisions and Indecision rule over thoughts. Because that is what YOU do. Decide or not. Do or Do not. Thoughts are limitations to the perfection YOU are. LOVE
  7. lol been there, done that... trying to get through to some forum members. Do you have any natural cures for a headache... because I have a dinosaur sized one! lol
  8. @Razard86 That was GOLD. Thank you for sharing. 😍 Get a job. Sit in front of a computer for hours and hours doing nothing but writing ideas about how you can make money. Build discipline. Everything that you do in life is related to your mindset. Your actions build your mind. Your mind builds your dreams. Your dreams build your life. This is basic Karma.
  9. Wow! That is so beautiful and poetic! This is what I love to see. A dance! So cool. I haven't looked at it that way! Very nice image, thank you! @Loveeee Thank you so much! It is so better to see these kinds of expressions of god and love. I love this diagram. I have never seen it before. Thank you so much for showing me! Amazing. I love depictions and expressions. They allow you to look at the magnificence is a way that comes authentically from the heart. LOVE
  10. Yes, thank you so much 🙏❤️ Just consider it. Love makes you unstuck. But I will continue to love no matter what.
  11. Ok thank you. You could choose the life you want if you like. I will love you any form you choose. You are perfection. LOVE 💓
  12. @Gabith Take it easy. You will be fine. Try to get some exercise. abith LMAO 🤣 you so silly 😜 Ask for the ice cream. Now man should get a water shake. Demand your ice cream! This is an outrage!!!!
  13. @Gabith k 👍 touch your right eyebrow. Is the pain located there?