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  1. Think of all the outsider hate he would receive. People already doubt how legit he is, they'd just take it as him being a money-hungry fraud
  2. Yup, that acid feeling. 5 tabs was a fucking overload.
  3. I find that time seems to slow down even more on mushrooms, which makes the trip feel longer. In a true awakening, you will realise Eternity. Time becomes non-existent. The duration doesn't matter so much, it's how you spend it. Keep that in mind. I see where you are coming from. My first experiences of awakening were on LSD comedowns, however I feel like I've outgrown it. It's good for experimenting and testing the waters, so, go until your heart is content. Peace
  4. Can you please demonstrate your flying skills
  5. @MusicalMillipede Personally I think Acid is the least transformative psychedelic. A potentially transformative trip is usually just labelled a 'bad trip' by many recreational users so this makes it good for doing it with friends or at a festival for example as its more ' ego friendly '. But as you know, that is exactly the opposite of what we are looking for in terms of spiritual work. Mushrooms and DMT are very spiritually valuable and feel natural / mystical in my experience. The better you become at letting go and opening your mind, the more useful you will find them. Also, LSD lasts WAY too long. I took 5 tabs of 200ug each once and it lasted 2 days, lol. The peak was good but after that I felt as if it was just lingering, and it was really uncomfortable. Shrooms lasts about half as long and DMT is also like 15 minutes. Your end goal should be to get your hands on some 5MeO-DMT. Everything you look for in psychedelics you will find in 5MeO. It is much different to regular DMT.
  6. Accept everything that pops up during the trip, including dissatisfaction. Keep meditating, it will help you become more present / content. Honestly, LSD is probably my least favourite psychedelic despite my username, lol. It tends to be a mess of random sensations and thought for me unless I have a specific goal in mind, and I've found it is really good for meditating on the peak.
  7. @1liamo78 No free will seems like a bad thing from a finite perspective. You need to see it in context with the bigger picture. Let it be.
  8. The mind is bound by the laws of nature. Relative law is the reason a mind can / does exist. When one leaves the boundary of the perceived 'finite' mind, there ceases to be a mind. There would need to be a mind / ego with an agenda to make the choice to do some Jedi Master shit. But in the highest state of consciousness, there is no mind. I don't really see how it could be done.
  9. Absolutely. Feeling / Experiencing is the deepest level of understanding. I know exactly what you mean. Even when I'm feeling off-balance, or lost in ego, a silent moment of simply observing nature and the feeling of clarity it spontaneously brings reminds me that I am never as lost as I might feel. By basking in that feeling, intuition guides my choices / actions effortlessly in the right direction. I suppose it is the 'voice of god', or at least it is in close alignment with god / love. The less activity ( or, thought ) the mind is involved in, the more apparent love is.
  10. I can definitely see truth in that. Very interesting.