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  1. It reminds me to be here, now. Take things less seriously and enjoy the ride.
  2. It does not suggest that, but it is easy to interpret it that way I guess.
  3. Show her to breathe deeply when she's frustrated. That's probably the best you could do
  4. I used physical as I lacked a better word lol.
  5. It's pretty confusing, I think. Everything is consciousness, so how can we prove a physical reality? But, our sense perceptions are still receiving information from... well we can only say a physical world. But that 'physical' world is still fundamentally consciousness, as where can we draw the line between consciousness in the brain vs a certain part of the brain vs atoms etc etc. Its all apart of the dream, really.
  6. Well said. In addition to this, @Arthur8769 , are you open to the suggestion that you have already decided what to fill it with?
  7. A highly inclusive estimate would be like 1.5 billion.
  8. Since when is the west the majority?
  9. 2 stages above the majority
  10. How would this stop addictions? Isn't it important that we care deeply about these things, in the form of acknowledging ( or creating ) solvable problems?
  11. How is this the greatest reality possible? And aren't there infinite realities?
  12. Embrace the fear. Fear and Love are deeply connected, you will come to realise this if you feel into the fear and see it for what it is. "would that reflect in real life whilst I'm on psychedelics if I have the thought come up in my head " Yes, there is no true distinction between real and imaginary, ESPECIALLY on psychedelics. That is what makes the experience so profound. If you get scared, just be aware of the fear. Feel into it. You can do this to heal any fear / trauma.
  13. Sort of like Shinzen Young's noting technique. Can be done with See and Feel too.
  14. Letting go vs egoic motivation
  15. Because the latter is far more healthy. You see more of the world, it expands your consciousness. Pleasure isn't fulfilling.