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  1. @sargam story of my life (even if you send nudes because seeing someone vulnerable is another form of taking)
  2. I like ending a shower by turning the faucet to the coldest setting for these benefits: Cold shower trains your senses to adapt to "discomfort". By increasing your discomfort tolerance with cold showers, you can psychologically improve resistance to certain behavior changes needed for self improvement (i.e. procrastination, avoidant tendencies, etc.) Cold water against the skin closes the pores back up, which leaves the skin feeling less sensitive/vulnerable to bacteria. If you moisturize, it's important to rinse the face with cold water before applying any product to avoid inflammation and irritation from exposed pores. It closes the hair's cuticles, as well as the pores on the scalp. It usually leaves the hair silkier and stronger for this reason.
  3. Silver lining: through your suffering, you produced a really beautiful flow of expression. Not to be devils advocate but catharsis is stunning, you're tapping into something very profound. Stay strong please. Just know I'm listening.