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  1. Is there Only experience? One can only start from where he is, So Yes as of now only experience exists. Non-experience is just a concept, a thought. Why does experience depend on “apparent separation “? It might be "apparent separation" for someone else, but if in your experience it is "actual separation", then it is not apparent separation for you. And in that case "apparent separation" is just a concept a suggestion from someone else, based on their understanding and all you can do is inquire into the "experiencer" causing the "apparent separation" until it is a reality for you too, or something unexpected may happen. If THIS needs apparent separation to EVER have experience that seems very limiting doesn’t it? Yes, it is very limiting, and we need to stay with this limiting reality rather than answering it through thought. Which is the same limiting thing we are refering to. As J. Krishnamurti used to say, that thought is response of the memory, and memory is time, and time is past. So past is living this life, that's why there is no space for anything new and that's why it's so limiting.
  2. 1. Ego is an activity that mind does in most of waking hours, it's the activity of viewing, interpreting reality from the perspective of a separate person. 2. "Separate person" is a mental construct that gets created and modified as mind operates described in point 1. 3. So ego is nothing but an activity, it can be noticed in operation at any moment, if focus is put on "Me". "Me" can be felt in the body in form of sensations and also in thoughts in the form "beliefs" i.e. thoughts about "Me". 4. In that sense Ego is the past, trying to live "now" through the past. That's why Ego likes security, it's very fragile and needs constant activity to survive from one thought to another and one belief and feeling to another. 5. All our daily activity is to ensure the survival of this Ghost in the body. 6. It's important to understand that Ego is not an entity but an activity, for it's vanishing nothing is needed to be done.
  3. It seems that you totally missed the point, and wasted 7 years in hard research, whatever that may be. You can't see that religion is just an extension of your ego, that's why you are complaining about people criticizing it. It's for the satisfaction of your ego that's all. Your ego feels safe and secure being attached to a religion and with the belief that it's ultimate truth. To understand anything you'll have to start with your actual experience at this moment. There is something Devine and Sacred in actuality but it's not in ideologies or concepts or religions. At best religions can point to it. But it can be realized only through direct experience in this moment. No point getting worked up over who is criticizing what, these are all thoughts and concepts, i.e. in the mind and of the mind.
  4. @Pav I'm sure if Sadhguru himself was overseeing all his online marketing, he won't be the person that he is. It relates to integrity. I see alot of wisdom in what he says and does, At times he points at ultimate reality in a very appealing way. But there are times when he doesn't inspire and feels like just another person angry with people attacking his life's work, though he handles those situations very well too.
  5. Hi, I did 10 day course this year. I can't do daily practice, in most week though I end up doing 3-4 sessions. And I code for a living, would be nice working on something related to vipassana.