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  1. @Yulduz when you wake up in the morning after colorful dream with super-powered character, is it true to say "the character is dead after I woke up"?
  2. Cool to hear. You always can trust your own gut feelings no matter what 💪
  3. Have you felt good after talking to this person? That's the sign
  4. @mandyjw the answer is always - love 🤗
  5. Here's something to learn for you my friend: compassion.
  6. You are loved whatever you do 🙏
  7. Let the feeling be your compass. If it feels good for you then do it, otherwise let it go. Contemplate on 'does showing that everyone is wrong except me feels good for me?' Godspeed.
  8. @IAmTheHolySpirit No, I don't believe 'I am good' and 'You are bad' lol. I feel too much 'I am right' in your messages. No, I am not going to debate with you, let the direct experience do it for me later. Thanks for your point of view. I wish you clarity 🙏
  9. The root of all suffering is a belief in separation (not just any belief).
  10. @Javfly33 Always welcome 🙏 @Galyna Illusion is real, because there is nothing but illusion. ego is God, because there is nothing but God. Thought arises, but you don't need to believe in it, if it doesn't feel good. 🙂
  11. @Javfly33 by everything I mean every thing in your direct experience NOW (like your body, laptop, mobile phone, air, forum, etc) + every thing in my direct experience NOW (like my body, laptop, mobile phone, air, this message I am typing, etc) + ... till Infinity. There is no difference between your direct experience and mine, it's exactly the same "thing". "this thing" dreams you and me, everything and everyone and it is ❤️.
  12. @Someone here can understand, when I started to read Nahm 1-1.5 year ago it was really a riddle for me, now it's more like obvious thing. The most obvious guy on the district
  13. You do what you do because you think it will make you happy.