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  1. Haha. Yes, I can understand. It's probably better to practise when you have a regular sex. I was able to go from 10 minutes duration of sex to 2 hours duration thanks to practices.
  2. Cool trip report. No water, just straight to the point
  3. You can probably find my trip report in the history of my messages. But you're probably better read a report from a native speaker or just watch Leo's video about 5-meo-dmt. I don't have experience with truffles. But shrooms B+ or LSD can bring mystical experiences for sure. It's not like you have one mystical experience and you are done. It's better to be slow and steady in those kind of things.
  4. Haha. Looks like I already have been in the place where you plan to go in the Netherlands. That guy in Netherlands is awesome (if we are talking about the same guy). But I would suggest starting from the classical psychedelics like shrooms or acid, from small dose of course. If you can't find psychedelics, probably go to Netherlands and buy some truffles? I have read recently a nice trip report here how one guy did it.
  5. I see much more disadvantages for using cannabis compare to classical psychedelics. But if someone accepts these disadvantages (cannabis addictive, sometimes you feel dumber, you feel bad the day after (similar effect to alcohol)), why not, I feel it can be used for spiritual growth.
  6. I am with you on that. It's definitely real. It's just not what it appears to be (what usually people think it is).
  7. Looks like you are really serious about this work. I wish you a success in your journey. Also, don't forget to save some money on psychedelics if you are into it.
  8. Congrats! I firstly got a pirated booklist, then I bought it, just to support Leo for his incredible work, that's how awesome this booklist is.
  9. I am happy that you are happy man, congratulations! But have you read any books on spiral dynamic except Leo's videos? Maybe you are not yellow but just built a solid orange? You know, it's all about motivation (why you are doing it, not what you are doing), so work as Data Science tells nothing in other words... Have a good day, green moderator.
  10. Watch ~10 hours videos on "What is God?" from Leo lol
  11. I just leave it here:
  12. @pluto thanks for message. Just replaced my morning cup of coffee with cacao with milk and feeling good.