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  1. "whatever you think cannot be anything more than a thought."
  2. I remember this for life And now I see much clearer I'm not scared to die 'Cause I will live forever I will be alive In this moment For eternity, for eternity
  3. I found the nice movie on this topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waking_Life
  4. I enjoy reading your journal. I am re-watching "Awareness Alone Is Curative - How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors" video. So, maybe put even more awareness to chess if you want to drop it.
  5. @QandC lol. Sounds like 5 hours-baby
  6. @Nahm beautiful. This song without words, but for me, it will be always about enlightenment since I had a trip under this song.
  7. Imagine, you are inside a dream, how can you check whether it's a dream or not? I asked my friend, she said in order to check this you need to look into palm, in a dream you can't see a hand in details. It sounds similar to Leo's advise to look into hand to see a God in "What is Actuality?" video. I have a concept: the dream world (or the illusion of illusion), current reality (or illusion) and God (Reality) is a system inside a system inside a system (roughly speaking). So, if you can realize that you are the creator of a dream in a similar way you can realize that you are God. Does someone have insights about it?
  8. > I just don't understand the meaning of bodies and physical life then If you are nothing you want to create the illusion that you are something to understand that you are nothing.
  9. If I'd have to pick only one...
  10. I started to read the "The war of art", would be nice to hear other resources to be creative.
  11. Have you already seen it? It doesn't answer your questions, but there are some pointers I suppose.