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  1. Thank You
  2. This thread is golden. Imagine this guy is not bluffing and he really got all of these trips and insights. If true, it makes him the most enlightened person on this forum. LoL Leo even didn't come close. Hehe Jokes aside. Would be nice if he can share more insights with us. Thank you in advance.
  3. I had a periodic headache in the back of my head for a few days after 4-aco-dmt microdosing few times. I never had a headache in a sober state or on lsd or mushrooms microdosing. Strange thing.
  4. My conceptual understanding: There are two orders of reality. • 1st order − everything is Consciousness (Being, God, Love, Truth). • 2nd order − everything is concept. Ego (mind) is a concept (or illusion, or ignorance). The source of 2nd order is 1st order. Answer: If you look from the 1st order of reality the question doesn't make sense since there is no ignorance (or mind, or consciousness, or question (lol)). Everything is God. If you look from the 2nd order of reality we are trying to remove ignorance from the mind (ego) to realize the true nature of reality (aka 1st order).
  5. I have a feeling that he is not aware that he lies to himself and the world. He definitely must read "Mistakes are made but not by me".
  6. I am a noob in psychodelic field, but on my second LSD trip I had a glimpse of such realization. That you can't turn to anyone for help with this. It was so scary (sad) from one side and so liberating from another. I remember calling to friend anyhow and he is: "Are you Okay?" and I: "Who? Me?" (thinking it's me talking to me). Anyway, sorry for hijacking the thread, but how to overcome such fear? Probably, only through more trips (more direct experience)?
  7. I did acid only a few times, but this song was really enjoyable: And here's the whole mix just for you (while on acid there was so much wisdom in this lyrics)
  8. Yes, Absolute Truth is a concept. Any words which try to describe Absolute Truth are not It. They are just pointers. Absolute Truth is paradoxical. You can't really "catch" It. Imagine to describe for a fish what is water. What would be the best way to do it? The best way for the fish to understand what is water is jump out of water to the air. Any other words about water are just concepts for the fish. And when the fish returns to the water and describes what is water to other fishes is also concept. The same goes for a human. If human wants to know what is Absolute Truth the only valid way to do it is mystical experience. Anything else, like answers on this forum, are just concepts.
  9. Quantity and quality is another duality. Both are important. Find your own balance.
  10. + (plus) also concept = (equals) concept too concept is concept
  11. Yeah, and the easiest way to make an energetic shift is...? Right, psychodelics. I would add that theory (books) is the same importance as practice (direct experience), just find your own balance. Someone would say theory and practice will collapse eventually but I am not going to say that.