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  1. I am 29. Have a kid and wife. I got married at 25. I am a programmer and I was spending almost all of my free time on programming between 24 and 28. The fancy stuff begun at 28. I've got a baby. I've got conflict between my family and family of my wife, between me and my wife. I saw that my family is breaking. Somehow I started to read a lot, somehow I found Rupirt Spira. Then somehow I found Leo in December 2018. First, I thought what a strange bold guy. Then I thought Leo was telling lies. Then I saw videos about self deception and contemplated with a journal on how I lie to myself. Just after 2 sessions of contemplation I realized that I am such a lier and actually what Leo says is really important stuff. After that I watched a lot of Leo's videos, went through LP course, read books on emotional mastery, few books on consciousness, tried meditation, yoga, holotropic breathing, Vipassana retreat, nootropics, lsd, 5meo. I changed so much in half an year. I was so blind, now I know the main vector of my life. Thank you Leo, thank you so much.
  2. Just felt like to share the video which I found accidentally on youtube today
  3. @David Hammond feel happy for you, keep going.
  4. Interesting, thank you. What is your experience with daily practice? Have you noticed the behavior change? Do you feel more love, compassion to people?
  5. 10-days Vipassana meditation retreat?
  6. Finished the retreat today. That was amazing experience. Feel more peace inside, practiced the meditation technique which brings interesting energy experiences, studied more about Buddha. 4am wake-up and the whole day of meditations, like a monk. There are time to think about life and enjoy nature during meditation breaks. Food was healthy and delicious. Met a lot of bright people. I recommend the retreat to anyone with normal mental and physical health. Does anyone here tried to continue the Vipassana meditation for a long period of time after finishing the retreat? I am eager to continue the meditation.
  7. Enjoyed non-alcoholic wine yesterday. So, maybe you may carry with you one bottle everywhere.
  8. I can relate to that. I did 10ug yesterday and I had a plan: 1) to clean kitchen 2) to wash clothes in 2 sets 3) to meditate for an hour 4) to program for an hour I did all of that and I had a good mood for the whole day. Additionally, I had an open and nice conversation with my grandma and was playing on guitar for an hour. And, yeah, first try of 10ug felt stronger compare to 10ug yesterday. I did 20ug once and I couldn't work on that day but I've got a new insight about myself. I tried only armodafinil and l-theanine. I didn't stick to armodafinil since I felt a worse mood than usual when the effect of armodafinil is gone. Though I once was super productive on armodafinil, I did 7-8 hours of LP course with a lot of exercises. I'd say nootropics and microdosing are different for me. If I want to do a lot of work I'd use nootropics. Nootropics improve my mood a little during a trip. If I want to increase creativity and gratitude I'd do microdosing. Microdosing improve my mood significantly during a trip. This is what I can tell from the limited direct experience − I did 5 times of armodafinil (once I took 1 pill) and 4 times of microdosing (once I did 20ug). I am curious to hear from people who did microdosing for a longer period (like year or so), how often they took it, what doses and what the results. But for now microdosing looks like a good tool for me. Drugs affect different people differently.
  9. Could somebody then explain why it's called duality?
  10. Thank you. It seems I am more confused now than before asking the question. But it's good that now I know that they are not opposite, this is just my belief.
  11. Okay, I see, so there are no opposites, everything is unique in Maya. Right?
  12. Make a bet with a friend that you're not going to drink for half a year since you want to be healthy. Then, you can tell people that you made a bet with the friend and you're going to drink after half a year with everyone, but not today. When half a year would pass just re-evaluate your decision and tell everyone that you decided to not drink for a longer time. After a year everyone in your circle will know that you do not drink alcohol and if somebody from outside asks why you are not drinking the answer: "I do not drink alcohol because I do not want to drink alcohol, I want juice ". This strategy worked for me, not sure whether it's applicable to you.
  13. I have left and right hand. They are similar, but not identical. If I want to replace left hand and use the right hand as a replacement − I can't. Otherwise, I'd be typing from my back. So, there is duality − left and right hand.
  14. Perhaps, they are from the one source, just different sides of one thing. What is your point, there are no opposite things in Maya?