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  1. Kanye doesn't even write most of his music. He has a ghostwriter. It's a bit concerning that he is being placed in the same category as Beethoven. That's like saying Jordan Peterson is the Buddha of our generation. It's way off. And it's almost insulting too. Beethoven was an actual musical genius. He is the dictionary definition of genius. He lost his hearing as a youth and still managed to create some of the most beautiful music known to man. Kanye West is not even remotely similar to Beethoven. I don't care how "enlightened" you think this guy is. He's not genuine. I don't think Kanye can even play an instrument. Therefore, I wouldn't even classify him as a musician, let alone compare him to one of the greatest composers of all time. Sure, he's some kind of trendy artist. But not a musician. To me he is blatantly unoriginal and his musical style sounds the same as many other artists of his genre. You want a real, bona fide spiritually conscious Johann-Sebastian Bach of our generation? Try listening to Björk. Also what the hell? Leo doesn't come across as bipolar at all. That is some diag-nonsense. Also, you really have no place in drawing such conclusions when you don't even know him personally. It takes personal, intimate, one-on-one contact and often an extended period of time to properly claim a diagnosis. This thread is entirely ass backwards.
  2. Lol exactly Leo when you were a child!! You're a big boy now, aren't you? And I figure you learned a lesson or two. So curse less. I say this warmly. I just want to add that I respect you more for this. It's very thoughtful. By the way Leo I asked you a question in this thread. Would you be so kind to answer me? ?
  3. Profanity is overrated.
  4. Yes, the better the upbringing a person has, the more likely they are to focus more effectively in school. But they probably have less life experience and less depth-oriented understanding of themselves and of others. The less shit a person goes through, and the more "easygoing" and convenient life is for them, the less interested they'll be in self-inquiry and less interested in understanding people and themselves. It's like people have to have a specific reason, and sadly many times a catastrophic reason, to incentivize them towards personal growth.
  5. It definitely may depend on their genetics but it can also depend on various situational factors. Believe it or not, the more trauma a young person experiences, the more likely their concentration skills & comprehension could diminish. It is not a matter of intelligence but simply a matter of a part of the brain shutting down due to the severity of the trauma a child has experienced. Trauma messes with our hippocampus and our memory and our capacity to retain information. Although I must assure you that neuroplasticity is legit, healing is very possible, and it is the sweetest revenge. Trauma disrupts many children's ability to focus or excel in school yet they are probably the most spiritually conscious individuals out there, even more spiritually conscious than their adult supervisors.
  6. @Ulax Hmm...I'd like to think that Leo is a man of integrity. I believe he is, so I'm sure he'll practice what he preaches. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.(: The beauty of executing and actualizing true spirituality is that it challenges us to adjust & modify our behavior, including our responses/reactions to things and the way we communicate with others. Challenging yourself, coming out of your comfort zone, and adjusting your tone or language to help another person feel more comfortable, safe, and welcomed is a great sign of personal growth, of spiritual maturity, and a great sign of empathy. Most people do not want to be bothered with challenging themselves or changing themselves because they believe there is nothing to improve, but there is always something to improve. Even if you have thousands/millions of followers and are worshipped by many. Hell, even if you are Christ, Buddha, or *ahem* Leo himself, there is always something to learn about ourselves and to improve. And I think Leo gets this. Low empathy functioning on the other hand, or a lack of empathy for another's feelings or personal well-being & peace of mind, is a great sign of spiritual misapplication and misunderstanding. Empathy is key to living spiritually. And it is a cognitive skill, so people can improve their capacity to empathize with others. However, many people are living so selfishly and acting so entitled to their selfishness these days that the topic of empathy is disregarded and it is dying. It does not seem to interest anyone and it's not discussed enough. @Leo Gura Would you consider doing a video entirely on Empathy and how it relates to spiritual awareness/intelligence? I grew up in various abusive dynamics and I must say from my prolonged observation that low empathy functioning inhibits people from living spiritually & authentically. Empathy increases our ability to "go meta" and to broaden our perspective. Also the higher one's empathic functioning is, the more authentic they are, emotionally aware, and less likely to fall into traps of hypocritical thinking or cognitive dissonance. “The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another's world" - PLATO
  7. @Leo Gura I think this is very sweet of you, Leo. Your thoughtfulness & consideration are deeply appreciated. I've been supporting you for years but I think I will be even more so now. You seem like a good man.
  8. @Jake Chambers Hey I was just reflecting on your question and personally, I think that people can actually become attached and addicted to fame and the feelings fame evokes in them once they experience it. I think we could also consider that perhaps Kanye was a totally different person before he acquired his fame. He could've behaved much differently then. He could've been the sweetest, most humble, quiet, & selfless guy you'd ever meet and it was the fame itself that messed him up and altered his behavior and his attitude. Fame does change a person. And I think it can quite drastically. So to answer your question, his narcissistic personality traits could be inherited, I don't know his personal genetic background, but they could also be developed and learned. And achieving fame is one of the easiest and fastest ways to mold & shape a personality into one which is more egocentric, superficial, & vain. (It's like a trap and it can become very miserable and crippling for some celebrities/artists who are more spiritually/emotionally aware and in tune, who are wanting more in life than to have eyes all over them.) Once a person receives such extreme levels of admiration and attention, this can act like a drug, and some can actually become addicted which can heighten their greed and also paradoxically, increase their lack of satisfaction & true sense of fulfillment in life. This is why we see fame driving many individuals to sickness, and to disturbing degrees of self-destruction, including suicide. This proves that not even living like kings & queens or honorary heroes/idols can ensure happiness, positive well-being, and sense of fulfillment & life satisfaction.
  9. All of this nonsense is all merely for shock value. Don't keep feeding into petty, narcissistic, Hollywood drama. It's only a distraction from what is actually important. This guy is a joke. He's not even a genuine vocalist; it's all autotuned & his voice is grossly monotone.
  10. Experiencing insanity, manic states, & psychosis all energetically have the potential to manifest/evoke deeper spiritual awakenings, insights, & clarity within us. Many times individuals experiencing these states are actually like open channels. In other words, they're more receptive and allowing for epiphanies/breakthroughs to come forth. Think about it: some of the most "sane" people are the most close-minded, unable to embrace their vulnerability; unable to truly "open up" and be in that state of allowing/receiving. And in essence, one must be open to truly grasp what spirituality is, to truly be spiritual, and to let love in. Tapping into your insanity, and unleashing the wild mad man within can foster some eye-opening, transpersonal experiences for you which is all very healing. Do not cage your authentic constellation of emotions. To be spiritual is to lovingly accept every emotion there is to experience. To be spiritual is to lovingly accept, (or if that's too much) at least lovingly attempt to understand, even that which is most insane. I recommend the book "Shamans Among Us: Schizophrenia, Shamanism, and the Evolutionary Origins of Religion". Very good read.
  11. I dig this Leo, I have no objections here. Going insane can actually be a very liberating experience and it can often resemble a form of catharsis and promote/accelerate spiritual purification & clarity. I think it's healthy to lose some control at times. To unclench and let go and that is often a necessary ingredient to achieving insanity. Sometimes we need to lose our mind in order to find it again. Or maybe in order to find what was missing all along.
  12. What are your passions? It sounds like you're stuck in a rut. You're uninspired, and you may be getting sick of the same old routine. Sometimes, to avoid change, or to avoid making changes, we tend to tell ourselves that "everything is just fine" the way it is. Then what happens is we get very very stagnated. But the truth is, if you're bored with life and not getting any juice from life, then that is problematic and an issue which must be addressed. Gain as much inspiration as you can from multiple sources. This will eventually help you to clarify your own personal goals and interests. Make a list of all the things you love out of life and of all the things you'd love to do with your life. And take baby steps. Sometimes when we're in a funk, the biggest step you can take is just throwing the pot of tea on and making yourself a nice cup of tea to soothe the pain. As long as you're taking action, you will see improvement. Embrace each step you take.
  13. @ShardMare Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult time. I don't know you or your situation but it sounds like you could be triggered by something, perhaps associated with past trauma or childhood. You mentioned the anxiety occurs during any type of movie. But perhaps while you're watching any random movie, you are actually having a strong emotional reaction to a particular and recurrent theme/emotion/mood/scene. You say you feel emptiness and numbness. Many times this can derive from generally feeling disconnected to love, joy, people, and things. Do you find that you are feeling socially isolated or disconnected at all? If so, this could be causing you to feel empty. But I think that it is perfectly okay to feel into these emotions and to notice them. Your emotions can teach you so much about yourself and help you grow. And I believe it's best to sit, watch, and learn from your emotions, rather than dismiss them. So it's great that you are noticing what's happening, opening up, and asking for advice. Emptiness itself is an emotion, which tends to arise out of lack of fulfillment. And it's okay to feel this way. In fact, if it's any consolation, I've found that "emptiness" can often show you what you are missing in life and therefore, guide you towards that thing you are currently deprived of; towards the things you deeply desire, and ultimately help you to regain your sense of fulfillment. @ShardMare If and when this occurs again, I invite you to try noticing what was presented on the screen before you had a reaction. This could help you gain deeper clarity on what exactly your triggers are and develop effective preventative/coping strategies as well. Also, try to check in with yourself and feel into your body when this is happening. Ask yourself what type of sensations are you experiencing in your body? Perhaps ask, "What is it about this movie, or scene, that is causing me to feel so bad?" You may surprise yourself as to how much this could be related to deep internal wounds you may need to work on healing. And movies are in a way, great for this (as a self-assessment/self-inquiry exercise). They can offer clues and details which can help you determine and analyze what you need to work on about yourself, when you notice the emotional reactions you are having to them. But if you are finding that it's too much right now, you could always stop watching movies for a while and see how you're feeling. The thing with trauma is, after we experience it, we start to learn how to become hyper-aware of emotions and hyper-attuned to emotional cues. It's like we're on high-alert all the time, and we actually become highly sensitive to the moods, energies, and behaviors of other people. This acts like a shield; like a defense mechanism, because it helps and teaches us how to respond to specific behaviors and how to react in certain environments/situations. And this applies to watching people in films as well. Watching movies can actually successfully improve our capacity to empathize with various emotions, which can heighten our sensitivity to emotions--especially if you already have a lot of unresolved trauma. Also, movies contain a myriad of complex information/imagery/content which is deeply buried and connected to our sub-conscious minds. This is how and why we can relate to them so much. And this is why we have triggers; revelations of our traumatic experiences/repressed memories, or even just moderate nostalgia, while watching movies. This is because our brains recognize the sub-conscious associations, relate to them, and then essentially, we re-experience the event (i.e.; mentally or physiologically). For me, personally, I like to deliberately re-watch movies because I enjoy exercising my ability to see from multiple perspectives and to put myself in the shoes of various characters. It's like, you know when you watch a movie for the first time, we don't always notice the true colors of someone right away, or the truth to the situation. We can't always predict what's going to happen because we don't know the full story yet; we haven't seen the "big picture" yet. But, once we watch it for the second time, we know exactly what's going to happen, so it gives us more room to focus on each individual character, and to deeply understand what unique challenges/obstacles/emotions each one is going through and feeling throughout the course of the movie. Whether the character is "good" or "bad", haha, you know? It just works as an exercise to gain a deeper perspective towards all types of people, situations, and circumstances. Anyway, I promise you, it does get easier over time. I hope this advice was helpful for you and I wish you all the best along your journey. ?❤️ Please feel free to reach out if you ever need to vent.
  14. @Preety_India You are very welcome. xx