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  1. Leo trolling us 😂😂😂
  2. @dimitri have you ever watched Inception? You can use certain "tells" like trying to read text or look at a clock. Yes, when you realize you are the God of your personal dreamworld, your dream turns lucid.
  3. Day 3: Energy: 3 Awareness: 4 Sexual thoughts/urges: 6 Self-esteem: 3 Social confidence: 3 Oof, this day was tough. Constant sexual thoughts. I probably thought about naked women for half the day. I just have to realize that I've been way too spoiled, stuffing myself with cake, so to speak, for most of my life with no effort. The gluttony has to stop. Fuck this is hard.
  4. @Leo Gura Not true. MDMA is huge in the UK, and many many people have taken thousands of pills and continue to take them.
  5. Evidence for this? Ravers would say otherwise. Of course it can damage your brain with too much prolonged use, but if you are responsible and space out your trips, I haven't heard of a decrease in quality.
  6. I've listened to A LOT of Alan Watts talks on YouTube, but this one I discovered recently might be my favorite. It is absolute gold through and through, and I highly recommend a listen. Chattering finch and water-fly Are not merrier than I; Here among the flowers I lie Laughing everlastingly. No: I may not tell the best; Surely, friends, I might have guessed Death was but the good King's jest, It was hid so carefully. (The Skeleton by G.K. Chesterton)
  7. @Shadowraix Of course, as with any teaching. Although, there's also a lot of real documentaries based on scientific evidence and archeology which are very educational. Perhaps be wary of the conclusions or possible hidden agendas and metaphysics, but there is much to learn from the content.
  8. @Wisebaxter thank YOU for starting such a wonderful discussion! It was so funny to me that I was about to start a similar post that same night until I saw yours. This issue sits at the very core of our being, and therefore it's extremely worthwhile to explore. And while a strong theoretical foundation is important, it can only get you so far. I think you know exactly what I mean, because I've been there too. Too many ideas cause conflicting information and confusion, your head starts hurting, and you get this intuitive sense (from your anxiety) that you may never reach a conclusion by more thinking. This all makes perfect sense when you zoom out, take a step back... What are we really doing here? What is the nature of this question? Well, you are using the mind to question if you have free will to question anything at all. And when the evidence (your direct experience) starts pointing to the possibility of you not being in control of the questioning (there is no questioner), you get stuck in a strange loop of thought. Really try to visualize this, it's fascinating! This questioning through the mind points out that there is no mind, and yet you have to make sense of THAT realization so you keep going around in circles. It is the very question that defeats you, goes right to the core. Your head starts hurting. It is at this very moment that you can no longer make any more progress through the mind; your theoretical foundation stops serving you. The answers you are looking for cannot really be put into words beyond this point. Maybe I'll be able to relate more insights to language as I progress, but right now it fails me. Another point, staying stuck in the strange loop can be depressing and self-defeating. You are only able to actualize and see the beauty in these realizations through trans-rational states of consciousness. Move into being. Godspeed.
  9. @Shakazulu word. Amazing show!
  10. Why does this have to be about me? Lol. I was just trying to help you get clarity on the matter, but it sounds like we're on different frequencies.
  11. I know you guys are always hungry for consciousness-raising content. I know I am! I recently discovered, and it has some really great exclusive content! Last year I read a book called The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, and it was amazing and eye opening. Well, I just found out that he has his own video mini-series on Gaia called "Missing Links." I'm really enjoying it so far. Quickly browsing the rest of their content, it looks like there's a ton of great documentaries... so instead of watching that next Netflix series, give Gaia a try. Seems like a great community! It is a paid subscription, however, you can get the first two weeks for only $1 to see if you like it.
  12. @Shakazulu I see you deleted that part of your post, but my point, and your realization, still stands. The only reason you think there's something to "win" in life is because you want power, meaning, and prestige. It's all linked. You couldn't ask that question if you were at peace.
  13. @Eric Tarpall outside is not a controlled environment. In the shadows, you can be in an air pocket and sheltered from cold wind, making it feel warmer. There's a lot of factors you haven't considered, not even considering the elephant in the room, which is that there's no such thing as a cold light. All light is energy. And the moonlight is actually sunlight just reflected off the moon's surface. I literally don't know if you're trolling me or not, but I'm assuming you're serious and that you're just not thinking things through. Your argument of not trusting thermometers because you didn't make them is hilarious. You're trusting your computer or phone right now to send me the correct message! You trust your car with your life every time you get behind the wheel. You trust GPS to get you where you want to go. Come.on now... If you're skeptical about your specific thermometer, then you can actually test it in controlled conditions to make sure it responds correctly. This isn't rocket science.