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  1. @BIggleswerth How about the song Echoes off the album Meddle? "Strangers passing in the street By chance two separate glances meet And I am you and what I see is me And do I take you by the hand And lead you through the land And help me understand The best I can And no one called us to the land And no one crosses there alive No one speaks and no one tries No one flies around the sun Almost everyday you fall Upon my waking eyes Inviting and inciting me To rise And through the window in the wall Come streaming in on sunlight wings A million bright ambassadors of morning And no one sings me lullabys And no one makes me close my eyes So I throw the windows wide And call to you across the sky." ------------------ Us and Them? "Black (black, black, black)0 And blue (blue, blue) And who knows which is which and who is who Up (up, up, up, up) And down (down, down, down, down) And in the end it's only round 'n round
  2. @Shaun intuition. Love. Creativity for the sake of it. Intelligence is a means for survival historically, but if you think about it, that's not actually its function. Animals use intelligence for survival, but intelligence is not hinged on survival. Actually there are many activities, such as meditation, that like you said can be used for survival in a roundabout way, but are actually grounded in consciousness, which transcends. There are so many things you do that aren't hinged on survival, which separate humans from other animals. Think creative expression. Anything spiritual. Psychedelics (although they can certainly be used to enhance life or get over addictions, their main purpose is to raise consciousness for the sake of knowledge and experience). Survival is a limited notion that is meant to be transcended.
  3. We are all mechanical chimps, and no one is getting out alive. The egoic "we" that is. It turns out that our true nature is something else entirely. I believe we are meant to transcend survival needs. Survival dictates everything we think we are, while it has no bearing on who we actually are. It's a temporary illusion, a facade. Did you know that worrying about survival actually makes us dumber and less rational? Someone worried about their next rent bill is scientifically proven to lower their IQ by 13 points, or 1 standard deviation. Just some food for thought.
  4. I absolutely love Coldplay, especially their albums A Rush of Blood to the Head and X&Y. Songs like Politik and Fix You are fire.
  5. This made my morning, thank you
  6. Write down a couple of dualities that you'd like to think about and deconstruct during the trip (from Leo's latest 3-part series). In my opinion, the best intention is complete surrender and no expectations. Remember you can do your meditation and contemplation with music on (no words, try classical like Beethoven or Rachmaninoff)... Good luck! I know you'll have a good trip
  7. @Wasem You do not yet have a nuanced understanding of what thoughts are vs. intuition vs. infinite intelligence. ALL "human" intelligence is but a sliver of the infinite intelligence imbued in all things (even this sentence isn't accurate, because language fails). This is a mindfuck that will take a lot of contemplation and meditation to wrap your head around But to help orient you, I'll echo what leo said. You are infinite intelligence. Both the higher Self, and the egoic illusion (relative perspective) that is contained within it. All your thoughts, and your ability to think with intelligence IS part of infinite intelligence. So why would you think that's something to resist? Meditation is a lot more than just quieting thoughts, it's also about observing your thoughts with detachment. Practiced Gurus who live in a state of no-mind... That isn't practical in daily life outside a monastery. Ask them to solve a math equation, and guess what, they have to use thought and intelligence to figure it out. It's there for a reason, and you can't be in resistance to it.
  8. My recommendation is to Listen to the guided meditations sober, and be with yourself and take it easy while tripping. Music, mediation, and contemplation are much more profound and spiritual while tripping.
  9. It defines your relationship to the world, so everything. Contemplate it!
  10. Hooray! Emojis for the Win!!! Thank you!
  11. Yes, very tricky. Like trying to navigate a minefield haha. You step in the wrong place, shit blows up and it's now YOUR fault for the personal attack. The Blue person isn't conscious their own psyche is the minefield, or that they laid all the bombs. You have to lead by example (showing unconditional love, not by trying to change people), and through that inspiration, they must find their own path. They will only try to accept things when they come to you. One of the biggest realizations you can have is when you fully understand you can't change the world in a positive way by directing energy at it, but only by directing energy inwards to become your greatest version. A lot easier said than done...
  12. This is a big shadow issue, you are repressing and denying yourself. You probably did want to have sex with your sister, everyone who has a sister thinks or fantasizes about it at least sometime. I mean, look (don't actually look lol, I'm just telling you) at all the brother/sister porn on the internet, it's one of the biggest categories! It's nasty imo, but there's hard evidence this is a natural tendency. So this is a natural, biological thing, and if you are shameful about it, it means you can't accept yourself. That can have big consequences. Wanting to have sex with your sister IS NOT shameful. Even acting on that isn't "shameful" from a higher perspective, nothing is, but that would obviously be a bad decision in today's society. Think back to ancient tribes, they had to have sex with family to survive, because that's all there was. In fact, it would be wise to delete the word "shameful" from your vocabulary moving forward. It's a harmful word for the ego (by strengthening it) because it enforces absolute morality, division, hate, etc. No one who's high-consciousness uses that word, towards themselves or others. I also have a feeling you may have not talked to your sister and apologized. You're not apologizing because you did something shameful (although taking too much acid in your parents house and losing your mind was pretty stupid ), you're apologizing for the pain you may have caused her, try to see her perspective on it. Please do that because it will really help to clear your muddy mental waters. Tension will release between you two.
  13. People at stage Blue do not take kindly to anyone trying to redefine "God." Trust me, I know from personal experience. That's a no-go zone, you have to help shift perceptions in other ways. God is a very personal thing.
  14. Yes, you have to understand who you're talking to, and their notions of God. For instance, I would not use the word God, ever, when talking to a stage Blue person, because I know they hold a narrow, dualistic understanding of the word God. So that means saying "God" to them would actually lead them further from the Truth, to confusion. Language has such power because of all our individual and collective stores surrounding the words. You have to be mindful of that.