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  1. You're still a newbie, no need to rush to ego death yet. They come more naturally as you get used to the substance and learn and integrate. An actual ego death experience on Lsd right now might be traumatizing, so I wouldn't advise going above 300ug. Of course you can if you want to...The idea of you WILL die at 500ug+. But PLEASE have a trip sitter if you do, because you won't be able to control the experience. Safe travels my friend!
  2. You're right, there would be not regret no matter what decision they reached, because regret is egoic attachment to the past. Enlightened people make decisions decisively. Maybe "weigh on conscience" isn't the right phrase. They don't IDENTIFY with it, but it's the only true perspective to have in this case, considering there are no outside forces at play. Just two men in a cage. Let's say they were lost in the woods, one died of natural causes and other guy had to eat him to survive. Sure, that's happened before. But this hypothetical scenario is interesting. It's a stalemate. I think both would surrender and not play into the petty game of who gets to survive.
  3. @Leo Gura Please don't call me naive. I actually agree with everything you wrote. Life IS brutal, and we only got here off the backs of countless other human and animal lives. Of course! If the natives did not eat animals, they would have died, and whether that's "right or wrong," here we are. Ta-Da! However, I feel like you may only have part of the story here. While there is a necessary duality of cooperation vs. competition, nature as a whole is predominantly based on cooperation. Our higher light and instincts, while an integration of the two, is something that ultimately transcends human nature. Your example of the two enlightened beings highlighted something that I believe adds another twist to this story. See, two lesser men would probably debate which life was worth more, and if they couldn't reach a consensus (which they wouldn't), it would inevitably turn to a fight to the death. However, we're talking about two enlightened beings. Would they debate which life was worth more? No, that's impossible. Would they fight each other to the death? No. I firmly believe that the only conclusion to be reached, from a nondual universal perspective, is for both to die in peace. I personally would rather go out that way than to live with that on my conscience. There is something here that transcends animal instincts, to appeal to karmic balance. I'm not asking you to agree with me, I'm just asking you to seriously consider this possibility. Would you sacrifice your body so that another may live? Would you kill another man so that you may live? You are both the victim and the perpetrator, so only if you answered Yes to both of these questions would your scenario play out... But would it? That's a stalemate! There would be no purpose to any of this nonsense, would there? As an example, remember the brilliant ending sequence of the two ships in The Dark Knight? See, the Joker was convinced that either one of the boats would blow the other up. That's human nature, is it not? And yet, it took a brave prisoner to come forward to do the unthinkable. "I'll do what you should of did a long time ago," as he threw the detonation device out the window. That was the action of an enlightened being.
  4. This is an interesting perspective. I agree with the second part, but I'm having trouble imagining an enlightened being eating another for survival. Even if there was a guarantee that one would survive if the other died, I believe that both would come to the realization that to keep balance, both would have to starve to death and make peace with that. This is because they would both have a nondual understanding that they are the same entity. They would unconditionally love each other, and realize that one living at the expense of another is not the way forward. I believe we are to eventually transcend these animalistic instincts. That's the higher perspective, in my view.
  5. @Anton_Pierre How much hope do you have for the trajectory of the human race in our lifetimes?
  6. In the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.
  7. Ok, so you said the blue pill equals wildest desires AND contentment. These two are at odds with each other, since contentment is only based on your ability to appreciate what you currently have. Otherwise it's a Chase. So the blue pill, just like in the matrix, is a false path, an illusion. The red pill is the only way to achieve contentment, and counterintuitively, all your true desires.
  8. @Anirban657 gotcha. Hope this helps!
  9. @KyleR How do you know you're breathing? Is that really air you're breathing now?
  10. @Anirban657 self-inquiry is not a belief system. It's an active discovery through direct experience, nothing more, nothing less. Your fear about what you mind might find out is the falsehood.
  11. As I understand it, full embodiment of Turquoise is basically a full-blown Yogi/Sage/Mystic. Not really sure what else you could want. Perhaps further stages of enlightenment are best modeled using a different system, not SD. SD is mainly for mapping social development of the collective, and we're probably centuries away from an entire culture embodying even Turquoise.
  12. @Lynnel Wow, outstanding report and rebirth! Man, I almost have tears in my eyes, knowing that another soul has been so moved by this amazing substance, just like I was. I've found journaling to be extremely helpful in the integration process. It can feel so good to get your thoughts down on paper (or digitally). "Welcome, Brother. The White Lotus opens wide to those who know her secrets."
  13. Your mom is Turquoise
  14. You nailed it. This is what your fear is rooted in. That you're already set, and that somehow, there won't be any new exciting experiences to come. This is a story you've told yourself. A story you picked up from society. But is this story really grounded in anything real? You might think so, but catch yourself right there. Is it really? No, it's a limiting belief! It was the limiting belief passed on to you by your family and peers. Question that. As corny as it sounds, every day brings a plethora of new experiences and delights and tribulations. That is, if you're open to them and see them for what they are.
  15. @Wasem what's the difference? Isn't it all consciousness?