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  1. @AceTrainerGreen your paradigm is backwards. You're operating under the ASSUMPTION that we're biological robots who evolved over millions of years by random, darwinian processes. You take this as fact. "Well of course, it couldn't be any other way." Have you ever really explored if this is true or not? Have you ever wondered if there might be something more to this human experience? The first step is to fully recognize that this concept of yours was spoon-fed to you by society, and that it is nothing more than an assumption, to distract you from the truly and utterly inescapable fact that nature is irreducibly mystical...
  2. @Tistepiste it seems everyone else is giving abstract answers, which don't really answer you're question... Let's look a little more practically. In the universe's infinite intelligence, why would a thing as "ugly" as an ego need to be created? Is it not the source of all suffering in the world? Yes. But let's start to appreciate what it actually did: All scientific progress, all national competition, all striving and dominating, has accelerated the human race (technologically) to what it is today. The ego is the driver, and it simply wouldn't have been possible without it. The illusion of you having a separate experience, that's ego, and very necessary for survival. And yet, society is still in the dark ages psychologically, because we're still dominated by egoic desires. Start to see ego as what was necessary to become what we are today, and we're just now getting to a point where rapid increases in consciousness are possible without hindering our survival. We're entering an age of global transcendence of the ego, to really reach our full potential.
  3. @Michael569 a Yellow person can do this because he realizes life is a strange loop. Be open to paradox, confusion, and not knowing. These two positions are merely surface- level contradictions. Logically contradicting. But the deepest insights are trans-rational, and this will require nuance to deconstruct and really find out what it means.
  4. Love him to death. That's your repressed side, and I guarantee that there's kernels of truth in what you're feeling. Become the watcher, and observe what it may be trying to tell you. Don't fight it, because it IS part of you.
  5. @AceTrainerGreen I'm sorry but your paradigm is backwards. If you're looking for what the future will look like with AI, don't be afraid. It'll basically move us into spiral dynamics stage green, because all the jobs an AI can't do are ones that deal with people. Not customer service obviously, but real, intimate jobs that require human empathy and connection. I'd recommend that you watch the interview I linked, it's pretty good. From your paradigm, a robot will eventually be able to do EVERYTHING a human can do. If that's the case, then are we robots? And are you comfortable with the idea of the human race becoming extinct because we're no longer needed? Is that what you really intuit, that we won't be necessary at all in the future?
  6. @Mikael89 lmao have you ever tried psychedelics? I'm not just talking about a one time experience, actually extensively texted them for person growth?
  7. @Inliytened1 Uh, so much to say... Answer me this: Would it be possible for you to go back asleep and forget this ever happened? If you somehow denied yourself spiritual work for the rest of your life, how much regret, anxiety, and sadness would plague you until the day you died? Going back to a materialist paradigm, knowing it's all illusion, would literally make you sick. You took the red pill and there's simply no turning back. Mankind as a whole cannot handle the truth TODAY. That's a fact. We're still very much stuck in a materialist paradigm, and that will take many generations to slowly get over. But mankind has the ability in the FUTURE (just like you have now) to be interested in existential and metaphysical matters, and to stomach it. Things are exactly how they're meant to be. People, like you and me, who want to know the truth can find the truth. People who don't, well, let's say it's not shoved down their throats by any means. What do you mean that in Leo's latest videos, he's starting to realize the "realness?" I think he's very aware of the unrealness! And that makes life so much more beautiful. Good luck on your journey my friend! I'm kind of with @Nahm here. Be grateful that you're living in this time. If you were born just a hundred years ago (not even a blink of an eye in time), this wouldn't be possible, and you could have found yourself fighting in WW1. Really start to appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity. Also, ask yourself, did you really CHOOSE to go down this path? Or did this path inexplicably choose you?
  8. AI is a sophisticated tool that will replace a large portion of mindless jobs in the near future. It will definitely shift us into Spiral Dynamics Stage Green. It's already happening, and in 20 years at most, we'll be in the thick of it. We'll have to drastically rethink what we value as a society. Here's a great interview with a leading scientist and investor in AI technologies, and he kind of lays out the path that we'll naturally take as AI develops. As someone who has studied spiral dynamics, it's beautiful and gives me a lot of hope: Now talking on if AI will ever fully replicate a human? Literally not in a million years. Not ever. And I'm 100% certain of this. Why? Because a robot fundamentally lacks consciousness, love, and intuition. These are irreducible aspects of our human experience as a sliver of this giant, connected mind. AI is not consciousness, and it will never be it.
  9. Consider, for a moment, that something=nothing. Of course, that couldn't make sense to a rational mind, but reality is irreducibly mystical.
  10. @Tony 845 Enlightenment has nothing to do with becoming a vegetarian. No correlation whatsoever. Becoming vegetarian/vegan depends on your ecological level of awareness and love for the world. There are many stage green people who become vegan because they expand their heart and identification with all living creatures. And yet they are nowhere near enlightenment. It's such a simple answer that I'm surprised you didn't come up with it yourself. Or maybe you're just wanting attention? If you look closely, you have been answered dozens of times already, it just wasn't what you wanted to see.
  11. @Hugo Ferraro Thank you for sharing your journey and insights! I'm also in my early journey myself, but I'd like to share my thoughts. First of all, nonduality is not a belief/paradigm. Of course the ego can treat it as one, so watch out for that. But that's only your projection of what you think nonduality is at this stage in your life. A paradigm is a limiting belief system because it takes certain aspects of reality for granted, and usually makes a distinction between "subjective" and "objective." That is not nonduality. Nonduality is the ultimate Truth because it recognizes, cooked deep into the core, that all perspectives are partial. It's not a belief because you can become directly conscious and aware of this truth through a mystical experience. All spirituality points to this. And of course, the Truth cannot be written, spoken, or proven. It cannot be grasped with the human mind, it can only be experienced. And why would you expect anything less from the Absolute? Language, in essence, is made up of symbols that only mean something in relation to each other. Language breaks down at nonduality because it cannot point to itself. It is itself. Try to grasp the significance of this. You're completely right that there's a strong faith component when starting out. It's necessary with any type of experimentation, scientific or spiritual, because you simply don't know unless you do the tests. There's no such thing as faith-free. However, you need to distinguish blind faith from pragmatic faith and finding the answers yourself. Notice that fundamentalist religion is blind faith, and true spirituality (what we're doing here) is pragmatic faith, where faith is a stepping stone to Truth. Also, I don't like to refer to my journey as one towards enlightenment. My journey doesn't end when I reach enlightenment. And more so than that, enlightenment is not a destination. It's right before your eyes, you're just not conscious of it yet. I'm aware that seeking enlightenment is a dangerous trap for the ego, because "seeking" entails an "I don't want to be here" component, or an escape, or a longing. THAT is ego. Be open to the possibility that your drive for enlightenment could be coming from the ego. Because if you truly understood enlightenment, you'd understand that it's right here. All spirituality is, is to work on becoming conscious of what's already here. Enlightenment itself is the end of suffering and longing; complete contentment and peace with what's here. So why do you think you need to search for it? Now I'm not saying this is the case for you, just warning you of a common trap. Good luck!
  12. Kind of a revelation I had today: suffering ceases to exist when you become presently conscious and aware of what is happening. Of course we've all heard this before, from the likes of Ekhart Tolle and other various spiritual teachers. But today was different. I went from conceptually knowing and understanding to bringing it in my present experience. For example, I've recently started practicing Wim Hof's method of taking cold showers and doing a breathing technique. Up until now, I didn't really look forward to the showers because I could only anticipate the pain associated with it, and because of that, I found it really hard to actually do it. But today when I took the shower, I focused on being completely present and not resisting any pain that may come. I treated it like a meditation. So guess what? I STOPPED SUFFERING. I DIDN"T EVEN PERCEIVE IT AS "COLD," I ACTUALLY FUCKING ENJOYED IT!!! This was such a big revelation that I started laughing my ass off. Look around you. Where's the suffering? Point to it. Can you? No! It doesn't fucking exist guys, it's a mental construction where you remove yourself from the present moment to dwell on the change in state. That's what it boils down to. If you bring in the light of consciousness and full awareness, the suffering ceases to exist. Stop viewing pain as negative, that's bullshit. Make pain something to look forward to (because that's where the real change occurs), and you will stop experiencing pain negatively. You will actually feel more alive from it. More alive than you ever thought possible. I also watched some interviews from Impact Theory (great YouTube channel, check them out), and that's what really got me thinking about viewing pain differently. The man who was being interviewed, David Goggins, described how he used pain to flip his life on its head. It was THROUGH the pain of improving himself that he found his enjoyment. It was through the experience of running 120 miles through the desert that he found himself. His true self. His relationship with pain was so counter to mine that it simply blew me away. And of course, that's exactly why he's accomplished so many great things in his life. Pain stops becoming negative when you embrace it and bring awareness to your body in these moments. It's so counter-intuitive to grasp for the ego, because you think pain is inherently negative and you should be scared of it, and no matter how you view it it's still painful. The ego doesn't like to make the distinction between pain and suffering, and will try to disguise these as the same thing. But let me tell you, this may be one of the most important distinctions you could ever make. As I start adding more self-improvement practices, I'll be working to integrate this in my own life. It's an active skill that must be developed and formed into habit. I have no illusions about how difficult this will be... So bring on the ego backlashes! "Can't Hurt Me!"
  13. "I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night Shining with the light from the sun And the sun doesn't give light to the moon assuming The moon's gonna owe it one." Does this not remind you of the famous Zen quote: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” ? I grew up listening to Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park, and although their songs probably gave me more aangst and rage and general negativity than I needed, I can look back and see the beauty in their creation. How interesting their journey and saga was. How they explored so many artistic avenues, and yet ended back full circle...There is Truth everywhere I look! Whenever I stop to contemplate human history, for any length of time, the connections will start to unfold before my very eyes. Lines of development emerge upon the pages like lines on a battlemap, trajectories seemingly chaotic yet upon zooming out, as if by a guiding hand, perfectly harmonious. Fascinating. On thinking about what a good title for this journal would be, I knew I wanted something different, something creative and dear to me. Why? Because my main goal is to express my authentic self. That's goal #1. You see, something about Leo's latest videos really struck a chord within me. Ever since his "Live Awakening Experience," there has been a recurring theme I've noticed: Authenticity. He even admitted he was shown that in his non-dual awakening. And as an observer of his work, his emphasis on has really payed off in a noticeable way. You can see it in the way he carries himself, in the way he talks, and even in the way he has visibly freed his emotions and any lingering strands of self-reference or checking. For instance, in his latest video on Understanding Ego Backlash, he opened up about how he's had a cold, how he really didn't want to shoot the video, and how he was experiencing a rough ego backlash himself. This isn't something he's ever done--at least to that level--and the video was all the better for it. Authenticity is fucking striking when encountered, and it's not something even the best con artists and actors can really pull off. But what hit me so hard about Leo's video was the realization that I haven't been authentic my whole life. What a slap in the face that was! I am actually deathly scared of what people think of me. It has been a neurosis, a disease that has plagued my whole life. I honestly didn't even realize that being authentic was possible! I just saw everyone else bullshitting and wearing masks, so I assumed that was just how life was. Witnessing Leo's journey to authenticity has given me the courage to try to cultivate that myself. My journal has no aims other than this; to serve as a creative outlet and to allow me to gain comfort in expressing and sharing my thoughts and emotions with others. Of course there's this added layer of you not knowing who I am. Of course I'm just typing at a keyboard and not actually speaking, not getting that feedback. But this may be a good step for me; I'll try it for a while and see how it goes. The "creative outlet" component was huge as well. I feel the need to create something that I've never felt before. The insights and recontextualizations are coming to me at the speed of perception, it seems. I simply can't keep it bottled up any longer. And not only that, it feels meaningless to write them in a personal journal that ultimately no one will ever read... It's actually really interesting I just said that, because I'm currently reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which is essentially his personal journal as Emperor of Rome that he fully intended that no one would ever read. Think about how much impact that book has made! What a fucking tragedy it would have been if his work had remained lost and buried... This journal is probably going to be really weird, oddly poetic, with strange references, spellings, and nuggets of integral thinking. Let me tell you upfront: my mind makes connections where there probably aren't any connections. But I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a really interesting way to look at the world. If you see any word miss-spelled, then most likely it was made on purpose as a joke or reference. Scratch that, I am so sorry, English not my first language, many apology for future error. So sorry... I feel like no one else (but my close friend who I do this with) understands the beauty in how malleable this living organism of language really is. People think it's static, as in, here's this holy book called the dictionary, look it up. HA! It's all just symbols, and it constantly evolves and shifts. So if you can misspell a word in an informal setting (so as not to confuse it with another) to bring more enjoyment, make a reference, or even bring rise to a double meaning, then why not do it? Stop taking this shit so seriously, and then you can really start having fun. The world is a meme, guys. The world is also your playground. And do you not make the rules? Are you not THE RULE yourself? Hell, you're probably sitting on your meditation cushion, blissed out of your mind, and thinking, "You had me at 'you'." How right we are... Anyways, I need to wrap up and go to sleep. Wrap up... wrap up this journal entry, or wrap up in blankets to go to sleep? Wrap up--to put a neat little bow tie at the end. To summarize. If you wrap yourself up to go to sleep, then is sleep the summary of life? Of course, we're in a dream right now! The dream within the dream is to make us conscious of the meta understanding. If there wasn't the altered state of being called "sleep" or "dreaming," then wouldn't you get really fucking bored of the sober, wakeful state? Have you ever wondered why we require such a radical change of consciousness on a daily basis, and if you stay up for days on end you'll literally start hallucinating? If you don't get regular sleep, your mental and physical performance plummets like a rock. I HIGHLY recommended watching Joe Rogan's podcast with Mathew Walker #1109 on sleep, it's extremely fascinating and the science will blow your mind. But why is that??? Hmmmm, something to ponder for sure. Good night! And if anyone is reading this, then I wish you the best of luck on your personal journey. There is much more to come...
  14. HIGHLY unlikely a tab has that much, that would be really rare. That sounds like a dealer boasting unless he laid it himself. However, you don't know for sure, so you should try half a tab. 300ug is too much for a first time. If it's underwhelming, then do a full tab a couple weeks later. Your body builds an immediate tolerance, so you should wait the full 2 weeks. DO NOT add on more if you're not feeling anything after an hour. That will get you in deep trouble. Please DO NOT do that. If it's a light experience, accept that and enjoy and ride it out Things to do on acid? Music (for suggestions check out Leo's tripping music thread in the meditation/consciousness subforum). Safely going for a walk outside. Anything that fills you with wonder and excitement. Also bring up some deep existential questions and explore them. If you already practice yoga and meditation, try it here. Have healthy snacks ready. I swear, eating orange cuties is a spiritual experience. AVOID meat and cheese. Go plant-based. Good luck!
  15. @Quantum_fluctuations What is suffering? Get to the root.