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  1. @somegirl an interesting question that can be answered at many levels. But at every level, whether it's deception to others, deception in yourself, or the ultimate lie that you are a human being on planet earth, you can observe them to be perfectly sustainable until "death" of the self. Death is the great leveler. All lies, all deception, and all evil is then itself seen as an ingeniously constructed fable. Until you die, there is only deception as far as the eye can see. A great deception is the denial of deception in yourself, or of "greater and lesser" deceptions to muddy the waters so you don't look at your own, and even of the distinction you created between lie and truth. "See those mafia men? They're so evil how can they sustain it? It can't right, because it must collapse into good action..." I look at your question and ask full of wonder: how can you sustain it? Every system must collapse. Good or bad. If you understand one thing from this, it's that evil is perfectly sustainable and is a feature of how you see the world, not of the world.
  2. If you understand yourself as an infinite being who was never born and never dies, and can only "be," then reincarnation is perfectly in line with it. You might be an alien in another universe next dream, who knows.
  3. Dear Leo, If you were to see this as the greatest obstacle to awakening, would you kill it? Or do you enjoy "guru-ing" too much? Perhaps ruling the comfortable playpen of other-selves gives some satisfaction; whether it's by watching, providing, or playing with them it matters naught. If you envisioned this not as an advanced community, but as a flock not far removed from the herd (perhaps even more deceived than the rest), would you run off into the night? If you were to see this as Maya's most devious invention yet, as an ingenious containment field enveloped in dense fog mere meters before the cliff, would you send the flock scattering? One or two may fall off the cliff, but nearly all, I'm certain of it, would gather in the playpens of other gurus, communities and dogmas. What you started here was begun at a different level of consciousness. But you see, your survival is bound to being king of the playpen. I understand your situation so I do not judge it. These musings are part of my journey, directed at me and for me. What does it matter that you have another playpen of spiritual containment? Just one of thousands. Even I have to admit that its design and your involvement in it is of a higher caliber, and that is its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. The stated goals you sell to attract a flock, just like any Guru, cannot be "achieved" by playing in the pen you've crafted. But the message you proclaim loud and clear is that "you can have it too." But you didn't get it from playing in playpens did you? You suffered as a lone sheep in the elements until you fell off the cliff, if you did at all. Even I wrestle with grand illusions of helping humanity. But the truth is that serving soup at a soup kitchen would be of no lesser service. There is no one to save. But using our gifts to serve "other" seems to be a baked-in rule of this reality. Or is it? Maybe meditating alone in a cave is of no lesser service. It's whatever we are called to do when we "release the tiller" as they say. That surrendering to the Universe is the service, what follows after is of no ultimate consequence. Dear Leo, have you released the tiller? Is this exactly what God called you to do? I ask not because I'm interested in the answer or that I believe an honest answer is coming. I ask because whether is or isn't, it's all part of the Perfect Plan. Dear Leo, I smile when I imagine you shutting down the entire site without warning, never to make another video again. When one enters the website, there's just a single note, "I Am that I Am." You write a script or task someone else with deleting one video a week until they're all gone. I wonder if this is something you could enjoy. I'm going to post this on the forum, not because I think it's healthy to shake things up on a meta level (which it is), but because I finally understand why the forum is here. The allure of sharing with "other-selves" is too great. It's the only place I have to share it. I created the pen, but I am unbecoming of the pen. I can choose to play around in the pen because there's some level of satisfaction. Seeing what this playpen truly is isn't meant for everyone, but those who must know will find it then probably meander back to play. Maybe this writing is exactly what someone needed to slap them out of the trance of becoming woke and talking to woke people on the internet. I don't know, but it must be some part of a greater plan. As far as I'm concerned, it did its job already.
  4. Oooo I love it! I'll laugh and think of you when I get to it in my book.
  5. @Intraplanetary if you're asking about the experience of it, it's like any deep insight, at first it's quite jarring. You could possibly have a meltdown. But once the dust settles, you start taking the new reality as "normal" and it's liberating. Reality feels much more "alive" and "mysterious" after this particular insight. But reading about it won't cut it. I suggest journaling and contemplating, or the most direct method of psychedelics. Prove the statement "I was never born" is wrong. Don't believe anyone. Once you get it, it's a real mind-fuck.
  6. "Distraction" is in how you use it. Not inherent to a thing or activity. So, Ultimately, psychedelics are yes and no. The potential for "no" is absolutely in there, just as the potential for "no" is in a car crash.
  7. @cetus Im still not quite sure what to make of that, haha. Maybe it's just me. Consciousness is all there is. . Though you don't have to be "a Buddha," it's just a fact. I'm a Walt Whitman virgin. A collection of his poems came in the mail today, can't wait to dive in!
  8. That's interesting, though I quite enjoy the view.
  9. Consciousness doesn't "appear." Wouldn't that suggest a dis-appear?
  10. @cetus That still seems very 20th century. What about: "If you fall asleep during a netflix marathon, does it continue playing?"
  11. @cetus what were you thinking of?
  12. It might seem that way. Most scenes experienced are filtered through the mind (ego), back to itself to create meaning. But does "scene" stop existing when you awaken or enter a non-dual state? You can still be in the world, perceiving shapes and sounds and feelings, but without the usual filters. What then?
  13. Try expanding your awareness of meme, beyond silly pictures on the internet with captions. Ask: what is a meme? You might be delighted what you find.
  14. @xxxx does a scene exist without anyone there to see it? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Is a scene an interpretation? Of the mind, or of Mind?
  15. Looks like it did its job the real question is do you see it as a meme? @seeking_brilliance aw, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. That isn't what I meant by lel, but finding out that Mount Lël is the "original home of God" is an absolutely wonderful "synchronicity." Of course!!! The closest I can come to defining my "lël" is limitless Divine amusement in the house of Maya. "Funny" doesn't cut it. It's like a "humor" bursting out of the seams. But lël isn't a "state" or a particular "lens," it's something I have discovered about my experience of reality that I haven't a word for.