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  1. Gaze into the sky for long time. The stars. Feel your breath. Watch the seasons change & the sun set. The motion of tidal waves...tsunamis. Dance with the wind. Touch the rain. Create, and go insane. Trip. Follow your calling. Your inner light. Melt into Beingness, into presence. Radically accept everything as it is. Unravel and let God in. Eventually, it will wash away your confusion.
  2. Many more useful and sophisticated psychedelics out there to explore.
  3. Slightly off topic, but if you were interested in animal phenomena, particularly animal artistry I will share this with thee for a little amusement. I'm not sure if Suda is a prodigy and taught herself or if she was trained. Hopefully courteously trained. Either way she clearly seems enlightened, as many animals are. Homo sapiens on the other hand... ...are predators, if not pets.
  4. Not caring about your health in a way is ignorant & apathetic. I mean it's your life so you can choose to live however your heart desires but I don't recommend. If you love the Universe and spirituality, then you must learn to love yourself too. Not taking care of yourself is in a sense not loving the Universe and showing full appeciation for what it gives you. You want to appreciate death but you also must not forget to appreciate your life. The goal isn't to live longer but to live fully while we are still here. Overcoming fear of death does not mean eating junk food and watching sitcoms. Overcoming fear of death means tapping into the expansive energy of pure universal and irreplaceable love so much that all fear will gradually disintegrate. Which takes a lot of courage nowadays, to love. If one is germaphobic or hyper-cautious, pursuing health fanatically or obsessively out of fear of sickness or departure, then essentially they are harming themselves with fear, potentially causing illness to themselves, which is of course paradoxical and counter-intuitive. But avoiding health just to avoid it is like avoiding pain when it's trying to explain something to you. It's avoidance, which is running way from something that usually has an underlying message for you to notice. Healing your body means healing your mind & spirit. Soo....stay heal-thy
  5. Affirmations are great to do! I think choosing a few out of all of those that resonate with you the most and repeating them could be most useful. You don't necessarily want to overload your mind with too much. I've found that when reciting anything whether it be mantras, affirmations, poetry or even just speaking in general, as if you are singing, really feeling into the words you are saying, and genuinely believing in them rather than mechanically rehearsing them goes a long way. You want the process to feel sincere and have it permeate from deep in your heartspace. Intention is the heart's will, and manifestation derives from the heart center. The reason why I suggest perhaps reducing the amount of affirmations is because often times keeping things simple and short & sweet can be more powerful then trying to say so much at once. The more you repeat a few of the same words or phrases the more you'll be able to tap into the beautiful sensations and textures of each word you muster. πŸ’œ
  6. If you're using his videos as intellectual artillery against someone or something else for superiority play, or if they are becoming addictive then yes. Relying and depending too much on any information you learn can become toxic. The real benefits arrive through actual experience, that is only when the Truth will unveil. Not with what someone else says or teaches. Watching his videos are highly effective but can only go so far if one isn't practicing what they're learning on their own. If you're sitting watching the videos and not applying what you learn into your life, then it will only be counter-productive and the knowledge so kindly shared will remain as one collosal monologue of information in your mind that is not thoroughly processed. You must continue your own path of truth.πŸ’œ
  7. Of course Just look at the band name itself
  8. Patience is virtue
  9. @Serotoninluv Thank you so much πŸ’œ
  10. @Aakash These "abilities" are within us all. Magic is birthright and within us all we just have to learn how to access it. The more you meditate and practice visualization and deep contemplation the more you will notice it and the more it will awaken your intuition which is like your magical portal. Having a fluid spiritual practice will strengthen your innate abilities and also help you see the magic in everything that is. Various synchronicities will unveil, intuitive messages, images, etc. Once you access your own kind of magic, seeking a concrete definition won't matter because it will become an adventurous daily experience. It's not as difficult and cumbersome as some make it out to be. It is easily accessible once you practice spirituality and begin to see the beautiful inter-connectedness of it all. 🌟 Sometimes just looking up at the vast, expansive sky and watching what appears in the clouds is enough of an entrance. πŸ’œ
  11. If you don't want these digital possessions to posses you, ask yourself, "Are these things controlling me? Am I being controlled by these things right now? And what must I do to let go of control and unleash myself?" If you like being in video games, I think it's much more worthwhile to experience this outside. A more old school approach to video game experience but at the end of the day you won't regret it. Enjoy.
  12. You must reignite the spark within. Aim to find even just that one little spark that illuminates your entire being, and nurture it. What intrigues you the most? What excites you most out of life? Envision, feel. And there it will be. A meaningful conclusion. The life goal is to get internally feeling as close to rising and shining in the morning as Snow White, gracefully opening the windows and making bad ass melodies in sync with her woodland companions. What helped me through my depression (black wave) was regaining authentic ecstatic inspiration, which brought me so much joy & love. Eventually it brought me love for All, including love for the black wave; for the abyss, temporarily swimming in it, rather than estranging or endangering it. I looked it in its eyes, lent it a smile and then ultimately it smiled back and passed on by. Now it's like having an old close friend. They still call every now and then, and we exchange our hello's, catch up, discuss current events for a while, conclude how we must react to them, then furthermore, we lovingly exchange our pleasant goodbye's. Once you become truly inspired, eventually everything around you will become just as inspiring and no longer will the search for meaning be necessary when all the answers you seek begin to twinkle at the front seat of your vision. Leave the doors of mystery and spontaneity open wide, as your arms, as your eyes. Inspiration is powerful medicine because it reawakens your exhilaration and your motivation to be alive which is key to healing and key to liberation. Immersing yourself in presence and assembling a dedicated spiritual practice will naturally bring forth so much magic and insight to you, you will be stricken. I advise this to you with all my heart because truly, if it wasn't for meditation and spiritual practice, I don't know where I'd be now, but I suspect Depression and I would've had quite the toxic, clingy and co-dependent relationship by now that's fo sho. Try not to let the search for meaning grab you by its hands and manhandle you. Its haunting sound is that of a broken record, like an interruption from experiencing the music that is happening here and now. Once you let go, you'll be astonished how much will suddenly be presented to you. ❀️
  13. @Shin Yeeess I can very much resonate with for so long now I'll just be walking around and smiling at everything that is happening and smiling at strangers and there's either two outcomes one being that most of the time people smile back if it's an energetically harmonious day and the other being that other times some people will just curiously or nervously look at me almost as if it's unusual or not okay to smile like "What on Earth does this girl have to be so excited about?" πŸ˜† Truth is I simply can't help myself! If I gotta smile and I'm in awe of the moment, and of Life, I'm gonna smile. And if I don't smile uncontrollably, then I will internally. Sometimes they'll just be like "" and I'll return the expression like "" and carry on.✌️Hehehe.. But where I'm from dude, if you're too bright eyed & bushy tailed in an area that isn't let's say as jolly or hunky dory, well it's almost dangerous to smile because well..from what I've gathered, happiness is a disturbance and a threat to some people who are battling their own struggles and aren't ready to let love in.
  14. @Mikael89 I say we have officially over-DoSed.
  15. Perhaps this is a sign for to us to reduce our forum intake?