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  1. @GenuinePerspectiveXC Damn haha
  2. @Be Yourself Thank you so much !
  3. @Leo Gura I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, since you were once on a similar journey. I'm struggling in a pickle here man. I am super passionate about becoming a spiritual counselor, helping people heal through the power & magic of art, music and writing and through the use of divination tools for personal development such as Tarot. What are my options? Where would I begin? Do I go get a degree in psychology or metaphysics or no degree at all? Metaphysics is not offered anywhere around where I am from, sadly. Neither is holistic healing or spiritual psychology, music psychology, nothing like that. There's some pretty stupid low-consciousness people in this area, I must say lol I wonder if that is a factor. I feel like there's no way I could commence this career without having that signature and certificate proving I know and understand these things? But maybe I'm just far behind the times and not aware of the possibilities? I know you studied metaphysics and epistemology and look where you are!
  4. @d0ornokey Thank you so much for that information, it was inspiring to read. I believe in the value of self-education so much because it's the only thing that's ever worked for me, so reading that just now just confirmed so much and something really clicked. I was just saying that I feel as though without a degree in my hand I won't acquire the societal respect I would like to earn. Growing up in school I would have a hard time concentrating and focusing on what was being taught because of the other kids and emotionally unstable teachers around me and the environment alone was awfully distracting. As I got older, and my perception and awareness started growing, developing my own opinions and what not, I was fed up with the traditional curriculum being taught to us and how even in Art class there were these strict rules and the teachers would bitch & moan, complain and just have a total negative attitude and outlook on life. Large, noisy, obnoxious groups weren't my thing, I wanted to remain lost in wonderland, in my own little silent sacred space where imagination held the key. I can tell you right now if and when I have children someday, I am absolutely terrified of the day they begin school, mainly because of the teachers. "Don't talk to strangers kids!" but "Hey here's your lunch and have a grand day with 1,000+ other strange humans who have sketchy diverse mentalities & psychosis'!" I mean in retrospect, I can remember many of them being downright insane, and they had all of those kids to pick on too, locked in a classroom. There were times I would quietly cut school and actually go to the local library to find more interesting, fulfilling books to read and find locations with breathing nature and just read there, with the trees, for the majority of a school day. Because I figured, well fuck I love to learn but this place sucks so I might as well get an education somewhere, I wasn't going to slack off on LIFE. Simply just the educational system. And honestly that was the best bet for me so far. I learned so much more simply from cutting school and going on solo adventures with the intention of learning about what's happening around me and learning about things I was actually naturally passionate about. I'm not saying basic education and common knowledge aren't relevant, but I believe it can be much harder for people to comprehend or learn anything they're not naturally intrigued to learn. Teaches drilling bias ideas and opinions into our heads, especially related to religion & politics (that's where I really got miffed), it just is not appropriate so therefore it motivated me to want to go learn the things I naturally loved learning, for my own soul, as an autonomous individual. Astrology, biographies about psychopaths, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Albert Camus, Buddha, Edgar Cayce, and many other topics and subjects that would not get taught, the list goes on and on. I wonder if home schooling and spiritual education is the far future. I wonder if this would be a good idea or a bad idea. Kids could either become more intellectually advanced and passionate about what they want out of life, or more isolated and introverted and not experiencing as much. It's a double-edged sword.
  5. I live in little old Rhode Island currently but my friend and I will most certainly be hopping to NYC!
  6. So without trying to sound like some whiny adolescent AH in their 20's who resents their family, I've been contemplating school a lot more lately and ever since I was a little girl and ever mentioned the idea of going to college to these people they would always say "College? Are you crazy? Do you have any idea how much that costs?", and would dismiss the entire visualization and act as though it's never going to be a possibility, like it's some pipe dream fantasy. I have too many ambitions to not succeed in life. It's not that they don't believe in me or think I'm incapable I don't think, it's just their whole Nihilistic approach on this, having so much despair, it was not necessarily a splendid boost to my path of self-actualization. Perhaps I'm naive and they're looking at things realistically? Or perhaps it's pure pessimism and ignorance? Or would they resent me for my mere desire to want to chase my dreams and learn as much as I can in life? I question the psychological hassle behind this a lot. I've always had this natural desire and intention to learn and gain knowledge, not in any pretentious or superior way, but solely because I was doing it out of pure passion. There was always a book in my hand growing up and I'll never forget this one incident where I was showing a friend what I was reading as a kid and my mother got intoxicated and just snatched it out of my hand and aggressively threw it across the room. It always freaked me out and bewildered me as to why some people around me didn't like to see me read or write or self-educate myself in anyway. Hence one reason why I need a fucking degree like in my hand, lol. Because unfortunately in consensus reality, it seems as though you need solid proof & certification that you love the things you love and read the things you read on a daily basis or else nobody will respect you, or take you seriously or believe in your knowledge & intelligence. (Classic ego; ID conundrum.) I mean, I'm at a time in my life now where I'm well off, and feeling more secure and independent than ever, after many years of hardship and battle. I couldn't do it without my spiritual practice and I'm blessed enough to have the opportunity to work in places that are spiritual and fulfilling for me and the career path I'm leaning towards and I have a valid plan so their doubts, most likely precipitated by their generation, shall not shatter my ambitions, but only increase my momentum. Can anyone here vibe with me on this?
  7. This is wicked cool! Thanks for sharing! I geek over anything related to Sound Healing and music therapy, I'm going to try this. I'm strongly passionate about this kind of stuff and incorporating it into my meditative practices. Humming, chanting, singing, speaking melodic mantras or poems, this is all sooo incredibly therapeutic and music and sound are so universally powerful and transcendent, musical frequency lies literally and spiritually within us. This reminded me of something..if you haven't tried this yet, one technique I love practicing is working with the musical frequencies associated with each chakra, so perhaps starting off using the standard major C scale. Humming the tones C D E F G A B C starting from the root to the crown chakra, and then you can eventually get creative with it too and start altering the key, tone, etc and harmoniously connect with your voice even more. I love using this technique before I sing or perform somewhere, for preparation, it not only exercises the diaphragm and vocal cords but also cleanses the mind & soul deeply and grounds me completely. There are some guided videos on YouTube where you can follow each tone to become familiar with it at first, and hum each tone in sync similar to the one you shared, but I definitely recommend giving it a shot! Also, I wonder since you dig gongs, have you ever used a singing bowl?
  8. @Elysian Yes. Thank you. It was an experience though and I find any experience to be worthwhile and something to appreciate. I learned something from it man! Shadow Work and Jungian Psychology are some of my deepest passions but Shadow Work for me is a solitary, self-reflecting, self-investigating process. I wasn't going to a Shadow Work class, I was expecting a Reiki class. I can practice and work on my Shadow alone on a daily basis, autonomously, because that's my personal Shadow to meet & greet and study, not to be discussed to an entire class against my permission to psycho-analyze lol. I do practice these things on my own and with people I know whom I CAN trust, who has almost a whole life's experience of doing this, and that's all I need. I tend to work better on my own anyhow too but that's just me. Encountering people like this is one good reason as to why I do mainly practice solitary.
  9. @Leo Gura YES. Thank you. Respecting someone's freewill is absolutely imperative in these practices. I was taking Reiki classes for a few months in this metaphysical shop I work in, and the instructor was actually intoxicated once! She had informed us that as much as she shouldn't be, she enjoys her alcohol. How unprofessional is that? She never even mentioned how vital it is to DRINK WATER before AND after one partakes in Reiki, that is so important for preparing and cleansing. Also basic things like shielding yourself first and washing your hands or smudging them, beepbidibop, nothing like that. I had this one experience with her at the beginning where she totally excluded me from the rest of the group from getting Reiki done because her "guides were telling her it wasn't my time to be healed." It was weird for me because everyone else in the class got to get it done BUT me, it made me feel like "Why?" She never even explained it to me. It was such a juvenile, low experience because it reminded me of that feeling of marginalization and rejection you experience in school as a child, feeling singled out. And as far as I'm concerned, I thought Reiki was supposed to be about healing, and releasing you from all the trauma and negative energies that have attached to you. I didn't know I needed any guides permission to heal except my own. She could have at least took me somewhere to speak to me about her feelings of me outside of the class, more one on one, eye to eye. That would have been the more considerate way to do it. When she finally did do Reiki on me, my body was trembling and shaking so much I could barely catch my breath and I began to see bubbles floating all around me. She started off by confirming that I was indeed viewing the spectrum of multiple universes and began asking me typical questions first such as "What colors are they?" or "How are they moving?", etc.. but then she proceeded to ask more personal questions about me out of nowhere, sharing her assumptions of me, in front of everyone that had nothing to do with what I was seeing or experiencing. It was creepy because she never even explained how it was going to be done or what kind of things she would be asking in the first place. It was invasive to me and my mental health. It was dangerous and risky to me as well because I was in another realm, a vortex, a separate state of consciousness. The things she was asking began to exit me from that realm, and it wasn't the proper way of guiding me out of it. I was seeing something extremely powerful and literally out of this world and then suddenly she wants my whole biography to be shared, I was trying to focus on that place, to stay in that flow you know not on my personal story, I wasn't expecting a psychobabble ceremony. She might as well have taken out a pad of paper and a pen and put the feathers and selenite wands down. I have a relative that has been doing Reiki for years, she's in her 50s now and she warned me about this kind of thing, about not trusting anyone, no matter what field they're in or whatever sort of "Godlike" or "cosmic", eerie fairy category they claim they fit under.
  10. When I first started I was mainly focused on breath and body, so scanning the body from the feet to the crown of the head, using my breath to release the tension in my body withholding me from relaxation. Then I like to imagine white sparkling light resembling veins or roots of a tree, connecting me to the earth, grounding me. Then I focus on each individual chakra and the colors associated until a stream or river of white iridescent light is connecting me to Divine and washing down over me, cleansing and recharging my whole being. Sometimes if meditating inside, I imagine the light traveling outwardly from my room out the roof of my house, surrounding the whole house or neighborhood, it gets very powerful. Working with the chakras balances and sustains your natural energy, you're also focusing on something mindfully, other than the things monkey mind is trying to get you to focus on. And it also helps you practice working with the power of your own energy and the energy around you. I deeply enjoy Shamanic Drumming or any other type of slow and steady percussion that raises energy while meditating. Another helpful technique is visualizing holding orbs of radiating energy in between your hands, you can do with your eyes open or closed, and imagine growing it and expanding it and sending it to yourself and/or outwards to someone or something else, place, or circumstance.
  11. I must say working in mysterious metaphysical shops and reading Tarot for a living was quite the liberating occupation to bring into their robotic consciousness.
  12. Hehe thanks Leo.
  13. @Leo Gura Oh trust me I was long gone by 18 haha. I actually had the opportunity to move to Ireland for a few years at that age, which was a blessed life changing experience for me. My parents tend to throw a cheap guilt trip on me every now and then however when they bring up who is supposed to be taking care of them when they get older, which is something I worry about sometimes.
  14. @Leo Gura This is brilliant. That Anthony Bourdain line gave me the chuckles, it's quite the comedic seller. I also love what you said about not being able to convince someone out of ignorance. Thank you. Because you know, there are people in my life who I care for deeply but they also have one-dimensional thinking and just aren't willing to look at things from an aerial perspective, no matter what, they just aren't willing to step out and see all of the colors, the mosaic of life and all of its beautiful eccentricity. They won't invite anyone else's perspective in aside from their own. Personal evolution and self-improvement is marginalized. They can be cynical and patriotic and stuck in the order of traditional mediocre values. They are racist. They are shallow materialists, rehashing over historical division and pride, trapped inside the Industrial Revolution. It's a personal challenge for me, still to this day, to not allow my immense worldview disagreements I have with my family clutter my energy. Because observing their viewpoints and behaviors has only helped me recognize my own values growing up, so I am grateful for their values in that sense. Because I learned a lot about myself and about what I truly care about in life, about my own path, what I don't want to become and what I do want to pursue, and that's to live life as spiritually, passionately and authentically as possible, and totally from the heart and soul. But here's where things are messed up. Regardless of all the things I strongly disagree with them about and all the things that have made me cringe, the total different wavelengths we are on, I still accept them and do not abandon them, out of unconditional love. But I know for a fact if I ever dated someone of a different race or culture, I would be disowned. So the sanctimony and hypocrisy is painful indeed, and beyond comprehension. But I am finally realizing now that they are the only ones that can change, and they have to actually want to first and foremost, but it seems hard for most people to even acquire this desire. I guess this is where Bob Ross and happy emerald Green trees must come in.