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  1. If you don't want these digital possessions to posses you, ask yourself, "Are these things controlling me? Am I being controlled by these things right now? And what must I do to let go of control and unleash myself?" If you like being in video games, I think it's much more worthwhile to experience this outside. A more old school approach to video game experience but at the end of the day you won't regret it. Enjoy.
  2. You must reignite the spark within. Aim to find even just that one little spark that illuminates your entire being, and nurture it. What intrigues you the most? What excites you most out of life? Envision, feel. And there it will be. A meaningful conclusion. The life goal is to get internally feeling as close to rising and shining in the morning as Snow White, gracefully opening the windows and making bad ass melodies in sync with her woodland companions. What helped me through my depression (black wave) was regaining authentic ecstatic inspiration, which brought me so much joy & love. Eventually it brought me love for All, including love for the black wave; for the abyss, temporarily swimming in it, rather than estranging or endangering it. I looked it in its eyes, lent it a smile and then ultimately it smiled back and passed on by. Now it's like having an old close friend. They still call every now and then, and we exchange our hello's, catch up, discuss current events for a while, conclude how we must react to them, then furthermore, we lovingly exchange our pleasant goodbye's. Once you become truly inspired, eventually everything around you will become just as inspiring and no longer will the search for meaning be necessary when all the answers you seek begin to twinkle at the front seat of your vision. Leave the doors of mystery and spontaneity open wide, as your arms, as your eyes. Inspiration is powerful medicine because it reawakens your exhilaration and your motivation to be alive which is key to healing and key to liberation. Immersing yourself in presence and assembling a dedicated spiritual practice will naturally bring forth so much magic and insight to you, you will be stricken. I advise this to you with all my heart because truly, if it wasn't for meditation and spiritual practice, I don't know where I'd be now, but I suspect Depression and I would've had quite the toxic, clingy and co-dependent relationship by now that's fo sho. Try not to let the search for meaning grab you by its hands and manhandle you. Its haunting sound is that of a broken record, like an interruption from experiencing the music that is happening here and now. Once you let go, you'll be astonished how much will suddenly be presented to you. ❤️
  3. @Shin Yeeess I can very much resonate with for so long now I'll just be walking around and smiling at everything that is happening and smiling at strangers and there's either two outcomes one being that most of the time people smile back if it's an energetically harmonious day and the other being that other times some people will just curiously or nervously look at me almost as if it's unusual or not okay to smile like "What on Earth does this girl have to be so excited about?" 😆 Truth is I simply can't help myself! If I gotta smile and I'm in awe of the moment, and of Life, I'm gonna smile. And if I don't smile uncontrollably, then I will internally. Sometimes they'll just be like "" and I'll return the expression like "" and carry on.✌️Hehehe.. But where I'm from dude, if you're too bright eyed & bushy tailed in an area that isn't let's say as jolly or hunky dory, well it's almost dangerous to smile because well..from what I've gathered, happiness is a disturbance and a threat to some people who are battling their own struggles and aren't ready to let love in.
  4. @Mikael89 I say we have officially over-DoSed.
  5. Perhaps this is a sign for to us to reduce our forum intake?
  6. @Shadowraix I don't recall if I seen this one actually, I'll give it a looksie, thanks!
  7. Yes! As long as you are breathing you can meditate just about anywhere! Sometimes I find even just taking a really long walk and focusing on the road ahead, being completely lost in the present moment, is sort of like breath & body meditation where yes you’re moving, but you’re mind is still and there’s also this intense feeling of opening your heart to the world and ready to receive. Perhaps it's the endorphins from walking. Any experience in which one is actively present in and completely focused in that moment is pretty much meditation and it's almost like every moment is an opportunity to experience even more meditation! Radness...
  8. @Shadowraix Makes total sense! If that's the case then you could say that even family systems and "regular" household families can turn into one-on-one cults. Children and elders are easy targets, but children are not given a choice to decide where they want to live, so in a sense they are recruited from birth into this particular environment where parents are predatory and abusive. Many times children are captivated and forced to recite prayer in their own house. Also, all the hidden, unspoken dangers of foster care can be cult-like. Domestic abuse, slander, social conditioning, triangulation, manipulation and scapegoating are all popular in culture. Co-dependency and narcissism are both extremely common conditions in society. There are narcissists all around us on a daily basis and whoever doesn't have one in their family should consider themselves blessed. But there will be one or more somewhere in our lives. A classmate, a teacher, a coach, a family friend, a mentor, a healthcare person, a priest, a yogi, an auto mechanic, a neighbor, it can be anyone at all. And so we get used to the behavior. When we get used to behaviors, we don't notice that something is wrong until something severe happens because of it.
  9. Westboro Baptist Church Certain street gangs that seem to exhibit many cult-like personalities 🤷 Also, Publisher’s Clearing House? Although a bit of a giggle and not a “cult”..definitely a massive mind control scam towards the elderly specifically. My grandmother was lured into their manipulative trap of deception, robbery, and promised wealth & fortune for years. They would relentlessly send mail guaranteeing that she would win “thousands of dollars every week for life”, if she just donated to their organization here and there, compelling her to purchase little trivial, single-serving items, etc. She was addicted to these fictitious promises, and she was all amped about it. It was fucked up, and equally as heartbreaking as seeing a disappointed child. Dare I say, could there be such a diagnonsense coined as the Senior PCH Syndrome? I’ve noticed that it always seems so easy for ignorant people and corrupt organizations/companies to manipulate the elderly, and distort their minds with fantasy and guaranteed rewards, just as easy as it is for people to manipulate and control children... It’s psychologically exhausting after a while if one is basing reality off of soap operas, sitcoms, televangelists, prize programs and TV game shows...but to keep pathologically resorting to the lottery, and chasing unlikely prizes & rewards and financial fairy tales to the point of addiction is a whole other level of being brainwashed I think. For all we know, our own neighbors and friendly acquaintances could cultivate their own cult... You just never know what goes on behind closed doors...
  10. @Leo Gura But with death comes newly welcomed life and new beginnings; transformation. If one refuses to change, won't they remain fetal, shrivel, and struggle to live whether they're conscious of it or not? Practicing non-resistance is a useful way to prepare for death, and change. The belief of things being permanent shuts out the possibility of any change. Learning to let go (give death) to certain things in life that are only stagnating us, thus holding us back from change, will bring life to change. Redundancy and resorting to remedies to mask our fear of impermanence is preventing death of the old and in with the new; resisting change and progress. We must embody the seasons and all of its colors, such as Autumn, and be the leaves.
  11. Women Who Run With The Wolves 💜
  12. This woman clearly was most likely brought up into a household/environment that deeply valued and worshiped a certain extra-sanitary, rigid, physical reputation, identity, style, and "dress code" that disables them from artistically expressing themselves inside & out. It's completely understandable if you're aware that this is simply how she was brought up and what she was conditioned to follow. I don't see her altering her perspective anytime soon at this point in her life, it's nearly impossible because she's so accustomed to this commercialized fashion of being. These people are usually quite superficial and only concerned with looks, so ignorant that they will look at a person and only see an exterior, let alone their own interior complex. But for two people to argue over and defend their banal opinions and concerns regarding their persona and physical reputation, is only an egoic predicament. Both opponents convey and unveil the ego. And it's all for entertainment. We must try not to identify or disagree with either opponent.
  13. "The Tao is the Great Mother: empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds." 💜 "The Tao doesn't take sides it gives birth to both good and evil"
  14. @Leo GuraWell both my parents are in their early 60s now and my father especially is excessively fearful and paranoid over potential calamities, especially over things such as "terrorist threats or attacks" for example. For him, to feel protected and to defend this country is absolutely imperative in order to feel alive. In order to feel safe, secure, luxuriated, relieved and continuously unwilling to adapt to change, to the irrevocable wheel of life. Oblivious to the rest of the world, just stuck in a monochrome box, immobile and unaware that once one deeply accepts any possibility, stab in the dark, or potential circumstance, they are finally free..from all fear and free from all terror. He repeatedly falls into "panic mode" and stresses out over "what could come" which almost makes me believe he is unconsciously manifesting more turmoil, fear and internal captivation and jeopardy than he realizes. Among several Boomers throughout my life, I've witnessed this neurotic behavior and this sort of clinging to catastrophic entertainment, almost as if they get off (release endorphins/boost adrenaline) from hearing negative news. Not to judge, criticize, or generalize, but simply a pattern I've noticed which I could not ignore. I suspect a lot of this has to do with growing up during the Vietnam War...where suddenly War and trauma became normalized and advertised as part of life, experiencing spontaneous evacuations in schools due to massive race riots in the late 60s...assassinations of idealized leaders and so much more which caused them to always "look out" and feel the need to defend themselves, their country, their family, their pack, their tribe, their land, etc...and have startling panicking reactions, even over small, minor, petty things. One of the biggest patterns I've noticed was that they seem to have a difficult time embracing or allowing change. But of course anyone from any generation has this issue. But everything's always evolving whether people like it or not, hehe. Evolution is only a part of nature and it's how we adapt which allows us to learn and ultimately propel forward and live, rather than just survive. Can one truly live or survive if they are resisting to change all the time? I feel as though any sort of resistance is stagnation, is stifling, is pressure, and like anything else, eventually the truth is going to collapse and unfold and hit them like a ton of bricks. I often ponder how it would not be an easy sight to see a rigid loved one have a life-altering realization or existential crisis in which they may not be ready for, because it can be almost traumatizing I think, if one is not mentally/emotionally equipped for such a change. But sometimes I think a massive realization must hit us at the most inopportune time in our lives when we are least ready to face it, when we are least ready to change, in order for us to grow, bloom and thrive, with no struggle, but with only surrender, in order for metamorphosis to finally occur.
  15. Catharsis ❤️ Only just one of the greatest, most powerful words every human should come across, experience, and love at least once in their lives.