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  1. Leo makes lots of videos on consciousness, direct experience, and questioning everything, I think he never address pain and suffering issue deeply. look we all face some sort of pain and suffering either mentally or physically on daily basis, but we never take a time to understand what exactly is this shit, which we always running away from. So that would be good if you can make video on pain and suffering. Thanks for your work so far, its being amazing journey for me, but suffering never seems to leave completely.
  2. @DivineSoda I have done lots of research, watched all 4 parts of David Icke London real worth around 9 hours. I even strongly feel David icke conspiracy have lots of truth to it, i even believe that virus doesn't exist, its a scam. I'm just not following Leo opinion blindly on consipracy theory, I don't give a fuck of Leo's opinions if his opinions doesn't resonates with me, i know Leo try to keep us away from consipracy theories, because he has seen the issues with them. But life isn't about doing things perfectly or follow high wisdom without having lots of past experience. I think making mistakes are very important to understand highest wisdom and see the value in them. So i encourage people to go into consipracy and make some mistakes stuck in toxic rabbit hole thats when you can say enough is enough, thats when you are ready for highest Truths of life. Basically what I'm saying Put most of your focus on highest Truths and embody them on daily basis, then you can decide if you want to involve with relative Truths(consipracy theories) in a balanced way and take any action necessary which makes sense to you to fight the system. End of the day: life is just a fuckin game, play in whatever way you like, we all gonna die in the end.
  3. @Extreme Z7 Thanks man, for this question, I didn't thought about this question before until you mentioned that, your question make me thinking for hours, and I have got some powerful realization that i would like to share, hope lots of people can resonates with this and may be its valuable for many people. And also share your opinions on this. " Whats the point and why do you care, even if david Icke is right or not right, if government trying to control you or not, if 5g is bad or not , if vaccine is good or bad, if virus exist or not?. Because I'm selfish, and i care about my survival. Thats why you wanna know whats really is going on, so you can plan and do things in life accordingly and make your survival Secure. Cost of this mindest: fear and unhappiness. Higher truth or absolute truth. We are infinite consiouness having a temporary human experience, we all are one, government, reptallians, animal, all human's etc. Nothing in this world is good or bad, something is bad for you when it is threating your survival and vice versa. Everything good or bad is created out of love. If government, reptallians, news media, pharmacy, are doing things from their own will, you are making wrong assumption, nature or universe is working through everyone if its reptallians or humans and we all have no control over what we can will and how we can evolve as specices its an Natural process. Death is not bad. So totally surrender your life to absolute Truth regardless what happens good or bad (for your ego). I'm not saying don't care about relative Truth they are important for practical reasons, but put most focus on absolute Truth and work on relative truth in a balanced way. Basically keep a healthy balance of absolute truth and relative truths." @Leo Gura
  4. Hello everyone hope you doing well. So how many of you believe that COVID 19 exist, and all this deaths and cases are happening from COVID 19. Leo whats your take on this?. Any response would be appreciated. Update Before responding. Please read some of my comments mentioned down, so you can get more clear picture, Thanks.
  5. No, my eyes were open looking at the tree and grass at my backyard. Best of luck man.
  6. @OBEler This time I took lsd in mild dose, i have taken lsd many times in the past even very high dose, but i never experienced what i experience this time. Yes mate its an very positive experience even after trips finished. I have learned some much from that trip, now days I'm naturally becomes more compassionate and empathic towards other people because i know those people are me, fear of death is gone a lot, i feel peace with whatever reality shows me. I would never undo this experience it is life changing. My motivation for seeking truth become very important to me now.
  7. Hello everyone, i would like to share something what happen yesterday, I'm not sure if it was Spritual awakening access to absolute nature of reality or not. Here is the story I have being doing meditation and mindfulness from past 3years just for getting real world benefits, but i wasn't really interested in enlightenment, it was just unknown to me what exactly is that. As lots of people are going through suffering and adversity right now, i also was little bit anxious about whats going on, few days ago i checked out Leo's videos benefits of enlightenment, i got me little bit interested in this topic. Fast forward two days later i randomly meet someone who has the LSD, i got one from them, before taking LSD, i watched some more videos on self enquiry, just so i can practice his techniques while I'm tripping. As i took lsd, as lsd start to kick in I couldn't able to focus on mediation or self enquiry for past 4 hours, then i went to my backyard its very green and has lots of trees. I sit there then i started to practice self enquiry trying to find my true nature by ask who am i? And as i try to locate my self inside my head, i started to become aware of that emptiness, the i put my all efforts to become observer of my own consiouness or emptiness inside me, after few minutes something happens which is hard to express in words but I'll do my best. As becoming more and more conscious of my emptiness inside my head, suddenly there is exploding on my consiouness which move out of typical location where it resides near eyebrow, my consiouness has move way from that direction came near the neck and scattered and after that it connect's with infinite consiouness, it feels like I'm the whole consiouness I'm struggling to come with words. It feels like my body is connected with everything in the universe I'm not separate from plants or table or anything. It feels like I'm not my body, mind or thoughts, I'm just one infinite field of consciousness which was now detached from my body, I'm become that expanded consiouness, i can feel that everything was consiouness with different forms of reality. I was like floating in the sea of consiouness and completely become separate from my thoughts, Thoughts were there but i was completely detached, i was completely detached from my body i didn't care if anything happen to this body or not, because i knew i was much more than my body, I'm infinite consiouness which is one with whole reality, later i started crying with blanket of bliss wash all over me, for few minutes i was amazed what i saw can't me unseen , i was just saying wooo this can't be true it was too much to handle. I'm still shocked what i saw yesterday. Hopefully some of you can resonates with this experience, hope you can give some insights what happen to me. Thanks for reading
  8. @Gladius thats the way to go, i have uber as part time just to make money on side and i enjoy driving for uber, and also I'm working on my side project where i want to excel at. I think balance is important have something on side which sort you like and keep working on things you want.
  9. @ZenBlue thanks for your explanation it make things clear, thats the way i think about this situation. You can be peace with pain and discomfort may be not feel pleasure out of it, by staying peace with present moment and work on our true vision is the way to go to experience life fully, if leo doesn't have vision to grow we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  10. @Jonac hey man i already resigned from my work few days ago, felt little scared for a while, but i feel like life is getting better, now i can focus on my vision, that job keeps me distracted from my true desire and keep me stuck in my comfort zone.
  11. @exhale @exhale @cetus56@exhaleok that seems to make sense, but how one can be unconditionally happy when he/she physically tortured by deadly weapons, doesn't he/she wants to move out of that situation to be happy. I think its easy to apply unconditional happiness when you have basic needs meet, but if shit goes really bad you would go for survival and try to keep you safe and you won't just think about unconditional hapiness.
  12. @VeganAwake thanks for giving me more understanding, I really do feel the following our heart is no.1 thing in life regardless what anyone says, there so much noise and too much information out there to confuse us and stuck in this rat race.
  13. @cetus56 @leo so whats the solution?
  14. Hello everyone hope you enjoying your work. I'm so much confuse right now about concept of unconditional happiness and creating a life which is true to myself. I work in a manufacturing company its being few years working on multiple branches, but from past 6months and especially from few weeks I'm getting strong feeling that i need to quite this job and find something else, from past few months I'm draging myself to work in that company literally hate everyday. But I'm stuck in this concept of unconditional hapiness,. That i can be happy in any situation, i tried all kinds of mindfulness/meditation techniques to enjoy my job and live in the present moment,. But nothing seems to work that well interms of this particular secanario. There is always deep intutive voice keep telling me to quite this job and do what you desire. So my question to you guys can someone be still be happy in this type of situation even your intution is saying something else? Does following path of my intution bring me true fulfillment in my career? Its seems like to me that we need to both unconditional hapines and conditional hapiness( to follow my true desire and achieve it to be happy) to have well rounded fullfilled life, what you guys think about it? Leo if you reading this please give some insight on this issue, all cofusion arises after watching your videos, hope you can help us. Thanks