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  1. @Truth Addict @SoonHei @Leo Gura Hello everyone thanks for your all answers, it was really helpful. This morning i did deep self observation, answer was very clear, i would like to post what i learned from self observation i made some notes, hopefully thats what you guys are trying to explain, make sure we all on the same page. Here is note 12july 19. I'm just a observer/awareness with inner knowing and understanding, which has 100% No free will or 0% control. I don't know what my next thought gonna be. My intution is not work from my own free will, it works whenver it wants to. Thoughts and sensation/emotions appear out of nowhere. I'm not input to my physical Action, my brain and body controls that without any single input from me, if you believe you take conscious thoughtfulness action, again you don't know whats your next thought gonna be. When people belive in free will, what really happens to them, they themselves as awareness so attached to thoughts, emotions or Action or anything, its become impossible for them to distinguish between forms and observer, then they forgot who they are, they become that thought or emotion or action, without knowing who they are. When you realize this truth of no free will, you as awareness/observer see things from higher perspective or detached perspective. Earlier you surrender to this truth of no free will, better your life will be.
  2. If Leo say we are God, then do you think Free will exist or we have control? Please give me straight forward answers, don't beat around Bush. Yes or No? Thanks
  3. Actually my father past way in feb in an road accident this year, after one month of that incident i discover about no free will, I'm having lots of mixed emotions about my fathers death and No free will.
  4. I feel no desire and motivation for life, all goals and desire seems useless, sometimes get suicidal thoughts.
  5. Thanks everyone, it was really helpful, I'm getting more understanding about No free will now, just one more thing is depression common after releasing this truth?if yes how long it last for,and what are future outcomes?
  6. Hello everyone, firstly i would like to say thank you everyone who replied to my previous posts, helped me understand difficult concepts like No free will,ego and survival. As it was very depressing for me to here that news for first time that free will doesn't exist, but slowly after couple of months of deep self observation i can tell that we have no control on our thoughts, emotions,actions, desires, motivation level, will power, physiology, Reasons that there is no self who can have control. At this stage I'm just stuck on one thing, as we know we are pure awareness, I'm just wondering if pure awarness has free will to choice where to put awarness, i feel like i can put awarness on my feet, then move to head or anyother place, or i can choose to be aware of my thoughts instead of emotions, or aware of emotions instead of thoughts, does awarness has that kind a control or its just all illusion. Hope you also help me with this one. Thanks
  7. @Leo Gura so you saying ego doesn't really care much about physical survival but survival of concepts, self images and beliefs of our mind. So thoughts have no real value but to keep the construct of mind survive, What about higher self or true self, i know it concern about thriving and growing, but what about physical survival does our higher self help us? Does our intution not just concern about thriving but also surviving? Because lot of time i try to observe my thoughts and emotions and try to accept them as its, and try to follow my intuition without thinking, but after sometime thoughts pops out in my brain and let me keep stuck in my head and assure me feeling of control. But thanks Leo what you have done for this world, its very helpul, God bless you brother.
  8. Hello everyone, I have question about Ego and thoughts Does Ego really helps us to survive? It seems like after lot of learning about ego, that it is the biggest obstacle for our surviving and thriving in life. What about thoughts, as we know now thoughts are the biggest cause of all suffering, so why Ego and thoughts are exist in first place then? What is the purpose and use behind thoughts then? Thanks any opinion would be helpful.
  9. @Inliytened1 @Leo Guraso it is not like that everything is predetermined and preplanned, and we have no control over future, Or It's not like that whatever meant to hapeen it will happen?
  10. @Inliytened1 so if you are saying we are God, don't you think we have power to consciously create something?
  11. I felt lot of depression after watching Leo's no free will video in march 2019 Even some till now, always thinking about this topic, trying to get some conclusion, very hard pill to swallow that we have 0% control. Guys please help me if you can answering some of my question. 1. If there is no free will, then who control the conscious thinking, we can think anything creatively or imagine anything, don't you think we have some control on this? 2. What about conscious action, sometimes we push ourself so hard to take some action,which we don't feel like doing, don't you think we have some will power here. 3. As leo mentioned we should follow our intution, so who makes that choice to follow or not to follow our intution? What is that entity? 4. As Leo mention in his No free will video, gave us some steps to follow one of that is self observation, which is raising our awareness, as leo said, our true self is awareness or consciousness, so don't you guys think we have power to do self observation, and raise our consciousness? Thanks Any advice would be helpful, hope you guys have a nice day.
  12. Thanks @Inliytened1 for giving me this understanding, I will try my best to keep balance.
  13. Hello everyone, special thanks to Leo, I have seen your lots of video, really powerful and life changing. What I'm basically struggling with being mindfull of my thoughts, I aways tend to overanyalize and overthink about life and overplan too much. As Leo said we need to develop minduflness skills and raise our awareness that's the main goal of personal development. As soon as I try to be mindfull of my thoughts, i feel the fear of emptiness, or fear of what if something goes wrong or fear of forgetting something and missing out some important thing. I feel the need to think more to make my life organized and not destory my life. So my question is this do we need to think and plan all the time to keep our life handled, or just be in the present moment, and connect with being and go with a flow as told in No free will video. I feel the need to control everything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.