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  1. @Osaid nice. How long and how often do you try to fast? And what is your opinion about the dry fasts?
  2. @DrewNows oh ok my bad That was too advanced for me. I have heard before that urine could have some good properties but drinking it? It went out for a reason why the heck would someone drink their urine. At least now i see that you were not sarcastic sorry but this was too radical for me. I try to be open minded but i would never try that.
  3. @DrewNows i asked if there are really people drinking their piss. I don't get offended that easily. Probably you tried to make a point that i shouldn't ask this question here but in a sarcastic way. Or maybe you didn't like the way i wrote my question. I thought that maybe enough people on this forum have some experience on the subject and want to share what worked for them. Of course everybody should judge for himself what is stupid and what legit. You could say i drank my own piss and that's how i cured covid 19. I probably wouldn't believed you. If you don't like a question then why answer it.
  4. really? Is this actually a thing or are you being sarcastic? @Michael569 thank you for the recommendation i got the book and i'll read it. Actually no i don't hope to cure my ms with detox it's just something i want to learn more about and experiment with, to feel better maybe and have a little more energy. Tomorrow i start my treatment and i'll go to a naturopath too if it doesn't cost a fortune.
  5. @Michael569 i consider doing a 24 hours water fast. Do you think that this could be dangerous?
  6. @Michael569 does a naturopath specialize on this stuff?
  7. What can i do to help my body detoxify? Supplements, fasting methods etc
  8. I remember reading a good book about chronic fatigue from deepak chopra focused on ayuverda
  9. If you go all the way then stay that way. It is possible that after your ego is gone after some time a new much worse ego takes it's place if you are not careful.
  10. I had to move to another country in a small city having lived most of my life in a big city. I still love the city that i left but i also experienced some of the things you mentioned. Moving to a small city definitely calmed me. I think the environment you live is very important for your psychology and loud noises continously are the worst. I would still prefer to go back to my city if i could but maybe this is because i grew up there. Maybe you prefer a quite place to live because you grew up in one.
  11. I first learned about this concept from a book called wisdom of the peaceful warrior.
  12. Not the same functionality but i use an app called yt mini. You watch an ad maybe one time a day or less but then it leaves you alone. You can minimize and lock your screen and make playlists but you can't read comments.
  13. Unfortunately this is not the case with me, it should but it's not. This remindes me of a video i saw from Sadhguru i think but i can't find it. He said that a good way to stop smoking is to continue to smoke but everytime you smoke to enjoy it as much you can and make it like a meditation. This way you can naturally stop. On another video he said that you can't stop smoking because you label smoking as bad but you should just understand that is stupid. I find this one to be true. If you are really convinced of something you will probably change because of that. That was the case with me turning vegan. I loved meat and i could talk with friends for hours about the delicious meat junk food we ate in our lives. But then i watched a video that actualy convinced me and i stopped eating meat. Now i started eating some fish again because i read it's maybe better for my health. But i don't really think that i'm not convinced. It's just too addictive and a bad 10 years habit. I wish i could realize that for myself. I know that this in not the case for everyone but maybe my limiting belief is that you have to be lucky or work really hard for that to not be the case. Thank you very much for these ideas there are a lot of stuff to think about and implement. I have found and read 2 books that are very helpful for my ms. One is called Overcoming ms and the second is a book about biohacking from someone that has ms and started biohacking because of that. What a'maze'd me is that the second author described ms as the best thing that happened in his life. I wouldn't go that far saying something like this but the truth is that you never know if your bad luck is actually good luck disguised. In his case he changed his health and life for the better. I'm also changing because of this and it's not only because of fear. It's also because of the life purpose course which was great. If i hadn't lost my job because of corona i wouldn't have bought the course and maybe it would take me another 10 years to take the whole change my life idea seriously. I ordered krill oil and quality b vitamins. I am lucky to be unemployed atm so i will really concentrate to do whatever i can to fix my health involving stopping smoking. Monday i'll also start a treatment. I didn't want to but it seems i should, who knows?
  14. @Nahm hey. Thanks for sharing. You are right this plays a big role and i'm getting better at this as the time passes. There is a lot i can still change and i'll do that. I am not so bad because i was diagnosed just a year ago but it's very real. Every new symptom is something that you carry with you all the time and reminds you that you have a scary disease. It might go away it might not. Maybe you will be ok for all your life or the next year you'll end up in a wheelchair. This uncertainty is the worst. I know this is true for everything in life but it's not the same. I don't have guilt but i had an unhealthy lifestyle that i can't change. But what i'm really curious about is why it is so hard for me to quit smoking. I have enough reasons to stop but i still fail.
  15. @Michael569 i will look into it thank you!