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  1. I didn't get it then. My bad. But yeah this is the vibe i'm getting from this place in general. I don't like it, it doesn't help me that's why i'm out. This used to be a place that people helped and cared about each other. Nahm was a huge part of that good 'vibe'. His ban was just the cherry on top. I'm thankful for the time i spent here but this place doesn't have much to offer me anymore and I'm also not in the mood to offer anything here either after the negativity i experienced.
  2. See? Look at your comments. You are toxic af. Carry on...
  3. This forum is so dead because people are turned off by the group think and fanaticism on many things. Leo could be better and more respectful but it's not only about that. This is a place for cockfights lately at least this is the vibe i'm getting. Toxic shit and drama. You can tolerate it only up to a point. Until noone remains to disagree and you feel nice in your echo chamber. Noone is here for that. We came here to actualize not to cockfight.
  4. Why did i check on the forum. I knew it was getting worse day by day. Nahm is the goat here. The forum's collective ego shit makes me sick. You can't just eliminate anything that disagrees with you Leo. How can you know that you are not self deceived on at least some things? I personally loved nahm's communication style and it helped me multiple times. And I'm out again.
  5. It was a nice experience being a member on this forum. Nice to meet some of you. I don't agree with Leo promoting vaccines to his followers. Banning people that don't agree with you is not the right solution. I'll spare you the tolerance i'm banning myself. Seeing people blindly following Leo and his opinions on many topics is sad. We all respect him but stop behaving as if he is your cult leader.
  6. @4201 not everyone working in science shuts up. The media chooses who gets exposure and who doesn't. Isn't the censorship in YouTube for example suspicious? The media is extremely biased and shape what the majority of people believe. Instead of being unbiased and just give facts they do the opposite. If the media from day one was anti covid vax this is what you would believe right now. They can't be trusted. I thought this would be first grade at least in this forum but i was wrong. Even if there was such evidence it would be classified in the same category as flat earthers. The media would shut up about it and therefore it would be the same as it not existing. Media's job is to control the masses just as religions do. You can't rely on them. The problem is that vaccines don't seem to work so good. Also i have a right to my body and they won't fuck with it. To say that i will kill your grandma if i don't take it is bs. This is guilt manipulation and social pressure. Vaccinated people can transmit covid as well as unvaccinated. To be able to cut my hair or go to clubs is not a good reason for me to conform. And since when did we start caring so much about people dying? Why don't they ban cigarettes?
  7. @4201 You sent a link from a site called scientificamerican. Of course they would say that. Yeah let's make me sound like a flat earther. Why was there no covid in sommer where i live? Was it random? You didn't even answer to my concerns. You just put a label on me of a conspiracy theorist.
  8. @4201 really? I stay at home and you go to clubs but covid cases still rise. Last i heard omicron came from vaccinated people. You still spread the disease. Vaccinating most of the people in some countries doesn't seem to change anything. Who said that covid numbers aren't being manipulated? What if i take a vaccine and it kills me or hurt me for some reason? Why won't i get compensated for possible side effects but at the same time being forced to take it? I refuse to become a guinea pig. This is not democracy. This is a society manipulated by the media.
  9. @How to be wise it has to do with his covid stance. I don't mean that he should change it but many people are following him and i find it irresponsible to push it to his followers while governments are taking freedoms away very fast. As i understand it he sees the goodness of the situation from a detached perspective and just flows with it. But this is not the time for that. Conforming and surrendering to whatever they throw at us will make us more like slaves pretty fast. Going to clubs is less important than protecting our freedom as citizens ffs. Cool you now have some freedoms that i don't have because you conformed or even agreed. Just enjoy it while it lasts because more freedoms will disappear for all of us. How far should this go until you start saying no? The right action imo would be as a teacher to not take part in this division at all. @Leo Gura tagged you to not talk behind your back. Even if taking vaccines one after the other is the right thing to do (which i am not convinced of) are you ok with the forcing of the people to get vaccinated and the mandates? When will this stop? Will i open the tv one day and they will say ok now covid is gone we are returning to normal even if every single person in the world is vaccinated? Of course not. They will continue to steal our freedoms unless we learn to say no.
  10. Neither. Certainly not cowards though. They are stealing our freedoms and people just offer our freedoms to them. I want to live in another planet seriously.
  11. Yes just a wrong choice of words. I mean accepting as remaining inactive.
  12. That's the problem with conspiracy theories. Most of them are extremely stupid. Some of them could have a bit of truth in them or be true but just because they belong to this category they are dismissed. I don't follow conspiracy theories. I just know when something doesn't feel right and vaccine mandates and taking freedoms from people that use their right to their body while the vaccinated ones go to crowded places all the time doesn't make any sense. Take the vaccines (all of them) or you aren't allowed to do anything anymore but you are responsible for the risk. Really? Fuck you.
  13. This is about the last video creation vs destruction. To look at situations from levels above and seeing the beauty in them while being detached is nice and good. This doesn't mean that you should just accept whatever is happening and not take the right actions if possible.
  14. @Thought Art Of course not. I agree with him in this video. It's obvious. I don't understand why people don't get it. If he promoted vaccines and was hypnotized from the mainstream media, then he would do a dis service to his viewers. I haven't watched much of him, the opinion is only about this video.
  15. We are being brainwashed. No side can be trusted. Not what you hear in the news and not any conspiracy. Don't just believe what you read or hear. I hope that i'm wrong in the end and that they have our best interests at heart by forcing us to get these vaccines but i don't see this being the case.