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  1. I saw my father's brother today. And I don't know. I've never met them. They are already old. I don't know. I feel bad about it. We never met. They are my uncles. But I never met them. Only one. And they are old. They are my father's younger bro. Idk we're family. They are like my dad.
  2. 🌌☁️☁️☁️🌨️
  3. I think I need to work more than studying Right Now.
  4. I dont need a book all I need is work and to move around.
  5. What a weird dream. 2:11AM It was like a survival show. Or something like the squid game. People are killing each other. Slashing each others arms. Idk. It was brutal. There was a lot of running. Idk. It has to do with race. I remember there was a black man hiding within trees. Up onto a trees. Like a lion. It was night. To have a safe space. And then there was a flood. And dxxxxxg. There was also txxxxxn. And an art show. I don't know. Everybody was in it. It was a survival show. People getting mad over each other. I don't know. And there was art files . And my aunt. And at the end of the dream I was in a wheelchair. And there was my mom. Who said "she wanna go to the room" which I ended up going to when the dreams end. Idk. It was a survival show. Made me feel like my current mode/state now. Am I like the disabled? Not being able to go anywhere? Like the people on a wheelchair? I am immobiled. 2:27AM People are literally slashing each others arms. Idk. And then I fall into a drain and no one was helping me. Then I went to my mom's room. This dream are really brutal. People are killing each other. Hunting each other. Eh
  6. My father is old already. He will be sixty this year.
  7. I don't know with whom to go hiking with. And I don't have enough money yet to go hike. And I'm not physically fit yet.
  8. I had bought that book and think and grow rich. It better be good >
  9. I have bought those two books , I hope it won't be a waste of money. (It has been a while since I've read a book so I'm thinking twice to buy these books ) 2020? Omg..
  10. NO. A million dollar is all I need ~~😌
  11. @Ramanujan my country is not as poor as India or china. But we're good. I am not supposed to be poor but I've failed in life. People my age all have a university degree and masters and are working. That is the norm. But it is just me They would already have a few years of experience in their working. It was just me
  12. I think I should stop wasting my time. I am still doing nothing. And achieving nothing. Idk.
  13. I wanna buy vibrant colours for my sports wear but there's only earth colours . This shop is so boring.
  14. I want to hike Mount Kinabalu and Mount Sinai. 🏞️