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  1. @Aakash Oh, I though you were going to leave the forum for a year and come back with lots of insights.
  2. @jdenina I love ice mountains! That might explain all the wolf imagery also.
  3. Does anyone have advice for a future solo meditation retreat? I plan on doing breath-work, yoga, ice-baths, sleep paralysis techniques, mantras, self-inquiry for 10 days straight whilst in total darkness, whilst doing bramacharya. It's a big plan, but I really don't know where to start, does anyone have a vision of the process?
  4. @okulele It's like you can intuit the story through vision the more you get into it.
  5. Hey Community, I see a lot of people jumping straight into the 5-MEO DMT path, but I can help to feel that there isn't enough foundation work being done prior. Shouldn't we hold our standards high and have baseline requirements from the wisest members? And so we have these wisdom standards not imposed as law but as guidance. Examples may include: 1 Year of Daily Mindfullness. 1 Year of Re-Identification 1 Year of Self-Inquiry 1 Year of Breath Awareness/Work 1 Year of Spinal Awareness 1 Month of Bramacharya 3 Years of self-improvement If we want our members to grow and self-actualize we might benefit in showing them reasons why disipline and persistance are concious behaviours which are beneficial for both their personal life and spiritual life.
  6. Obligation and Choice. I want to help everyone to not make this mistake. When you deny yourself pleasures, e.g. sex, food, warmth, comfort, etc etc You don't do it because it's bad or it's evil. Tell yourself you can always do something if you want. (It's all about desire) What do you desire more? Ultimate Truth (God Embodiment) Pleasurable Survival Unclenched Thirst If you want pleasurable survival more, do that. Honestly if that's what you desire, stop limiting your desire. However, when you are thirsty for Truth, you will always want to fulfil that desire. The highs you chase have lows, but the most high (Truth) is the most high and it has no lows. One of the reasons for deprivation is to increase sensitivity. The more receptive you become, the easier it is for the body to be self-sufficent in creating joy. What stands in the way? Fear must be faced daily emotionally, physically and spiritually. You have a choice when you desire Truth. I personally reccomend the path of disipline because it fixes so many issues in your life and it allows you to face fear at your own pace and comfort levels. Some people want to throw you in the deep end of the fucking ocean, which I respect, but you may really not be ready to handle it. Fear Levels Fear levels really need to be considered For example, If a seemigly real demon appeared in your living room at night next to your family member, would you be able to handle that or scream like a little kid and try to tell everyone? They'll lock you up, you've definitely gone crazy... Concious Decision Making Deep Breath is the foundation of your decision making proccess, not thoughts or impulses. Do not use your mind to create a decision for you. If you want Truth your breath will maintain your concious lifestyle. (It's a way of living) If you have any demons that don't seem to go away breathwork will help you face that. (Create Routines) Case Study You must be aware something as simple as eating junk food is a sign of fear and emotional comfort. When you have that impulse how do you overcome it in that moment of battle? Deep diaphramic breathing and desire for Absolute Truth. You must be able to resist seduction if you want ultimate truth, or else you will be tricked and decieved by your unconscious mind. Homework: How many breaths have you breathed consciously today? How much food have you eaten subconsciously? (Chew it fully!) How mindful are you when walking? How concious is your daily routine towards your goals?
  7. @Hellspeed You're a fucking badass lol, love you bro!
  8. Hey Self-actualisers, After much trial and error, I was able to create my own organisation system that keeps me on track. I have my blueprint + goals section where I create real-life goals based on the blueprint. The Blueprint is who I want to be when I am alone, seeing the highest vision for myself. The weekly planner is a 7-day planner where I organise my week and the week after to manage my schedule so it serves as a time management tool. My daily routine is the daily action required to make the vision from the blueprint come true. As you can see this structure is made in 3. The bricks (Daily routine) *(Watch Will Smith, Brick by Brick) The Brick Wall (Goals) The Brick House (Blueprint)
  9. @Iksander Externally rotate your arms, relax the shoulders, and research hand mudras. That's all I really know that could help atm.
  10. @GreenWoods Seperation from the mother is part of male development.
  11. The heart chakra breaks the distinction between lower self and higher self. Once you do this, you will no longer be a non-dual chaser. As you can see the Star of David has two triangles. The top traingle (higher self) meets the lower triangle (lower self)
  12. @noselfnofun Hara Centering by Osho