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  1. @SriBhagwanYogi It's scary how delusional you can become on this journey. It's good to always stay humble and be wary of self-deception.
  2. Who is the watcher in a movie? When we are watching a movie have you ever noticed that there is this omnipresent watcher of the main character? This watcher of self is similar to what we are experiencing in our daily lives. If we were to define the watcher of self in a movie we would call it the camera. In reality there is no camera, so where is this watcher of self? This watcher of self is inside reality itself. You could say your life is just a movie for the watcher of self to watch. How does reality watch itself? Instead of seeing the frames on the TV screen, reality embodies each frame as itself.
  3. We are looking for the ultimate truth or explanation to life. To understand ultimate truth we need to explore our ideas of what we think reality is. To explore reality we must first release any pre-conceived notions. Be aware that when you transition into the next dimension or degree of consciousness it's very radical. When people say it's like waking up from the dream, it's true however the ego (you) will not be able to understand this. To give a mental image of what the transition is like, imagine a character inside a video game. If this character lived his entire life as the video game character he is never going to understand what he looks like from the gamer's perspective. That is exactly what is happening in your life, as you move through each day, you're on this human auto-pilot. To turn off auto-pilot is very scary idea because even your own thoughts are connected to the human auto-pilot. That is what we are talking about when we say awakening. It's that ability to see from the gamer's perspective, seeing the graphics on the screen of a television from inside the television as the video-game character. The paradox however is that when you awaken and can see from a gamer's perspective that everything is just like a video-game, it will still appear from your first person perspective. A lot of people call it seeing Nothingness, but I feel as though calling it seeing the graphics of the video-game works best for me. You are so inside the game that you take the graphicness for granted and it appears static and material. Exercise 1. Imagine how this video game character is inside the game and has no idea he's being controlled by the gamer. 2. Imagine that he becomes aware of the gamer's perspective of the screen and he is able to realize he's made out of the screen's pixels. 3. Realize now that you are in the same situation, you are just like the video game character who is trying to see how he's part of the game, not separate from other pixels from a first person perspective.
  4. @Dodo See my post on judgement.
  5. Judging anything is like taking a shit on the ground, forgeting you did the shit on the ground, and then being foolish enough to accidentally step into the shit and then after stepping into this pile of shit you get angry and promise that if you ever find this evil man that took a shit on the ground you will beat the shit out of him and then when you find out you took the shit and that's when you realise that the evil man was you (ego) all along. Wisdom is just not stepping into your own shit (judging) which in turn prevents you from suffering. Deeper down the rabbit hole To go even deeper you will wonder why you created your own shit in the first place that you would step into. There's no reason for you to step into your own shit. It's like a universal joke. Shit happens. Why does shit happen? I use the word shit in refrence to anything that it percieved as bad by the ego. You will then question your own judgements of your judgements and in turn this realisation that you are judging your judgements is another judgement. The whole paradox of it is that you must be careful how you tread when you anaylse something and realise that when you step into shit not only is it your fault it's your own creation. You created your judgememt, don't judge it though.
  6. @Leo Gura Is this sensitivity due to the amount of meditation that you've done?
  7. @Mu_ I am nowhere near the way of teaching. If I said I was then I would be a delusional liar.
  8. @Stoica Doru It is a scary experience.
  9. @zeroISinfinity That's a very valid point. The ego wants ultimate control.
  10. @Mikael89 When I said God has rules I mean that you cannot just remove all limitations inside the dream.
  11. @zeroISinfinity You follow God's rules, he doesn't follow yours.
  12. I was reading Zen Keys by Thich Nhat Hanh and something took me by suprise. 'Things are dynamic and alive, while our concepts are static.' This is the golden nugget, the transcendental leap. Realise this and you will become so much more aware.
  13. @Robi Steel Deeper depths of no-self feels like stages despite ultimately being just a deeper realisation of the same thing.
  14. I was wondering where everyone has their highest levels of conciousness. For me, I feel there is something very special about the night and being in nature. It helps me to become aware.
  15. @abrakamowse Yeah, that's the experience.