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  1. @Nahm I will do that, thanks Nahm.
  2. @Inliytened1 I'm not interested in liberation, I'm here as a grounded warrior seeking to improve the world through my path that I will leave behind, ending criminal behaviour for our youth who only want to be like their ganster idols but don't know how. Look at tupac talk about God, look at his heart, his mission etc. Men want strong leaders also, not only angels in the clouds. Both are beautiful in their own ways and we need both.
  3. @Shin I feel disappointment. I'm sure Leo would agree that he's upset about how the community organises itself, and he has been more active recently in removing low quality threads.
  4. @Sev Sadhguru, the most inspiring lead figure in global conciousness. He has no impact on the altered states of concious affecting our community?
  5. @Key Elements Thanks for the insight.
  6. @Inliytened1 No you don't, you don't understand social media universes yet. There's the insta-verse, the snapchat-verse, the acutlized-verse. These are like universal community as hive mind (collective ego).
  7. It's too much negative energy I feel, and also there is little respect to the wise men, and there is little care about making psychedelic research a respected field.
  8. @Matt8800 No, that's the nihilistic solipsistic perspective that needs to stop. Non-dual feels like solipsism, it doesn't mean it is Solipsism.
  9. @lmfao I am leaving this forum soon to fully self-actualize, so there are my leaving gifts. I have literally lost interest in helping people who are stubborn. Anybody who has experienced God-li-ness knows it's not an easy topic to discuss.
  10. @Matt8800 I mean people can go on putting story-lines for their perceptions or they can overcome their reptile mind's fears and delusions of how reality should be.
  11. @Matt8800 It's not mania, it's minor ego backlashing which I am taking care of. My ego-backlash is literally me being angry about organisation of a forum, let that sink in.
  12. @theking00 Anybody claiming to be Jesus son of God (Enlightened) is a true criminal.
  13. @Natasha You're right, I'm sorry. I'm just extremely passionate at the moment.
  14. @Jack River This is serious stuff, people are going to do absolutely deluded behaviours