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  1. Avoidance of what? Avoidance of your story? Nothing happened for anyone to avoid. Im not avoiding anything because in my head there is no abuse. It's only in your head that you think these things are real. I just think this isn't the place for you, you should be in a therapy group solidifying that collective story with those interested in accepting the narrative you have for them.
  2. The problem you have is that there is nothing wrong with getting raped or being bullied by a narcissist parent. It's all a matter of perspective. Abuse doesn't actually exist, because the person calling it abuse have their own biases. This is why you're an ideologue, you cling to stories about your nervous system and all that stuff, and if anyone says something that goes against your ideology you have to attack. Gaslighting doesn't exist either for the very same reason. I could turn your own ego game on you and say that your behaviour here is abusive and you're gaslighting me. But I can't because I just don't believe that these positions are real. They are relative and ultimately non existent. It's a dream you're caught in
  3. It wasn't an argument. It was a discussion. If you decided that it was an argument then that's probably something to with the mood you were in. No, suffering isn't necessary. Not in my opinion anyway. I never said you were trying to express an ideology. I think because you were so triggered reading the post I think you read a post that wasn't tagged for you. But ideology goes beyond politics. Ideology is creating a narrative, that's what the ego is, a story, an ideology, a personal philosophy. It stops people from connecting with others because if the ideology is threatened (like it was here) the person goes deeper into survival mode and tries to hammer down harder on the story by creating a story about the perceived enemy. The ego has to create a story in which the enemy is wrong and has all these issues, because without it the personal ego would feel very vulnerable. I didn't call a ban because he disagreed with me. I called on a ban because I think it's counter productive to have to waste time discussing things with materialists who are ideological. The forum guidelines that Martin 123 pulled up says clearly that anyone perpetuating an ideology and who isn't a mystic is going to get banned. This guy is focused on getting people to follow his own kind of spritual practice , but to do it you have to become familiar with all this materialist psychology stuff that does nothing except create a barrier between you and other perspectives. It literally turns into an ideology. I saw it in you and you confirmed it with your behaviour. You got lost in your own assumptions because you're not able yet to drop ideas and see with your own eyes how things are. So much of last comment to me was chock full of assumption that I couldn't really respond to it. There was no point because you weren't talking to me, you were talking to a construct in your mind , an internal representation of me, but not actually me. Your ability to contact me was crippled by your abstract mind. I was never interested in having an argument anyway. That's your internal representation of me. That's why I did the off after your last post. Like I said, it was pointless trying to communicate with you because you already made up your mind.
  4. I'm taking 100% responsibility for myself. And I'm not being disrespectful, if you actually read what I'm saying you will see that it's your dark side that you're having a disagreement with. Ya know? The disrespect for others that you won't allow into conscious awareness because you think it's "wrong" ?
  5. You have a choice in life, to believe what you're told or believe in yourself. You get to decide that. Nobody tells me if I'm going to get the virus. If I get it it will be because I joined in the vibration of fear. Believe me, I'm stronger than an ox, physically and mentally. I do observe the hygiene and I'm loaded up on vitamin c, garlic, vitmaimn d3. I am playing the game, I'm just not focusing on it because focusing on it doesn't do anything for prevention. What's the point in focusing on it when you have no control over it? Enjoy life, enjoy and be the centre rather than the reaction. Be the sun radiating warmth rather than in the cold trying to get the sun
  6. You've got a warped definition of compassion. Compassion for me doesnt have to mean panicking with others, or being on that vibration. My compassion is transmitted automatically to those around me precisely because I'm not being taken over by it all. All I'm doing here is voicing my internal process, you don't see the effect it has on people in my direct vicinity.
  7. You don't understand what I'm saying here. You seem to have a screen of ideology that's stopping you hearing what another person is saying. This is mostly about you because you're clinging to your ideas of what you think is right, so whatever youre thinking that doesn't align with that is projected onto me. I'm not trying to be a smart ass here, I'm just telling you that what you're reflecting back to me is mostly you and there is very little integration of what I'm saying.
  8. I dunno, there is a lot of ideology on here, Leo needs to decide what kind of teaching he wants to develop. The time wasted arguing with these relics does real damage to Leo's teaching. He shouldn't be accomodating low consciousness ideas anymore. It has no place.
  9. This is poison. Leo should clean this place up because you are bringing a bad vibe here with your resistance and the negative emotional consequences of needing to be right. This is why we're a mess, because we're indoctrinated with these ideas that serve nobody, keep people in bondage to the mind. It's had its time, it didn't work. It should be done away with along with religions
  10. What's next? You going to diagnose me with one of your cults many personality "disorders"?
  11. This is an ideology. I think you should be banned from this forum for trolling and splintering the community.
  12. That is your issue right now. If I were you id spend a lot of time contemplating why you feel the need to start fights with people who threaten your ideology. That's a sure sign you're not a genuine self actualiser.
  13. @Danioover9000 Human beings the way they are at the moment don't know how to manage this virus. Were using outdated and ineffective methods at controlling it. You control it with your mind. This is why we're in the state we are in as a species, because we literally create our own problems by overthinking everything. I don't know why Leo allows so many materialists and ideologues on his forum. He should wipe the slate clean with a mass banning of all corrupted influcence
  14. I said it doesn't exist for me. The rest of your assumption comes directly from your imagination. The virus isn't real, I won't get it because I'm not in turmoil like you are. You're literally inviting it onto yourself like the people who died from it have done by worrying about it. How you manage anxiety and stress is way way more important than vaccines and even diet.
  15. No problem with therapy, just have a problem with low consciousness trolling who start fights or persist in trying to recruit people into their ideology. You should be banned from this site as you fit the description of a troll perfectly. I hope Leo will be pulling you in on his crackdown of no bullshitters when he returns. These are your warped perceptions. You don't actually see what's going on because you're displaying the behaviour of an ideologue. When you think you know, you don't know and that stops you seeing what's going on with another person. I'm not being hostile towards you, I'm just letting you know that you should be banned for your counter productive trolling. I've got nothing against you personally, but you did start a fight, but you didn't see your own behaviour and the true meaning of it. Which is worrying me. For that I categorise your behaviour as low conciousness trolling.