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  1. save
    I'm going to create an extraordinary/occult /magic/outlandish/esoteric list (HELP)
    To those of you who know a place, someone, events, something, objects, other mind-blowing items in nature like psychedelics, other than that of course, or other unknown things that I couldn't include please share it here, so essentially I'm going to gather all the amazing things that really happen and create a list, like from the occult when you're in the occult... Any encounters were counted as well. Everything you've experienced, stories you've also accumulated from your journey.
    Explain something to me beyond what I know, tell me more about what I know and what you have, I'm trying to make a list of that, I'm going to create it for my purpose in life, even about human potential, please tell me what I can write down, something like a phenomenon or a person that I hope I can meet him personally. I don't want to restrict myself to this, the essense of this post is to create a list of exceptional things. Allow me to be overwhelmed by all the things you'll tell me
    Example: Mt. Kailash, Manasarover, Astral projection, dreaming, increasing clarevoyance, using electricity, Giant, Antlantis, I like to cover archeology also, etc. (also those examples I know there's more to that topic or subject so just tell me more) also Reishi Mushroom, that kind of simple stuff in nature, when I discovered it's mind blowing how they influenced us when they're in our body.
    All the list you're going to give, I'm looking forward to learning it and having a direct experience of the actuality of it someday... (guide me too) so it's important to give me those things to make a list, I want to start by asking for helping hands, and I'm going to make people understand why they really exist, what makes them work, and confuse people from all the things that really happen. So they'll feel inspired and make them aware of what's really possible, so they'll know all the things that happen here is spiritual and make them lift up and encourage them to know their own talents, human ability, or what kind of things they can do here.

  2. hjh
    Trying to understand my awakening
    Three years ago, during deep suffering I investigated my past and saw a pattern, once I had the last piece of the puzzle, that was my childhood, it clicked and I realized that there‘s a “reason for everything“. That‘s the first thought that expressed the clarity. I realized if there‘s a reason (a connection) for everything, then I‘m not responsible or connected to what I perceive. Everything that can be experienced is not connected to me.
    Just now I found this video of Fred Davis expressing exactly that: I know what I‘m not, but not what I am.
    I‘m constantly feeling better and this insight helped a lot to disidentify with thoughts (mostly guilt). But I see tendencies of the “positive“ force missing to drive me towards working harder on enlightenment. Is there a certain technique as a follow up that will help me to realize the other side of the coin?