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  1. Double Standards & Hypocrisy Mega-Thread
    Double Standards & Hypocrisy Mega-Thread
    All right, let's have 'em! Your best examples.

  2. Blueprint Blueprint
    The Blueprint is such an amazing resource!  Thank you Leo!
    Are there going to be any updates to it?  
    This list is brilliant, but I noticed that some concepts that are not fully developed.
    Please add to it!  I love it!  This is an absolute game changer!!  
    For the people out there, what are the top 5 concepts out of 107 from the blueprint that you want to work on and master?
    List the top 5 most appealing concepts from the Blueprint.

  3. Why double standards can not be solved individually
    Why double standards can not be solved individually
    The problem with uncovering ones own double standards puts one in the classic game theoretic conundrum of the multipolar trap (it would be better for all if noone did it, but since everyone else is doing it, I have to do it to stay competitive). Say I dont want the oceans to be overfished, yet fish is an integral part of my diet. If I bring this contradiction to light, I can a) not eat fish anymore; this puts me at an absolute disadvantage, since I miss important nutrients like proteins and Omega-3s, that I cant easily substitute; it also puts me at a relative disadvantage since my fellow humans will keep eating fish anyways OR b) change my ethics around overfishing; this results in me adopting some kind of libertarian worldview, thus reinforcing a race to the bottom, where everyone is seeking a short-term advantage to the long-term detriment of all (at some point there will be no fish left).
    Whats needed here (and in any example of double standards) is actually a systemic solution e.g. understanding population dynamics of fish and fishing an optimal amount of fish, to keep the population in a fluctuating equilibrium; advancing synthetic biology to create fish analogs etc.
    There are two strange attractors on the other side of uncovering ones personal double standards; you either end up an ascetic or a libertarian. This is why you ultimately can not separate personal development and systems theory, and doing so is only a red hering, that distracts from the real underlying problmes that have to be solved.

  4. 1 hour of morning routine
    1 hour of morning routine
    For a month, I have been getting up late and hanging out in bed.
    I started doing this to be more loving with myself but now I realize that I am less motivated, more lazy and often tired during the day.
    Even though I get up late, I still do a morning routine that I already had in place but it's not serious enough and I even removed the meditation...
    And then came to me this thought; if I really love myself, I have to stop this and dedicate myself one hour in the morning with a minimum of discipline.
    In the long run it will be good for me
    I thought about getting up at exactly the same time every morning and doing this: 
    20 minute in the bathroom (self-care, cold shower)
    20 minute meditation 
    20 minute boxing
    I'm still not sure if this is what I want so I'm coming here to read your opinions and maybe find something that will fit me even better.

  5. Lecture about disclipine
    Lecture about disclipine
    Think about something you'd like to achieve in middle - long term. It could be anything from 3 months to couple of years. I'll tell you that you aren't going to achieve those goals without making change in your mindset. So the key is to think when you play piano that you're pianist, when you do push ups that you're fighter and when you study that you are very smart nerd. So you have to understand that whatever you do, you must put yourself to the stake. Guy who does push ups here and there can skip some trainings, but bloody soldier can't and that's why it's extremely important to train your disclipine.
    Main part
    Disclipine is skill of doing important things regardless of how do you feel. Many spiritual people may tell you to be gentle to yourself and your body, but that's highly misunderstood. That means not to believe your weaknesses, hate yourself or do anything stupid which could cause suffering in the long run. It isn't excuse card to pass training, work or studying when you feel low. Spirituality doesn't equal laziness, but that's something that you came up with yourself. The whole point is to have best life possible and if you can't achieve your dreams then don't kid with me that you'd have the best life possible, because you obviously don't.
    The main reason why people lack disclipine is that they lack vision of what they want and how they are going to achieve that in the future. In life you shouldn't wish things which you could have anyways. I mean you could wish, but at least don't sit on your sofa thinking that possibilities come knock at your door. When you start actually living this life FOR REAL and dropping your stupid expectations away you'll build yourself again way stronger than you ever thought was even possible. Think about your plans every day and do things which you need to do in order to have those. 
    You have to learn to appreciate the path and the journey, because those are the only things you have at the end of the day. When you really like achieving something the results come faster than you thought. If you only do what you do to guarantee that you don't need to do it in the future then your mindset and goals are shitty. The goal is not to reach state where you can be lazy again, but to appreciate the joy of work so much that you don't mind doing it. Actually you will fall in love with your life and you can enjoy it by being and doing and that's the correct way to be happy always.
    End words
    Maybe it's kind of oldish, but I really believe doing couple push ups a day builds your male energy, disclipine and drive in life so I challenge you to do at least 100 push ups daily without breaking your streak. Time can't be your excuse, because last time I did 100 push ups it took me about 50 seconds so stop fucking crying and start pushing yourself. The goal is to make you soldier and fighter who achieves whatever you want from your life. So I really would be proud of you if you'd take 5 minutes to do as many push ups as you can and post your result here.
    With love -joNi-

  6. The Peculiarity of Life.
    The Peculiarity of Life.
    You are thrust into a world, no clue where or what is going on. You have to fight and claw your way to figure out what exactly is going on. You learn from personal experience, you learn from advice of others, but even with all this you still feel lost. Dealing with the maelstrom of your thoughts and emotions is like being on a rickety boat that is stuck in a tsunami. You fight and fight and every time you think you made a little head way, grasp a little control you get thrown around. 
    After a certain point, the fight is gone. You surrender. You give up. You cry woe is me. Then something shows up, a peculiarity. A crack, an error, a glitch, something shows up beyond your normal perceptions that shouldn't be there. You notice a wrinkle, but you assume oh its just my imagination (the irony of this thought) and you keep trudging along. Some how that oddity inspires you to keep moving. Its like well if something just showed up that doesn't make sense, well maybe sense making is all illusion and I have never really understood anything at all.
    Now you have made some sense, you do have some understanding, but its just incomplete. With incomplete understanding comes ignorance and with ignorance comes fear, and if that fear is excessive comes anxiety which is just perpetual fear thoughts and emotions that continually spring forth. With complete understanding all that disappears which is why it is said fear is illusion. Caution and Fear are different. Caution makes you avoid danger, Fear predicts things that COULD be dangerous and it puts your imagination to the task to present the myraid of ways your life could go sideways. 
    You have been conditioned to operate this way so even if you were to realize the folly it still feels comfortable, normal, safe. Notice feels comfortable and safe to be fearful. You cannot force someone who has comfort in their self-torment to follow you to the exit. They must suffer so much that they free themselves. You can encourage, you can motivate, you can inspire, but they themselves must find the strength that was always there to take the necessary action. 
    But this bothers you because you believe it needs to be some other way, that there is something to fix. What you don't realize is that as long as you believe there are problems, the problems will never end. When you solve one problem, you create a new problem. You create a car, to make travel easier, so you solved traveling distances being a problem but you created traffic. You create entertainment to make you feel good, thus if you don't have any entertainment or if it no longer produces good feelings you feel bad. So you seek inner peace, you say that will solve my unhappiness. So you reach inner peace, and now you are all alone because the peaceful man/woman does not have company in a world at war. So now you are alone. But you seek friends, you don't want to be alone, yes you have peace but your desire to connect with others who are unpeaceful is making you unpeaceful. 
    You see a problem is a duality, and as long as you see problems, you will never be problem free. As long as you see problems there is always something to fix. Don't worry this itself is not a problem, even though you who are conditioned to see problems would see constantly seeing problems as a problem. This is actually great because eventually you will tire out and GIVE UP!!! And when you will finally release yourself from all your struggles to fix things and change things...and will finally just BE!!!
    You are here to BE, that is all. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  7. Others Exist
    Others Exist
    If you can imagine ourselves as mushrooms. Where each of us exists relatively but also as the mycelium just below the ground. Above the ground, everyone exists separately. Now, imagine mushrooms with their sense of identity. A pair of eyes and all. Experiencing others from their individual perspective. Imagine you are a mushroom with eyes.

    Now move below the ground and discover the mycelium level/dimension.
    Then again, Who are you?

  8. A quote which opposes Actualized but has merit.
    A quote which opposes Actualized but has merit.
    @andyjohnsonman Life is simple, reality is not. 

  9. New Critical Review Of Leo's Philosophy
    New Critical Review Of Leo's Philosophy
    Some of you guys keep forgetting that this has nothing to do with me. I could be a murder and nothing would change for you other than your judgments of me. The things being pointed to are independent of me.
    If you expect me to be some special holy guy that's your problem right there. Technically I am holy and Good no matter what I do, because God doesn't judge itself. And of course so are you.
    Focus on your work, not my personality or flaws.
    If I was flawless you would start to worship me and that would be the most distracting thing for your own growth.
    See, the game is this: when the teacher shows flaws, all energy goes in judging him. When the teacher is perfect all energy goes in worshipping him. And in both cases you avoid your own inner work. This is by the ego's design. Anything to avoid the work.
    The wise student ignores the teacher and quietly applies the teachings on himself. No flashy stunts. No drama. No gossip. No debunking. No trying to get inside the teacher's mind. No arguing. No kissing up. No trying to get attention. Just application and results. If the teacher gave you bad advice you will discover it in application.

  10. Movies about Awakening ◉_◉
    Movies about Awakening ◉_◉
    If you watch a movie or a short film that included the concept of awakening I would love to here about it.
    Example: Matrix

  11. The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    I received a lot of messages about the story I shared regarding collapsing the duality of self actualization & spirituality, and using the dream board, so I thought I’d make a post and add the responses here as a resource for anyone interested. Give it a try, & have fun with it! That’s the point & the ‘juice’ that makes it work - create your dream life!
    Edit: If you’re looking at this thread you’ll probably find some insights in my videos, so I thought I’d start adding them here.

  12. A beautiful story about wisdom
    A beautiful story about wisdom
    Wanted to share this story, I just read it and found it valuable. From the book the 'Ringing Cedars of Russia':
    (A parable)
    Once upon a time—when doesn't matter—there lived a man and wife. For a long time, they had no children. At an advanced age, the wife gave birth to two sons, two twins, two brothers. The births were difficult, and soon after she had borne the two sons, the woman departed for the other world.
    The father hired a wet nurse and tried to rear his children. He raised them until the age of fourteen. But he himself died when the sons turned fifteen. The two brothers buried their father in sorrow and sat in their chamber—the two twins. Three minutes separated their appearance in the world, and so one was considered older and the other younger. After a mournful silence, the older brother spoke.

    "As he was dying, our father expressed his sorrow to us that he had not had time to convey to us the wisdom of life. How will you and I live, my younger brother, without wisdom? Our line will continue unhappy without wisdom. Those who have had time to take wisdom from their fathers might laugh at us."
    "Do not be sad," the younger told the older. "You are often in reverie. Perhaps time will see to it that you learn wisdom in your reverie. I will do everything you say. I can live without reverie, and living will be pleasant for me anyway. I rejoice when the day arrives and when the sun sets. I will simply live and work on the farm, and you will learn wisdom."

    "Agreed," the older answered the younger. "Only wisdom cannot be sought by staying in the house. It is not here, no one has left it here, no one will bring it to us here. But I have decided: I am the older brother, and I myself must find everything that is wise in the world for us both, for our line, which will live on down the ages. I must find it, bring it to our home, and give it to us and to our descendants. I will take everything of value our father left us and go all around the world, to all the wise men of different countries, learn all their sciences, and return to our dear home."

    "Your journey will be long," the younger brother said compassionately. "We have a horse. Take the horse and wagon, load as much good as you can, so you will be less poor on theroad. I will stay home and await the wiser you."

    The brothers parted for a long time. Years passed. The older brother went from wise man to wise man, temple to temple, learned the teachings of the East and West, spent time in the North and in the South. He had a magnificent memory, and his sharp mind grasped quickly and remembered everything easily. 

    The older brother roamed the world for sixty years or so. His hair and beard turned gray. His keen mind kept wandering and learning wisdom, and he, now a gray wanderer, came to be considered the wisest of men. A throng of disciples followed him. He generously propagated his wisdom to their keen minds. Both young and old heeded him with delight. Great fame preceded him, informing settlements on his path of the wise man's great coming. 

    In his halo of glory, surrounded by a crowd of subservient disciples, the gray-haired wise man came closer and closer to the settlement where he was born and which he had left as a youth of fifteen, sixty years before. 

    All the people from the settlement came to meet him, and his younger brother, also with gray hair, ran out to greet him, rejoicing, and bowed his head before his brother, the wise man. 

    He joyously whispered, "Bless me, my brother and wise man. Come into our home, and I will wash your feet after your long journey. Come into our home, my wise brother, and rest."

    With a majestic gesture, the wise man ordered all his pupils to remain on the hillock, accept the gifts of those who met them, and hold wise discussions. He followed his younger brother into the house. The majestic and gray-haired wise man sat down at the table in the chamber wearily. The younger brother began washing his feet with warm water and listening to the speeches of his brother and wise man. 

    "I have done my duty," the wise man told him. "I have learned the teachings of the great wise men and set forth my own teaching. I will not stay long in the house, for now teaching others is my lot. But since I promised to bring wisdom to our house, I will spend a day with you keeping this promise. In that time, I will tell you the wisest truths, my younger brother. Here is the first. All people must live in a beautiful garden."

    Drying his feet with a clean, beautifully embroidered towel, the younger bustled about, trying to please the older, and he said to him, "Taste. On the table before you are fruits from our garden. I gathered the best of them for you."

    The wise man ate all kinds of beautiful fruits thoughtfully and continued.

    "It is essential that every person living on earth himself cultivate an ancestral tree. When he dies, that tree will remain as a good memory for his descendants. It will clean the air his descendants breathe. We must all breathe good air."

    The younger brother rushed and bustled about and said. "Forgive me, my wise brother, I forgot to open the window so that you could breathe fresh air." He pulled back the curtain, opened the window, and continued. "Here, breathe the air of our two cedars. I planted them the year you left. I dug one hole for a sapling with my own shovel, and for the second hole I dug with the shovel you played with when we were children."

    The wise man gazed thoughtfully at the trees and then continued.

    "Love is a great emotion. Not everyone is given to live his life with love. There is a great wisdom: each person must strive for love every day."

    "Oh, how wise you are, my older brother!" the younger exclaimed. "You have learned great wisdom, and I have lost my head before you. Forgive me, I have not even introduced you to my wife." And he shouted, turning toward the door: "Old woman, where are you, my helpmeet?"

    "Here I am," a cheerful old woman appeared in the doorway carrying steaming pies on a platter. "I was held up with the pies."

    She placed the pies on the table, and the cheerful old woman made a funny curtsey before the brothers. She walked up close to the younger, her spouse, and said in a half-whisper, but the older brother heard the whisper.

    "And now, you men, forgive me, I am going now, I have to lie down."

    "What's the matter with you, silly, all of a sudden deciding to rest? We have a dear guest, my own brother, while you . . ."

    "It's not me, my head is spinning, and I feel a little nauseated."

    "And why on earth would you be having any trouble here?"

    "Maybe you are to blame. We must be having a child again," the old woman said with a laugh, running away.

    "Forgive me, my brother," the younger brother apologized in embarrassment to the older. "She doesn't know the value of wisdom. She was always cheerful, and in her old age you see she remains a cheery sort."

    The thoughtful wise man paused a little longer. The sound of children's voices interrupted his reverie. The wise man heard them and said, "Each person must strive to know great wisdom. How to raise children who are happy and just."

    "Know, wise brother, I thirst to make my children and grandchildren happy. Here you see them coming in, my noisy grandkids."

    Two boys no older than six and a little girl of about four were standing in the doorway arguing. 

    Trying to get them to settle down, the younger brother told them hurriedly, "Tell me quickly what has happened to you, you noisy children, and don't keep us from our conversation."

    "Oh!" the smaller boy exclaimed. "One grandfather's turned into two. Which is ours and which isn't? How can we tell?"

    "Here's our dear granddad, isn't it clear?" 

    And the little granddaughter ran up to the younger of the brothers, pressed her cheek to his leg, ruffled his beard, and prattled, "Granddad, dear granddad, I alone rushed to you to show you how I've learned to dance, and my brothers tagged along. One wants to draw with you. See? He brought his board and chalk. The second brought his pipe and horn, and he wants you to play the horn and pipe for him. But I decided to come see you first. Tell them all that. Send them back where they came from, Granddad."

    "No, I came to draw first. Then my brother decided to come with me to play the horn," said the grandson with the thin piece of board.

    "There are two of you granddads," the granddaughter prattled. "Will you decide which of us came first? Pick me or else I'll cry bitter tears."

    The wise man looked at the grandchildren with a smile and sorrow. Preparing an answer and frowning as he concentrated, the wise man still did not say anything. The younger brother was bustling about and did not let the pause that arose lengthen. 

    He quickly took the horn from the child's hands and without thinking said, "There is no reason for you to argue at all. Dance, my beauty and hopper, and I will play a dance on the horn. My dear musician will help me play the pipe. And you, artist, draw what the sounds of the music draw and what the ballerina dances. Draw it. Now then, everyone get busy quickly." 

    The younger brother played a cheerful and beautiful melody on the pipe, and the grandchildren all repeated after him simultaneously, choosing their favorite thing to depict. The future great musician tried not to lag behind on the melody on the pipe. As a ballerina, the little girl hopped, turning red, joyously depicting her dance. The future artist joyfully drew his picture.

    The wise man was silent. The wise man learned. . . . When the merriment was over, he stood up and said, "Remember, my younger brother, our father's old chisel and hammer, give them to me. I want to chisel our main lesson in stone. I am leaving now. I probably will not return. Don't try to stop me, and don't wait."

    The older brother left. The gray-haired wise man and his disciples walked up to the stone; the path went round that stone—the path that called the seeker of wisdom to distant lands away from his own home. The day passed, night came, and the gray-haired wise man hammered and chiseled an inscription in the stone. When the exhausted gray-haired old man finished, his disciples read the inscription on the stone:

    "All you seek, wanderer, you carry with you. You will find nothing new, and you will lose with every step."

  13. Leo (and of course all the other members of this forum), what should I do?
    Leo (and of course all the other members of this forum), what should I do?
    @actualizing25 Overall you got a bad attitude about life. You are taking life soooo for granted.
    It's not that those things won't make you happy, rather all things should make you happy.
    Right now you are looking for some escape hatch from life via awakening, but the thing that awakening will reveal is that the escape hatch leads right back here! There is nowhere to go since here is already nowhere and nothing. The secret to happiness is simply taking great interest and joy in the tiniest things, like holding a glass of water in your hand or feeling the texture of your shirt as you put it on in the morning. 
    The magic and joy is found in Being itself, not in any destination.
    Life requires passion. Awakening requires passion. Stop waiting around for passion to come from outside. Generate it from within by starting to notice how amazing reality is at every corner. Don't take anything for granted.
    Cultivate a curiosity and passion about reality. Then awakening will be possible.
    Take a psychedelic to remind yourself how magical being is. You have lost touch with being. And being and awakening are one and the same.

  14. What's the best video to introduce someone to
    What's the best video to introduce someone to
    When the student is ready the master will come. 

  15. The Art of Life
    The Art of Life
    This is a really interesting documentary about a mathematician turned modern ascetic, living a life of freedom in Maui:
    I feel it will be of interest to people
    edit: Or should I say actualized.organisms

  16. Share Here Your Paranormal Experiences
    Share Here Your Paranormal Experiences
    All sorts of the stuff that happened to you that you consider paranormal 

  17. List of Your Favorite Teachers — Mega-Thread
    List of Your Favorite Teachers — Mega-Thread
    I hope to create a main mega-thread list with your favorite teachers (not just for enlightenment, for any aspect of life relevant to self-actualization). Maybe such a thread exists already, but I don't know. If it does please inform me. To keep things clean, write the name of the teacher with a short description of what he teaches, perhaps even his Spiral Dynamics stage.
    Leo — obviously Sadhguru — spiritual teacher, seems turquoise, enlightenment and life in general, great advice Elliot Hulse — fitness trainer, very spiritual Jason Capital — VERY stage orange, but still a great mentor for those at that place, dating and business advice. Kinda similar to Elliot H.'s older vids Dan Lok — also orange, great financial advice Yuval Noah Harrari — I think he's yellow... Not sure. Interesting views on humanity, politics, and also life in general Yanis Varoufakis — great economic ideas, worth listening to People I've hear off, but haven't researched extensively:
    Wim Hof Jordan Peterson Osho Sam Harris Elon Musk Eben Peagan Don Beck Share your lists!

  18. This Week's Video Delayed
    This Week's Video Delayed "Something happend, get well soon!", "Hes studying our cult behaviour", "This is a deep lesson about attachement, cant you see it?", ""
    Leo : "Sorry I had problems with my internet provider"

  19. What country(s) allows you to live rest of your life as if you were living in a cave?
    What country(s) allows you to live rest of your life as if you were living in a cave?
    This is extremely ignorant thinking.
    Without government you would not even be able to live in a house in the forest because some gang would come slit your throat in the middle of the night or enslave you and seize your house. Without goverment you would not even have enough education to know what a country is! You would not have the internet, or property rights, you would not even know how to read or write, and many other things that you take for granted.
    Hawaii has very low property tax and the land there can be very cheap on the Big Island. You can buy plots of land for $30,000 and Hawaii weather is so nice you can basically live in a tent or a yurt and grow your own fruits and have chickens for eggs. Although food and construction in Hawaii costs about 1.5x more than mainland USA.
    But don't expect survival to be free. That is just ignorance.
    Rather than planning to be a leech, think of ways you can contribute to society. You will be much happier that way. It is not that hard for example to set up your own farm and meditation retreat center.

  20. How shall I plan my solo retreats?
    How shall I plan my solo retreats?
    Place // Home solo retreat was doable. It would be better if I set a few ground rules because I found myself distracted on the internet for 1~2 hours. Duration My recent one-day home solo retreat was mediocre, yet it was far more potent than a 20-minute meditation. It made me directly experience how good slowing down is. Being mindful and slow is far faster than losing my life to a sea of distractions. How long should it become over time? Frequency When and how often shall I do it? Types of solo retreat During my recent one-day solo retreat, I basically meditated randomly, loitered aimlessly, and wrote down insights. I think it can be better. What types of solo retreat do I need? Perhaps, should the next solo retreat be a mix of do-nothing meditation and journaling about my life problems?

  21. How shall I plan my solo retreats?
    How shall I plan my solo retreats?
    @CreamCat Leave the house and go to a cheap motel room or camp outdoors.
    The house has too many distractions.

  22. I feel bad for wanting to win and achieve success
    I feel bad for wanting to win and achieve success
    Trust me you’re not alone on this. 
    As much as we can say we are a stage orange culture, the reality is that most people I see have a completely dysfunctional relationship with success.
    You’re likely unconsciously holding yourself back because success is a very emotionally demanding thing. So we self sabotage without realizing it.
    Don’t just buy into the stories your mind tells you about why you can’t or shouldn’t be successful. Look for the fear that’s underneth those beliefs.
    Also, I would suggest going on a success-positive campagin. Surround yourself with people who view success in a positive way and see the way they view the world. Because there’s going to be slight changes in mindset that seperates you from them.

  23. I met an Enlightened Master
    I met an Enlightened Master
    This going to be a very long post, so bear with me. Lots of information here. I'm going to be sharing some information that is completely new to, so please bear with me. Also, I will refrain from putting his name on here out of respect for his privacy as well as my own. I have no clue who's reading this, so far all I know you might know the same guy, and maybe even know me in real life. If anything sounds familiar, try not to expose any personal information please.
    Nothing will inspire you like meeting a truly enlightened master in the flesh. These kind of people are an enigma. They blend in seamlessly with society, yet they stand out as a beacon of peace, love, humility, innocence, and genius. I was surprised to find someone so developed in such a mundane environment. He wasn't a stereotypical guru, passing sacred teachings down to pupils in a holy temple, nor a hermit eating bugs in a cave. Nobody identified him as an enlightened master, except me. This guy was far beyond even acknowledging his own enlightened state. His only motive was to make fun out of life. You could say that he is an undercover Zen Master.
    It wasn't just his enlightened, pure nature that was impressive. He was a classic Renaissance Man. He was a master in multiple fields. Writing, Music, Herbology, Engineering, Carpentry, Teaching, and Science are just a few of the skills he mastered that I know of. So this guy was not only Enlightened, but he was essentially a genius. He reminded me of characters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, etc. He was far more intelligent than the average person, but he was incredibly humble and always encouraged others to commit to life-long learning. He wasn't haughty about his knowledge at all, he constantly made self-deprecating jokes and couldn't stop laughing at himself.
    I'm sharing this story about this person because this person I met seems to embody the ultimate ideal of He represents of the end result of Self-Mastery. This isn't just a guy who is Enlightened. This is a guy who has been Enlightened for many years and has crafted a totally authentic life. What's more impressive is that he seemed to have accomplished this on his own initiative, before the internet. He's so advanced, he'd probably see this website as mere child's play. Quite frankly, he is years ahead of where is. This is a guy who is in a constant state of flow. Everything he does is like rollercoaster ride to him. He just never stops having fun. He has a simple, yet perfect life. He's a walking paradox. He's on a completely different level from everyone else, yet totally down to Earth and normal. Most normal, everyday people would see him as an energetic, humorous, eccentric, yet laid back and relaxed guy. Only a spiritual seeker like myself would realize that he holds great wisdom and knowledge.
    Hope you guys are excited, because I'm going to share everything (pertaining to spirituality and Self-Mastery) that he taught me right here on the forum. In this post, you will learn brand new, hardcore techniques for self-mastery that have never been mentioned on until now. His secret technique involved reprogramming the brain using modern technology in a very systematic and scientific manner. I warn you though, his techniques are extremely hardcore, and I would only recommend them to the most serious of practitioners, because it requires an enormous amount of work and discipline. It's a very unorthodox method, and given Leo's indulgence of unorthodox methods, I think he'll find these techniques especially interesting. Surprisingly enough, this is a method that is so underground and unheard of that I haven't even seen it mentioned here. In fact, I've never even used these techniques yet simply because they're beyond my level of expertise. If you want a clue, his techniques are based on the work of a great scientist and personal friend of his, known as John C. Lilly.
    So where did I meet this guy? What did he look like? What interactions did I have with him? What "gave it away" that he was enlightened?
    I met him in school. He is an English Composition teacher at my local community college. He's everybody's favorite teacher. He always made the subject matter fun and engaging. He is the most passionate college professor I've ever met. Listening to his lectures was like listening to a comedy sketch. He constantly cracked jokes, while still explaining the depth of the subject by taking complex topics and explaining them through simplistic metaphors. His class always had a fun and playful atmosphere, where everyone could get comfortable. He engaged each student personally and always made sure everyone was on the same page before moving on. Despite this, his class was the most difficult yet engaging English I've ever participated in. He went out of his way to make his curriculum as valuable and stringent as possible. He never had to take disciplinary action, although he did get frustrated when people used cell phones during his lectures, understandably.
    He had a very eccentric appearance. He is a large, overweight man in his mid 50s. He sported long, unkempt hair, and he had a beard that was braided into two strands, each decorated with colorful beads. He also had big, bushy eyebrows as thick as cottonballs. He looked a bit like a pirate. He also wore circular framed glasses. He was of Sicilian descent. He had olive colored skin, and piercing, dark blue eyes. He had an incredibly powerful gaze. I often found it difficult to maintain direct eye contact with him. His eyes were deeply inquisitive. When he looks directly at you, he looks as though he's examining a complex machine and trying to understand how it works. It feels as though he is peering directly into the deepest parts of your psyche. His apparell was unfashionable, he only ever wore baggy jeans and t-shirts, it looked as though he only bought clothes from thrift stores.
    Upon first meeting this man, I immediately found him likeable. We had many things in common. We both loved music and had similar taste, we both value knowledge and learning, we're both vegan, we both had long hair and a beard, we both had an interest in mystical teachings, we both are eccentric, and we both had an interest in psychedelics. He came across as a very mysterious guy. This was the first clue that he was someone who had been on the path. He had the energy of a child. His lectures were emotive and high-energy, pulling in everyone's attention in an almost hypnotic fashion. Again, his lectures were much like a comedy routine. His voice was loud, powerful, and expressive. He could react quickly to every situation. A lot of students, including me, would try to say something clever to him and attempt to outsmart him with trick questions, and he would always instantly come back with a clever retort, using humor to diffuse the question. His verbal acuity is rather impressive. He was authentic, yet incredibly clever at the same time.  The thing I loved the most about his teaching style was that he always took a higher perspective on the subject matter. He understood integral thinking, he took multiple perspectives on every subject and was always aware that there's always a different perspective of looking at things. A real "outside the box" thinker. He did well to incorporate an attitude of open-mindedness and nuance in his approach to teaching. I find it impressive that he ran a stage Yellow classroom, the first of which I've ever been a part of. Stage Yellow education is like education on steroids. His class alone was worth the tuition.
    Now that you're acquainted with what kind of role this person played in my life, I'm going to share everything he said pertaining to spirituality, Self-Knowledge, and mysticism. How did I learn spiritual techniques from him? He did not normally bring these topics up, rather subtly referenced them in ways that only a spiritual seeker would pick up. He hinted at his own knowledge, leaving a bread crumb trail for me to follow. So how did I convince him to reveal his knowledge? In my assignments, I would insert references to non-duality. When he asked questions, I tried to give answers that came from a perspective of non-duality. One day, I brought up the topic in the middle of class. I started talking about self-inquiry and the truth of no self. His response was dismissive, as though I was telling him 2+2=4. "Been there, done that.", he tells me. A few minutes later he handed me a book and tells me that I'd enjoy it. The book was 'Programming and Metaprogramming the Human BioComputer' by John C. Lilly. He explained that this book will tell me everything I need to know about what I was asking him about. He told me about the author, John C. Lilly, explaining that he was a mad scientist who studied the behavior of dolphins and developed a method of communicating with them. He also invented the sensory deprivation tank. My teacher told me that he used the techniques explained in John C. Lilly's book, which is totally cutting edge in the field of psychedelics. It involves using LSD in sensory isolation. This book records the most important research into psychedelics and non-duality that has ever been done to this date.
    So what this means is that my teacher literally built his own sensory deprivation tank and used John C. Lilly's techniques on himself. He didn't give me the details of the exact process, such as whether someone was helping him, or if he a psychoanalyst working with him. All he told me was that he followed the techniques in John C. Lilly's book.
    I'm actually shocked that Leo has never mentioned the work of John C. Lilly. This is literally the most cutting edge research into psychedelics and Non-Duality that has ever been done. It's right up Leo's alley, yet he has never heard of it, or atleast never mentioned it. It's a scientific search for the self. I still don't fully understand this book, given the enormous complexity of this field. Every variable which could possibly influence the behavior of the human mind has to be accounted for. How do you isolate a mind so you can analyze only the internal stimuli without the unpredictable variables that arise when exposed to external stimuli? That's the approach in this book. It's about isolating the variables that take place internally in the human mind from the external stimuli of everyday life. It's through this process that you deprogram the basic assumptions of your primal self, the metaprogram that governs all of the mind's behavior. In this way, you can actually remetaprogram the human mind in ways that have never existed in nature before.
    I might add more to this later on. I'm done writing for now.

  24. Thought experiment: what would your 80 year old self tell you?
    Thought experiment: what would your 80 year old self tell you?
    @Hero in progress One of my favorites! This archetype for me is what I like to call one's inner elder. Hehe
    This practice of putting yourself in the shoes of an elder's, tapping into age empathy, and placing yourself in their experience, seeing from the perspective of looking back upon the time line of your life during your last days or sudden final moments in time, and imagining how you will feel or how you will respond at this time can do wonders on one's overall existential wisdom and intuitive grasp and guidance on life.
    This also deals with a recognition of consequences and eventual possibilities, so therefore acknowledging and becoming aware of them before they even happen, looking through the lens of karma perhaps, therefore becoming aware of the actions we take and being as loving and grateful towards life as we can everyday before we get to that final and ultimate stage of introspection and inescapable force of self-contemplation (if we don't have dementia) where we are drawing conclusions, where lights above our heads flick off (seventh chakra), and are confronting heavy realizations, questioning if whether or not we thoroughly lived the kind of fulfilling life we always truly wanted to live from deep within.
    This is why it's best to assemble an elderly and even deathbed perspective soon in life, befriend your inner elder like you would your inner child, don't treat them like distant strangers, prepare yourself ahead of time and nip it in the bud a bit. Before that time reveals itself to you, accept it in its entirety out of pure love and perhaps even excitement, before you have no other choice in that time but to accept it out of fear or dread.
    Deep within the sea, beyond the mundane seat of vision, beyond one glimpse of the surface, lies everything we seek, yet we bide our time in seeing that everything we see, we should also seize. Seize, the entire sea, and then see. Be the eye of the oceanic unseen, be the ghost.
    When I was young I would often spontaneously envision myself as an old lady in the future, describing that current era of my life to someone, or looking back at pages of journals or diaries I saved from years ago, and reminiscing from a futuristic perspective. This always deeply fascinated me. Wonderful post.

  25. Let's talk about BOOKS
    Let's talk about BOOKS
    Reading books is essential in the process of self-actualization. Success, happiness, money, business, relationships, sex, nutrition, meditation, the subconscious mind, you name it, there's a book about becoming better at that that! One might argue that there is all the content is available for free online, but let's be honest here, nothing beats a well-written book by an expert in the subject.
    That being said :
    What is your personal favorite book topic, and why? How many time do you spend reading each day, or each week? What is the TOP 1 book you read this year? I'm in the process of creating a reading habit for myself. My goal right now is to dedicate AT LEAST 1 hour every day to reading. I don't plan on restricting myself to a specific genre at the moment, I'll just go with the flow.
    My favorite book of this year has been Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana :

    A short book about vipassana meditation. Not too much bullshit, just straight-forward how to meditate properly with a small hint of wisdom about enlightenment here and there.
    P.S.: This thread is NOT about reviewing books, there's an entire forum section for that. I simply like to encourage people to read more than do usually do, and what better way to do that than by talking about the simple and elegant activity that is reading books.