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  1. @Topspin715 @Leo Gura It's a slippery slope, but I still believe it is better to err on the side of less regulations
  2. @Kensho Comedy and wisdom are intertwined.
  3. @Devin Hm, that's deep.
  4. @Kensho hahaha that's hilarious, thanks for sharing. How did he keep a straight face through all that?
  5. So you just claim I have idiotic views, and post a gif, and that's your idea of intelligent discussion? Not sure I want to keep participating in this forum.
  6. @Razard86 You made the claim it was off brand, then didn't elaborate. I'm just curious why you thought it was first. I had my own thoughts I was going to share afterwards.
  7. Eh, maybe but then you're almost programming yourself to see work as play. Pure play time is important. If you worked hard all week, you deserve to marathon TV shows on Netflix and eat pizza all weekend.
  8. Life in prison is way worse than the death penalty.
  9. @Aaron p I agree with a lot of what you wrote in your post, Extremist left speakers will fire up the extremist right, making them both more extreme in turn. Honestly though, I think it'll all even out eventually. What you have to understand about stuff like feminism is that it HAS to be extreme temporarily to make up for the injustices. You can't swing a pendulum by tapping it a bit. You have to really push it. And that's what you're seeing going on here. @Tyler Robinson If you find Aaron's post dogmatic or extremist, you're probably exposed to too much biased material yourself. This kind of balanced and introspective meditation is rare. It's usually just Right Good Left Bad / Left Good Right Bad.
  10. @Recursoinominado @Recursoinominado The less government interference the better. The less government handouts, the better. Beyond the minimum safety regulations (which are common sense), the government has no place to tell someone what they can and can't do with their business. Local government is more effective at solving problems. The government doesn't need to tax people higher, they need to use their money more wisely.
  11. I don't support Trump anymore but he's definitely not stupid. Posts like this are why I do hesitate to discuss politics on here because if you take the Right-Wing/Republican/Conservative side in any argument you're automatically wrong. I agree with the Left on many things, but I also agree with the Right on many things.
  12. DO: Hold yourself to your own standards. Don't worry about other people's expectations of you. Do the work you love, work hard and play hard. Reward yourself for a job well done and get right back on the grind. DO NOT: Hold yourself to the standards of others. Allow others people's expectations to cloud your own vision. Do the work you feel you SHOULD do, work begrudgingly and feel guilty about taking breaks. Don't reward yourself (because you've never earned it, and constantly doubt your efforts. Good luck.
  13. @Sugarcoat Sorry if I was a bit aggressive, I was just annoyed because based on your response you missed the point of what I was trying to say...
  14. @Sugarcoat You came here for advice, I gave you my opinion and all you're doing is refuting instead of trying to have a conversation. Why did you make this post? Just to vent?