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  1. Racism is a tricky thing, and not really that straightforward IMO. It’s possible to be racist in some contexts and not in others. It’s why people can have friends of other races and then go home and complain about “other races ruining their country.” In this instance they see their friends as human and close relationships, but then see broad ethnic groups as just a vague idea that’s somehow bad for their civilisation. Its like how there’s a lot of Hispanic Trump voters who want a wall to keep Hispanic migrants out. They themselves might look like and even be related to these migrants, but due to a number of different cultural factors they end up identifying with the dominate, ethno-cultural group they inhabit (and some of the racist ideas this group holds.) So as for Stella’s father, I’d say it’s possible for him to both marry a Puerto Rican woman and hold discriminatory views against Native Americans. The contexts around each relationship are different, and it’s these relationships that her father’s ego can accept or not accept (marrying someone from a Hispanic US territory vs having his daughter date someone from a discriminated minority that also has a lot of social ills within its own community.)
  2. @Husseinisdoingfine Just FYI, Thomas Sowell is IMO bit of a conservative hack who funnily enough doesn’t actually understand basic economics. It’s good that you’re interested in different perspectives and aren’t shunning any of them, but you also have to discern the wheat from the chaff, lol. If you really want to read some great economic analysis, I’d recommend either some Adam Smith or John Maynard Keynes. Other than that, keep up the good work man. Sounds like you’re on the right track!
  3. @kag101 Id say a secure and healthy ego is good, but only so long as you’re using it as a base to then go further and get to egoless states of awareness. Being neurotic isn’t good for anyone and you should work on securing your ego first, but if you’re serious about self-actualisation/ awakening it can never be an end goal.
  4. @Leo Gura How much are we able to improve this dirty commune called society though? I realise that I’m not getting out of here any time soon, and even if I could society still offers too many benefits to give up too quickly. But a lot of it sucks as well, and it’s those sucky parts that I’d like to help change. But it can seem like there’s so many of them and their causes are so complex that it can seem overwhelming trying to navigate / uplift them all
  5. @Homer My intuition says that the answer would probably lie within the fact that Yellow is the beginning of Tier 2 over Tier 1. On the surface, Yellow and Green share a lot of values - humanism, environmentalism, sustainability, and so on. However, the difference between the two is the approach they would take to promoting these ideas. Green would start a mass political movement, Green would make badges and get people involved and go on debates with Stage Orange/Blue politicians and find as many Green allies as possible to give themselves the best chance of implementing their vision. Yellow - and I'm talking true Yellow here, someone who has integrated deeply all the best and worst parts of Green - would probably take a "back seat" position in trying to manage a society. If a true Yellow politician emerged, expect them to still go on debates, but expect that debate to almost turn into a sermon as the Yellow thinker explains fully and cognisantly their big ideas in a way that Blue, Orange and Green people can accept. Instead of trying to start a mass political movement, they would probably harness the existing organs of power and direct them in such a way that they create the maximum level of value for their capabilities. A true Yellow politician would probably also try to avoid the limelight, as their individualist / lone-wolf aspect means they generally prefer to operate on their own terms without being beholden to a large, even if well-meaning, Green community. Also, if they are true Yellow, then it's also possible they'd start to bring mysticism and consciousness into their thinking, as the beginnings of Turquoise start to develop. Whether they'd share that knowledge with the general public or not would be up to them - they could decide either way, depending on what they feel would be the most beneficial to society. All of this is just speculation though, I think we've still got a long way to go until anyone of this calibre can come close to holding meaningful mainstream political power. The addition of Marianne Williamson is a unique development in this regard, as she is obviously bringing a lot of Yellow/Turquoise wisdom to the political arena, but I would not consider her true Yellow as she still has a large Orange / Green aspect. Also these are just my ideas. How accurate or not they are I cannot aay.
  6. @Ibn Sina Let's say I take enjoyment out of making fun of people. In fact I do it so much that I do it to everyone I meet. And not just playful teasing, but straight up cruel mockery. Obviously a lot of people would get hurt by my behaviour, right? People would call me out and want to get me to stop. What you're essentially saying is "Why should I care about the people I hurt? I benefit from mocking people, so why should I stop?" And just to reinforce the point, maybe I come from a powerful group of people where mocking others is seen as a sign of wit and prestige. When people start to question my behaviour, I just say "But it's natural to mock others. That's just the way it is." Obviously the point is that it's not "just the way it is," it's instead a set of behaviours I have been taught from the power dynamics around me and want to keep these dynamics going. All the mental and psychological damage I cause from insulting people doesn't matter to me, when really in a more conscious society it would.
  7. @Nak Khid Just FYI, it's probably best not to just copy+paste entire articles and post them here. Most people won't read them that way and important information will get overlooked. Maybe try just posting the link and maybe one or two crucial paragraphs instead next time.
  8. Leo actually has a bunch of videos on epistemology, it's one of his favourite subjects. It's a very useful tool for awakening and grasping non-duality
  9. What Trump has done is nothing like claiming tax exemptions for donating to charity. What he has done is defraud the government of millions of dollars of his taxes over the years, which is illegal. There's a good reason why Trump, unlike Bush, Reagan or even Nixon, has refused to release his tax returns.
  10. @The Don Finding loopholes is not the "law of the land." That's why they're called "loopholes." In a high-conscious society, no loopholes would exist.
  11. @The Don It's so legal you'll go to prison for trying it
  12. @The Don I'd like to hear your thoughts on what stage Green teaches us
  13. Stage Red revenge/willpower reacting against Stage Blue rules and regulations:
  14. So your beef is with relativism then? In that case, what, may I ask, is it about relativism that you disagree with specifically?