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  1. @Topspin715 @Leo Gura It's a slippery slope, but I still believe it is better to err on the side of less regulations
  2. @Kensho Comedy and wisdom are intertwined.
  3. @Devin Hm, that's deep.
  4. @Kensho hahaha that's hilarious, thanks for sharing. How did he keep a straight face through all that?
  5. Between the Simpsons, Carnivale, New Radicals, classic Playstation games and Russian music being posted on the blog lately, I'm so glad that Leo is giving a shout to great pieces of creativity in the world. Far too often, watching Netflix or playing video games is seen as a negative activity or a waste of time in self-actualization, and I'm glad that Leo is going against the grain and showing us these things for what they truly are: some of the best tools for self actualization out there, when used properly. Looking forward to more recommendations in the future, and the new direction of
  6. So you just claim I have idiotic views, and post a gif, and that's your idea of intelligent discussion? Not sure I want to keep participating in this forum.
  7. @Razard86 You made the claim it was off brand, then didn't elaborate. I'm just curious why you thought it was first. I had my own thoughts I was going to share afterwards.
  8. Eh, maybe but then you're almost programming yourself to see work as play. Pure play time is important. If you worked hard all week, you deserve to marathon TV shows on Netflix and eat pizza all weekend.
  9. Life in prison is way worse than the death penalty.
  10. @Aaron p I agree with a lot of what you wrote in your post, Extremist left speakers will fire up the extremist right, making them both more extreme in turn. Honestly though, I think it'll all even out eventually. What you have to understand about stuff like feminism is that it HAS to be extreme temporarily to make up for the injustices. You can't swing a pendulum by tapping it a bit. You have to really push it. And that's what you're seeing going on here. @Tyler Robinson If you find Aaron's post dogmatic or extremist, you're probably exposed to too much biased material yourself. This kind of balanced and introspective meditation is rare. It's usually just Right Good Left Bad / Left Good Right Bad.
  11. @Recursoinominado @Recursoinominado The less government interference the better. The less government handouts, the better. Beyond the minimum safety regulations (which are common sense), the government has no place to tell someone what they can and can't do with their business. Local government is more effective at solving problems. The government doesn't need to tax people higher, they need to use their money more wisely.
  12. I don't support Trump anymore but he's definitely not stupid. Posts like this are why I do hesitate to discuss politics on here because if you take the Right-Wing/Republican/Conservative side in any argument you're automatically wrong. I agree with the Left on many things, but I also agree with the Right on many things.
  13. DO: Hold yourself to your own standards. Don't worry about other people's expectations of you. Do the work you love, work hard and play hard. Reward yourself for a job well done and get right back on the grind. DO NOT: Hold yourself to the standards of others. Allow others people's expectations to cloud your own vision. Do the work you feel you SHOULD do, work begrudgingly and feel guilty about taking breaks. Don't reward yourself (because you've never earned it, and constantly doubt your efforts. Good luck.
  14. @Sugarcoat Sorry if I was a bit aggressive, I was just annoyed because based on your response you missed the point of what I was trying to say...
  15. @Sugarcoat You came here for advice, I gave you my opinion and all you're doing is refuting instead of trying to have a conversation. Why did you make this post? Just to vent?
  16. Also, These commenters are taking everything Leo says out of context to demonize it. When ironically, if they actually watched Leo's content, they'd recognize how foolish and dishonest that really is.
  17. From 2016-2018, Leo's channel was great, with dozens of golden insights. If these commentators watched all his older, more practical videos they might think differently. But then from about 2019-2022, Leo's content lost that practical value, and his new format was to come up with a bunch of different concepts to all say the same thing "You are God, you are everything, etc." There's nothing wrong with spiritual content, but there is something wrong with repetitive content. I will say that ever since he made the "The Next Evolution Of Teachings" video, the quality of his stuff has been going up again, and he may reach that 2016-2018 peak once more. Time will tell. You might ask why I stick around here when I'm mostly a fan of "old Leo"? Well, just like people may keep supporting your favorite artists even when they're not the biggest fan of their newer work, Leo's stuff had such an impact on me back then, I feel like I owe him my constant support. Besides, I've been going through a lot of struggles since 2019, and I'm not longer the same person either, but I'm trying to get better every day.
  18. The positive traits of that person outweighed the negative ones for them, so they'll come to their rescue. My thoughts on it, anyway.
  19. "I’ve learned not to go to peoples house the first time and definitely not plan to sleep over. I usually don’t do it, but he was just this super skinny non intimidating nerdy guy and based on his vibe there was no risk. " Maybe the vibe sucked because you subconsciously made him feel like he was dangerous? I definitely don't go into a hangout worried if someone there is going to beat me up. Like, what?
  20. Scientifically minded people need positive proof for whatever they believe. There is no positive proof for God that they can perceive, thus: they are atheist.
  21. You can find dirt on anybody. My role models (male or female) are ones that inspire me. Steve Jobs, Vince Gilligan, Tarantino, Mark Z. Danielewski, Plato, Aristotle, Kanye West, etc. I'm inspired by the trailblazers, the geniuses, the innovators, etc. The greatest people might also have some toxic traits, but that doesn't mean they can't still inspire me.
  22. @Ry4n I totally agree with you. There are a lack of positive male role models that speak on men's issues. Banning Tate is just going to make the problem worse. I'm not even a fan of him (although he's a good talker and has some good advice). I just don't understand how his opinions are any less radical than all the radical feminist channels on YouTube.
  23. @something_else I really don't like how you frame things. "Men are ruining the dating forum for women". The forum is for both genders, and both genders are notoriously bad at understanding the other.
  24. Well look at it logically. They don't want you right now. That's pretty clear, so stop giving a fuck. Focus on other things. Pretend like you're the last man on earth. What would you do with your time? Do that. Truth is, that internal urge you're feeling is going to come and go. It's biological. But that doesn't mean you have no control over it. I'm in the same position as you, and I stopped caring about the dating shit a long time ago. Once you accept you're never going to participate in it, and you're okay with that, things become a lot easier. Now obviously, if an opportunity with a woman comes your way, experiment with it. And if you look at the numbers, there are billions of women in this world. At least one of them will want to have sex with you. If you have problems with all 3 billion of those people, you've got bigger problems! Give it a shot. Just hope for the best, and expect the worst, and you'll be fine. Your frustration at the moment is that you're expecting the best because you think you're a great guy. Sadly, women don't agree lol. But it's not your problem. Just once again, focus on your own shit. The urge is never going to go away, so you basically have 2 options: a) Continue sulking and be miserable. b) Say fuck em, and enjoy your life. I'd choose Option B.