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  1. @Leo Gura Do just set the intensjon to experience love? I just say to my self before the trip. "to day i want to you to show me the infinte love leo is talking about these days" "It wold be great if just let me see what love is all about then we are good"
  2. @fridjonk Just found a list of psychedlics that can give me an experience of love. As you can see the Imidazoline1 receptors can give you a good chance to experience love. LSD does not activate that receptor.
  3. Your question is based on duality. Your god. Your basically asking "can we ask yourself for help?". Your basically asking if it is possible to ask yourself for help.
  4. Leos new video about love was a bit hard to understand. It sorta went right into my hear and out the other. What are the best psychedlics for experience love?
  5. Try to just keep the mind silent for long period of time, maybe it will reveal your true self in this very moment. Here is my formula to show your true self. Focus on your true self+silent mind=True self
  6. I hear a lot of great things about kria yoga these days
  7. Sorry, but this was a bit hard to understand could you explain in more detalis? Just dont give me all the details of sex.
  8. So what is the most satisfying and rewarding thing you can pursue the truth or sex whenever you want? So lets say you had a lot of sex when you were younger and then you decided to pursue the truth. If you had to compare sex and truth what would you say were the most important and satisfying you did? I would compare my self, but i have never had sex.
  9. I dont know why, but for me this duality bettwen external world and me is collapsing slowly. I meditatet one day and became even more conscious the fact that i exist and i'm like holy fuck what is this existence. I actally got scared of existence. I dont know why but i'm now seriously doubting there is such thing as external world. Am i just writting this to my self? Just being open to the possibility that all of reality is me is alreade too scary. That would mean that i'm all alone. Although i'm just at the tip of the iceberg.
  10. @Leo Gura What chemical? Is at a new psychedelic you have discovered?
  11. no That is actally a very good question. I'm actally not sure. I think it is possible, maybe if you have a higher dessire or passion then sex. You can contoplate that question and see if you get to an answer.