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  1. People here seem to forget there exists something called plastic surgery. You can just get a surgeon either with money or free healthcare to change your physical looks. Personaly thats what i did. I was born with a deformed face, so the surgeon fixed me. Not sure if it has helped me to attract more girls tho. It definitely boosted my confident when i go out on nightclubs, no longer so insecure about my looks anymore.
  2. What if i am not sure what i want? Just sleep around untill i figure it out?
  3. I usually don't like taking drugs in the morning. I do a lot of studying, thinking and exercise in the morning so LSD will prevent me from doing any work. I guess taking 1 day vacation to trip wont do much harm, but still...
  4. I have in possession 3 tabs of LSD 110 uq each. I am 21 years old and i have lost count over how many shrooms trips i have done, but a good amount times. I have done 3+ grams of shrooms 4 times now. So I have gotten a bit of experience in using shrooms at higher doses. I have heard LSD is stronger than shrooms so I should be more careful right. My questions about LSD: Should I use a trip sitter? How are shrooms and LSD different from each other? I don't want any surprises. Can I walk outside in nature? I love looking at trees and clouds melting. I really enjoyed the visual effects of shrooms. Do i just put the tabs in my mouth and it will work? I guess i can also just ask my source.
  5. I am 21 years old and a very ambitious guy with a lot of passion for life. The only problem is there are just so many things in life I want to do and with limited time. There are so many things I want to master or at least get very good at. Here is a list: Physics Chemistry Math Biology Life-purpose (painting/art) Politics and geopolitics Pick-up (10000 approaches) my goal Working out for health and decent body-physique 100% clean diet. Get rich Speak fluently in German, Spanish and French Learn martial art Reach deepest awakenings one can get to (spirituality) Reach stage stage turquoise spiral dynamics Explore different states on consciousness on over 61 different psychedelics I am having a hard time figuring out where to put my time and energy into. It might be a bad idea to focus on all of them at once each day. Currently I am working on learning math, chemistry, working out, life-purpose and pick-up. Any pro advice? How many things should I focus on during each day, how many hours for each thing? What should I prioritize to get the best life possible? Can I master more than 1 thing? How do I learn it all during my lifetime? Learning to speak fluently in German, Spanish and french might take some time.
  6. So i have done 10 trips on shrooms so far, i have started to sorta understand how shrooms work. I have been analyzing all of my shrooms trips to see the commonalities and differences. How shrooms morph consciousness and common patterns that occur depending on the dose. Note: This is my own personal experience, these might not be the same case for you, since psychedelics affect everyone differently. For me there occur 2 phases in my shroom trips with common patterns on almost all my trips on dose between 1.5 - 3.5 gram. 1. The come up 30 - 120 minutes: This is the worst phase, with the highest probability of a bad trip to occur. Physical effects: High heart rate stomach pain uncomfortable body load cold as fuck. Like I wonder if I am sick or have the flu. Then mentally I will get low consciousness desires or thoughts. Feeling horny wanting to have sex or jerk off, play video games, watch porn and listen to music. Then I start to get voices inside my head with negative self-talk. Like telling me “you are a failure” or “you will die alone”. Feeling lonely and wanting to talk to anyone, but a bad idea on shrooms. 2. Mid peak and come down 2.5 - 5 hours: If i survive the come up i reach heaven. This is a completely new state of consciousness where I feel ecstasy, love and peace. Physical effects: Uncomfortable body load goes away and I start to feel ecstasy in my body Getting warm in my body Heart rate is less intense Feeling very energetic, feeling like taking a walk. Visual effects usually occur on 2 grams +. Mentally I get insane clarity, being able to think straight. More in control of what thoughts enter my mind. This clarity sometimes feels so heightened that it gives the illusion of me thinking I am sober. This is why shrooms are such an amazing spiritual tool for contemplation. Not only does it spark clarity, but also curiosity in understanding what reality is. I feel complete. Materialistic desires for sex, money and entertainment fade away. The come down is generally much the same, just less intense. One common pattern in these 2 phases is what I call Singularity of consciousness. If I focus on a thought, object or a question for long enough I get sucked into it like a black hole. For example if I get negative thoughts and I keep my focus on these thoughts they will intensify and become more rapid. This singularity of consciousness is what will cause a bad trip. Another example if I focus on the question “what is reality”? I will start after some time to get insights into the question and it will affect my ego, where it will lead to ego death. I start to get scared of the question and I feel like I am dying. The good news is that when I start to understand these mechanisms of shrooms, I can make predictions of what will happen during my trip. This helps in controlling the trip for spiritual growth and avoiding bad trips. Although I would not be able to predict what would happen if I took a dose higher than 3.5 grams, that is unknown territory for me. What are your thoughts on this? Why is the come up such a hell?
  7. @Princess Arabia You're probably right about not taking drunk girls too seriously. I might have taken these girls as a win too much maybe. At least they boost my self-esteem to just keep going, even if they were drunk. During the day, they usually won't give me much time to talk with them. They just tell me they are busy.
  8. @NoSelfSelf Never said i was perfect, they still gave me fake numbers. Also i do plentey of mistakes, i don't really know what the hell i am doing. I just experiement, try stuff out. Try different lines, see what i can get away with or what would be wired to say. Like saying "I am to shy to come home with you". I tried it on different girls to see what their reaction would be. Some laughed other gave me the "your a creep look". I am totally noob when it comes to talking to girls, never even kissed girl either. I am just trying to get some insights on what i am doing wrong and what i could improve on. Sorry if i sounded like i was boasting. I just report what i experience.
  9. Now i am really confused????? Did i say something wrong??
  10. 1. Touching feels nice, they don't mind. Also girls touch me too. They grab my hands, hugging me or touching my legs. Some girls have more balls then most guys. One time i approached some girls and they were like "Come with us". Just some random girls at the street going to a night club. 2. I dont beg for girls' numbers, they happily give it to me. Also they tell me to call them or text them. If I ask them for their numbers and they say no, it is mostly because they have a boyfriend or are not interested.
  11. I am 21 years old and since the beginning of august i started my pick-up journey. I go out solo and sober. I have so far approached 70 girls. I have actually done mostly night games, since the city I live in has mostly a higher volume of hot girls at night then during the day. I have gone to bars, loud night clubs and approached in the street. I have only reached hook-point with 4 girls I think at least.The rest did not even want to talk to me or they told me they had a boyfriend. The 4 girls i managed to reach hook-point (i think) in chronological order: 1. I went out with a friend since I did not have the courage to go out alone to bars. Me and my friend were talking to some guys at a bar and 3 girls approached us. She sat down with us and i instantly started to drill my eyes down on her to keep the eye contact strong, while talking to her: “She asked me what i was doing” “Me: i told her i was broke and wasted all my money on going out on bars, in a funny non serious way”. I basically tried to disqualify myself like leo told me to do. She started to laugh and touched my arm and told me at least I was being honest (I was not really). Then she started to ask me if I had any ambitions I was aiming for. Then the conversation went smoothly. I could see she was having trouble keeping eye contact on me. Meanwhile mine was strong. Then her friend came over to me and started to shake my hand, was like “hey bro”. I don't really remember too much, I was very nervous. She told me they were going to another bar, unfortunately I gave her up and did not ask her if I could come with her. This one looked so free, but I was an idiot. 2. My first approach for the night. I instantly approached a group of girls on the street in the middle of night. I opened up with “Hey i know this is kinda random, but you looked so attractive, i wanted to come over and talk to you. She was like awwww, then she started to smile and hug me 3 times in a row, basically squeezing me. This one caught me off card. I did not think a girl would be so happy and touchy within a few seconds after approaching her. She just grabbed my hands and spun around looking me into my eyes and asked me where I came from. Never seen a girl so happy after I approached her. I was nervous as fuck, but her hug calmed me down. She legit started to shoot questions, while squeezing both my hands. Her friend was annoyed at her since she was messing around with me and not moving. Although I was yet again an idiot for not asking her if I could come with her, I instead went for the phone number. Her phone number was not in service, so either she gave me a fake one or she mistyped. Maybe it was the alcohol. She looked like a girl who had drinked a bit. 3. This time I did not make the same mistake for a 3rd time. I approached a large group of girls, too many to count. I went for the hottest girl like (8/10). I opened up with “you look like a sexy lady so i wanted to come over and talk to you”. She was just laughing, then I made an assumption about her. “You are from California right?” This happened in Norway so it did not make any sense, but I decided to be dumb on purpose. Here I also immediately physically escalated by touching her shoulders. I had strong eye contact also, I could see she was smiling, although I was doing all the talking. She told me they were going somewhere. Then her friend went over to me, told me to get lost. I Ignored her and started to go over to the girl I was initiating. I assumed I had her hooked, and that I could come with her. As I was walking with her she stopped me. She: “Sorry dude, but you can’t come with us, since this was meant to be a girl-night only. I went for the phone number, although her friends were just walking away so she just started to type it fast. So this one was also fake or she mistyped. As she was running back to her friends, she told me to call her. 4. I opened up with the same line like with 2. She was like: “Thank you. You are so kind” It is so nice of you to come over and approach me. Me: Yeah, i hear many people telling me i am kind” She: But seriously tho, you look like a kind gentleman (She meant physically). She was with her friend who was just crying. I could see tears running down her face. While laying her head on her friend. I asked the girl if her friend was okay. Then she told me she was going through a difficult situation in her life. I had no idea what to say to her friend to make her feel better. I knew this one was going to be difficult to get them to follow me to a bar or new place. I tried anyway, got a no. She just said it was a bad time. I gave her my phone. She typed down her full name on my phone+number. She told me to text her back. The day after I texted her back. A girl responded, but told me it was not her. She had apparently never met me. She asked if I might have got the wrong number. Wtf guys, do these girls give me fake numbers on purpose or is it the alcohol? Why would they give me fake numbers when they start to touch me and tell me to text them back. They just look so happy when I approach them. Any advice on these problems i usually encounter: - The girls are telling me they are going home. - Dealing with all of her million friends. Either her friends are drunk, crying or look angry/annoyed. - How to talk to girls at loud night-clubs where speaking is legit impossible. - Not getting fake numbers. This part is so fucking frustrating. Should i try to go for her snapchat instead, less likely for mistyping? Calling her on the spot to check if it's correct? - Where do I physically escalate after shoulders or arms? - Telling if the girl has taken too much drugs or alcohol. I usually encounter a lot of girls that just look a bit gone and just mumbling. Sometimes I can't understand wtf they are saying. - Also why do girls get so touchy. Is it my physical appearance or my game? I get a lot of positive responses from many girls even when they have a boyfriend. I had once a random girl start to touch my chest and drag her hand down on my legs, on my dick area. This was one the dance floor.
  12. Norway condemns attacks on Isreal, but is the only western country that refuse to call Hamas for an terrorist organization. It has created a lot of split in nowegian poltics.
  13. I agree, but lower dose like 1 gram and 2 gram was weak. Althought maybe my scorces had just very potent shrooms this time. My sources are bit everywhere so i can not tell if its good or bad stains. I have had bad stains before, so weak it was very disappointing. I have done 1 gram and i could just barely feel the effects, with no tolerance.