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  1. I think most popular psychedelics to do pickup with would be 2C-B on a party and talk to girls.
  2. Is weed+DMT safe? If so, i would love to try it out someday?
  3. Maybe meditations can help you more pratical in everyday life, while Psychedelics can give you stronger mystical experiences, but they do not stick when your down from the drug.
  4. @BlackMaze Why not ask a doctor with 10 000 hours of experience with plastic surgery. Go ask a master within plastic surgery. They do exist out there in the world.
  5. Now i understand why you look like a stick lol. No offence ofc.
  6. @Leo Gura So i guess what you are saying is come back next century. Maybe you could try in 2120.
  7. Why not go to out at a party, nightclub or a rave party late at night to approach girls. I think that is easier to do then just random day time approach.
  8. I want a bad bitch in my life, just like a girl want a bad boy.
  9. Anyone understand the words that these incels use, Very different language they use then on this forum.
  10. Nothing wrong with taking some drugs to chill once in a while tho. As long as you dont use it too much.