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  1. I can confirm I've had good results with following Dr Joe's morning and evening meditations, which essentially help you to visualise desired future events and connect it to positive emotions. This rewrites your habitual patterns of thinking and gets you carrying out the actions you've visualised more naturally and effortlessly. It's also a powerful reminder of how you can change your state instantly
  2. @SimonaMay Did you carry on with Modafinil or give up after those negative effects? I'm planning on using it for my studies soon as I have to work too to support myself. I'm hoping this tool can get me through ok. Possibly some microdosing too as I think psychs are similar to Modafinil in some ways. Broader thinking, the quietening of the mind.
  3. @SimonaMay So you didn't get any of the positive effects at all? Just dizzy and tired? Hmm. Tired I can understand, as your body is going into overdrive and you're bound to crash a bit, especially if you stay up for a long period.
  4. @Wilhelm44 That's a gem right there, thanks. This is actually a good thread as everyone is able to share some of their own deepest insights
  5. Yeah man, I have to admit I was a bit put-out when I heard that Leo wasn't gonna share his deepest insights any more, but the more I think about it, and after reading this, I totally agree. Leo has been carrying most of us for years and it's high time we got of our asses and did some of the work ourselves. He has his reasons for limiting this message I'm sure, and like you say, look at all the free content and value he's given. Leo will always be my captain and I won't jump ship just because he sees an iceberg
  6. @PurpleTree Nice. I like Leo's satisfaction meditation practice for learning how to to this i.e become content with any scenario, even a painful one
  7. Try actually making yourself scared, consciously, when you feel a panic coming on. It's counter Intuitive and somehow works quite well for me
  8. @Nahm Yeah I'm the Prince of conceptual overlays I think I really like this passage from the article you linked: "What’s dispelled & seen through are conceptualizations of yourself, how you feel, and reality. The ‘shift’ from focusing on (unknowingly) believing conceptualizations… to what you are actually feeling - emotions - it a shift from focusing (often exclusively) on thought(s)… to receiving the emotional guidance of, Source." I spend too much time in the attic of the mind, that's my issue. Lost in concepts, detached from the present moment and my body. Concepts just beget more concepts and are constantly recycled right? Like it says in the article, they make you detached from truth. I'm feeling much better already. Have been feeling a bit despairing and trapped by habitual thinking patterns and emotions I can't seem to break out of.
  9. @Terell Kirby Yeah those are definately two of my favourite past times. I have a lot of work to do, thank you
  10. @Nahm Thanks Nahm. My manifesting game never quite materialised. I read that book from Leo's booklist, the great one on visualisation, but I've never put the time and effort into directing my focus and intention in such a way to rewrite my neural pathways and create what I truly want from source. I'm still stuck with a lot of uneccessary ego smog. Also, the distractions are immense. But when you mention dreamboards, and having read a bit of that article you sent me, something inside me knows this is the way forward. I have to use the present moment to take myself out of 3D consciousness, which Matt Kahn calls a time Loop. My present is constantly being defined by my past due to the churning up of stagnant memories and beliefs which keep me locked in reacting to them rather than proactively creating something different. I'll finish your article and try out dreamboards. I think I remember you saying that Abraham was your go-to. That must be for a good reason
  11. @Nahm Thanks for that Nahm. I'm finding it a little difficult to get my head around though. Could you expand on this thing about the dream board and please explain what that is and why you think it's a good idea for me?
  12. @catcat69123 Yeah I like this dude. He has a no bullshit approach like Leo. Cool voice too
  13. @catcat69123 Thanks dude I'll check him out
  14. @hyruga How can I ever verify if anything I perceive lays outside if my mind, if everything occurs within my mind? When I experience myself as old, that's still a subjective, relative experience, that occurs within my mind? Or is it just the labelling of it that occurs in the mind? Can we differentiate between awareness and mind perhaps? Are you saying that there is phenomena and then the perception of that, the labelling etc, is mind activity, but there is. something more primal? I always took Leo's teaching to mean that even the sense perceptions are an aspect of mind and so is consciousness itself. If the universe is an infinite intelligence, isn't it akin to a Mind? For me this also explains how reality can shift and distort on a psychedelic. There seems to be a lot of people that either haven't watched the video I referred to for this discussion or disagree with its teachings. What kind of cult is this? jokes
  15. @Nahm When you saying 'being myself,' isn't this something that's not set in stone, but something I'm constructing constantly, hence the mind game? Leo has said lots of times that reality is inifinte mind, and this is what I mean by playing the Mind Game, I'm referring directly to his teachings, unless I've gotten something wrong. I can't see how I cannot be myself if my 'self' is all there ever is? If the universe is an intelligent mind, what I'm asking is, how do I create, as the intelligent mind that I am, as skillfully as possibly, in order to self actualise and evolve up the spiral efficiently? Hope this clarifies things for you buddy