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  1. You could get a job and work to pay for your travels, or you could start a career that involves a lot of traveling, for instance become a pilot or a doctor who works in remote locations. Traveling itself is not a life purpose. It may be something you really enjoy but what value does that bring to others?
  2. What about unexpected negative outcomes, could this lead to reinforce you in a negative direction? ie. make you more aversive of that experience? It's much more likely for a cold approach to go poorly than to go well.
  3. i sure as hell wouldn't start taking an anti-psychotic for lack of motivation, that's rather absurd for your psychiatrist to suggest that. The side effects of such things are not to be taken lightly.
  4. You don't want to wait multiple days before texting a girl, in day game you'd want to text them later that evening or the at most the next day. In night game you really want to pull that night. Getting a girl's number at a club is unlikely to lead to a date, they are looking to get laid that night. Also what exactly are you texting them? Hook ups can lead to relationships. Probably a better idea to do day time interactions or social circle if this is what you're after, there's also dating apps such as Hinge.
  5. Best to stop watching it then. It makes the most sense because it has a large element of truth to it. However a lot of those black pill videos have a negative under tone to them with many people seeming to believe that their situation is hopeless, better not to get infested with their negative energy. I'd stay away from red pill and pua videos too, the majority of the advice they offer is terrible and will harm your results with women, not to mention all the manipulation and scams they perpetuate. Honestly it's extremely rare. The majority of couples are quite matched in terms of looks. Why are you trying to insult his masculinity? If taking care of your appearance is what leads to better results with women than it's obviously a good action to take. Being physically attractive is clearly not incompatible with being a man since attractiveness is one of the main things women want in a guy. Would you rather fulfill the arbitrary gender roles of random people you've never met or take the right actions that lead to an abundance of sex and dating opportunities?
  6. @Razard86 Environment does matter substantially in affecting your growth and happiness in life. What about the child born in the third world so affected by malnutrition that his physical growth is severely stunted, is their potential the same as what it would be had they growth up in a safe household in the West with adequate nutrition? Or consider Genie, a child who from the age of 20 months was kept locked in a dark room and tied to a chair by his father, being completely unable to move, deprived of any social interaction, left malnourished, and being beaten by her father if she made any noise. This environment left her unable to learn a language or develop social skills, and she became severely mentally handicapped overall. Are we to believe that the difference in this environment in fostering growth is only subjectively different to being raised in a loving household? I saw a documentary about a poor Indian farmer who took out debt to cover a medical expense. Unable to pay it back him and his wife and young kids are forced to work under harsh and dangerous conditions in a brick factory for 14 hours a day, and will probably remain enslaved for the remainder of their lives. What is the value of their suffering? They may never have the opportunity to live out their lives with any of the opportunities for growth and actualisation that many of us in more privileged circumstances have. Does their suffering make them stronger than if they were to be free? It is possible for suffering to motivate people to growth and to seek a way to better themselves and improve their situation. However in so many instances intense suffering can cripple people severely enough that they may never recover and can lead to suicide just to escape it. Another point important to make is that suffering is not necessary for growth. Positive forms of motivation are incredibly powerful and more sustainable, for instance we may be motivated by a vision, curiosity, love, ect. Certain environments are better able to cultivate these forms of motivation than others.
  7. It's not subjective. One of those environments is more conducive to human flourishing than the other.
  8. Your looks can be changed quite a bit, although the maximum you can attain will be determined by your genetics. It's most certainly worth maxing out your looks potential if you're wanting to actualise in your dating life, given that it has such a prominent effect on your ability to attract women. Body fat percentage is the most notable change which can be made to improve your looks, since being fat significantly lowers your attractiveness. Someone could have great genetics and potential to be very attractive but may not know it due to being rendered unattractive by their excess weight. Thus I recommend that everyone seeking to fulfill their dating potential make becoming lean a top priority if they aren't already, it's possible that they made have potential to be far more attractive than they realise.
  9. @Emotionalmosquito Have you put much thought into improving your physical appearance? The way women respond to you differs completely depending on how attractive you are.
  10. If you're wanting to enter a profession such as engineering, law, or medicine then it's a good idea. Probably not if you're just wanting to learn, the cost in both time and money is too great now days. If you're interested in science there are many sources outside of university to learn, for instance there are whole courses worth of lectures on YouTube from universities like Havard, you can find second hand text books to read through, and Wikipedia is also an excellent source for scientific knowledge, you could also try reading through scientific papers yourself. When it comes to psychology and philosophy these disciplines are best learnt through reading books written by the great philosophers and psychologists themselves (this will give you a much deeper understanding than a university degree).
  11. Probably genetics (ie high IQ) combined with putting in a lot of effort to learn (ie reading books, lectures, life experience, introspection). That's my assessment of the situation, the combination of natural intellect and conscientious action is one of the most powerful for attaining achievements in the material world. Didn't he go very deep into pickup
  12. Negative emotions can actually be very powerful motivators, many people achieve their goals this way, for example the fear of poverty can drive someone to start a well paying career. Though I wouldn't recommend using negative motivation too often since it can lower your level of happiness and lead to neuroses. Positive emotions can help to motivate you to action. This isn't the law of attraction though. Law of attraction is the belief that merely visualising what you want enough times will make it manifest in reality. The best motivator is to get in touch with what it is you truely want and then create a powerful vision of what you want to create with your life. You then need to put in the work and remain humble to feedback from reality and adjust accordingly. I've given it a great deal of attention, I've spent years sincerely testing it. It just didn't work. I agree, though I find in my own experience that these sorts of synchronous events or help from the divine happen when you're sincere in your desires and taking the best action you know of to create the life you want to create, when you're out there truely engaging with life. Sitting at home doing visualisations or affirmations can lead to years of your life wasted, which is why these ideas are so dangerous. You've been put on Earth to engage with the process of life. Taking the most right action (based on the best information/experience/intuition you have available) demonstrates to God that you are sincere in your desire. This is when help or guidance will come. Did I say that life was mechanical? I don't believe this. This doesn't mean the law of attraction needs to be true. The issue is the people use the law of attraction as an excuse not to take action, they are running away from having to actually put in the work to creative the life they want. The people teaching it usually don't describe it as a motivator towards action, rather that visualising enough times is sufficient to manifest what you want. This simply isn't how reality works.
  13. Very pretentious of you. Good for you. Seeing beauty in an absolute sense is not the same as what we are talking about here when it comes to attraction between the sexes. When it comes to attraction we are judging relative human perception of beauty on the level of the physical. Sex is a very primal thing, not something divine. It doesn't matter if you don't like the word, you still judge people based on their appearance. To deny this is self deceit. There are exceptions and other factors play a role too, but there is a strong correlation between an individual's physical attractiveness and that of their partner, ie. people usually pair with people who are around the same level of attractiveness as themselves. Appearance is the biggest variable when it comes to dating. I say it's bull shit because very misleading and will lead men astray, possibly even dangerous. For someone who is very unattractive to approach a girl and just act confident can lead to very negative interactions with him being labeled a creep. Women generally love it when an attractive guy approaches them, but will look at the very unattractive guy with utter disdain and contempt if he does. The average guy will usually get a soft rejection, such as "I have a boy friend", unless he happens to be her type or if be can bring something else to the table such as charisma, "game", or status. It's sad that reality is like this and I would prefer it to be different. Men would be better served by first doing what they can to improve their looks as much as is possible for them. No they can't, not accurately. It takes time to really know someone, you cannot make an accurate judgement of someone by looking at them. Women do not possess some magical power, they are just human beings. They are making assumptions about their personality (which will usually turn out to be wrong). Women are attracted to physical appearance first, not "emotional attraction", again stop lying to guys about this, you are doing them a great disservice. It is much better that men get accurate information so that they can do what they can to improve their situation. Have you heard of the halo effect? Women will attribute positive personality characteristics to the conventionally attractive guy, and negative characteristics to the unattractive guy. Looks are one of the primary factors which determines the personality judgements women make. Yeah people like you lied when I looked for advice on how to fix my dating situation. Just changing my mindset to see myself as more attractive didn't work. What actually worked was improving my looks. Very big night and day difference in how women (and men too) treat me now as compared to when I was over weight. It's pretty sad that people are so superficial, but that's just how reality is. We need to start being honest to men about what actually attracts women so that they can take the correct steps to improving their situation. And for those men who are unfortunate to have been born with unchangeable flaws to their appearance, you can at least stop gaslighting them in telling them it's their personality or mindset.
  14. I'm not sure I agree about this. We're genetically predisposed to enjoy sex with people we find attractive. I've had sex come to me easily before and it was fucking good. All these games that the average man has to go through is just an annoyance and leads to frustration. Sex with a hooker is very different from having sex with someone who genuinely desires you. It seems many people want their to be some explanation or meaning for their hardships, but honestly the modern dating environment in the west is very skewed against men. This doesn't make it more worth it, it just sucks, and if we're honest to ourselves I'm sure most of us would want it to be fairer. So many men now days are deprived of sex and intimacy, this is simply a horrible position be in in your life, I wouldn't want this for myself and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Having gone long period of time deprived of sex to now being able to have sex with more ease and frequency, I can definitively say I much prefer being able to have access to sexual intimacy, I do not want to go back to having it be hard to have sex. You're reading a bit much into his comments. I don't think we can make such judgements of his character based off of a few forum posts. This is true, as much as the people on here don't want to admit it. Girls will make it very easy for handsome guys to have sex with them; women want to have sex with attractive guys, there's no shit tests or games being played with them. Having lost a decent amount of weight recently I can attest that my success with women is drastically different now, it's like being in a completely different reality. Just not true. The primary factor in determining your attractiveness to women is your looks. Confidence, charisma, energy, and other personality factors play a significant role too, but not as much as your looks. A handsome man will benefit even more from these factors but it's not require for them, all they need to do is act like a normal human being and have enough confidence to physically escalate and they will get sex quite easily. For an average looking man it will be a lot more difficult to have sex, they need to compensate with "game" in order to get laid, and even then they won't get as good results an attractive man. For a very unattractive or obese man no amount of "game" will help them (would you have sex with an obese and unattractive women if they had a great personality? Why are we trying make it out as if women are pure angels who only care about a man's personality?). They want to have sex with attractive men. Being fun is great and will help you to socialise, but if they don't find you attractive they still won't want to have sex with you no matter how fun you are. They may use you for entertainment and then go home with someone they are attracted to. Not true. There will be some variance in how attractive people find a particular person, for example if you take a conventionally attractive man there will be a few women (out of say 100) who will find him unattractive but the overwhelming consensus will be that he is attractive. People are attracted to physically good looking people, there is an abundance of research in the scientific literature supporting this. Why do we have to lie about this simply and obvious fact? Yeah this is bull shit. An ugly person will not magically get amazing results just by lying to themselves about their attractiveness. The fact that you claim to not see people as ugly goes to show how much you lie and deceive yourself. We all (cross-culturally) have a sense of how beautiful someone is. You are not some special pure being who is above this, you're a human. Why lie? Women are just as or probably even more concerned with looks than men. Research shows that when it comes to hook ups women have very high standard for looking when choosing someone to have sex with, whereas men are willing to have sex with women who are less attractive than themselves. When it comes to relationships men will have higher standards for looks than when looking to hook up. Women have a minimum looks threshold which a man must meet in order for her to even consider him a potential partner, this is before he even has a chance to display other personality traits.