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  1. That makes sense, thank you. @Leo Gura interesting. And so the journey continues.
  2. For me the state of non-symbolic consciousness is when all duality is removed, and the only proper descriptor for everything becomes nothing. Is a state of Being a prerequisite for experiencing nothingness? All of these different concepts I've learned have suddenly intertwined.
  3. Leo's latest video has helped me connect some dots, and I'm finally understanding the nothing-infinity paradox a lot better. I've also been integrating concepts such as Ralston's "not-knowing," and it appears as though the act of not-knowing is what reveals the nothingness of everything. Is this off base, or am I onto something here? I have also struggled to experience the interconnectedness of all things in the past, and I am wondering if it is this nothingness that equates all "things." And where does "consciousness" tie into this? My concept of consciousness disappears when I am not-knowing.
  4. you're right, that's what I was remembering (and have edited to reflect that), but 22 does address "love" directly. I think it was Ralston's worst explanation if I remember correctly (and he admits that himself).
  5. They didn't seem to be on the same page on this subject as far back as 2016-2017. This was the most awkward part of the interview (see part 27* on youtube if it does not link properly): See part 22 for discussions about "love," which also seems to be a central difference between the two. In the newsletter it seems like he indirectly references taking LSD. Leo also refers to teachers who were "too scared" to take 5-MEO, and I'm assuming this is one of them based on his outward aversion to drugs.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I guess these were things I had already explored to some degree in the past. I'll nudge her towards a meditation practice a bit more. I just loaned her the book and wasn't sure if it was worth the read... Now that I think about it, there are other books that I think she would like too.
  7. Hi, I bought the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin and stopped 72 pages in. I can't remember exactly why I stopped, but the book just didn't seem beneficial/worthwhile for me at the time. My girlfriend has been struggling with anxiety and looking for ways to improve her emotional mastery. Has anyone gotten a little farther in the book and found it beneficial in their own life? If not, do you have any other affordable solutions until counseling etc. is more accessible again? She has been struggling with anxiety primarily, with some associated depression from what I can tell. She keeps citing the same self-imposed narrative that is quite negatively biased whenever she does open up about it.
  8. I think 20 is perfectly fine. I may have actually been 19 or 20 during my first experience. Set and setting are most important. Make sure you have a safe and pleasant place to trip, and if you're tripping with someone else, make sure they have similar intentions as you. If you're tripping alone, it could be beneficial to have someone sober nearby, or at least aware of what you're doing for peace of mind. Contemplation about anxiety while tripping would be a good start, or later when you're more experienced with how psychedelics make you feel, you could use them in public or small social settings to help you work through the mental aspects. I wouldn't recommend that for your first time or two though, and probably at lower doses.
  9. Humans have their biases and their capacity to love is finite. These limited "points" compose infinity. What's the harm in relishing in this finitude and living in the illusion, when infinity will prevail regardless? Que Sera Sera.
  10. RIP book list
  11. Funny, I felt the same urge to let him know that he is loved after getting through that one.
  12. @montecristo were you dehydrated? Both sneakily dehydrate me constantly
  13. Well, the way I look at it, we only ever experience consciousness in each and every present moment, so without a direct experience of something, it only exsists as a concept in our minds. I'm not really upset about it now, it just triggered some emotions for me at the time. With the dissolution of the self, the other attachments no longer hold any weight.
  14. Are you looking at women and admiring their form, or imagining what you would do to them (and masturbating)?
  15. Various methods. I would vaporize more if it were more readily accessible in my area. Its become too habitual for me, basically partaking in the evenings because "why not?" I thought about adding drinking short term because I haven't been fully sober for an extended period of time for several years now, and it would be easier to avoid replacing one habit with another. The side effects of drinking keep me from partaking as often as I smoke. As for the diet advice above, I'm going to have to look into the details of whats been suggested. I know intermittent fasting is a solid method for keeping calorie consumption low or moderate, but it would only make consuming a surplus more challenging. I also do not have many qualms about putting on fat, as my body fat % is quite low, and I would have an easier time with muscle recomposition if I were able to keep on any weight whatsoever.