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  1. I’m struggling to comprehend the balance between the I, our true nature and the ego which seems to me is the individual human life guide? But identifying with an ego creates false imagery around the self but without thought or a well conditioned sub conscious mind there’ll be struggles in the myriad situations we inevitably face in the game. I’ve realised the I in me to an extent and had beautiful glimpses but still identify with a sub par mind often, previous bad conditioning which I’m battling to overcome. Don’t know where I’m going with this exactly, but isn’t the mind a crucial aspect that needs moulding through practice and experience? Is this necessary for deeper and deeper awakening? Do the mind and I have to work in sync?
  2. @ajasatya thank will do! @TheAvatarState Someone said it is??‍♂️the body breathes and I feel it. Feeling gives meaning?? Or must mean something. Although that is still just something I am aware of?if it’s not air what is it?
  3. Thanks guys @DrewNows powerful vid mate cheers! @Nahm how do I practice understanding emotions and sensations and staying true to them? I’m out of touch, lot of monkey mind etc think I deny what I’m actually feeling a lot of the time whilst being dragged along with the mind.
  4. How can we judge whether our actions and responses will be/are in alignment with our values?
  5. Just bare ISness?photos look amazing Charlotte, some of them views are unreal!
  6. brought a big smile to my face that post mate, 1200 tho!? Shittt, no typo??sounds like a magical experience with your gf. Did yous experience any kind of sync with thoughts or anything, like telepathy ha? Heard multiple cases of this happening now, big doses like that gotta be more likely aswell, mind blowing man. Sounds like another magical trip mate??
  7. That’s what I’m thinking cheers mate
  8. @Shin Cheers??nonut4life then eh, but still, fap a bad thing? To practice the circulation of energy but no ejaculation? @bejapuskas ah I meant so we can bypass ejacultion during sex easier, would require consciously circulating our sexual energy right? But would be much harder with no practice tugging prior
  9. Big tune mate! Don’t forget this next time your trip?think it’s minimal tech or micro house, either way, beautiful!
  10. Yoo what’s the deal with wank but no cum mate?? You said in OP it’s a bad idea but deida and a video posted here a few weeks ago suggest daily practice circulating the energy is healthy and necessary. Plus how is the energy wasted if it’s not shot out? I’ve been trying a little over a month and longest streak is 11 days?best to leave my dick alone yea?
  11. What’s wrong with being authentic and adding value to the girls you approach? Mechanical pick up might be a bit sketchy but if nobody is harmed, what’s the big deal? I’m definitely not talking from experience btw, the last few weeks I’ve only been out three times with 6 miserable approaches, but finally found some local wings. Great to see some live action instead of the YouTube videos and be motivated by these guys, however I couldn’t help feel it was all wrong when I was walking home. Is it because I’ve failed and the fear is still high? Or is it the day game vibe in general? I dunno, bit of both, it’s definitely not normal and I suck atm? I’ll be trying night soon too, sober! And it’s all learning anyway, right? I’m sure the 600th will be better than the 6th! The initial goals are to build confidence, overcome approach anxiety and express better communication whilst being authentic. Overall, I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but the rewards are massive growth from what I gather which transfers to many aspects of your life not just with girls.
  12. My mate said when he felt forced, his creativity lacked and burnt out quicker, but with no routine his workload dwindled, I guess it’s about finding the right balance and remaining excited to go at it! I’ve actually not started yet, but the interest has always been there from very early on. I just play poker atm, but learning other things. Poker is a gruelling journey which requires a lot of work like anything, but aiming to branch out soon. Yea tbh I’ve not religiously followed it but was mentored for 2 years by guys following this structure and it makes things clearer when I work at fixing something alone now. I’ll notice in game too that I’ll play really well early on, but as my session fizzles out I’m making mistakes without much realisation until after, which forces me to compare my play between the two stages and work towards fixing my biggest leaks. Reminds me though, I’ve not actually worked on new concepts for a few month! Emotion plays a big part too, the following chapter in the book I referred to is actually titled ‘emotion’ and says the brain is organised in a hierarchy: the first level being heart rate, breathing etc and is also where unconscious competence is; the second is the emotional system and the third the mental level, responsible for thinking, planning, awareness, emotional control etc. “When the emotional system becomes overactive, it shuts down higher brain functions” - so high emotion leads to poor decision making. This is when you can see which skills are in unconscious competence because you can’t think straight to access the other knowledge. Imo a good idea is to record what’s going right when you’re flowing and on form, but also record what’s gone right and wrong compared to when you’re performing poorly. Why weren’t you at your best? Is it possible some emotion shut you off? How can you prevent that next time? What can you still do well in that state? This should give you a clearer picture of what skills land where and should make it easier to formulate a plan around them. Yea I think when you first learn something you’ll be stuck around level 2 for a while and can feel great when you first learn, but when you’ve had a long day it can easily be forgotten, same for level 3 if you’re really depleted or in a fog. Learning too much will leave your curve flat, on a good day you’ll be fantastic but a bad day you simply have too much information to recall and I imagine it’ll be overwhelming and can be disheartening if you’ve not trained much to level 4. I think focusing on certain areas at a time with good structure, not worrying about what you don’t know yet until you’re ready, but focus on improving your biggest weaknesses and strengthening your strengths to level 4. Thinking about my own progress, it’s possible to learn too many things to level 3 because at level 3 we’re competent now and can maintain this for quite some time during practice, but really drilling it in requires more effort before introducing more stuff to level 1/2. I’m clearly no expert but have experience consciously moving through the stages and it’ll be very similar I reckon. I suggest identifying two areas from 2-3 and working on them individually. When 3 becomes 4 and 2 becomes 3, you could now introduce another level 1 to 2 and repeat the process. This seems logical but not sure it’s that straight forward and I’m sure level 4 will always need some focus too. It’ll also mean knowing what is already level 4 and what quite isn’t yet, along with something you’ve recently learnt but not practiced much. Forget about learning something new until you’ve worked on this a bit imo. Let me know how it goes if you do! Getting me pumped to focus more in depth aswell! Mate that would be sick! I will start learning soon, my mate sent me the software to download etc but not begun yet. I can put you in contact with him in the meantime tho if you wish and hopefully get something sorted in the future. We dropped acid together not long ago and said exactly the same, how sick it’d be bouncing about a studio on acid creating naughty vibes and record labels??❤️ Trip sounded sick mate! Would be awesome to hear your mates insights, I thought I was sat with the gods for a while being prepared for a new life?
  13. @Wisebaxter No worries mate, think it’s a solid approach to learning. Would love to hear some of your stuff as you progress enjoying chatting with you aswell pal!