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  1. What are the best guided mediation you have listen too..? Drop the link in the comments plz Im looking forward to it
  2. I have a long list of books i have read and a whole list of books to read, what were some life transforming books for you, books that i should def read
  3. @Raptorsin7 i have been wanting to start my own bussniss for a long time now my first idea didnt seem good enough so I kept looking for better ideas, trying to re invent the wheel , u could said , as a resault , months and months have passed an nothing has been done now i am back to that first idea i had, ready to jump into the unknow, scared to do so, but determinated any advise ?
  4. @outlandish i need to be able to storage it for a min of one year: so if i understand correctly, put it in a jar sealed : does the jar have to be vacum sealed? before putting it in the freezer ? leaving on room temperature before putting in the freezer when taking it out of the freezer leaving it also one day on room temperature before usin, then before putting back in the freezer leaving it sealed for a day on room temperature, and adding a silica gel packets, does the silica get have to go also in the freezer ? i am supposed to add it in the jar from the begining ? before putting it in the freezer or only after i take the jar for the first time to "unfreeze" and want to put it back in the freezer again, only at this point adding the silica gel ? thanks for the info, its the first time that i attempt to storage physcadelics for such a long period of time, so i want to do the best i can to Ensure the product will be as good as possible for as long as possible
  5. I am receiving a decent amount of 1P-LSD soon, and was wondering what the best way is to storage for a long period of time, seeing as i am not planning on popping everything up in a couple of weeks i tried to search the internet, but there is a lot of info there contradicting each other !!!
  6. @electroBeam @electroBeam @electroBeam@electroBeam alright enjoy your 15 min
  7. @DMM710 im gonna give you an idea that sounds crazy and creepy, there is this app called wakie and besically works like whatsapp anyways.. u can sent your alarm at whatever time and somebody from some place randomly around the world will call you to wake you up, further more u can call with random person on different topics, and just have a combo with who knows who, from who knows where
  8. @electroBeam lets say for arguments sake that you are right about everything you said, yes ? now you posted your critique 7dec as of today thats almost 10 days ago. and you are still coming back to check on your comments when you said you were leaving to find a "boring" teacher. note. i couldnt care less about your critique, you are entitled to have your opinion whatever this is. also notice that in non of my comments i said anything about your critique, whatever you are right or not. (go back read my comments...and check it out if you please) my point/question being all along: why make such a fuss about it ?? why not just leave the forum without further actions ? alright you needed to speak your mind before leaving. people to hear your opinion, i do get that part. but even after you voiced your opinion you have been coming back for 10 days to keep the fire burning… see why i see your post a child trowing a fit ? care to explain that part to me ?
  9. @Lento it isn't about being open to criticism or not. i dont have any reason to take his criticism personal, however it does amuse me.. i have notice him before, i notice that in quite alot post leo commented he voiced his opinion too, and his profile pic (?) its funny how he began his post by adressing everything people in the forum could call him… i have 2 kids myself .. so i can't help seing his post as a cry for attention.. thats exactly the reason why it is so amusing to me "I am leaving.. I really am …" lol
  10. @electroBeam is funny how you think you can use spiral dynamics as an insult. That says more about you than about me. ❤️ *NOTE: he still hasn't left? I Guess this is what happens when an entailed child doesnt get enough attention from daddy @Leo Gura
  11. @Average Investor what else would u recommend on the same topic?
  12. author of the rich dad books, what are your opinions about the books? about the ideas in it ?
  13. @outlandish its not the dots adapting to your breathing, is your breating adaption to the dots.