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  1. God told me one time, that EVERYTHING is real
  2. @Juan Cruz Giusto what I find interesting is the idea that there a you to be enlightened. Or perhaps to become enlightened is to become dead
  3. The vibration in silence speaks louder than the vibration in words I find
  4. God reveals to me when someone is truly authentic and you definitely are. Finding lots of what your saying very interesting bro. I can feel the weight of ego lifting, I feel myself becoming less and less solid like im becoming transparent. I've had visions of what it's like to be enlightened. To break through into nothingness and everythingness at the same time. To become a being of no shape and unlimited capacity to bend and contort into a living room, a bathtub, a bong, a planet 3 hundred thousand light years away. To bend and shape into a human form with memory and personality and limited thinking. I had an insight recently about how only extremely extremely weak minded people or extremely extremely wise people are typically seriously attracted to spiritual work. Leo was extremely talented and wise, I was the opposite...I was so incredibly weak and mentally distorted. It's very interesting becoming aware of these patterns
  5. I highly recommend something like ket or cocaine (just a little tiny bit) for a one time thing every now and again if your trying to sit for more than 2 hours. Just please do not take these substances without being very confident in their purity and don't take them lots, just for a one time thing...I'm gonna be using mdma for sitting for 3 days straight. Street coke is shite tho man, in northern Ireland the "peelers" (what we call the police) released a Facebook post saying how they seized a bunch of coke and tested it with a result of 97% impure. Like, seriously if your gonna take my advice here just make sure it's good stuff.
  6. Yeah I'm doing an hour a day and I'm seeing myself die quite quickly. I've only been practising for a year. I was really good at doing an hour every single day for the first 6 months, now it's getting harder but I'm getting more and more motivated. That koan seems a bit strange. Meditating for long periods of time in single sits is like intensity training...with exponential results. If you meditate for one hour a day for two days, you'll grow less than if you were to do a 2 hour sit in one day. Exponential. Momentum. If I had 100% financial freedom I would buy so many phycs and go to all kinds of wise teachers. However, I am stuck with myself...but that's all I need now @zeroISinfinity thats pretty comforting to hear. I'm scared of the idea of not becoming enlightened.
  7. I l love md, ket is another one that I like. I find very little anxiety with them and I am connected to God when I'm on them. It's just a pity they are dangerous and addictive. Everything in moderation. I'm getting a Q if MD today for£90 not bad
  8. Well with this particular method, there is literally no way to do it wrong. If you notice yourself thinking, do nothing about it. If you become enlightened do nothing about it If you start sniffling, do nothing about it. If you start wondering how to do nothing, give up and do nothing about it.
  9. Good and bad are like water and fire, both need to exist in harmony simultaneously to create an equilibrium in reality. You think you hate evil so much..."evil" is necessary. Would you go to the cinema and buy a ticket for $7 to watch a movie in which there is no bad guy? And no robbers, or thieves? Where this really really powerful superhero sits and chills out, eating Cheetos and watching Netflix all day..? An hour and a half movie about this superhero relaxing and enjoying all of his *good* stuff in life. After all, all you seem to like is good. The truth is, you crave evil...you need something to fight against, otherwise you have no sense of purpose. I guarantee you, you would get up and leave after 20 minutes of watching a movie that has no evil. You'd be so bored. You evil bastard haha 😂
  10. Fuck it. Here's the answer. "Good" and "bad" are defined by what is good and bad for you (the ego). Money is good, only because it's good *for you*. Poverty is bad, only because it is bad *for you*. Death is bad, only because it's bad *for you*. So what would happen if you were to, say, disappear. The knowledge of good and evil would also disappear. Good and bad are contingent on your ego. Why would death be bad, if there is no "you" to die? Or why would poverty be bad, if there is literally no "you" to be poor. And enlightenment is of course the realisation that "you" are an illusion, and therefore good and bad are also an illusion.
  11. @Ibn Sina first of all, congratulations you have not fallen into the trap of believing leo. Most people fall for the old "belief" trap. However, an element of truth that you are missing, is in regards to what *defines* what is good and bad. What's throwing you off is, you believe good and evil are absolute. However this is not the case. You may say, "money is good, poverty is bad. Food is good, hunger is bad. Shelter is good, homeless is bad. Intelligence is good, ignorance is bad." Etc. And most people will agree with what youve said. But ask yourself, what is the defining factor as to whether something is classified as "good" or "evil." In the story of the garden of Eden, the tree that Adam and Eve ate from was called "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." Leo said this, "There isint a book some place in the universe with all the bad things written in it and all the good things written in it." Before you ask me why God let's bad things happen, tell me...what makes something "bad"?
  12. @IndigoGeminiWolf aw nah bro, there are definitely shortcuts to enlightenment. Absolutely lol. It just depends on how you want to suffer, suffer lots and quickly or suffer little and longer. You snort a couple of lines of 5meodmt every week for 5 months solid and you'll make some serious progress. There are always shortcuts. I mean, what's wrong with shortcuts. A higher consciousness person usually always takes advantage of them from what I've seen.
  13. @IndigoGeminiWolf for me psychedelic are the minds worst enemy. The mind loves pretending to be enlightened and pretending to meditate. Lots of the time I catch myself thinking about meditating as opposed to actually meditating. Psychedelics feel uncontrollable and strangely pointless however, what's actually happening is, it's breaking through the conceived mental and psychological notions of what enlightenment actually is. For me it feels like I'm further away from enlightenment after a good hard trip, not closer. However what really happened was, my conceptual ideas of enlightenment we're broken through. So it's all good. For me, LSD especially is extra confusing and baffling...it's brilliant, confuses the fuck out of me and makes way for authentic experiences of enlightenment instead of silly ideas and thoughts
  14. @Girzo oh shit I forgot you could do that