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  1. This guy......doesn't seem to know the deepest truths. I am literally Jesus and I am literally buddha. An empty mind is God. I have created all of this
  2. @TDW1995 doing or not doing anything is a distraction. Anything other than the practices is a distraction. Even thinking about the practises is a distraction. Doing them mindlessly and remaining mindless is exactly what your going for. But yo, it's incredibly scary for you when your still an ego. Facing death and demons. Very scary the ego must be courageous
  3. Yo bro, don't do fuckin hard drugs. Stick with psychedelics. And man, the experience only becomes sweeter with more consciousness
  4. Fuck ego life. Human life can suck a shit it's so annoying and boring. Get those enlightened vibes flowing bro ♥️
  5. I find the best way is to dive headfirst straight into the sess-pit of demons and drown in their black presence. Lol. It's gotta happen sooner or later. The healing that I get from this is phenomenal ☮️🔥
  6. You'd be surprised how the most obvious of things are hidden right in front of your face. There's a story about a Cyclops (giant being with one eye). One day he woke up confused and heard a voice saying "find the dot, find the dot." He looked around but the only thing he would see was darkness. Just straight up blackness.... couldn't see a single fucking thing. He looked for the dot for hours and hours and hours (just a funny wee story). eventually he said "well shit, I can't find this dot anywhere, I can't see anything!" Then he hears the other person there approach him, and gently take a special cloth and wiped the dot off his eye. Lol. Obvious things are hidden well sometimes. Although I highly doubt that there exists no other accounts of people seriously using psycs for spiritual work. However I do doubt that they would have been as concentrated or as powerful as Leo's usage of them. I haven't seen anywhere else with this amount of power or wisdom before
  7. Im pretty sure it's addictive in some shape or form. I couldn't stop smoking it. It also operates via the dopaminergic neurotransmitter pathways in the brain...which means it makes you feel good. When the chemical makes you feel good you brain stops making itself feel good, cuz the thc is doing the job for it. Problem is, when you sober up, the brain takes longer to regulate and stablise back to making itself feel good naturally. With prolonged use it's extremely common to see increase in paranoia, anxiety, irritability, lack of motivation, forgetfulness and overall worse quality of life. It definitely has addictive possibilities. Weed is worse for the mind than it is for the lungs. Be careful. DMT on the other hand, non-addictive, therapudic as fuck, extremely powerful for consciousness work, doesn't create build up of cancer causing tar in the lungs... Why not just hit up Dimitri is what I say I was a stoner who got smart. Got conscious. At one point I couldn't get out of bed I was that fucked up. Didn't even know it was the weed. Although, I'm a believer in playing with fire. So go for it. Just remember the Golden rule, be smarter than everyone else and know *how* to play with fire safely 😁😎 #ConsciounessCrew #BluntCrew #ParanoiaCrewHahaha
  8. Bruh, why leave. Is this not the most powerful amalgimation of all teachings and techniques. This place is the equivalent of if Hitler, Churchill, Trump, Kim, Stalin and the Queen all joined forces and took 40mg of 5meo every other week together to form one massive super-continent-earth-kingdom. You underestimate this place. This shit is DENSE
  9. Do deep mystical practises and continually question the fabric of reality. Follow the voice in your head like a child following a whisper. This basis really sets me up for brilliant dives at least anyway. I was thinking today, why call them trips. It's more like a dive than a trip in my opinion. Like your diving into your subconscious mind. Especially considering how "diving" is considered something you do to become completely submerged in something. I like water to lol. Isint water so refreshing. There's something refreshing about it 🌊
  10. @Javfly33 i have to say mate, I don't really understand how this whole thing works. Infact, I don't really know how any of this works...or why ketamine is good for consciousness work. Infact I don't even know what consciousness is. I go by the voice...the longer I do what it says the more things start to line up. I can't explain how I know ket is good for consciousness work...I just do. But seriously watch out, it's a super nice drug that is super addictive in my opinion. Aw it's so good tho lol
  11. Looks like a nice guy who means well...but I perceive no actual deep spiritual insight. this isint necessarily a "bad" thing...it's necessary as a step before actual realisation
  12. Whats the point in building a sandcastle when it will inevitably be washed away by the sea. What's the point in a dance when it will inevitably come to an end. What's the point in looking at art when it doesn't do anything and will also, inevitably be destroyed by time. Its like a firework going off. It's just cool lol ✌🏼 that's why enlightened people laugh all the time. They've realised, deeply, that everything is just.......kinda cool. And that's it. Haha. Smoke a joint
  13. I find that people have the most powerful trips when they take low doses. I've seen it multiple times