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  1. How can i remain within the parameters of direct experience when enquiring into things like my heart, or lungs, or kidneys...when they themselves are not within my direct experience. The confusion (for me) is amplified further when enquiring into things like my happiness or anxiety. These things are not present within my direct experience during my self enquiry practises, so how can i analyse whether or not i would still be there if they were removed...they arent there to begin with, not at that present moment. Also, things like my 'knowledge' or 'memory'...i do not know what it would be like to have lost my memory, since if i did lose my memory i would not remember what it was like to have *not* lost my memory. This disables me from concluding whether or not i would still exist if my memory ceased to exist. I find it incredibly hard to answer the question "if my knowledge was removed, would i be removed" because i do not know how it feels to exist without knowledge. Answers?
  2. @Manjushri spiritual work does not require you to neglect any aspect of your physical human life. The ying and the yang need one another and to neglect either would be foolish, the physical and the spiritual. I actually had a bad LSD trip recently and i looked like a fuckin meth adict for 12 hours and i felt like my life was going to shit because of how disconnected i had become as a result of my meditation...but then i realised that enlightenment does not take you away from a human life... in fact it is the ONLY way to experience a truely normal human life. What im trying to say is, if you are losing a grip on your physical life then know that you dont have to. Enlightenment will not destroy your life, it will create it. Try this, start spending time meditating on new areas of life that you wish to embark on...new activities, ways to make money, develop your physical body and your relationship with your family. when i miss a day of meditation i feel it strongly knocking at the door. Enlightenment is my only hope, and i like it that way. I like the fact that i am weak without meditation and spirituality...it keeps me focused as FUCK. 2 practical tips for you, dont do psychedelics if you have a predisposition to any mental disorders and also, when you feel an "attack" coming (if you do experience this) just force yourself to question it over and over again saying "who is the one who observes this thing?" (allowing yourself to actually become aware of who it is that is actually observing, not just giving a mental answer). Remember, dont just try to "do" new things. you must allow yourself to enter into the new place *in your consciousness* and allow it to saturate your vibrational frequency so it can conceive in your mind...otherwise the growth will be hollow. Learn how to plant seeds of growth deep within your being.
  3. @Charlotte ok...I know when someone wants to talk to me before I see them. Theres all kinds of weird shit....I can predict things INCREDIBLY accurately now Also, I've started doing this thing where I can change things about my life by focusing really hard.
  4. @Nahm well...it's mostly confusion still I'll be completely honest. Definitely lots and lots of confusion. I can feel it pulling me though. It's hard though, it feels like I'm completely in the dark in spite of the incredible clarity that I have seen. It's also a little bit scary...I have no idea wtf is going on haha. Trust is still an instrumental component for now...
  5. @Nahm yeah man, I've been hitting it hard every day...not Gona stop until something gives
  6. Ok so how is it possible that I can now tell exactly when I need to phone someone...or know exactly what I need to do to obtain a certain outcome in my life *fast*. How is it possible that when I really need something, it arrives hand delivered to me on a platter? I can get a lot of this spiritual stuff, but how the hell does the synchronicity work? It feels like someone is walking around taking notes on me and leaving things for me. Its got to a point where I notice it quite obviously...how is that possible? How is synchronicity at this level possible at all? I mean actually... Genuine question seeking genuine answer..
  7. @Shadowraix @Leo Gura @Space Good shit gentlemen, good shit. This has saved me unnecessary time and effort. Thank you
  8. Do 5-MeO-DMT HCL, 5-MeO-DMT Freebase and NN-DMT react the same?@Shadowraix
  9. I'm just being 100% sure this is the right stuff. I need to test LSD, DMT and 5meo. Ain't no way in fuck I'm doing 5meo before testing it. This eBay add says this "reagent multipack" is for MDMA but it doesent matter does it? The reagents will still work won't they? Also, does 5-MeO-DMT HCL react differently to freebase? (I'm looking for serious answers on this one boys...I value this body very much, it's handy)
  10. @GabeN im very very very excited to experience the universe eventually. Exit this stupid dream and enter the "real". Its always been my dream to see the stars. I know I can't see them ATM. I'll be able to see them when I disappear tho
  11. @VictorB02 im not sure what insight meditation is. Self enquiry is where the party is, I'm getting into kryia to. If you don't use self enquiry, you'll waste time (in my humble opinion). I have had...good, results from just doing 40 minutes self enquiry followed directly by 20 minutes of breath focus. TIME. time is like a female, needs to be treated with a certain degree of respect...and you have to have enough attention on it or else lol. Couple interesting aspects about time, the longer you go in one meditation session the better. The time nearing the end of a meditation is the most powerful, most focused. Knowing how to use time to your advantage can double or triple your results (assuming your doing the right practises in the right way). If you meditated for 10 minutes 4 times a day, it would be significantly less potent than meditation for 40 minutes once a day...the effects are exponential. A good example of exponential growth is a snowball rolling down a hill, the bigger the snowball gets, the faster it gets bigger. It's multiplied as opposed to added. Use self enquiry mate
  12. Religious words like "god" or "lord" I find (for me) I need to restrain myself from thinking about old ideology that I created. I like the word "energy" it is the same energy form that I use when I lift my hand. Life energy, I guess. You really need to paint your words colourfully to convey what is unspeakable
  13. I honestly hate the projections of my mind. I can't really stand it. There is nothing that compares to the presence of presence itself
  14. @Patok remember, you are here for truth. The authority must eventually come back to God
  15. It'll throw your sense of reality, so if you want to keep that then dont aim for enlightenment. What I'm trying you is...you don't want to keep it.... Does truth taste bitter? My answer? I don't give a shite...I'm after it because it's truth. Your ego will use this against you, but If you honestly feel like spiritual practises are fuckin Ur head up (like seriously)... probably best to leave it. But be sober and discerning between truth and deception. This goes either way... However, how could a question so simple as "who am I" harm your health. In a way, if you do it right...it will reveal who it is that is observing "your" health and also who is observing your concern, and observing your thoughts on the matter and the one who is observing everything else about you. This it points to..