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  1. careful tho these are addictive... i also noticed that sometimes people tell themselves that theyre using a certain chemical for self improvement or existential enquiry but really subconsciously they just wanted to get high. weed is addictive and it also causes paranoia and anxiety after a while...had my head wrecked, and all my mates heads wrecked. id just try shrooms or acid, find out which one you prefer, start upping the dose (get trip killers to allow yourself to take braver and larger doses if you can), skip DMT and start plugging gradually increasing amounts of 5meo till breakthrough then have a few awakenings...thats my plan. ive been too shit scared to approach 5meo again just yet lol. gona really push the boat out with acid and keep some trip killers to make me more confident, then return to 5meo do be aware of one of leos mentioned "dangers" of psycs, decreased motivation in the realm of material success.
  2. there are two different kinds of knowledge from what ive been able to tell... Matthew 1:24-25 KJV - The Bible: "...Joseph...knew her (Mary) not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus." This word "know" is referring to intercourse, not information learned. In other words...you both can know god, and also never know god. With the learned information in the brain, taught by humans...you can never know god. But you can know god via intercourse (becoming one with it) or allowing the authentic realisation to unfold in your direct experience that there is no difference between your presence and gods presence. You know God by being God in other words... similar to how you would know a girl more deeply (emotionally and ontologically) by sleeping with her once more than you would know her after 100 days of "information collection" about her...different kinds of knowledge
  3. can i just say...curt seems to be very authentic and he also seems to not be scared to question what leo says (in an attempt to actually understand what hes saying) from his lower state of consciousness [of which he is aware]. This, in my opinion, could be very powerful for more possible future conversations with him as many people from leos community appear to be at the same level of consciousness as curt, or thereabouts (from my observation). I get the feeling that some people dont want to question leos most basic teachings, even if they dont understand it...maybe they think they'll look stupid, i dont know... ...i certainly feel the pressure to act as if i know and understand everything leo speaks about because of my presence in the community. Having someone like curt who is selfless enough to post hour long videos discussing what he authentically does and doesent understand [at a basic level] with still a good level of conscious intellectuality, would appeal to a lot of people or help a lot of people grow out of the trap of just forming beliefs as opposed to developing actual consciousness from authentic questioning. I really admire curts authenticity and his ability to drop his ego and say that he disagrees with leo but that he recognises that leos probably wiser than him and then he gives leo the opportunity to correct him or admit that hes wrong. such a complete lack of ego....really beautiful For example; at 5:23:15 in this video Leo says... "...most of the evil in the world is created by attempts of limited ego-minds to destroy evil have you noticed this?..." To which Curt responds by saying... "...I would say that that's a naive point of view, but im saying that and im not as wise as you so that means that you can correct me. Let me give you my justification..." I'd personally like to see more conversations with curt...operating from this level has gotta be useful to raise people levels of consciousness from a basic setting...it certainly raised mine. Awesome discussion @Leo Gura
  4. ...listen to this oneeee** : duno if its just me but i really like that last one
  5. these are from a playlist of mine ive entitled "bliss-chill"
  6. Niceeeee...was it obliterated just during the session or were there lasting effects?
  7. turns out shes badshit crazy lol *exit sign lights up*
  8. "Satori" - by mize
  9. @Leo Gura would it be fair to say that people who develop themselves extremely fast are more likely to be alone since it'd be hard to find someone who grows at the exact same rate as you?