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  1. @Drake72 the truth always brings disruption...like a field being plowed in preparation for new growth. The field must be tore up and ripped apart. In fact, controversy and disruption are signs of truth from what I've seen
  2. Enlightenment is the most magical experience of them all! And it must be chased after. Not looking for the needle is not the same as finding the no-needle
  3. It's nearly like all other teachers [because of dogma or lack of knowledge] are teaching how to begin to awaken. Leo's just chillin in God mode and gives you the information you need to be able to have multiple actual awakenings haha.
  4. Ketamine is something I've found to be very powerful for some reason It's also very addictive so be careful. 👅
  5. Your roots are very shallow ♥️ what if he's right? I mean...someone has to be right....it would be quite weird for a successful millionaire like Leo to have such fruits and rewards and success...and still be wrong That would be very suspicious
  6. 5meo brings about permanent change doesn't it?
  7. Contemplating is so cool. Questioning things. Why am I typing this, why are you reading this. There's a reason for everything. It also cuts a lot of bullshit out. For example, the reason I did terrible in my high school exams was because teachers didn't advocate solo, critical contemplation and authentic understanding. I didn't contemplate *why* I was at school, or how it could benefit me. They didn't show me concentration exercises to help me focus. After I found Leo, I contemplated and realized that education is very important...and with concentration exercises helping my focus, I'm on my way to getting my degree in business studies
  8. @Space last time I plugged I did 25mg and felt very little. Which, in comparison to my [much stronger] 15mg plugged dose, reveals that the variables in absorption with plugging are considerable. Gonna try snorting. I have a feeling snorting might be easier to pull off
  9. Yo, is snorting freebase really unbearable? I'm gonna try it. I have a feeling that if you snort 25mg and just force yourself to endure the pain it'll not matter after a few seconds
  10. @Death_ leo recommends 21 years old in one of his vids. There seems to be different levels of consciousness that transpire at different ages. Psychological maturity. But also, the psychedelics themselves bring about a lot of psychological maturity in my opinion.
  11. I did scientific tests bro. Repeated tested and observed. Consistent. With one batch I tried it 5 times in a row and felt disphoric, twisted and confusing. Had to sit down and breath when my head started to seriously spin after. With the batch I have now...it's just pure Bliss every time. Noticable difference. I'm not saying all batches will be different...but mate it's just chemistry, each batch will not be 100% the same as each other. I'm just saying that different batches of 5meo have different effects. One easy way to tell if the batch is pure (if purity is indeed what the problem is) is that pure 5meo will cause something like a full body orgasm. Many do not experience this whatsoever Simply put, there is such a thing as shit 5meo that causes disphoria, as opposed to euphoria consistently Which is, in my opinion, an extremely important piece if information for someone who seems to be struggling with their 5meo to the point where it's unreasonable. This is very important to note for newbies. There is good 5meo and there is bad 5meo. My stuff was labeled, tested and reviewed. For someone like obeler, he could have shit 5meo. My research shows its extremely possible, and actually likely...if bought...online... And this one piece if information could be the difference between someone giving you on 5meo or not. And considering 5meo is one of the most powerful tool we have, if not the most important, it makes this one observation quite an important one🙏🏼 peace and love to you friend @Corpus♥️