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  1. Yo, you kidding me? Leo's style is incredibly graceful. Google's definition is "smooth and flowing movement." For taking the "explain absolutely everything everything everything" approach, he is smooth af bro
  2. Every move you make *is* the universe finding *itself* more and more. Until, there is the realization that there is no barrier between what you are and what the universe is. But *believing* this, as opposed to *realising* it, will cause you to enter a psychological reflection of what enlightenment means. You should neither believe what I say nor disbelieve it. Just put 5meo in your butt lol
  3. Something weird about the lyrics in this song
  4. Yeah, your on the right path
  5. If i know what i know and know what i don't know, I am not a fool, for I know everything (at least in principal). For example, I know that I don't know how an engine works. Another step further is... I know who where I can go to learn it. When you know what you know and know what you don't know. You know everything.
  6. ♥️ "He who is forgiven much, loves much." You'll especially notice a massive difference in attitude between a normal person who decided casually to "come to god" in church one day, and an actual gangster who's did vile shit or wrecked his head with drugs before and who has then been "forgiven by God", will be much more real and much more authentically changed because real purification happens differently to how most religious and even moral people think
  7. ...hmm I also agree. Like the opposite of helping the butterfly out of its cocoon (causing it to be weaker)...If the butterfly is able to work itself out of a particularly strong cocoon, it will be stronger...much stronger than the other butterflys. But if its too weak, it's fucked. Ketamine is amazing at putting you into a state where you are literally tranquil-ized and separated from your sense of self to a degree. But it's very very addictive. If done once, I think it would be ok. You just don't Wana do it if you know your not a disciplined person. there are also complications with brain development if exposed to drugs at a young age. I guess these are the facts, do with them what you will.
  8. Perpetual existential cosmic orgasmic bliss unfathomable by the human mind then it keeps getting more orgasmic and blissful then keeps going thenkeeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going then keeps going... 😌
  9. My advice is, let your own intuition rule out or verify any advice anyone gives u including me
  10. https://youtube.com/watch?v=YD4YT6uQJ6A
  11. Sheeeet...would have thought 2cb would've been nice and light. Haven't tried it yet but would've thought the MD in it would have made it euphoric
  12. @bejapuskas try 2cb sex;)
  13. *stands up in AA meeting* "Hello everyone, my name's Aaron and I'm...an actualized-holic." *Cries* (In shaky voice) "I JUST CANT STOP...I LOVE IT!" *Whimpers and cries*..... lol
  14. Might try plugging some 2cb for a bit of fun lol.