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  1. Ok, this is like learning how to dance. You have to be the follower not the leader. There is a current around you with a flow and a rhythm, it's nearly an emotional thing...but more accurately it could be called an energetic thing. Like a radio frequency...they are real. These frequencies are all around. You can isolate a frequency and fall into its rhythm. Surrendering could also be called flowing. Natural, smooth, congruent. In life there is a time for power and pressure and force and will. But when the time for surrender comes, just identify the frequency and ease into it and flow with it like your dancing. Saying that... enlightenment can be everything but smooth up until the completion. It can be extremely turbulent. Ego wants to resist, but that explosion of God will purify the turbulent frequencies eventually
  2. @Jake Chambers whats your favourite video of Leo's bro? And why
  3. ^ this is very good. It's almost as if there are two levels of truth from the perspective of an unenlightened person. There's the absolute (relating to what the fabric of everything is existentially) and there is the relative (relating to human knowledge, linear reason, logic and processes). The idea that your going to fix yourself by only focusing on the enlightenment level absolute level knowledge probably isint true. Its also very useful to understand that these levels are not equal because if you think they're equal then you'll mix them together and get Extremely confused. Think of it like this ...in GTA 4, you have you have nico bellec (the main character) and you have the other characters in the game and the story of how they interact with eachother, and then on a higher level of truth you have the coding and structure of the game itself. You don't mix the two. Really, this could be the source of your confusion. Ultimately the absolute and relative don't touch eachother. They're two different expressions as opposites on the spectrum of the same game. If you started relating to the in-game coding to Nico's mother, you would quickly become extremely confused. Similarly, in this game we have the character (you) and the other characters in your life and the story of how you interact with eachother. Then we also have the physics, structure, and the metaphysical fabric from which your life occurs. Two different levels. If you start relating the truth that perceptions aren't what we think they are to how you want to increase your business...you'll confuse the fuck out of yourself. Keep them separate and identify if your working with absolute or relative level knowledge<<
  4. just remember, a complicated thing is just a collection of many simple things. Ultimately confusion isint actually bad because firstly its a sign that your trying to understand and also awakening actually brings confusion as far as i can see. The #1 Golden Rule is this: start from what you know to be true directly and work from there. Dont try to grasp lots of lofty ideas and concepts. If you dont know something, dont pretend to know...just know that you dont know and know that perhaps that you'd like to know and thats fine. its better than pretending. Dont confuse yourself by trying to grasp everything at once. You wont. You have to be able to exercise the skill of knowing when you dont know something...and being alright with it. Everything takes time. one big helping key for confusion is this: awakening isint what you know, its what you *are*. you wont be confused if your implementing this strategy appropriately because even if your psychological mind is doing backflips when understanding yourself existentially, it wont affect your clarity because your focus is not on your mind, its focused on you . if your mind is like a tornado, you dont stop being you and the ultimate goal of spirituality is to find yourself. just breath. ask the lord for direct revelation regarding how to obtain clarity. you can also implement simple measures to cultivate clarity like writing your thoughts down on paper, and asking yourself grounding questions like "why am i confused" or "what am i confused about" or "what am i trying to do". if all else fails, breath slowly and deeply for 10 repetitions, or 20 let go a little.
  5. @The Mystical Man mdma synergizes very nicely with dmt, I intent on doing it very soon. if your a large individual do 130-150mg of mdma an hour before you trip, if your skinny try 100-120mg of mdma an hour before you trip. you'll also have about 2.5 hours where you'll be feeling a lotttttt better for tripping on DMT so you can do one, two or multiple DMT trips within that time frame...your also basically guaranteed not just a good trip but an amazing trip if you preface your dmt trip(s) with a nice solid dose of mdma. (mdma is also notoriously impure off the street and is addictive so if you take it, get it from trusted source and not often).
  6. i dont follow leo, i follow god, Leo just turns out to be really accurate with how to access God. if his methods work, and if his teachings are accurate couldnt care less if he danced naked in the street while yelling "im a goat" for 13 hours... in fact that would be pretty funny lol
  7. I think there's a difference between gura and Murphy lol. They aren't the same thing
  8. We need to see combination all together naked, gun wielding Leo with ice cream and cone hat all in one. New superhero Maybe do a lady gaga with a post with only item of clothing as smeared ice cream on the body. This is exactly what we need. More of this. I think this will facilitate my enlightenment
  9. Lol...I think I really like his new posts.....lol... We want more outrageous stuff. We need more outrageous and controversial stuff!!!!!
  10. Yeah that ice cream ones kinda strange like haha. I say, full dick pic, or nothing, no inbetween. ...theory; stirring controversy?
  11. This is very central and a topic that contains a very important and very hidden truth... It's apparent that Leo is starting to care more about his social life, with game and friendships etc out in the party scene, with his new Instagram page as well Social prosperity is something that I've been contemplating today and it's led to a massive insight. I feel like many people there are who seek "enlightenment" but who actually desire to seek friendship, love and respect in social scenarios. Obviously enlightenment is real and awesome and extremely rare...but the same could be said about any pursuit in life...a job, a career, a skill...if you took a person with the same skill and put them on another planet [on which they are the only person] to practise that skill, I can guarantee you he wouldn't be having a good time regardless of how awesome his life's work is... ...because I feel it's possible that all achievement in life (beyond money) is ultimately an attempt to avoid social isolation. In this new world of digitisation... connection and friendship suffers. And it would seem as though people drown their need for social prosperity in extravagant knowledge, money, power, career or even enlightenment. And while each of those components are extremely and irreducibly important...it doesn't take away from the fact that [if we are honest with ourselves] what we truly desire at the end of those paths, is friendship, love and social connection. But even to admit this would require vast humility and self authenticity and consciousness. I feel like the domain of game is deeper than just getting sex. I feel as though it is a very important and foundational domain in which to become successful emotionally and therefore physically. It's a tool to cultivate emotional and energetic love between you and strangers who become friends. This is huge. we are bullshitting ourselves regarding what our heart truly wants. I predict that many people would desire social prosperity and the love and acceptance that subsequently comes with that...than the solipsism and deep challenge of isolation that comes with awakening (or at least desire social prosperity first). Thoughts?
  12. @thisintegrated haha fuck this cracked me up "like some donkey" haha
  13. Its undeniable that psychedelics produce more connections more pathways, and an increased sense of yourself as a resource of resources that is [in a sense] clearer and cleaner as opposed to a confusing ball of emotional and reactive automation. By removing the ego and emotional reactive patterns, you seem to be able to use and manipulate your psychological faculties more efficiently and directly in a sort os stream lined fashion. My only concern is that psychedelics may hinder my focus or derail my drive while I'm making my business and starting game. I suppose I could always just monitor my levels of focus, drive, motivation etc for business and game before and after each trip. I do feel like I need to give my brain a solid sober chance to establish some healthy patterns in learning, but considering I'm trying to learn new skills in new domains, increased neural plasticity and adaptability may prove useful... My intuition says no psychedelics for some reason still at this point...