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  1. Just use 5meo, that should be your main goal, getting that substance. It's just pointless not having that as the main goal. Gotta use 5. Not using AT LEAST regular DMT or other strong as fuck psychedelics is like a body builder going to the gym but there are no weights at the gym haha. You need something that will produce realistic results and measurable growth. You'll spend 50 years meditating and never get as deep as if you spent 1 year plugging 5meo every other week
  2. Growing confusion and "lostness" is a sign of growth, and infact should be expected. Infact, if you aren't confused, I'd be worried haha. When the confusion gets metaphysical it becomes more and more beautiful and pleasure filled. I think how it's meant to work is, the confusion increases and eventually gives birth to silence, then as that silence grows peace grows more and more then it gives birth to bliss and you just fall into the bliss forever and forget all seeking, which is of course only appropriate *after* these levels of development have been achieved. I can't wait lol The mistake is when someone chooses to stop seeking. The discovery should be so ground-breakingly powerful that you stop seeking by accident
  3. @Winny be verrrrry careful my friend. There is an ASTONISHINGLY HUGE difference between *believing* this and *realising* this. Believing: - a small sense of increases knowledge - new thoughts by which you operate - a changed mental standpoint. [Deep] Realization: - you become fully and literally immortal forever - all of reality falls around you as huge degrees of confusion and ecstasy meet - you a thrown into a new world of tangible pleasure and beauty, the likes of which you could never have imagined. - thoughts and reality merge and you become Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah all at the same time in an explosion of infinity...bliss is your new world.
  4. 🙏🏼☮️ I envy those who can plug man. I cannot. Neither can I snort (I'm pretty sure). ...I haven't had any real bad experiences with 5meo yet. I don't expect it either, I expect a happy trip because when I do that I feel like it's more likely to happen. All I can remember is this realm I went to on 5meo where it was 150% pure bliss weighing heavily on me. I could feel this weight of waves of indescribable bliss hitting my face, it was so heavy I couldn't open my mouth. For me, I know which direction I'm heading especially in a DMT/5meo trip, I'd recommend to approach the pipe slowly, be comfortable with it's presence first. Sit with it, then in a state of positive thinking and visualisation, take the hit. Maybe this will push you in a slightly more pleasant direction like with myself. 😛
  5. There's other instances where I just knew shit. For example, 3 days ago I noticed the voice of God subtly telling me to do another 5meo retreat. Then boom I have a month off work, cuz it was planned before. Gonna do 2 retreats actually. Its especially obvious when I'm trying to gain information about a person because they give off so much energy and vibration, it's easy to read. Very easy at times. It's got to a point where I can literally just see everything as it is...truly. I'll let you in on a wee secret, I think leo might be scared of nn-DMT visuals lolol. That's something I've felt off him. Could be wrong. Don't think I am tho lol
  6. Christians call it "hearing God's voice". More specifically they have something called the gift of word of knowledge, and the gift of word of wisdom. I've done it countless times. The only reason I knew to listen to leo was because I got a word of wisdom it said "x marks the spot". The easiest way I do it is just a choice between two possibilities. If I'm asking God which one is correct I close my eyes, bring one to mind, visualise it and analyze my peace. Then bring the other possibility to mind, visualise it and analyze my peace...and whichever one I have more peace with is the one I will choose. Colossians 3:15 (Bible) "let the peace of God rule in your heart."
  7. Clearly your not meditating on 5meo
  8. @Koeke in my opinion, the greatest mistake would be to accidentally waste 5 or 10 valuable years of your life getting...alright...results with weak practices and no determination. It's literally scary how little people here focus on the actual practices that cause you to make progress. Nearly nobody focuses on the practices and frankly I don't think leo anticipates this problem tactically enough.
  9. Yesss! ^ I got this very slowly (and quite recently) The focus of inquiry is not the questions, but the direct observation. Successful self enquiry is sitting still for long periods of time in a state of "looking" with questions only a gentle, periodic, peripheral guidance. For so long I was stuck looking at the questions
  10. ...just as long as your mature with it and old enough, relatively. Etc. Mushrooms are known for their uncanny ability to treat, reverse and cure depression. I think it's halarious that there are drugs that get you high for ages, and instead of give you depression and anxiety (like KET, coke, MD, speed etc)...I think that's so halarious...like cheating. You gotta try DMT bruv
  11. @Nahm aye it's a bit mind bendy, to be honest your probably way more aware of it than me at this point
  12. @Javfly33 makes your immortal Also btw I think it's supposed to be that you *become* nothing as opposed to you remaining existent as something that "has" nothing.