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  1. Remember Leo's video about nihilism... negativity is a part of purpose to. After awakening you can say goodbye to all negativity
  2. Remember, it's not about what you know, it's about what you *are*
  3. Careful. "Truth" or your interpretation of truth can sometimes be sought in an unhealthy way...for example, choosing [what you see as] truth over a relationship with a family member...would be something to consider carefully. Like if your wife asks you if her ass looks fat in those jeans, just put truth to one side for a moment and don't wreck your marriage lol
  4. @EntheogenTruthSeeker how's the grounding coming on bro? Nice and calm?
  5. @Zeroguy ?
  6. @Zeroguy shits fire dawg ? ?????⚡?????
  7. Well it depends who you ask. Presently our cultural definition of intelligence is simply the information you have in your mind. But you could ask an artist what intelligence is and he may say "the ability to portray something beautifully" Emotional intelligence is another kind of "smartness" i guess. The kind of intelligence your looking for with awakening isint information in your brain, it's experiential. Like the difference between "knowing" a girl by observing facts about her, and "knowing" her by having sexual intercourse with her. This kind of knowledge is indescribable. You have to fuck God
  8. @EntheogenTruthSeeker John 14:20 "On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you." 1 Corinthians 6:17 " the person who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with him." Your one with the spirit of the lord...which means if your spirit and god's spirit were both in a room, there would only be one spirit in the room...you/god. One The entire story of Jesus is, in the most absolute level of your reality, a dream your imagining as a reflection of yourself. You came from god and you are God. But Christian religion is extremely misleading concerning actual truth. It's impossibility is translated into its awesomeness when it's discovered to be true ❤️
  9. I would be fucked without actualised.org. I appreciate all the work done here by Leo and his trusted band of merry men. #EnlightenedBeard
  10. It's the whole way in which you go about trying to find yourself that matters. The entire structure of the question and what you expect to arrive at. I find confusion can stem from the lack of knowledge of how you are to know yourself at all. I've found that it's helpful to remember that your method should be highly guided by intuition. And in a dream there is only one way things happen...no way (which is the ultimate way). So the way I know how to know myself is the one rule of unlimited imagination which is both small, big... complicated, simple...easy, difficult... incredible, and normal. Because limitless imagination imagines these things. It's not that your Gona get a formula of "oh I have discovered myself, let me write this down now that is what I am." So how do you know how to know yourself? Realise that empty and limitless imagination is the only rule set. Use Intuition. Your heart matters the most. It's actually more like it chooses you. I've found people are born with a certain purity of heart that is unparalleled in the search of truth. If you are one of these people all you need to do is put loads of effort in and press the accelerator
  11. People like the "concentrate on candle" one more than I realised. Try concentrating on sahasrara, has combo effect