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  1. Good shit. Raises my consciousness
  2. Funny, I used to wear a necklace the exact same style. One single wing attached to a piece of string.
  3. I'm very hygiene aware. If i have been doing something that is filthy then I'll b able to feel the bacteria on my hands literally. Haha. It feels slightly slimier than regular skin sensation
  4. I'm pretty sure God wants the best for us all yes. However this question is being asked from a dualistic perspective. Remember, nothing exists. And remember, don't believe me.
  5. @majd Hailat One hour is a good goal. While I stand by the whole "relax into reality" thing...this is one thing that you can't relax. You really need to pull out all stops to make sure your doing the practises well and hard. My advice for meditation longer is this; try to really lose yourself in the practises. Whether it be kryia yoga, self enquiry whatever. For example, when I so self enquiry, I find that it goes a lot slower if I'm not putting effort in and keeping the ball rolling. I don't pause during it. And I find this puts me into a sort of trance of momentum. And it goes a lot quicker. Let the all powerful one show you how you can increase your daily times
  6. Yesssssssss. Let's go, I'll see you there soon big son. Let's get to fucking Nirvana already
  7. There are a few levels of understanding here. At the absolute level, you are God and god is you and there is no different between either of you and there is only you/God that exists. Now, when you say "i" in your question, if your referring to the human, then yes God is greater than the human. But you are God. So you see how you need to take into account where you are asking this from. But ultimately, like Jesus, you are God manifest in the flesh. Fully God, fully man.
  8. God is actually just showing me the beauty of hardcore music atm. But I still feel like I drift towards a quieter, more meditative scene. That's what I drift towards when I enter the place of authenticity
  9. Work on dream recall. You dream every night, just can't remember them. Easiest way to do that is by doing the following exercise daily; As soon as you wake up each morning try to catch yourself before you move your body. If you can do this then relax and dont move. Your dream recall will be very very fresh at this point, you'll find it much easier to remember all of your dreams. Go through any dreams you had the night prior, go over them a few times then go over it out loud. Then sit up, move about and go through it one last time. What you're doing here is extracting the dream memory from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Also do reality checks all the time. By doing reality checks all the time you will programme your subconscious mind to do it over and over again, then eventually you'll do it when your dreaming, and you'll become lucid. Heres my favorite reality check; try to stick your right index finger straight through the middle of your left palm. If you can do it, your either dreaming, or have superhuman strength...and I'm gonna bet that it's not the latter. One small pointer for this technique, you must actually try to put your finger through to hand each time and you must not get into the habit of just doing it, expecting it not to work. Otherwise you'll just dream that you cant do it. But yes, doing this with the dream recall practises will eventually cause you to become lucid within a dream. You'll go to stick your finger through your hand and it'll actually happen and you'll realise your in a dream. One final point, it's very common for dreamers to get excited when they realise they're in a dream and they wake themselves up. As Soo. As you become lucid, put your plan up to your face, focus on it and spin around once or twice. The focus will neutralise your dream state
  10. @karkaore Not only that my friend, religious "good works" schemes are Satanic! It's the ego's attempt to reach God! By measuring himself using "good and evil." Notice, what was the name of the tree in the garden of Eden that Adam and Eve ate from that condemned humanity? Look it up. There were 2 trees. Trying to be like God via "good and evil" is what separated humanity from God in the first place. Religion is Satan's distraction and perversion. Do not include any kind of positive or negative morality within your spirituality.
  11. Yep prayer works. Although see all that bullshit Christian prayers etc and religious prayers, and praying styles...yeah they're shite. Won't do anything. 2 this game I'll say about prayer 1; dont use the word prayer, and dont use any religious symbols. You have to find good for yourself. Assume everything else is incorrect until you experience it yourself. 2; The most important part of prayer is the part literally 99% of people forget about. Prayer is meant to be a conversation not a voicemail. God will speak back to you and tell you incredible things. He tells me future all the time. This is actually by far my most powerful insight and my most favorite topic. If you truly keep seeking the ability to hear the voice of the infinite one, you will get slower better at discerning his voice. I describe it as an "inner knowing." But the value I've got from being able to hear god clearly is absolutely priceless to me. I remember one time God literally spoke straight into my heart and said "listen to leo" AHAHAH
  12. There is a lot of wisdom to be used in holy books like the quran, Bible, bhagavad Gita etc. You just have to interpret them correctly. For example I was brought up christian and i had to realise that Jesus is a picture of me and everything that happened to Jesus is actually happening to me because I'm literally Jesus. And like Jesus I have to die and be reborn (enlightened). As do you
  13. Ok I'm gonna give you the short answer...there really is no answer, no absolute answer. Remember, everything is free floating and you can do whatever you want. If you want to discover God the yeah ask those questions, a lot. But most importantly, find the one who questions, and also...find the one who observes the one who questions. Do not look for this, look from this. If you look for it, you will enter confusion. What you seek cannot be found, but it's your job to realise this. All of your individual body parts, cognitive functionalities and all of your experential faculties are all individually replaceable. If replaced individually, *you* remain...no? If your heart was replaced would *you* still be here? This is not a trick. Remain in direct experience, allow it to be your only anchor. If your memory was removed right now would you also be removed? Or would you remain, as the observer of your memory or lack thereof? Tell me, is there anything that can't be replaced? Liver? Personality traits? Emotions? Or, like a piece of clothing, can they be replaced without causing *you* to be replaced? What is this thing? This "you" that remains? And where is it?