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  1. 2 helpful tips for technique that I found helpful at least...are the following - it's not so much you "doing" a practice, more that you cease to do any practise and the breath is just, there. And it stays, there...for however long. - dropping all spiritual techniques and replacing them with actuality. This is a strange one, but for me...I found that when people told me to "watch my breath" I would imagine the breath entering my lungs. Notice, not the breath itself. So for me it's important to start with Actuality and work from there rather than starting from an idea about looking at the breath. Actuality will be very quiet and empty. Intuition is a must
  2. I personally don't really mind how it's delivered. However leos delivery is absolutely fabulous. I just love the emptiness of it. The problem is never too little information, it's too much information. People tend to "enjoy the path" too much and end up getting distracted from the goal that is at hand, which is awakening to fact that you do not exist. It is true that damaged people are more inclined to become interested in self help, religion, or awakening, and when this is done without the correct amount of focus, purity and power...they don't make any significant progress...which leaves them only with the spiritual ego (which really stinks like a bad oder). A person with a fucked up mind will project all of their shadow out into this spiritual ego, which many can't stand. However it's also helpful to notice that each and every state is one step in the overall picture of someone who is becoming enlightened.
  3. The real power is discovering these things experientially 😁
  4. Let those who will use them, use them. I wouldnt force someone to use them, but I think it's true that subtle dogma gets in the way. Psychedelics are too powerful haha. Blows a big hole wide open in...something haha. It would be a mistake to underestimate the power contained within the field of psychedelics ♥️
  5. I feel like sometimes people who have a shallow foundational "understanding" of what enlightenment actually is...have trouble in the area of motivation. For example, people think "ah yes I'll meditate and become slightly more peaceful." Even those who think "yes reality is a dream, god is everything, and that is me,"...if the magnitude of this is not grasped intuitively and deeply, a person will likely run out of motivation...similar to how, if you prepared a rocketship (that is flying to the moon) with too little fuel, it may not reach the point at which gravity ceases. Not even fuel to breakthrough into the threshold. I can honestly say that, because I was led here specifically and my intuition is so deep on the matter...that I will more than likely spend my entire life dedicated to the work of enlightenment and awakening. Everything else feels so unsatisfying. I would be so bored not pursuing enlightenment knowing that it's there. When I smoked 5meo, I don't just get a good feeling...there's a deep deep feeling ok satisfaction not like MDMA or ketamine that just makes you feel good. I can tell the difference. It's like the kind of drive and satisfaction you receive from pursuing a girl and falling in love and mating with her intimately. It feels so much deeper than shallow things like "getting a lot of money" although, I do want that to lol
  6. Leo has clearly broken through into supernatural knowledge there's a word for it in Buddhism I think. The kriya yoga book says that the kriyaban can expect to receive powers and abilities, some subtle, some not so subtle. I know of this myself haha. And I know realise how hard it is to communicate it to others because to the ego, the true self looks like an ego haha. You can definitely know things that surpass regular understanding. This is recorded in many many'a manuscript. Have you stopped to consider that leo is actually going as deep as he says? ...since, if someone doesn't have some kind of perceptual issue, they should be able to see that Leo is the only one who is doing all powerful exercises, hardcore as fuck. People usually don't press into the practises (including psychedelics) heavy enough to make actual notable progress on the path. The ego see the "I am" as an ego...it think, "I am?! That sounds extremely self centered." Think about those words I am, very bold, blunt, nearly...powerful. but when a person becomes bold blunt and powerful, you say "ego!!!" Leo speaks from being literally self-less. He is less a self, he doesn't have a self haha. Which is why he speaks the truth. Even though he knows a large portion of his audience will think "there's no way he's went so deep," and thinking hes bullshitting, or deluded. But the trick is this...don't believe him. If you know (and practise) powerful practises together including psycs daily for around an hour or so a day (which is realistic) then just do what I do. Realise that the power is in the practices, and what Leo says go in one ear, and out the other. (not psychedelics daily haha). The guru becomes your only teacher. John 14:26 "But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything..." Even let the voice change your practises. I've had a super change it n my intuition recently. I've stopped practising yoga temporarily (and automatically) nearly like I didn't notice it haha kinda. My self enquiry has been much quieter recently also. I don't bow at the start and end of each practise anymore. It honestly feels like I'm just not practising...but the intuitive feeling, aw...I can tell it's deep ♥️ it's like trying to force yourself to love a girl and getting distracted from your efforts by *actually* falling in love. The intuition takes over. The kriya book says that advanced practitioners often say the guru does the practices for them. It begins to feel confusingly effortless. At least for me haha. Oh yeah, anyway. When I say "don't believe leo" I'm not saying you disbelieve him. I'm merely saying neither believe him or disbelieve him. Do the practises and psychedelics that leo is doing, and the same volume or practises, for the same length of time as leo...you agreeing with him or disagreeing with him is actually ultimately a trap haha. Both. I can personally vouch for 5meo though, it is legit. Peace and love to all my friends ♥️
  7. @universe let people who want friendliness go to mooji baba or Christianity maybe. Certain denominations are very friendly. Infact, Mormonism displays one the most tightly knit people who move as one body extremely effectively. They support each other heavily and love each other. Very friendly.
  8. dis me wearing my psychedelic poncho hahah
  9. hey real quick, see when you guys say "kriya pranayama 1, 2 and 3" are yous talking about "First part of kriya pranayama" and "second part of kriya pranayama" etc from the Kriya Secrets Revealed book? i need to make sure im doing the right stuff...
  10. All the teachers always let their dogma get in the way. Notably, their dogma against "drugs" which (ironically) stems from ignorance haha. Leo is emptier than anyone i have ever known or heard of. People think "aw no, gotta do the path a certain way...no 5meo" but leo takes the most powerful traditions (Vendanta, buddhism, hinduism etc.) then identifies all of the most powerful techniques in each practise, then purifies them to make them even stronger, puts them all together...then combines this with a handful the most powerful psychedelics known to man and allows his intuitive voice guide him...all while, still remaining empty of dogma. This level of emptiness and purity...nobody else has this. Sure, maybe a few rare cases of people who practise one powerful technique...but all at the same time? from every direction? On 5-MeO-DMT? haha, nah. I dont think we actually realise what is happening here. I mean, holy fuck...this isint ground breaking......this is fucking something else. Leo hasnt just tamed the Ox and brought it home...the ox has started smoking 5meo with him hahahahahah. Im telling you, this is not normal. Not even for enlightenment. I hope to go as deep as leo. i will dedicate my life to it. This is something very very fucking special. something is happening here
  11. From the very start ive struggled to visualise prana rising up the spine, aswell as visualising the point between the eyebrows. It feels like i cant feel the point and im trying to imagine the actual point between the eyebrows but my eyes keep getting tired and moving and it distracts me. i cant hold one image in my perception, it keeps moving and shifting. Then i think, am i meant to be feeling the point on my actual body, looking at it with my actual eyes or literally just imagining my forehead and the point between the eyebrows as some kind of visual "point". Anyone else had issues visualising?