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  1. You'll just be manipulating the drugs in your brain. You can't get away from chemicals
  2. @Leo Gura admittedly, awakening can look very scary with standard concepts such as casual solipsism. Could you tell us the top, most poignant bullet points that solipsism miscommunicates in contrast to a full realisation of the radical nature of how the mind constructs reality and God consciousness..
  3. Are you talking about how some egos might attribute all kinds of negative meanings to solipsism even though ture meaninglessness also means a complete lack of negative meaning aswell as positive meaning? Is that the primary point or is there more nuance to it
  4. @Leo Gura was there any reason why you removed your solipsism video before bro
  5. @MihaiXx just like going to the gym bro, be able to tell the difference between good pain and bad pain. If you want to tear down the muscle to allow it to build back stronger, expect pain. But try to remain vigilant about the difference between your mind being broken down in a healthy way, or your mind breaking in unhealthy ways. u don't Wana stretch a muscle <3
  6. If you want to remember someone's name imagine them shaking hands with someone you have known previously who has the same name as them. Imagine is 3 times to strengthen it.
  7. There's quite a responsibility being advice giver. Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach...but also there's a big trap of constantly putting your attention on other people's issues which can actually be you avoiding your own development...easy to give advice, hard to lead by example
  8. I have had multiple people who've experienced hardcore de-ja-vo (if that's how you spell it) when in my presence. I was sat in the back of one guys car and he just said "I have dreamed this before, you were sat right there, I was sat right here right like this." It's cool.
  9. Leo's series about quantum mechanics talks about atoms and the double slit experiment...one of the primary pointers I took away from those videos was that even modern theoretical science (quantum mechanics) states that atoms are literally not solid objects but waves until they are observed, at which point your observation of them crystallises them and they form into objects. It says that when you look at something you literally cause it to take form.
  10. there is solid evidence to suggest that the spirit of god has preserved teachings through religions like christianity...some really interesting and powerful stuff. christianity is right, but its symbolic. I actually have seen that there is tremendous power in christianity, the baptism of the holy ghost, multiple scriptures fall in line with simple stuff like 1 John 4:8 "...God is love." There is also some really great teaching about the three kinds of love Eros (sexual), Philos (friendship), Agape (unconditional love of God). 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. there are references of people being struck down in fear at the light of the presence of a being of power...and instances of people being "baptised in the holy spirit" ...shaking all over and speaking words that arent man made (martin ball said he sees this sometimes in 5meo ceremonies). ...there is something very comfortable about christianity but just give it time, it'll fail him...i have studied multiple denominations of protestant christianity, catholicisim, jehovas witnesses, mormons, jewdism and read the greek and hebrew manuscripts of the bible...and even the books that were deemed unfit for cannon by the cathoilic church...its a big confusing ball of unnecessary symbolism...that guy has clearly had some kind of special experience but he's mistaking the content for the structure He needs to recognise that his awareness needs to be placed on perception itself as opposed to the shapes they adopt...and that god is linked to his direct qualia. To love something means that there are no barriers of distinction between you and that thing...such that you are that thing...therefore its completely accurate to say that i love jesus christ ...or at least thats my current thesis lol
  11. You can get stimants and SSRI's from doc. ADHD is very misunderstood in mainstream culture...I reckon it's super common, quite difficult to work with, each ADHD brain can be different. People with ADHD are also more susceptible to other mental disorders like BPD, GAD, SAD etc. Just be careful with psychedelics and other drugs of your on medicine. At the end of the day, you need to be able to function...and medicines like SSRI's can improve concentration, focus, consistency and motivation. Also if you can gain power over it, you'll actually have a supermind after...in some instances
  12. I heard a story of a man who seen a small butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon...his intentions were good, but when he cut open the butterfly's cocoon to release it, it couldn't fly...and died. It needed the struggle of pushing through its cocoon to develop adequate strength to survive in the real world. It's a nice little analogy
  13. Don't need to make any drastic decisions...start some creative stuff while working. Leo's LPC is good, with some very good points...death is a good motivator. Your about 30? You'll probably have health and energy till about 65 so you only have about 35 years left and in 65 years from now your Gona die, and that's it...forever. so might as well live to the fullest