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  1. Hello. I'm stuck in my life because my health needs fixing. I'm sure that I need Chelation, because I have Asperger's. I can barely focus on anything without feeling like I'm going absolutely insane, because my brain function is utterly disturbed. Most people I meet say, that I just need to take small steps. However I have tried that, and everyone of my endeavors falls flat on their faces within a few days. What keeps me stuck is that I know what treatments I need, and that I need them desperately. But simply can't afford them. I have no education, I'm 24 years old, nobody I know can pay for me. I can't get a job because I'm in such a bad condition. And I can't get a job, unless I get treated… which I need money for. What do I do. How can I earn the money that I need? P.S. I am not sure if this topic belongs in Health and nutrition, I'm just shootin' my shot here. ?
  2. Hi Now, I know what it sounds like, but please hear me out. I have recently been going to weekly classes at a local protestant church, about the christian faith. I wanted to do this to meet some stage blue people, so that I can educate myself and integrate the spiral within me etc. This is best done by meeting these folk face to face not just reading about them and watching videos! Some of their arguments for faith seem legitimate, but I am at the same time aware that believe is a trap closing you off (or of?) to genuine God-realization. And sometimes I feel that Christ could heal me and love me in such a profound manner. Something that perhaps could help me. I don't know if this is confused self-hypnosis or what!? I have an idea that truly accepting Christ would blast my shit away leaving behind my diamond core. Haha I respect that Jesus Christ was an enlightened mystic. But not as the only begotten son of god, thy lord and saviour blah blah blah. I am doing Kriya Yoga, that is taught by Sadhguru. Is christianity compatible with me, or am I wasting time with this Jesus stuff? Can I please get some guidance on this issue? Thank you in advance ?
  3. What is the name of this YouTuber? I'm interested.
  4. @Bernardo Carleial You're brilliant! Thank you for expanding my understanding. What is the Integral Method? Is that in the SD Model? I am currently reading the book. Is that in there?
  5. But isn't one more likely to do scape-goating the larger one's ego is; and isn't one more likely to be red the larger one's ego is, thus these correlate? Or am I biased and/or prejudiced here? Sorry if my English is bad.
  6. Is scape-goating to be considered red?
  7. Isn't it already kind of taking place just in slow motion?
  8. If you feel out of line and unfocused as to which direction to go regarding your passion, still I'd recommend the course. You could learn a thing or two more about your true intention in life. Plus it will help you to understand and get in tune more with Leo content, as it all blends together
  9. Namaskaram. I have developed this nag for the field of theology lately and seem to find a meaning in becoming a theologian at a university. But I also know that theology can be a very stage blue type thing. Would this constitute a toxic life purpose? I live in Denmark where people aren't that dogmatic, but still I fear it could a trap for me? So what I see I could do is bring it up to a more nuanced field; more stage yellow, because I also have an innate talent for clarifying to people the "right and the wrong way" (not dogmatic black and white thinking, but a more intelligent perspective-giving.) Do you understand? So I could give my future students a hell of ride in lecturing them a package of theology that completely transforms their lives and perspectives in so many ways, that they'll barely be the same when they started as when they graduate! I'd like to hear your thoughts please. ?
  10. How am I supposed to find that?
  11. Hmm... I see what you mean. But what is the meaning sitting through boring lectures, that I don't personally care about? Then I'd honestly rather find my own path. Plus everything I need to know I feel like I can basically learn through the internet and on my own pace which I personally like a lot more. I respect the school system, but it's not for me at the moment. I also generally trust that I will find some way in life.
  12. Well I'd say that with languages it is the notion of understanding the etymological and historical implications of the different loan words and linguistical developments of languages. (I am particualarly interested in latin, ancient greek and sanskrit) With animation it is the fact that you can bring life to a drawing and character and tell a moving story, that perhaps could teach people a little something about life Thank you so much for showing me that video! It REALLY cleared up a lot of things for me! Well... I actually quit a high school I went to because I have some issues with concentration - I live in a Scandinavian country so I can still be somewhat supported by my government whilst being home and figuring things out for me.
  13. Hi. I've been trying to find my life purpose now, by trying to complete the Life-Purpose Course (I haven't completed it fully, and am actually planning on redoing it completely). But am having trouble navigating between my two passions to turn into a career. I'll tell you what they are. They are; Animation & languages. I understand that the impact my work has on other people is an important factor in deciding one's life purpose. And I can see the equal impact of both these career choices. (if I find a way to make a career out of something with languages at least...) So I'm having an immense difficulty deciding and really "feeling" what is THE right choice is for me. Can you help me shed some light on my issue?