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  1. @Leo Gura well said & same for me as well.
  2. @Nahm I’m really starting to distance my self from the ego, im almost impossible to get offended anymore, I do a lot of self inquiry, basically all day long
  3. @Highest you’res just stopped one day? Mines seems to be getting stronger in some ways...& yes I know don’t fight it when it comes, you’re 3rd eye pulsate like crazy? Mines getting fucking annoying now..also when my kundalini awoke it was a strong awakening my crown chakra blew the fuck open & energy shot out a foot over my head / crown chakra for like 3 minutes! 🤷‍♂️ Absolutely nuts when it happend, I thought I was enlightened when it was happening to me 😂 also there are “kundalini experiences” & full blown “kundalini awakenings” pretty sure mine isn’t a tiny experience, this shit won’t stop.
  4. @Jkris kundalini will not guarantee enlightenment but it gives you a much higher shot, just what I’ve read, I guess I’ll find out with time. kundalini clears chakras & purges past traumas ie: May help with enlightenment. But kundalini from what they say is not needed for enlightenment, but in most cases there is some sort of kundalini at some point, again from what I’ve gathered over the past 2 years. The weird thing is, I almost know one day possibly soon I will be enlightened, I can just sense it now, also with the kundalini awaking, I truly tasted it, I now know it’s real & not some BS, wives tale, that the best part about the kindalini, all doubts were answered for me.
  5. @Highest my kundalini has got awoken about 8 months ago & I used to battle heavily with anxiety, the kundalini in some ways has seemed to cook it away, not fully though. I think I have mini non dual states & they are blissed out & I have a very almost eery sense of calmness, but if I do get anxiety it seems to be very extreme, like I’m getting Exteme ends for both sides. also my third eye will not stop pulsating, getting boarder like annoying now..
  6. If this makes any sense, or aha moments? or mystical experiences? It seems we can’t group these all together cause every case is different, this “no self” thing keeps going deeper & deeper for me, I can almost feel it changing me daily or that my physche is getting re-wired, I can literally feel it all over my head, I know it sounds stupid, but seriously. Just wondering also why kundalini doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention on this forum, a lot of people seem to snub it, from the research that I’ve done it could be a gateway or prerequisite towards enlightenment, my kundalini is awakened I can literally feel it on some level all day long in my body & on my head (crown chakra/3rd eye pulsating most of my my day) just think it doesn’t get enough due diligence. Some people will say it’s “just energy” well this just energy not a whole lot of people seem to know about it, I sure as hell didn’t ( had no clue a body could twitch, jerk & rotate during meditation) Now I’m stuck with it & yes I know it’s still not enlightenment im not hanging my hat on it but it’s still an important topic. Just saying... im also pretty sure the kundalini is actiavating different areas of “my brain” still soo weird to me, I’m also having no luck at all in finding a guru at least to talk to🤦‍♂️ I’ve been looking...
  7. @Girzo I love his outlook on self inquiry, he just keeps diving deep
  8. Asking for a friend.. but no seriously, I feel like I’m on the verge of a big break through, it would be cool to meet someone of that level of consciousness at this point in the game for me. Does leo ever do retreats or speeches anywhere?
  9. @Robby I believe adyashanti lives in Cali, but you better have $1,500 laying around to chill with him during a retreat.
  10. @Recursoinominado I’ve called a few places, I could use an enlightened yogi, not some lady that has met 1 guru (1 time) & claims it’s her master.
  11. @Key Elements exactly like I said, if there was more then 1 case that was actually confirmed trust me I would have done 5MEO already. Problem is, there is only one & a bunch of mystical experiences, I never said I wouldn’t take them, just at this point not sure why I would?🤷‍♂️ Thanks for understanding where I am coming from, I’m not anti anything. But let’s be honest you don’t need them & it doesn’t always take 30 years to become enlightened, I’ve done enough research the past 2 years. Ive come to the conclusion it’s simply another tool like self inquiry/krya or sds sits. & yes you are correct it’s a great topic.
  12. @Arhattobe so why do we even acknowledge non duality then?