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  1. @Salvijus I've heard it 3/4 times now, even up on this thread ^^^ sorry to burst you're bubble.
  2. @Sahil Pandit 5/6 months but getting stronger
  3. & stronger, anyone have thoughts or advice on the Anja chakra or 3 eye? Like what do I do? just let it be? It doesn't hurt, just vibrating or pulsating all day long, go ahead I'll take some advice😊
  4. I know now that enlightenment is real, the day that light/energy came shooting out of my head is the day that I stopped questioning enlightenment. When did you all stop questioning Enlightenment?
  5. @Hellspeed tell us you're background & what led you to enlightenment.
  6. @Hellspeed so what you are saying is mantra mediation will lead you to enlightenment faster then self inquiry? If that's the case wouldn't there be more enlightened people sir? Millions of people mediate?🤷‍♂️ Not sure how many people sled inquire but I'm sure it's not millions..or what specific kind of breathing/mediating are we talking? Also can you write a deep post on yourself so we can see how you became liberated sir. Maybe you can help one of us with you're past.
  7. Enlightenment? Or are you basically the same as any other person? Or is it a guarantee you will become enlightened? As of today my kundalini is in full swing & "I" am much camler then prior kundalini, like my feelings of calmness are very calm & my feelings of anxiety are very high, it's like both sides got heightened intensely. Prior to doing sds sits (that's how my kundalini awoke to begin with) I only heard of kundalini once through adyashanti but shook it off, once you open this up they say there is no going back. (The only thing I knew about was enlightenment) so when a beam of energy came shooting out of the top of my head (crown chakra) (found this out after🙄) I thought I was enlightened😮 So I stood up! (It didn't stick though lol) I didn't realize some people go through this stage prior to enlightenment🙄🤣🤦‍♂️ Some people shake it off as (only energy) unless you've felt this "only energy" please don't snub it, you don't control it or if you can I don't know how. Most people say just let it do what it wants, the energy is smarter then you are & if you fight it that's when most people have problems, just let it do its thing. ive read enlightenment through the path of kundalini but it still didn't answer all my questions. go ahead People enlighten me..🙏 @Hellspeed @Leo Gura
  8. @Pernani the only one I've read is enlightenment through the path of kundalini, pretty good...
  9. @lostmedstudent this is where self inquiry is huge! Who's the one Judging? Turn the flashlight on it self brother! 🙂
  10. @TheAvatarState it honesty wasn't an attention thing, "I" am on the path towards enlightenment & if being a vegetarian could speed up the process or if it were crucial for Enlightenment I would probably be doing it. Many of the answers were pretty bad in the past thread that "I" put out. The way "I" was looking for the answer is A Yes or No & here's why sorta guy myself...
  11. @lostmedstudent just concentrate on yourself for now , once you're enlightened help others I'd say 🤷‍♂️ Good luck my friend🙏
  12. @universe if "I" got some legit answers in the 1st place like a Yes or No & why..then there would be no need to create this thread...also it's not the same question..