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  1. @molosku hahahahaha I love this. Glory be to Allah, the one true god of all creation. His love endures forever
  2. John 14:20 "On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you."
  3. @Beginner Mind i did not choose to post this
  4. I notice this with humans when im on LSD or shrooms mostly. It's the "weight" of presence. An enlightened person could walk into a room, look at the floor and keep his mouth shut, and the entire weight of the room would literally change. Even if he said nothing, that weight is power
  5. Death is formlessness. Do not believe this, or disbelieve this.
  6. Frustration? Be careful, what are you actually looking for in your self enquiry? It must always be you, sitting watching your direct experience. What is here that is "you"? Do not try to intellectually answer these kinds of questions. You are one who observes your intellect are you not? Your intelligence is also being watched is it not? Who is watching your mind as it attempts to give different answers. Who is frustrated? You see, you cannot be stuck. It's impossible. Who is stuck?
  7. Personally, I have been shocked at how accurate the voice of God is. Literally. As I grew in my ability to hear God's voice I heard her voice become clearer and clearer. God told me that I was going to discover something that I was really really going to like, something that would transform me. Then just 2 days before I broke into the revelation of spirituality, I heard god tell me that this was the last chance I had to change get my mind and I said "I want to do your will" (Since I was a christian at this point). Then I was watching one of Leo's videos and the voice came and literally said "stop, x marks the spot"...i.e. I then knew deeply in my being, that leo had the truth I sought. Then she said that my new name was Reuben, which means "I have a son" and I cried and cried, it was awesome. So with regards to your question, I feel like if someone seeks the lord with their whole heart, they will find Her. (Jeremiah 29:13, the Bible). There is something that draws and guides the seeker when they make covenant with the God-King. Also, I have insight into this. After enlightenment, you become shocked by how you didn't see the truth before. It becomes so obvious, it's hard to believe. In a dream, everything is dream, it's the only thing that exists...in a dream, the "dream material" is foundational, imagination. And so it makes sense that people start seeing the dream and it also explains why ancient mystics were able to see the dream, if the dream is all that exists...its obvious.
  8. What is love, baby don't hurt me
  9. Pretty sure freewill doesn't exist. However neither believe this nor disbelieve it
  10. The only thing that can ground you, is yourself...that is the only ground that exists. Your mental clarity will go, your memory will go, everything that isn't you will start to slow down and die... In a way, your not meant to stay grounded, because what you most likely mean by this is that you wish to retain a stable sense of reality, when there is no such thing outside of your imagination
  11. Spine straight keeps you awake, but just snort a big line of MD and you'll be wideeeeeeeee awake and able to meditate lying down no bother haha. (I'm joking, don't do that). Although you can do this for long meditation sits, it works
  12. @mkrksms its not silly bro, I actually know what your talking about. The feeling of being trapped on LSD, I relate big time. But, let us steady our focus, not on what is experienced, but on who is experiencing. This is the only way to make progress