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  1. @seeking_brilliance once you've tested it you can't consume it..the test kits are acid. You only use a tiny amount. I'm gonna dissolve some in water and administer it rectally since my 5meo is in hydrochloride (Hcl) form which is suitable for snorting or rectal administration. Freebase is smoked. This is how to plug/boof/administer rectally. https://www.actualized.org/insights/how-to-plug-psychedelics This video includes advantage of this route of administion
  2. @seeking_brilliance I can't smoke DMT without bursting into tears man. It's truly, truly beautiful. I can't even remember it and it is still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I've just tested my 5-meo and it's good, so I'll be consuming that. I cannot even begin to describe the levels of fullfilment and tender love and clarity that come about during my DMT trips. I would give everything to stay there...I mean everything. I wouldn't care if I was a bum the rest of my life. It is incredible. Here's a pic of my 5-meo before and after I tested it lol. See that little green splodge, that means I have real 5-MeO-DMT. I have around 95mg. It looks like a boger in the tissue lol. I would never source illegal drugs, but some people just cannot resist searching this url on tor browser http://apollionih4ocqyd.onion then copying and re-searching one of the urls from that page to access a working darknet site on which you can buy 5meo. You should never do this though, you also shouldnt use cex.io to purchase Bitcoin, the currency used on the darknet. I'd also never run my Bitcoin through a Bitcoin mixing tool that makes my Bitcoin untracable before it reaches the darknet. I definitely wouldn't use smartmix.io to make my Bitcoin untracable.
  3. I wouldn't overthink it bro. Psycs amplify your current state of mind. I've noticed that Leo always put quotations around it when he says "bad trips". I know exactly what he's suggesting...he's suggesting that there's no such thing as a bad trip just an easy trip or a hard trip. But both are usually in the direction of healing and a hard trip usually heals you more. So really what people refer to as bad trips are the best trips
  4. @Leo Gura I love that analogy you used one time man. You said that it's like your looking for a needle in a haystack, but the "needle", is the realisation that there is no needle 🔥the ground is that there is no ground
  5. @Dylan Page oh my God man, try DMT lol. Everything meshes together and becomes weird as fuckingggg fuck. Fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck. Nothing makes sense in these psychedelic realms. Careful with weed, it'll make you extremely anxious if not taken very carefully. Weed made me feel super bad for years and I didn't even know it was the weed. By the way, don't consume sugar when your smoking it. It kills the high
  6. @fridjonk The brilliant thing about truth and contemplation is, logic and clear trains of thought are all you need. It's brill...and beautiful
  7. @fridjonk im psychotic, I contemplate all the time every time. I'm very very addicted to being right...but that has it's advantages. People don't like you much though. It's brill tho, cuz the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment calms your mind down to, makes you nicer to be around. With regards to contemplation I feel like it's important to connect thoughts very carefully. There are "gaps" in people's trains of thoughts which cause incorrect conclusions. For example...within Christianity they say that they are not saved by their good works. But then if you say "ok if I'm a Christian can I just do whatever I want" they'll say no, and that you need to avoid certain kinds of sin. Then you can go between the two questions quickly and confuse them. These gaps are what cause people to end up with partial truths and incorrect thoughts. Self enquiry is an interesting one. For me it's becoming more about the feeling...there is a place you can go that is not thoughts, and it's invisible to the mind. Every time god talks to me about it he doesn't say much and I know it's on purpose. Conceptualising it creates a trap, I know it. Trying to find that which you are. Very strange practise. What is the thing that is searching, what is it. Beautiful practise. It's a skill that can be developed. You have to think "ok, if reality is a thing that exists...what is it?" But all thoughts have something cool.in common, they are all watched. Finding the thing that watches is a strange task.
  8. Intelligence is just memorisation wearing a fancy dress. @electroBeam i also value different things. I love innovation, self supporting, original thinking. There is also a way to think that increases your ability to increase your ability to think. (Not a typo). Learning how to learn is vastly important. I once heard a random guy say "school teaches us *what* to think but it doesn't teach us *how* to think." Less free thinking, more memorisation. Do not question the rules. I hate that.
  9. It's like people are addicted to talking man. I operate a garage where it's me and one other person for the most of the shift, and some people are brill...they just chill and relax. Other people are so charged and feel like they need to have conversations constantly and I feel like passing them a blunt and (in the most hippie American accent) saying "maaaaannnnn, chill out duuuudeee" lol. I've found an interesting phenomenon though, if you become 100% comfortable with being quiet right in front of a person, it automatically makes a lot of people feel the same way. I just summon the inner peace and look blankly at the person while I'm radiating my peace and happiness. It's brill ♥️
  10. It has been at the forefront of my contemplation recently, about the one who is spiritually gifted and how he becomes effortlessly genius. He attains increased cognitive function and ability in every direction. He is faster *and* slower. His thoughts are fewer *and* deeper. He moves slower *and* further. His words are packed with power like military missiles that change things. I've really noticed this lately, that the one who is gifted with consciousness work has subtle, *paradoxical* features that make him flow incredibly well. Increased physical and psychological agility and fluidity. With an incredible ability to connect things (wisdom), he can work out any of his friends' problems in seconds and yet, often times has to stay quiet. It is as though he was once a block of ice being battered down a river, clonking off rocks and changes in direction...but that he has now melted and become one with the water that flows *in* the river *as* the river. And he flows meticulously. He tries less *and* more. He achieves less, and still achieves more! These are my insights 💜
  11. @Neph yo mate, literally I've heard of people's depression being lifted off them after a mushroom trip. I'm.not saying that's guaranteed but I am saying other people have had that happen. Leo says that striving for enlightenment without psychedelics is like climbing mount Everest without using your legs or arms. Anddddddd, yeh...fuck that
  12. @jimwell i feel like complete relaxation 24/7 of all "serious" desire or movement, while practising consciousness work, works best. I just don't think about anything. Effortlessnes is something that can chosen in my opinion. And if done powerfully, this relaxation will actually work for you. By waiting to move in life in complete surrender to the great spirit and when it chooses to place you it's the best possibility. Your vibration will lead you ya know