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  1. Northern Ireland says hi. #ActualizedCrew
  2. - Cool guys cheers for the insights
  3. @The Buddha how much for one
  4. Man your so awesome. Other teachers are like regular crystals then there's just the Leo crystal, pure 5meo crystal. Then comparing the two side by side just makes me laugh uncontrollably hahaha dear god. Hope your well, hope your health is cool
  5. People say they exude different frequencies of energy or something...like positive vibrations or vibrations activating certain things in your mind/body/life.. I'm just wondering, leave the bs for a sec, is this a pile of steaming dog shit? It kinda seems like it is...but I'm open minded af
  6. Lsdream are good like lol
  7. check this shit out Trust
  8. I been eating carrots and parsnips like mad recently, doing hitt training 2. I was kinda fat before lol
  9. My friend says having children is a good way to have immediate purpose if your hopeless at finding alternative purpose
  10. Remember Leo's video about nihilism... negativity is a part of purpose to. After awakening you can say goodbye to all negativity