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  1. So you have felt resistance. Which means it is a sensation or feeling. What is a sensation or feeling? A sensory experience happening in the body. When it is happening,you know it. It is an object of experience,and you are the knower of it. So saying I feel or I am the resistance is not true. You don't deny that it is there,happening in the body. You're not trying to use denial,which is aversion. You are knowing, of the sensation or feeling that is happening, and not the feeling or sensation itself. You are the seer. The resistance/feeling (object of experience) that is happening, is the seen. Knowing this,you are free from it.
  2. Is the first ignorance. Instead of trying to reach "not knowing" from knowing,start from I know nothing,which is true. Everything you "know" has been put into you (conditioned into you), from outside of you,from others who themselves assume they know ie. peers,teachers,books,movies,tv,"authority" figures etc., Contemplation is using keen discernment/discrimination to prove the reality,existence,truth or the non-reality,non- existent,untruth, of a belief,idea,concept etc.,
  3. There is I-mind-body,transcendence,in which there is a separation,going beyond the physical boundary of the body-mind. You are simultaneously in the body and outside the body at the same time. All pervading,formless,infinite,fully awake and aware. This experience of awakening given here by a lady named Suzanne Segal is the closest description, and very much similar,to my own awakening. She was at a bus stop, I was walking to my living room,and that's about the only difference. The bold type is exactly the same in my own experience. When I read this,It was like I was reading the story of my own awakening. This lasted about 4 hrs,for me before assuming the body fully again. Although,upon the re-assuming of the body again,there was, and still remains a space or emptiness that was not there prior. "Utterly bereft of all my previous notions of reality", very much describes the same result of such awakening. As for her,she never fully regained the body again and kept expanding until she physically died a few years later.
  4. One may be just co2 bubble. Another may be more o2 bubble than co2 bubble. And another may be vacuum bubble,but regardless of content they are all bubble.
  5. Be free from the one that wants to keep it. The one that wants and desires to keep anything is the bondage.
  6. When there is no self,there is no other....All is One. When the I-self no longer arises creating the illusion of a "me" apart from "other".. All is One. "All is One" is perfectly stated as .. Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit- Ananda)
  7. An ode to Zenu..Ruler of the Galactic Federation of Planets
  8. Feel free to write what you come up with to the above inquiry.
  9. "The one who is being looked for, is the one who's looking." Spend a little time on this Self Inquiry: Can the seeker be sought? Yes? No? If yes,why? If no, why? (this is a good one) Who or what is the one looking or seeking? In your direct experience, Is it.... I, am the one who's looking/seeking? If I, am the one who's seeking (looking)... where am I? (in your direct experience) Hint: "I don't know" is not the answer,so It is known. Go with this line of inquiry for a bit. See where it takes you... Will give more questions (suggestions) on this line if needed.
  10. Why contemplation,meditation,devotion (supplemental practices) etc.,?
  11. This monk is great at simplifying and making the ancient texts easy to grasp,and more importantly,implement. If you want to be schooled on what true,real Advaita Vedanta (Jnana) is, this monk is definitely one to listen to. 3 steps of implementing 1.Listen attentively and understand (put all opinions,judgments,personal beliefs/ideas etc., aside). 2.Contemplate what was said 3.Meditate on what was said until it is verified by your personal experience. Knowledge from the ancient texts are Truth. One verse can awaken anyone, as It is all Truth. Listen (or read), contemplate, meditate.
  12. This is what Watts is getting at. What you truly are is not subject to time, birth and death. The I or individual self that starts out seeking enlightenment,liberation etc.,typically does so in search of fulfillment,freedom from suffering and the desire for permanence. It hears of these things and seeks to attain them. What is not known is that if what is being sought happens,it will be the dissolution of that apparent I/self that is seeking it. But as ivankiss pointed to "You never really were an individual in the first place". None of this should be taken on as a belief. Believing will not help and may even cause problems. Whatever is said in spirituality should never be taken on as simply a belief. Nothing is to be taken as ultimately true until it is realized to be so in your own experience. Always use healthy skepticism and good discernment.
  13. Realization does imbue the fact that what we are does not die. It is no longer held to speculation, imagination, beliefs or ideas regarding such. Paradoxically what seeks enlightenment does so for the sake of wanting to live forever,but coming upon what it had desired in hopes of eternal life would actually only lead to it's dissolution/non-existence. The one that wants to be One,wants to be One but keep it's sense of self/individuality. In order for there to be One,there cannot be two,something has to go. Illusion is something unreal, appearing real. If what is unreal is unknowingly taken to be real,then for the one mistakenly taking it as real,it's dissolution is the dissolution of itself. Surrender is not unlike sacrificing oneself totally, for something greater than itself,only to realize that what seemed and took itself to be something it was not, was a dream. In the dream,the sacrifice and loss seems very real. Upon waking up one sees "oh,it was just a dream". How can what was a dream and never truly existed, re-incarnate into another dream unless it was still dreaming and taking the dream to be true/real. If one wakes up from the dream,there will not be a continuing of the dream as there was never anyone who was asleep. Gautama "seen" many past lives under the Bodhi tree, but upon awakening revealed there is no soul that reincarnates. One can only speculate that the dream continues until it is realized there never was a sleeper or a dream. Or if not realized while still in the body,upon death of the body it is realized that the sleeper and the dream never existed and thus no re-incarnation.