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  1. You may enjoy this one I recommend listening at 1.25 speed.
  2. Osho mentioned her in one of his writings and I thought the same thing,so I looked for more of her quotes and found this site if interested. https://www.poemhunter.com/lalleshwari/ .
  3. "Absorbed in "Thou art This," I found the place of Wine. There all the jars are filled, but no one is left to drink." Lalleshwari: a female mystic and Sufi saint.
  4. Obsession creates attachment,which causes suffering. If you get what you desire and are attached,there will be a persistent underlying worry of losing it. If you don't get what you're desiring,you suffer not getting it and will constantly be chasing and suffering not getting it,a vicious cycle. Also,you may get what you desire,but then you have certain "perfectionist" ideals of how it should come and what it should look or be like, and if those ideals are not met,there will be disappointment in actually getting what you desired but it didn't live up to the perfect ideal you created in the mind. There will always be something a little "off" about it. All in all,obsession is never a good thing.
  5. I think they tried something similar in the 60's and called it Woodstock. 'Rockin the Now' 🎸, sounds better.
  6. The no-sound between two thoughts is your real self. If there is negative thought dialogue,would you want to call that yourself? If you counter with positive dialogue,you would most likely want to call that yourself,but neither are yourself because they are still thought. Deep inner silence,(aka.,the Heart),of awareness,is yourSelf. It speaks from beyond thought, intuitively,without sound. It is a higher intelligence and wisdom that supersedes the voice of thought. Once you tune in to that deeper dimension of your being.you will find that silence does indeed "speak". From my experience, it only speaks what is true and has never been wrong. As Rumi stated "silence is the language of god." "Silence, is the highest spiritual instruction". Words (and thought), obstruct this silent language - R. Maharshi
  7. @Nahm Speaking of "rockin' the now" Sammy talking (@4:15), about how the song came about. One moment of timelessness.
  8. What will happen in the next 3 minutes? The only thing that's ever happening.... Now. "Things" or appearances, seem to be happening, coming and going,moving in and out, here to there,above and below. But it's all appearing in the timeless,dimensionless,empty space of Now. Across the universe or non-universe, Now is the only "non- thing" happening. Know yourself to be that. Never had a beginning,never will have an end. You are the all and nothing of what is happening... Now. Attachment is death. What is real and true,doesn't die.
  9. The mind is only a problem if you're identified with it.
  10. It's fine. It means your intellect is working and being used for it's purpose. Hearing the words as you read them is how you comprehend what is being read. If you're using the intellect, how can it be you? It's like using a screwdriver. Are you the screwdriver or the one using the screwdriver? The screwdriver is there when needed, and put away when you're done.
  11. @Aakash 🙏 The forum needs more of these types of vids and less theoretical/conceptual bs. For those with a short attention span ,this is a nice, distilled version of Drg Drsya Viveka (seer and the seen) spoken about by the Swami.
  12. The beauty of emptiness is that it is empty, (i.e.,free), of conditions. Even emptiness. No need or desire to be or become some-thing. There is peace,relaxation,freedom from the struggle of always trying to attain "outside" what is already here. What is happening is love, being stripped of delusion is love. Although to the construct it's very defeating. Turn toward and abide more and more in that emptiness/freedom of pure awareness.
  13. I certainly would not disagree.