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  1. If a thought enters for the question "what notices the noticing?", there is a noticing of the thought. What notices the noticing ? , of the thought?
  2. Notice the feeling,sensation,perception of ,whatever is being noticed. Then ask 'what notices the noticing ?, of a particular feeling,sensation or perception. For example;Notice the feeling or sensation in the heart area. Then,"what notices the noticing of the feeling or sensation?"
  3. This. It's like a download, so to speak. Whatever you want to call it (God,Tao,Brahman,Infinite Awareness,Universal Intelligence etc.) "speaks" from that silent,timeless dimension beyond mind. All the mystical,religious teachings/ texts and poetic words from all around the world were spoken and/or written from, and point to, That. Awakening is essential. Wars are waged based on one person or cultures belief over another. After awakening, one can pick anything,from nearly all cultures of the world. From the Native Americans to the Sufi mystics like Kabir or Rumi, To Mohammed,John of the Cross or Bodhidharma and Lao Tzu and see they are speaking of the same thing. Belief is personal. Truth is universal and belongs to no one, yet is available to all. Now that, is Love.
  4. Yes. Revelations will come when they are are not looked for. Another paradox, but not really. It's only a paradox to a mind that has been conditioned to getting or receiving knowledge from outward sources. There is an intelligence, a universal intelligence, in that limitless, silent space beyond the mind far greater than the basic intellect you're used to knowing. It is the source of all knowledge. When the mind becomes still and silent, absorbed in the source, the door to that intelligence opens up. This is the space of insight, revelation and wisdom. "Be still and know".
  5. If you find who/what you are, you may find that any desire or want to "become", is no longer there.
  6. Who or what experiences projecting and being projected upon? A person or identity. What is a person? An idea/assumption based upon the sense of being an individual self or body-mind as an identity.. "I am this idea of myself" which is itself a projection. The word Person comes from Latin persona meaning ‘actor's mask, character in a play. This sense of self (who I am),or ones identity (persona), being based on ones beliefs,assumptions,thoughts,ideas,likes/dislikes etc., projects those beliefs,assumptions,thoughts,ideas,likes/dislikes onto other so called individual selfs,and,in taking oneself to be this individual persona or identity ,is subject(i.e,susceptible ) to having that identity being projected upon. I guess
  7. What is the one common element, or factor, throughout the 3 prongs: Thought Awareness Emotion Awareness Awareness of the Two. Is a thought aware of itself or are you aware of the thought. A thought cannot be aware of itself. Neither can a thought be itself. A thought is insentient and has no selfhood(i.e.,self identity), to neither be itself, nor be aware of itself. Since a thought is in the mind,it cannot feel itself as a sensation. The sensation is felt in the body. Is the body aware of the sensation,, or, are you aware of the sensation.? In order for a sensation to be felt there has to be an awareness of it. If the body cannot be aware of itself and thought can neither be itself, nor be aware of itself, What is left, is the one common factor throughout. You. The one that is separately aware of both. If the body, and/or sensation, is an object of which you are aware of. And thought, is an object of which you are aware of. Then the answer to: What is the one common element ,or factor, throughout the 3 prongs: Thought Awareness Emotion Awareness Awareness of the Two. You,that which is aware. This is re-identifying your self as being the body-mind and forgetting that, You , are the one common factor, Awareness, in which they appear, and, are dependent upon.
  8. Lol. It was a good talk though. I think his name was Rama if you're still interested in looking it up.
  9. Very nice. ? That ,is the silence that speaks. What Rumi was referring to when he said "Silence is the language of God". It is the space of infinite wisdom and intelligence. The Inner Guru. And the "gate-less gate", to ultimate Truth. The Heart space,is Home. ❤️
  10. It;s not a complex,thinking decision. As you become more consciously aware of how the self serving,self indulgent ,'egoic" delusion causes all your suffering,the choice or decision to go in a direction that doesn't serve that automatically arises. I haven't sat down and mapped out how this works,it just does. Again,it comes about as the inner condition matures through the spiritual path. Something else, that doesn't require a complex thinking process makes the decisions and you just go in that direction. And it hasn't seemed to fail yet.
  11. It's experiential knowledge through realization and insight,not collected knowledge. I'm not buddhist or follow it's tradition or any tradition. If one is honestly living the path of truth this knowledge will naturally manifest. If you ask me about the religion,rituals or philosophy of buddhism,I wouldn't be able to answer. The middle path came through realization and insight for the Buddha,and the same realization and/or insights can be had by anyone if they're committed to the spiritual path. One can come to these realizations having never read anything,because they are not philosophies,rules,dogma's. They were turned into philosophies,dogma's etc., As far as complex thinking and deciding how to walk the middle path. It's a natural condition that happens on it's own as one's inner condition matures. As I stated above,if one see's and realizes through their own experience,how the world of duality works, their inner condition will naturally begin to change to embody that realization.
  12. It's why mindfulness was taught. To live more consciously. As one becomes more conscious of their habits,patterns,like,dislikes, and basically how they cause their own suffering, they will start changing their behaviors and inner condition that will lead to a life of "walking the middle path" which would be the path to less self induced suffering. If one is indulging in extremes,he is obviously living compulsively and/or impulsively and causing great degrees of suffering to himself, and others, that he is not even aware of. Obviously,even if in a deep state of ignorance,one would not unnecessarily starve oneself to death. The survival instinct of the body would eventually force him to eat. If it is mental impairment or illness that's a different story.
  13. The middle path is as the name suggests. It is living between the two extremes of the world of duality. In duality the two extremes only appear different,but in actuality one carries the other in it,and are dependent on one another for their existence. Also the world of duality is transitory. Nothing is permanent. Take for example pleasure and pain.The very act of seeking pleasure means you're in pain. In the absence of pain there would be no seeking of pleasure. Pleasure itself carries with it the inevitable pain of losing it,due to the transitory,impermanent nature of the world. So pleasure inevitably contains pain.Due to desire and attachment to pleasure, one will seek to experience it for a longer and longer period of time. Thus, one will also be in pain longer and longer when it is lost. This is why the Buddha stated "the world is only suffering." In pain there is suffering,and even in pleasure there is suffering. Nirvana is cessation of suffering. Cessation is inner equanimity,peace,joy. It is (sat-chit-ananda) existence-consciousness-bliss. There is no seeking of pleasure or avoidance of pain and no attachment to whatever comes and go's. To fully see and realize the impermanent and transitory nature of this world will naturally lead one to see the ignorance of attachment to anything. It is also due to seeing this impermanence that one will seek and abide in that which is permanent,unchanging and can never be lost.
  14. Excellent talk. It's an hour long but considering you're eternal,an hour's not that much.