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  1. The "you" that is being referred to is not the individual,identity or person you think/believe you are. What is being referred to is beyond body,mind,thought,or identity.
  2. Have you ever not,not existed? Inquire into this. Whatever you think or believe yourself to be,is what you are not. You are not a thing that has just come into existence for a brief while,and will fade out of existence. What exists has always existed,and has never not existed. " here you are". What I am,has always been here.
  3. The only thing you can know with certainty is that you are.
  4. There is something. Is this true? There is nothing. Is this true? The question presumes and/or believes that there is something and not nothing. The one asking the question believes it is something. It sees things,does things,hears things,thinks things,therefore it believes it is a thing. In order to continue to believe it is something,it needs something to exist in order to identify with. It can then say "there is nothing" . To say or believe there is nothing,is still believing there is something. Nothing, becomes another something to identify with and/or cling to. If there is neither something nor nothing,then there is just what is. That which cannot be said to be something nor nothing, neither this nor that.
  5. How long does it take to get to now?
  6. If so inclined,you can inquire. Who is the watcher ? What object or objects is it watching? Thoughts, sensations , breath What is aware of the one watching the object? If eyes are open,who or what sees the seer,seeing an object? What is aware of the hearer hearing a sound?
  7. Worth a look when you have 30min. to spare.
  8. Janaka said: Truly I am spotless and at peace,the awareness beyond natural causality. All this time I have been afflicted by delusion. Ashtavakra Gita 2.1 As I, only pure awareness alone, give light to this body,so I do to the world. As a result, the whole world is me,or alternatively,nothing is. Ashtavakra Gita 2.2
  9. Thinking of what is beyond thinking Is still thinking. I gave up thinking, And I am here. Ashtavakra Gita The body-mind is false, And so are its fears. Heaven and hell,freedom and bondage. It is all invention. What can they matter to me? I am awareness itself! Ashtavakra Gita Your real nature is as the one pure,free,and actionless awareness! The all-pervading witness. Desireless,unattached,and at peace. Ashtavakra Gita
  10. Well said. Whatever you are,wherever you're at,love that. Not bound,forever limitless,you are all that is,in this one timeless moment.
  11. There is a process of mind/intellect in which it can be used as a tool of discernment/discrimination,for what is true and untrue. Jana yoga, for instance, is often considered one of the most difficult. It's the path of knowledge through strong intellectual discernment, in which the mind/intellect is used to inquire into its own nature in order to transcend the identification with thoughts and ego. It uses the mental techniques of self-questioning(inquiry), reflection(contemplation) and conscious illumination(insight). However,there are certain "prerequisites" needed in order for proper discernment of truth, from non truth. The qualities or cultivation of non attachment toward the temporal objects and ego-mind,calmness/tranquility,tolerance of external, non-conducive situations commonly considered to produce suffering, and certainly, sustained devotion and intent towards realizing ultimate Truth.
  12. The purpose of any meditation is to bring about thoughtless inner silence,stillness, and then abiding in that inner silence/stillness for either a specified duration or however long one wishes. There were times when I went to sit for 20-30 minutes and only after coming out, realized I had been there for 3 or more hrs. absorbed in deep samadhi. The best way is to set an intent in the mind for the specific time you wish prior to meditation and let it go. Don't be thinking during meditation "is the 30 min. up yet,as that will be a distraction. The mind or rather the inner intelligence will "usually",come out at the specified time, if the intent is set prior to the meditation. I'm not sure what you intend with the visualization,unless it is a point of focus for one pointed concentration, in which one merges with the object. The object used,whether it be the breath,a particular image,a mantra,whatever, in any meditation is to bring one to the point of "no-I" or pure awareness, without subject-object relationship. No observer or object observed. Objectless,attributeless,pure awareness. Also known as abiding in the Self or absolute Witness.
  13. This is the answer to "how is wisdom transferred" . Truth Wisdom does not come from the intellect that is prior and/or, learned knowledge, contained in memory. When the mind is of no thought,and therefore no self, it arises from the still,inner silence of the one,original intelligence. This is why the highest truth is communicated through silence,not words. For those who are open and apt to receive it. It is also the source of deep insight not born of intellectual knowledge. It is always new and fresh. A true speaker/guru who is in touch/one with truth, hears for the first time, everytime, as he is transmitting it to the listener or student. As what the teacher is transmitting, is not coming from him that is seen as a person, but as one who is in communion with truth. That's why the meaning of guru is "dispeller of darkness". The body is only a conduit for which Truth can be transmitted. The "person" is not communicating/speaking Truth. Truth, is communicating/speaking Truth, through the teacher/guru from the depth and stillness of inner silence. It is the original one,intelligence (brahman,atman,god,the absolute etc.), prior to all knowledge. The "guru" or source of truth wisdom, is also in you, (but not "you",the person/self/intellect), in that thoughtless,still inner silence. It is the same truth/intelligence, of that which is in the teacher and/or transmitter of Truth wisdom. The ancient texts were written from that same source of Truth. The Bhagavad gita,Ashtavakra Gita,Tao Te Ching,The Vedas,Upanishads,the works of Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi etc.
  14. For nothing to be known,it would have to be known by that which is aware that there is nothing. So there is not nothing There is just That, which is Self aware/Self knowing, that it alone, is. Beyond the relative,time bound concept of something and/or nothing. An enlightened one jokingly said "If it were hard pressed to answer the question Who/What are you,it would say "I am not unaware."