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  1. Kundalini is a powerful force so it has to be respected. The ear pressure,head pressure,wind rush,forehead pain etc.,and another pretty common one is the build up of heat in various places of the body. Anyway these effects are the energy trying to move through "karmic obstructions" one has built up over time, which causes the energy to stagnate and build up pressure,causing side effects. Spiritual work is also spiritual cleansing , so diet and lifestyle is something to be taken into account. Partying too much and eating too much crap food will certainly make things harder.
  2. Back atcha' man. The haters need love too. In choiceless acceptance there's no discriminating.
  3. Kundalini is the spiritual energy that resides dormant at the base of the spine in the human body. It does exist and Everyone has it. Any spiritual work will eventually,at one time or another,awaken that energy. Whether it's worked on directly or not. Working on it directly will awaken it much faster than not working on it directly. Either way, it will eventually awaken and is an integral part of moving into higher consciousness. It's good it only lasted 2 minutes. A full kundalini awakening,when the body is not ready for it is something nobody wants. Look into Gopi Krishna and U.G.Krishnamurti. They suffered hell going through it too soon.
  4. That's why it was referred to as a freebie. You got to see the potential possibility of taking on the journey. The experience didn't eliminate the ego,content etc.,. it showed what the possibility is. You're gonna have to do the work now,no way around it. That's the "journey", so to speak. And as already stated,don't hold onto or expect to recreate this experience. One, you didn't create it. It was gifted. Don't forget that. The first thing ego does after an experience is claim it was responsible for doing it. It will do that for every experience. In that experience,there was separation from ego-mind,therefore it didn't create it. Which, at this time ,means you didn't create it. And that's why you can't,nor will you be able to, recreate it. If you continue on the journey,more experiences will come. Enjoy them and then let them go. Because, again, they are gifts from a higher order. If you try to hold to them,they will severely hold you back. Take the highs and lows as they come, but drop them and keep on going. As LaoTzu stated, it's"the journey of a thousand miles" .
  5. Yes indeed. I refer to it as "resting in ones own being". And It certainly is "where one sees Return." Beautiful,truthful words. Thanks @deci belle .
  6. You're on it man. This is good to see.
  7. That's you. You and everything you have ever believed to be you will have to burn to ash. That's what being reborn means. That's what "going all in" means. "The path",is a path of annihilation. Just know that going in. The price of God or,Truth, doesn't come cheap.
  8. It's possible to write without being attached to the thoughts/words being formed in the mind. The same detachment from the psychological,sensing body-mind,remains in all activity if one is truly detached or "seated" in the silence of "non-psychological awareness", as @deci belle puts it. The words to be written have a spontaneous flow to them as they rise within that silent space of non-psychological awareness. And as the one who's writing them is that pervading silent space,there's no attachment to the thoughts/words being expressed. As they arise spontaneously within that silence,they're not really seen as being "his/her" words,and thus no attachment. It's the doing, without the doer".
  9. @Elysian The invitation to the dance. Kinda like "here's a little taste if you want to continue,but you can still back out at this point." Consider this a nice freebie. If you go all in,the game changes. And that's gonna come at a cost. There's a certain point when you start seeing what the cost entails,and if you want to back out,you will find that the choice is no longer yours. You either go willingly or be dragged. Choose carefully.
  10. @Colin You've officially reignited my fervor for 311. Much appreciated.
  11. @Colin Oh man 311. Haven't listened to these guys in years. Thanks for posting.
  12. Awesome. Just spend some time everyday being in that quietness. There doesn't have to be any reason or goal for doing it. It's really just about the intimacy, joy and freedom of being alone in the present moment with You. Much like Jack and Drew here were talking about. Interesting how this happens when the "I" is not there,eh. That alone says something.
  13. Yes. Our natural state is silence. The abiding natural state and silence go hand in hand,they are one in the same. One has never known themselves to be anything other than mind their whole life. That's why this abiding in the true natural self is difficult. First it has to be seen that this is who we really are. That's the awakening. Awakening of truth is the primary thing,but it's also just the beginning. The "I" tendency does return after the "honeymoon" and does persist for awhile afterward,possibly years. During that time it's all about continually integrating back into that as the "I" tendency weakens. After awakening I was told this would happen. That this "coming and going" would persist for some time,and it's all part of the process,and they weren't bullshitting,loll. But yeah as the integration really takes hold,and abiding becomes more and more prevalent,the fruit from going through the process blossoms,and I'll just say there's nothing better than coming home. Life just really opens up in a way never perceived before. When this happens,you realize just how imprisoned you really were. And it's a damn shame a large part of humanity will never see this. Compassion naturally occurs because this is realized.
  14. I will go on to say that practices are no longer needed. Abiding awareness,inner silence is strong these days. Thoughts are either not noticeable,or very weak. Life just opens up. 💝 🕉