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  1. Not moving positively-negatively, the more and longer (constant/sustained), this empty awareness "is".
  2. This is what I was getting at with the statement Sustained emptiness (i.e., empty awareness) in which ever new arising's can arise and dissolve without attachment. Same with this. Constant (sustained) empty observer (sustained empty awareness), watching, as psychological content ,("other one" being watched/I-thought,memory,knowledge) arises then dissolves/vanishes.
  3. I very much relate to this. An excellent description of my own current experience.
  4. Sustained emptiness in which ever new arising's can arise and dissolve without attachment.
  5. Oh yeah. Been primarily stuck on Tool for years. Others: Pantera, AIC, RATM, early Metallica Not a stoner, but stoner rock has been grabbing my attention recently for some reason. Maybe try watts fear or fear of death on YT.
  6. Ok. Now I get it Each arising moment is perceived as a fresh,new moment.
  7. For passive attention observation, there is a necessity for space/freedom from identification with thought/memory/conditioned mind,in order to see the whole of movement. Without complete separation from the conditioned, there will be involvement with the conditioned,which will inherently distort/veil clear seeing. Correct?
  8. I'm taking infinite creativity to mean the same as infinite intelligence. Is that correct?
  9. True. And often assumed there's not going to be too much resistance involved. Until it starts digging into the deeply held beliefs that hold the structure up. It often goes like this: "This liberation,freedom thing,... yeah,that's what I want." "What's that?? Oh, the cost you ask?" Well,the cost would be every belief, assumption, conclusion you hold as true, including those you didn't know you had. Those will have to go. Oh, and that other thing you've been holding onto your whole life. That thing you call you.. Yeah, that has to go too. You don't get to keep that either. That can be a bit of deal breaker, lol.
  10. When I say 'relatively" it is to say, In the relative/dualistic, there are the conceptual labels/distinctions of aversion/desire. In the unconditioned unmoving,there's just the perceiving of movement. It's what is happening in that moment.
  11. Exactly. In desire there is aversion. In aversion there is desire.
  12. Relatively,when there is yes to one thing, at the same time there is the creation of no to something else. As soon as one action is made,it's opposite is made along with it. In this,they are not seen as separate,but as one movement without differentiation.
  13. Interesting how the E8 looks strikingly similar to the Om mandala