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  1. How do you know that they're not scamming you? This is what you have to do. Evaluate Leo for yourself.
  2. @CreamCat I'll give this a go, and I can see myself taking notes on everything, so... I'll put more awareness onto that
  3. @kieranperez I do feel like it's becoming more of an addiction. I wouldn't say I have a problem of not being able to stop conceptualising . I don't feel like I need to know absolutely everything as well but in some cases this does happen to me and I can't stop taking in all the details. But this isn't a huge problem with me because it's kinda rare now I realised that I have anxiety of forgetting and wasting time. If I learn something, I want it to stick with me and not be lost, and hence for my note-taking exaggeration. However it comes to a point where it's starting to demotivate me. Is it a problem of de-motivation? The main reason for the de-motivation itself is because it's tedious to take notes
  4. @kieranperez It isn't really practical. I can give some examples If I wanted to read a book in public, like on a train, I would have to take a pen and paper If I wanted to listen to one of Leo's MP4 audios, I would again feel like I need to take notes Whatever I listen to or try to take in MUST be written on something, otherwise I won't feel right and won't go in my head.. There could be so many things in my day where I'm not doing anything particular but if I fill that up something to read or learn, it drains my energy BECAUSE of the note taking? If that makes sense? I would happily watch Leo's videos but I feel like I can't watch them because I would have to take notes and that demotivates me But I guess that's how it goes... It's hard work to try and conceptualise everything
  5. I've noticed that whenever I work, I take a huge amounts of notes. Now I know that note taking is a good thing, but I'm starting to feel scared that if I don't take notes on anything, I will forget and never learn it This is mainly a problem when it comes to personal development. I can't read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch a video without taking notes I can see it as a good habit but it drains a lot of energy out from me... Any suggestions? Should I carry on?
  6. I'm actually doing this. I took a step back with the non-dual and spiritual studying as well as the meditation/consciousness section on the forums... I've tried to forget all of that because I felt like it wasn't doing anything but making my brain fry with no actual development. I felt stuck and not moving forward. I started going back to the core self-actualized concepts/values. Started from understanding emotions and moved on like a bucket list, and I've stopped meditation (for the time being). I'm only doing one thing at a time, currently practicing mindfulness hardcore. Been doing this for like, 3-4 months and has helped me a ton. I don't give a fuck about anything anymore
  7. Judgment will cause suffering since it will always backfire. Let's say you judge somebody with really ugly hair on the bus, but the next week you noticed that your hair is just as ugly. What essentially happens is that you either judge your hair normally or judge your hair BASED on the person who had the ugly hair last week. Both cases cause suffering and in this case, it was the second option for me. This happened whilst I was going to the gym But the thing is, judgment is judgment wherever or whenever you do it. Doesn't matter if you judge something that is "good" or "bad", the judgment itself has no value. Judgment can be seen as attaching a meaning to something when originally that something had no meaning and it was created ONLY by you. So when you judge something that is bad, you are the only one assigning that value and vice versa. It does get tricky when you judge something that is seemed to be "good" because you may not realise it as a judgment . Let say you saw really nice pair of trainers and they were so good that you bought them. Then next week, you find another pair and judged them also as really nice, but you already bought a new pair and so... You no longer like the pair you have. This may not come to you straight away but you judged the pairs of trainers! These are really naive examples but the principle is the same It's sorta like Karma, there is always a balance Eliminating it can be done by mindfulness practice. Just always observe what you're doing and try to spot out when you're making a judgment on something. Don't try to stop it thought, realise first that you're judging, then question WHY you're judging? Are you actually in control who judges? Takes years though to get rid of it
  8. Merry Xmas
  9. Remind yourself that you are reacting to the words that have no meaning
  10. Merry Xmas
  11. Better to be addicted to Actualized than crack, my friend
  12. @Sahil Pandit don't think I can get the balls to separate, but rolling them is good enough for me Is it necessary for the balls to be separated?
  13. @Sahil Pandit yeah dude, it really does relax the body. The bells makes me vibrate sometimes when I listen to the balls closely I want to know if there is more to these balls?
  14. @bejapuskas Me either, I don't believe in quick-step solutions but gotta attract them to self-actualization . But I'm sure a more in-depth exercise would also do the trick Goodluck!!
  15. Just realised my reply was really lacking one crucial ingredient. Results You can tell them what to do to try and solve their problems BUT you have to make sure that it creates results for them. Let's take for example, they having motivational issues. You should give them an exercise which is 1) easy, 2) doesn't take long 3) effective. The exercise then should produce results from them. Then, you can feed them theory. One exercise comes to my mind is visualization practices which takes 10 mins everyday And if they do it and actually sees results then that's when you can reel them in The only reason I am here is because of Leo's exercises which actually created results. I could LITERALLY see the results and progression before me so in my mind, if I am actually progressing and making results because of Leo/Self-Actualization, I must carry on. This was just my personal experience on why I was convinced that Self-Actualization is beneficial for me