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  1. Better to be addicted to Actualized than crack, my friend
  2. @Sahil Pandit don't think I can get the balls to separate, but rolling them is good enough for me Is it necessary for the balls to be separated?
  3. @Sahil Pandit yeah dude, it really does relax the body. The bells makes me vibrate sometimes when I listen to the balls closely I want to know if there is more to these balls?
  4. @bejapuskas Me either, I don't believe in quick-step solutions but gotta attract them to self-actualization . But I'm sure a more in-depth exercise would also do the trick Goodluck!!
  5. Just realised my reply was really lacking one crucial ingredient. Results You can tell them what to do to try and solve their problems BUT you have to make sure that it creates results for them. Let's take for example, they having motivational issues. You should give them an exercise which is 1) easy, 2) doesn't take long 3) effective. The exercise then should produce results from them. Then, you can feed them theory. One exercise comes to my mind is visualization practices which takes 10 mins everyday And if they do it and actually sees results then that's when you can reel them in The only reason I am here is because of Leo's exercises which actually created results. I could LITERALLY see the results and progression before me so in my mind, if I am actually progressing and making results because of Leo/Self-Actualization, I must carry on. This was just my personal experience on why I was convinced that Self-Actualization is beneficial for me
  6. I was at my local second hand store when I saw these Chinese baoding balls, and they were extremely cheap so I decided to buy it Can anybody share some insights or experiences with these balls?
  7. Best way to convince someone is to find out what their problems are and tell them what to do to solve it via use of self-development If it works, they will be hooked. If not then there is no way to convince them Everybody wants to do something to BENEFIT them.
  8. The tree is made up of particles. It's made up of RAW data of the universe. It's made up of the universe There was never a tree, only the universe
  9. I think you need to focus on life-purpose first. @Sahil Pandit 's suggestion is amazing at getting you started and you should definitely do it. Hell, I'm going to do it now, because I haven't been in a quiet place for a while You need to find a path and stay on that path. Then everything will connect!
  10. @Wasem I am so happy for you!!!! I would suggest reading Mooji's books, Before I Am is a great book. It's just mainly conversations between Mooji and his audience. It's also really funny as well and anybody would enjoy it
  11. I will chew on that as well. Great question on Epistemology
  12. I understand what you are saying, questioning is what's going to get you to places So are you going to deny that these church-folk are actually wrong? Do they not also have an essence of Truth? Who said that their God doesn't exist (Was it you?)? Why would somebody believe in God in the first place... Unless they are directed influenced by God. We create our own reality, so they have created their own God So we create this illusion of non-duality as well then? Surely? Yes because we're picturing what non-duality is, that's where your mind is still trying to create a check for non-duality, just as your mind is trying to check if church-folk are real When you try to picture non-duality, you're still creating reality
  13. Because you're using your mind to check if non-duality is reality. You need to stop using your mind to come to conclusions and need to listen to your heart and awareness
  14. This is actually very smart... Indeed it must be harder to be attached to the thoughts of somebody's else, but do you only observe people on the forums? Is there a way to observes one's thoughts in real life? Does a power exist? I wonder I'm going to try this (observe on forums more closely), because I know what you say is so relatable lol Also I love you too <3
  15. Personally I think routine is important. The routine should tell you that you are no longer you but now an observer or all of reality (whatever floats your boat). Routine should tell you to stop being you and be something else for once. But you are right about the intention... I've lost my intention for meditation. I simply do it for the sake of it. I think this could also be a problem for me, since no energy or profound motivation is present. Since I'm not seeking for an answer or Truth, it will very much feel like sitting... I'm going to direct my intention towards personal development for now Thanks for this insight, I think it will definitely help