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  1. Indeed. Thinking's inherent nature is to project the past/future --- it can do so either through fear or desire, as both fear/desire depend upon recalling the past or projecting the past onto the future. So the mind loves both! Mind escapes/resists (fear) or mind seeks (desire), but in either case mind gets to self-perpetuate.
  2. Rational mind is still mind. There is no rational mind apart from mind. Rational mind may understand the value of being in the moment and the issues with dwelling on the past/future, but only as concept/memory/experience/knowledge, i.e. the past. Mind runs on the past and rational mind runs on the past, because they are one and the same.
  3. That's the thing --- there actually is no do-er. Thought projects a thinker/doer.
  4. Be As You Are (edited by David Godman) might be the best book I've seen that breaks down self-inquiry in a detailed and understandable way.
  5. Does a thinker experience thoughts, or does thought experience a thinker? Does an "I" have fear, or does fear conjure an "I"? Are fear and that-which-fears two different and separate things? Or one and the same thing-activity?
  6. What's the point of life? What's the secret to happiness? What's the way to enlightenment? Different manifestations of ego-thought seeking knowledge-authority; thought depending upon further thought -- to sustain itself. Questions perpetuating the questioner; knowledge perpetuating the knower.
  7. The mind's trick is the "my"/"me". To sense that there's a "me" apart from mind, on which the mind is playing tricks, is mind's trickery.
  8. Indeed. Need for knowledge being desire for knowledge, and desire (knowledge) being an operation/cloak/veil of fear. "Fear" = thought escaping (itself). "Desire"/knowledge = thought seeking (itself). Seeking and escaping in thought being one and the same identification-attachment process. Thought seeking security in its own movement --- a self-feeding loop.
  9. Thinking creates the sense of an "I" that is apart from anxiety --- a separate "thinker" or locus of awareness that is subject to anxious thoughts. Most of the advice given may only validate/reinforce this illusory division between a thinker and its thoughts.
  10. All true -- even then, Mike Tyson could have some serious issues trying to work a punch in against an MMA guy going for an ankle pick, let's say. To go from uppercutting a guy standing up to uppercutting a guy who's coming in for an ankle pick would be unusual for Tyson to counter.
  11. ^ this is a romantic notion, but in hard reality, a man who's done boxing for 30 years but has no grappling or ground game would likely get taken down by a half-decent wrestler and pounded/submitted. The boxer is gonna have zero takedown defense and will be helpless on the ground. I believe 7 of the 8 men's ufc division champs come from a wrestling background -- Usman, Jon Jones, Khabib, Cormier, Whittaker, Cejudo, and Dillashaw. There's a reason for that. If a guy can take you to the ground and control you at will, you're relying on a puncher's chance of ending the fight before that happens --- except if you're a boxer, you're not used to throwing punches at a wrestler who's coming at you waist high for a single/double leg shoot; orthodox boxing technique will have limited application. Daniel Cormier would tackle a prime Mike Tyson to the ground and beat him to a pulp or choke him out.
  12. It's tricky. Lying down can make you sleepy, but sitting formally can strengthen/reinforce the sense of a "meditator" or "I," as you exert the will/effort/intent to maintain the correct posture. "Doing nothing" becomes doing something.
  13. Btw, anything I say about ego was/is also true of “my” ego. I see this group identification action take place quite mechanically within myself.
  14. Did I insult you? That was not my intent. I just see how potentially enticing these stages-classes are for ego to attach to/identify with.
  15. What spiral stage do I belong to? What seeker class do I belong to? Ego indeed loves its conceptual systems, categories-distinctions, and group identifications.