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  1. That's what my sense is, too - well, I think B doesn't have to be an escape. Maybe it's just us/God saying at some point "well, enough of this" But yeah, I think generally this is used as an escape, as spiritual bypassing and I've been observing it in myself and others a lot. I think it's perfectly okay and part of the journey. It's good to be aware of this
  2. Couldn't it be that there's choices that Truth (we/I) can make, and that, by seeing itself, there isn't just one clear-cut way of continuing after waking up? A) integrating Truth (itself) to the highest possible degree into being and enjoying this human, limited experience B) leaving the limited out of choice for wanting to rest in unbound infinity without embodying itself in anything specific aka staying/integrating/embodying or leaving/transcending?
  3. This and your other answer are profound, love it! That's why I fell in love with simple being, just sitting. Funnily enough, now, after years, I'm reintroducing mindfulness/concentration practice from Culadasa because I feel my focus and clarity are not as developed. It feels much more strained than simple do nothing or inquiry, but: for me, this is not proper meditation. It's simply something else, it's mind training. What you describe, and what I view as the essence of prayer and meditation and surrender and shadow work, is simply being, with love in your heart and no separation between anything - all is welcome because all is you. I feel like this and mindfulness, not having the same quality, ultimately both help to deepen insight, healing, harmonizing life.
  4. Not sure what you mean with savoring stage and if it's from some specific technique. Just yesterday I read up on the "See Hear Feel" technique by Shinzen Young because @Consilience mentioned it in his post. There, he said when you note a phenomenon which ceases, you simply note that it's gone. You note the non-stickiness of it, the inevitable impermanence in place of the phenomenon itself. So even if all phenomena cease every time you try to savor them, savor their floaty, dissolving nature and their non-existence instead. Maybe that helps
  6. @Fleetinglife I would love to follow your thoughts, you seem to have a lot to say. But I've been habitually skipping your posts here for a while because you basically write one or two huge sentences in one block. It's really just an observation. It's VERY hard to follow your thinking this way. Maybe just as a truly friendly hint that this might be difficult for others to follow as well <3
  7. Pepole care a lot about art. Just not all people. There are people who love getting deep into complex and elaborate thought systems and ideas to be inspired, who love technology and stuff you can touch and own and and you are probably one of them. But many people just aren't working that way. They don't care about word salads, technology or materialist goods, at least not in the same way. Of course we all have both sides in us, but some of us are just more artistically oriented. We see a movie or listen to a song and the whole world changes, our envisioning of our life and the beautiful future we can create suddenly bursts with magic and enthusiasm and love. Have you ever cried because art was so beautiful it brought you into the core of beauty, pain, love, the human dilemma, the spiritual path, God, existence, community, or just a struggle you have? This is what art can do. It can transform, heal and evolve us. But being open and receptive to that has to be learned in a way. The more I learn about the visual arts, the more I deeply appreciate movies. It's so far beyond entertainment - the whole package can be so abnormally beautiful that the whole atmosphere is changing my whole internal landscape and inspires me for days on end. This is beauty.
  8. @KingCrimson Amazing take, thank you for sharing! I'm so curious to watch the interviews as well, gonna start as soon as possible.
  9. The main problem I see is embedded in the way most of us think. A) We want to come to quick, concrete and specific standpoints as to what is true, who is right, what's going on etc. -> this is human and it makes us feel safe. B) We have difficulty holding a complex issue as what it is - complex. Which means there are multiple dynamics, multiple facets, highly intertwined systems on many levels, and many many different perspectives on each of those. It's so hard for most of us to be genuinely interested in understanding each perspective, actually pursuing to find and understand all these perspectives thoroughly and then hold all of the relevant ones (!) at the same time. Only when we learn to do this can we find a synthesis, which does not mean coming to concrete conclusions. The whole world is trying to understand this and it's not an easy task. So as a community which is being taught by an excellent teacher on how to think and develop clear, intelligent, multi-perspectival thinking, we should do better. I honestly don't see humble, sophisticated thinking on this topic, but short, concise claims that show a strong, emotional, uninformed position (just as mainstream media designs headlines). We can do better! I'd love to see more humility about what we truly understand. So let me try to get the discussion into this direction. I don't know shit. I just started immersing myself in this topic, and on the way I went back to the fundamentals of good stage yellow thinking (which does not just come to us, we have to work hard and practice it!). So I'm just starting. One of the key challenges I found was to find actual perspectives that were even worth checking out and that would help me in my endeavour to truly but slowly get a clearer picture of all this. No jumping to any conclusions yet, far from it. So I'm sharing the best of the best I've found. (And I will check out the video posted here and the Putin interviews, great share thank you for sharing everyone!) While studying and trying to make sense, let us not forget why we do this. We want the world to develop further. What we can see in this lifetime might not be much, but this moment can be critical for thrusting us forward into green collective living, at least setting us up for that in some parts of the world. And the danger is that we might be entering a huge backlash which stops development due to destruction or global procrastination. But make no mistake, God is evolving into greater and greater modes of consciousness and love. That's what's happening. This is part of it. It's not wrong, it's not a mistake, it's exactly how evolution looks like. Let's try to understand it and make the best of it. Check these sources out, they come from great thinkers: 2-part article series by metamoderna artist/thinker Hanzi Freinacht (two guys' alias) Rebel Wisdom Sensemaking take (a bit outdated but still very relevant) Samo Burja analysing possible outcomes with Jim Rutt
  10. A very interesting multi-perspectival view of what should be done and why:
  11. https://youtube/WWIYfKWSAxw No idea if the article is legit or just fabricated. If legit, it's telling a lot, I recommend reading it.
  12. Of course you're right with that assessment, but I didn't argue against that. "Masturbation leads to porn" is not only a poor generalization but simply not true. You can argue all you want, but it's obvious that it isn't true. It's true for certain cases, but not generally, and that's my whole point. Of course sexuality and masturbation CAN be unhealthily embodied because they are unhealthily learned and connected to addiction. But this doesn't mean it must, that's just generalization without any merit. One counter example would prove you wrong and there are dozen. So nothing to agree or disagree upon, if you seriously believe this is universally the case, you're very deluded.
  13. I don't know what you're trying to say, has nothing to do with what I was sharing. That's blank black and white thinking and is obviously not true. With porn I tend to strongly agree that it's not healthy, but even I have to admit that I'm biased because of my negative experience with it. Maybe I could have learned approaching it a different way, but I didn't. So I don't know. But overall damage to humanity is obvious when we look at reports and studies. But regarding sex in general, you can't seriously draw yourself into a corner of believing it's all unhealthy? Come on, don't play yourself, be honest. Just because you can't build a healthy sexuality in yourself (which takes a lot of psychological, physical and spiritual work, especially if you have learned negative patterns that need to be released) doesn't mean it's not possible. It is - I and many spiritual practitioners can attest to that from direct experience. It completely changes the playing field, but only if you experience it for yourself. It's the opposite of an addiction, it is a spiritual practice, a health generating way of loving yourself and sending energy through your whole system. You should read up on some tantric and taoist practices
  14. I really recommend, even if it's only after a few months of complete nofap for you, to consider doing sexual practices that cultivate and transmute the energy and train your ability to stop ejaculation before orgasm. Sex, and even masturbation, is incredibly healthy if done right. If you're building up control, learning how and when to stop, how to orgasm without ejaculation and most importantly how to circulate the energy through your body, you can very quickly feel similar energies as in Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga practices. Sex or masturbation without cumming leaves you in a state of ecstasy, regenerates your body and energizes your mind. I've only tried dabbling in these practices shortly. It's been incredible. But I have to admit there are still strong patterns of addiction within me and they got triggered at some point and I gave in. Back on it again! First going off for a while, then integrating the practices. You are a sexual being. Being sexual with another is an incredible act of love and prayer, devotion and celebration of the immense beauty that you are. Even masturbation is. God loves itself and its urges completely. the question is how consciously you are indulging.