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  1. As I understood it, you want to find a dose where you breakthrough but don't white-out. The white-out virtually leaves you with no idea of what happened. You want to take home what you experience to be able to integrate it.
  2. My personal favorite so far, but only saw it once 2 years ago. Looking forward to see it again soon
  3. So true. Are you familiar with A.H. Almaas? His approach is also emphasizing that understanding of what is going on is of utmost importance. Of course that's not to be taken as an intellectual understanding. It's understanding through observation. This helped me a ton. Also, it's interesting that you mention the writing method. Every time I have furious and unstopping thoughts, I try to write it all down. After that, it's much more still. Thanks for the reminder to incorporate that technique more often 🙏🏻
  4. This one is probably the episode I watched the most so far. I'm in a similar situation as you and this helped me greatly. Also, I made the step to be honest to myself that I just didn't integrate stage orange stuff. I thought through dropping the egoic need, I could skip it. So I allowed myself to go back to "classic" self help with this stuff. For example, the older episodes 'How to get shit done' etc. Really helpful
  5. I can resonate with that. It's crazy every time I arrive at the direct experience of thoughts being at least 99% unnecessary, I can clearly see that this clinging really is the hardest addiction I've ever encountered.
  6. This is such a hilariously accurate metaphor
  7. Could you elaborate? Only listening to him recently and I find him quite interesting. But didn't watch too many videos to get a bigger picture of his views. I love his way of expression also, but I had to get used to it
  8. @Leo Gura I agree. I always try to have both eyes-open exploration sessions and eyes-closed ones. To me, the absorption with closed eyes is just easier to get into. Also, the visual field is not the only perception. To me, every perception like hearing, seeing and especially sensing the body are a catalyst to explore perception. But of course, our beliefs about reality are mostly held up through the visual field.
  9. @111111 Yes even 1500 I heard of. There's also this shaman guy we once posted a video of here who did like 20-30 grams of mushrooms. It's a completely different drug in these calibers, no one here has an idea. You just have to try But I agree, I would be scared to damage my brain
  10. @111111 Lol "only" double. "Only 130ug" 130 in itself can be super intense. Very exhausting indeed. That's why I tried some 4-Aco-DMT, it's way shorter. But of course not the same type of effect as LSD. Not worse though, more like shrooms.
  11. Is that a general advice for all 5-Meo dosages?
  12. Damn. Never went above 420ug. 22 hours is crazy... Even my 420ug trip didn't exceed 12 hours. Did you fast before taking it?
  13. @davidomni Amazing! I never heard of someone going that deep with only 10mg. Maybe it's your sensitivity. It's also interesting that this deep phase only went on for 3 minutes. Maybe the higher doses just prolong your absorption. Keep us updated, good work