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  1. I have to say, now after 10 days.... a lot happened and is still happening inside. Martin Ball says in the book that where you see your progress is how much responsibility you take as God in human form. And that's what I missed for years, and I knew it. I missed some foundations, mainly with my career. And now it looks like I'm gonna take a route I never thought I would go into. I'll get back to university, get a degree and learn on my own on the side, and I'm actually interested in success. That was something I always argued about with myself, basically telling myself success is unconscious and will never fulfill me. Yes, eating will also never fulfill me and I still do it - because it's nice I really needed that. I feel like I'm catching up on some life basics. Feels amazing. Also, I have to say I really changed socially. It also has to do with the fact that somehow I feel very disconnected to most people since the trip, even my best friends in a way. I feel drawn to a more solo time at the moment. It's really strange, I used to be a very listening and always open guy, and now I seem to close down a bit. Might be a temporal reaction or also the recognition that I have to set boundaries. Just wanted to share that, since I see here the very effects of this psychedelic so directly in my everyday life, it's crazy. And also a little scary.
  2. Why do you think that it's a must?
  3. No that's why I tell you, you don't understand. It's so dangerous to think you know what this really means, even though it sounds basic. This basic stuff is more radical than it sounds. And thinking of a soul leaving a body is not "very advanced", it's again creating a duality. I did understand what you mean and I think forget about this idea, it doesn't serve you, it's just more stories.
  4. Amazing report, what a beauty. Very happy for you, you're inspiring Keep going!! Just a general question, also to anyone else reading: I want to implement a practice again for integration and consciousness raising. Right now I'm doing inquiry kind of 24/7 and do nothing meditation one hour a day. Should I get into concentration meditation again (i do have The mind illuminated here) or should I go for Kriya Yoga? I won't be able to do both. I feel the practices are not essential for realization, but certainly for integration and developing the mind to embody the realization. What are your thoughts?
  5. @AwakenedSoul444 "You" ascend to another realm, what "You" do you mean? The thought that there really is a you is the root reason of why there is so much doubt about what enlightenment is and what happens to "you". There is a full circle, you still seem to wish to escape from this here, then, in this other dimension, you can be at peace. No. Whether in a body or not, you ARE. That's all you know. Follow that. Forget all your ideas about enlightenment, they don't matter and are false anyways. Find out for yourself. Be that which you already are and try to find a someone in that. Try to find a suffering in that. No matter in which dimension you are, you are that which you always are. No change of the scenery will change anything about it.
  6. In a sense you're right, to be is to suffer. Thats why "life is suffering". But there is no one here!!! It's all one thing. Where is the one suffering. Look for him/her. You will never find that one. There can be a body and there can be suffering, but no one different from it saying that it's his suffering. All these things that intellectually don't make sense are only resolved by realizing this. Which no person can do, since there is no one. So trust that the melting into what you already are sheds all questions and all answers. It's more radical than the idea sounds. Way way wayyy more radical. That's why talking about it will never work. You have to see it. It's already true but you're confused. So am I. But since I saw it clearly I can more easily relax into it. That is peace. That is what you are. Despite there being a body or not. Do what is necessary to see that for yourself, even though "you" can't do anything. At best, assist Being in unraveling itself. Inquire into your nature constantly and you will understand it all. Don't worry too much about it. As for suffering right now, there are practices, like the one I mentioned in my above answer, which will guide you. Especially Yoga Nidra Shows you the bliss of a body. Try it ❤️
  7. ❤️🙏🏼 Wish you all the best for your session Excited to hear from your experience with Fred
  8. I'd say we do But why? Because we want to fit into our surroundings. It's a choice, all of it. And you're so right, it's important to see that there is no other, bad guy named society out there. It's our choosing, even if it's long ago and often times happening subconsciously. Playing the victim of society has never helped for sure.
  9. @AwakenedSoul444 Next to of course going to the root of it, there is nothing more relieving I found than Yoga Nidra. It's complete, absolute relaxation of your body. You might not have done that for years. Even in sleep you are not as relaxed as in Yoga Nidra. I highly recommend "Tripura Mandala" on YouTube. Lovely man. Take the beginner Yoga Nidra session and work up from there. 1 hour in complete relaxation = you feel like a newborn.
  10. @Nak Khid It's a bit like standing up as what one can not unsee and boldly spread that in the way one lives. So it's about reminding oneself "Oh I'm deeply in this worrying process, but wait what did I see about the truth of it? What can I see now? And if not, why am I not seeing it. Am I seeing that this struggle is real as clear as when I saw that it's not actual?" This is hard. As you said, it's a choice. To be bold, authentic, truthful and brave. It's the kind of faith based in the truth you see yourself being.
  11. The illusion is sad, but the underlying truth is extremely beautiful, even within all the toxicity that we got ourselves in. It's also less sad when you see it's not intentional - people just don't know better. It's their world view. What one can do is to let yourself and others know how beautiful you are. How I view attraction has changed so so much, despite having preferences of course, I do find everyone attractive nowadays - or more accurately, full of beauty. I'm not talking about sexual atttaction here, but even there I feel like my heart opened to find many more people sexy and attractive than ever before. As Leo once said, even a dog turd on the side walk is beautiful. Everything is. And every being is a work of magic, wonder and utter beauty. Let them know 🙏🏼 Because they can't see it themselves.
  12. It is here ALL the time. What you are is never never. Despite your being aware of it or not. Despite you being awake, asleep, dead, unconscious or in a deep samadhi, it is ALWAYS here. It was one of the most important points for me. Because you see the phantom self always attributes it to itself. Oh "I" meditated enough, now "I" am aware of my real Self. No. Every moment, every instant of experience or no experience is the Self realizing itself. By being completely deluded it realizes itself, by seeing through illusion it realizes itself. The Absolute doesn't care one bit about your effort. That being said, I know what you mean with overpowering consciousness. It's not two different things, it's more like the Self saw its illusion well enough so it naturally keeps on shedding them away. There is no doer, no chooser. It's all the Self. That doesn't mean not to put in an effort, but to think that the effort itself reveals the truth is madness. Who is responsible for that? Whenever thinking in these terms, there is always a second. Non duality must be taken to its ultimate degree until nothing is left, or it's just another alley of confusion. Not saying anything against you, just letting out what wanted to come out when I read your sentences 🙏🏼❤️
  13. @LfcCharlie4 I'd add by emphasizing the point that the majority doesn't use psychedelics specifically for exploring non-duality. Even most "spiritual" people get rather confused and just change their belief systems through what they experience. I'm not excluding myself, this work is extremely tricky, because the ego structure is so tenacious. To use them for non dual understanding, you have to be careful, skillful, and patient. I doubt the hippie movement had this knowledge.
  14. You don't need any psychedelics for what you're saying you value. And if you do use them, the ones we have are ridiculously powerful already!!! No matter what gets revealed, we always want the better thing, the next big wonder pill. That tendency itself will keep you in the cycle forever.