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  1. Is that really still safe?
  2. @Matt8800 Amazing, thank you for sharing this! Is Kriya Yoga something that tackles this too? I'm honestly thinking to get back into it.
  3. @nowimhere I havn't gone to 40, but almost. And also no breakthrough. I have had some N.N-DMT breakthroughs lately and it took a lot of my fear away from the smoking route. I am considering to give smoking 5-MeO a shot if my plugging experiments are continuing to be similar to yours. I mean I've read so much until now, but still: Is there any downside to smoking it and later getting back to plugging? The only worry I have is that I might scream, which doesn't seem to happen when plugging...
  4. So clear and simple, all one really needs. The mind is funny, always making one move too much.
  5. @VeganAwake Oh yeah I remember Ramaji mentioning him in '1000', saying he is quite effective at getting people into the recognition of no-self, which is only the first stage according to him. Would you say listening to it is more effective? Thinking about getting the book.
  6. Exactly. And I see that by saying God, this is where some try to point to. But it doesn't help, and to say it's ultimately true is just another concept, which confuses many people. I get now why certain mystics talked the way they did - or didn't want to talk at all. At some point you have to cut off the very underlying mind that tries to get anywhere else than HERE.
  7. @StefiKSM Yes, the question "Why is existence the way it is? Why not any other way?" It's a beautiful question. I'm asking it regularly. I can't say I know that you can find the answer, some here claim that though. Stay curious You will have to to get deep 🥴
  8. Yes you're right, and I always try to see where I'm maybe projecting my own closed-mindedness. And in a way I don't even want to openly question these things. But it's not that I haven't had my own experiences for years. What seems to happen here is that some say "I saw what's really true and everything that's not it is falling short of it" and some say "what if there's still more to transcend and you're just seeing part of the picture?". And I'm saying this because that's what many great teachers point to: you have to be very careful not to delude yourself. The fact is you only think what's true from your current perspective. I've had a few breakthroughs into love / God / oneness realization. And yet I hold it as a possibility that in the moment of breakthrough, there is only understanding when the mind jumps in and interprets. Yes, you're God in a certain sense. But in a more absolute sense, there's neither you or God, these are all ideas. And since people talk about "the highest truth", no, YOU - BEING - ANYTHING is not the highest truth.
  9. Well said! The understanding you can lose is not it. The realization you can have and then forget is not it. The peace you have to get to through any means is not it. The state you can know is not it. Thank you for sharing your journey
  10. @mandyjw I love your playful and open vibe, very refreshing and uplifting 🙏🏼
  11. But even that is just a thought. For nonduality to be there needs to be an opposite. For Oneness to be, there would need to be not-Oneness. By naming it, you automatically imply that there is a contrast to that. That's why all that needs to be let go of. You can realize oneness and not see that that is still an interpretation of that which has no opposite, which can't be named. Duality and Non-Duality is still a pair, still a contrast. Even all that jargon is too much already!
  12. Honestly I was just confused what you were trying to say as I am now
  13. @Mada_ Maybe take it slow, read both and integrate into your practice what helps you right now. Yes it's a tricky one because it's not what most people tell you. Even those who heard Ramana speak misunderstood him. And most explanations didn't really do it for me honestly. I think Ruper Spira is one of the most down-to-earth guiding points you can find for what Self Inquiry really means. Inquiry implies an active approach. But that can mislead quickly. It's more of a resting in Silence really, and the question "Who Am I" has to be understood correctly to do anything. Either way, I think as long as you explore for yourself, one hour is a solid practice!! By the way, focus is always great as a side practice, can help greatly!
  14. What are you trying to say? Also: Is there no room for honest feedback without getting told that one is triggered? Maybe I am, maybe not. Why does it matter? Why is there always this tendency to not take seriously when someone is critiqued? It's really tiring...