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  1. So beautifully written, Love pours through every word. Thank you 🙏🏼♥️
  2. This whole playlist is my go to at the moment. Includes a lot of Rumi, Hafiz, Ibn Arabi etc
  3. @Consilience Wow, what an amazing post, thank you for sharing your lovely journey and insights. Somehow this hit home for me since my focus seems very similar to yours. Inte-fucking-gration!! It's key and it totally transforms consciousness/sadhana just as consciousness/sadhana transforms the integration.
  4. Meditation is not a technique and not a means to develop capacities - as long as you want anything out of it, it is not meditation. Yeah sure, it is called meditation by many still, but I would call them mental exercises. Mindfulness, concentration etc., all fine but I personally don't regard them as meditation. Meditation is silence, stillness, bathing in what is, excluding nothing, focusing on nothing, simply being. It is the subtraction of all that is added on top. We are walking around as a pile of neurotic mental activity. When we allow it to simply subside by just sitting and being, Truth shines ever brighter and God enters the heart. And there, it simply rests. That is meditation, and it is the most essential thing because it is our natural state. No amount of God realization through psychedelics will change that - meditation might be the state you will find yourself in more and more. I like the word silence almost better than meditation.
  5. Therapy can teach you how to be with your inner life and how to explore and uncover what is hidden - for example, it can teach you to always be loving towards any struggle or pain and how to cooperate with your shadow to understand why it's there in the first place. Also, a therapist might see through your toughest blind spots. But if you've learned self love and how to create inner harmony, psychedelics are incredibly potent. The levels of interconnected thinking, high intelligence, consciousness, and especially the immense flooding with cosmic love heal wounds and give clarity as nothing else can. Do meditation on top to cultivate surrender to God's love and lifetimes of burdens burn away quickly. Disclaimer though: quick healing and purification is no child's play, literally - the whole journey turns out not to be about feeling any certain way, and indeed it will be very tough at times.
  6. It's not so simple - contemplation can be a trap and addiction as well. The deepest contemplation happens beyond thought, so maybe look into why you can't let go of thinking when you set out to meditate. Well the point of this book, and some others, is exactly to direct your attention to immediate experience and show you what it means to contemplate. Just as a guided meditation doesn't meditate for you, but if you let it sink into consciousness, it shows you how to see.
  7. I love psytrance, but as a dance meditation. Eyes closed, letting the body express itself and resting deeply in the silence beyond the craziness of the music.
  8. I don't do all of that every day. At the moment I'm on semester break + sick leave so I don't do anything besides spiritual work, social life and being a bit lazy. My challenge is now to structure my life in a way that I can still meditate 2 hours a day, do some of the other practices, but also study, work my part time job and work on my life purpose. It's not gonna work the way I'd like, so let's see how it's gonna evolve. I decided for myself that spiritual work is my top priority and that the other stuff needs to be aligned with that, not the other way around. I'm gonna test the practicality of that.
  9. Have you read The Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston? It's a great guide to deconstructing your epistomological workings through direct experience. It's very hands-on in that it shows you what it teaches through immediate practicing / contemplating.
  10. What I find most useful is to drop all thought about love and just dive into the feeling of love. In the general sense, this feeling at some point definitely transcends what we usually call "feeling", but somehow it's still a most useful pointer to what to go for. Allow your attention to engulf your whole body for a while, maybe do some breathing meditation, whatever grounds you in your body and builds a soft but powerful presence / focus Feel into your chest area. Feel what's there. Even if you don't feel anything there for a while, just be curious and feel this space. Just like you would watch your breath, watch this area inside your chest. Be soft but curious about it. At some point, there will appear a warm, wonderful feeling. Depending on how closed your heart generally and momentarily is, it might feel like the faintest spark or the most intense firework. Just focus on the feeling, don't try to intensify it, but allow yourself to fall into it, to surrender to it. What helps opening your heart is the following: upon the in-breath, focus on the feeling and imagine it to be the sun, or a colored light source with immense brightness. While you breath out, feel this energy radiate with the intensity of the sun, all around you into infinity. Maybe start slowly by feeling it travel from your chest into your whole body, then beyond the body, then further and further into infinite space. Do this for a while and your heart will open. Now just bathe in that immense love, and see that it is drawing you in like a black hole, welcoming you to surrender to it. When emotions come up, investigate them and allow them to be engulfed and swallowed by the love. That's it. No need to think your way into this. Feel. Open your heart wide. ♥️
  11. It's more than clear to me how much it does. It repeatedly charged me up with Shakti/Kundalini beyond any doubt. Plus, it sure helps the hormone system and addictive circuits that you might have (I do). But it's like altered states of consciousness, I can't prove it to anyone. I just know it's the healthiest way. Not forever, but as a tendency.
  12. At the moment: 2 hours of meditation (resting in silence / self inquiry) daily Gratitude, prayer, self love, contemplation (morphing into each other) A few kriyas, but not a full routine, just ~10-20 minutes Wim Hof + Alternate nostril breathing Journaling, mostly by speaking out loud IFS therapy (reading about it + implementing self-therapy sessions) Self massage / myofascia work Semen retention (despite having relapsed, back at it) Guided meditations / poetry Deep sharing and opening up in a spiritually/love imbued social group
  13. Quality post, thanks for sharing this 🙏🏼 We should all read over this from time to time
  14. @DVL how cool is that.. Gonna give it a go at some point, thanks!
  15. The death of the cell would only be "bad" in its view if it mistakenly took itself as separate from God. Love is what is, the oneness of all existence. It cannot be explained, it's God itself, and God is everywhere. If you wish to find out about this, go deep into self inquiry and meditation. Look for yourself, for where "you" start and end, look everywhere, and see what happens when you can't find anything that's actually a separate thing, anything that could be called "you". There is only God = Love.