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  1. Fair point, I understand. That's what I meant!
  2. One of the most important videos I've ever watched!!
  3. In general - yes. In this case - no. Someone just decided to quit caffeine
  4. What about not battling each other with "science" and taking direct experience as a marker? There is no need to make conclusive statements like "it's healthy for you". For @Husseinisdoingfine it's as simple as: makes me feel stressful instead of energetic, makes me addicted to it - I'm gonna stop. Simple. Why do such straight forward decisions always have to be backed by anything? I'm in the same boat, caffeine (if I abstain from it and develop a sensitivity, which many of you might have lost), makes me feel super stressed physically, so no desire to keep it going. If it's different for you - great
  5. That's what I've been thinking since I posted! Definitely gonna look out for some high quality one
  6. Been off for a few weeks, tried to drink a matcha today because of the health benefits, but I just don't like the adrenaline like feeling. I was wondering whether to stay off for good or reintroduce but my feeling tells me just to stay away Pity, matcha and green tea are supposed to be so good for you
  7. I would have to trace back where they got discussed, but I've seen studies in the context of this claim - the problem is that some cancers do indeed die away when you fast, and these findings quickly became a generalized recommendation among alternative health enthusiasts, but: there seem to be types of cancer that actually benefit from the host fasting, and thus you would blindly play russian roulette if you didn't know clearly whether the type of cancer you had would grow or shrink from this practice. So be careful with giving this advice as a generalization.
  8. Interesting, thank you for sharing! Sounds like we're in the same ballpark. I'm only eating chicken and honey when it comes to animal products right now, but thinking about eggs as a protein source.
  9. @Michael569 Are you vegan? Just out of curiosity I've been for years but recently decided to reintroduce meat (mainly poultry), only the highest quality and ethically reasonable that is available, back into my diet. I personally always felt that to support your local high standard organic farm can be overall more effective than just eliminating some things. Feels really good to ease those boundaries I once set for myself by going vegan.
  10. @Nahm I agree, I've rarely felt these hangovers myself, and mainly after long LSD trips as @4201 mentioned. So you're still visiting sometimes, that's good to know
  11. In the way you say it: no. But I'm not always talking from this perspective. What I'm saying is that in our relative world here, no matter its ultimate reality, for the mind/brain to get brainfucked and process so much at once, it can exhaust the whole human system, which might feel like a hangover. Or, in your terms, "there is the sensation of exhaustion". Not sure I quite got what else you were getting at. You're hard to decipher these days, mysterious Orpheus
  12. You're right! The reason I mentioned it, without evaluating you in any way, is that you made absolutistic claims like "psychedelics can only give you insights". And to make such a statement, you are technically not experienced enough in the context of: It's like you're walking through a jungle without ever coming to a clearing and stopping to walk at some point, stating: "this jungle has no clearings, there's only forest here, nothing else". But other people have indeed walked far enough to see many clearings in this jungle, or even found the end of the jungle and discovered different surroundings like the land and the sea. Which is cool, there's nothing wrong with that, but why make such claims as if you knew the whole story? You don't (and I don't), so let's tame these ultimate conclusions for the sake of staying open minded That's key 🗝
  13. Though the experience as such can be quite taxing in my experience, so the hangover may not be caused by the substance but by the experience itself - the amount of processing, energetic release etc. can definitely exhaust in strong sessions.
  14. @catcat69123 Michael will be the expert here, but if you want a quick overview of general recommendations, I put all the practical advice and supplement mentions from the book "Regenerate" into my Notion. Take a look: If you just want to know what to eat and what to avoid, look into phase 2. If you want to know supplements to help you, look into phase 3. If you have a specific condition, see the toggles below with specific recommendations. For a big picture overview, consider looking at all phases and implement them. I'm currently doing so and feel amazing
  15. @Clint Eastwood 20 truffle trips I would honestly not consider experienced. I have had the exact same intuition as you, stopped for a long time, only to be guided back to psychedelics after I had done deep work in the meantime - and the depths kept expanding. Then, DMT opened a whole new world which I hadn't known before. Then came 5-MeO. And so much in between. And that is while I agree that longer breaks are really important. Second of all, no, psychedelics are not just for insights. Why do you think you could say such a thing with such a limited experience? I have no idea about the potentials beyond what I know, but what I know is that they do more than just give you insights. Energetic work, direct healing of trauma, untying of knots - if you knew the exorcisms that I went through This is energetic "correction", purification. Much different to an insight. @Nahm I agree, only mushroom tea for me now, so much gentler on the body. 4-ACO-DMT is also amazing for low body load psilocin.