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  1. This! One thing I would add is: Tune into yourself when you feel aligned with your consciousness, and ask yourself: what is it that I truly want? If you could choose to do anything, and not include all the worries about that not being enough to make a living, what would you choose? How would you express yourself as a vessel for God's love, beauty and creativity? Don't think about survival first, think about passion first. You're smart enough to figure out that to make your passion your job, you might have to work through jobs first that you don't love. And that is okay. But ultimately, making a living and being realized can go hand in hand. For me, this is the path of creative expression / art. It's part of my spiritual path. Everything is. Be creative and know that you can create the life you want to live! 🙏🏼
  2. Is that really so? I didn't get that impression to be honest. And @winterknight thanks for making this statement. That's what I feel this all boils down to right? Why not do both? Why discuss about which one is better if you just combined the two and honored both of their unique powers. I'm really looking forward to implement the therapy with psychedelic work.
  3. I feel like Leo does honor the fact that his path is unique and that there is no "right" way. In his blog video about infinite love he said "don't worry about the how, it's not about the how". Although he does underline the immense power of psychedelics, and I can confirm that, beware not to turn this into a projection and think that that's the only way. Forget all these thoughts, pick your practices and just explore for yourself. That really is the single most important piece of advice. Instead of overthinking, just be silent, contemplate, meditate, do a retreat, whatever feels authentic to you.
  4. Taking some weeks or months off the forum can greatly help in my experience. I will do that as well actually. All the best to you 🙏🏼
  5. @Pouya You can have both On a personal level, be honest about what you want and pursue it. Being honest is key and it's not easy. It depends on where you're at in your journey, but it's important not to pretend to live the insights you only had glimpses of or heard about. All will fall into place perfectly. There are phases when nothing worldly seems worth pursuing any longer. And then you go on to create the life you want. The notion of life having to be purely arranged for endless meditation does not apply to today's society. We are God, we can surely remember ourselves while being creative, productive beings Of course, it's a good idea to get out of a job that doesn't fulfill you any longer. That's another story. Really feel what you want and your worldly life can be the framework of your spiritual life. It's the same ❤️
  6. Sounds like a good time to do so 🥰
  7. You're absolutely right Integration is even one of the most important aspects, at least to me. Again, this is not a black or white discussion, no one said just because you see the power in psychedelics, you don't see the power in giving yourself to a person fully. I find that highly interesting and honestly want to work on opening up more on a human level, that's why I took @kieranperez advice seriously and am now in the process of getting into therapy. I'm working on that on a social level as well. That does not negate any of the things I said though. So we're actually on the same page here I think. Why not acknowledge both?
  8. @mandyjw In my experience, it's not about confession to someone else, but a full surrender and confession to yourself. And of course someone else can greatly help you with that. Partly because, as you rightly said, they might have a perspective that you can not see. It's like talking to a very good friend and learning something about yourself during the conversation, I have that all the time and it's really beautiful But to project these kinds of experiences onto the person and say it's necessary for someone to listen is a tricky game of the mind. To circle that back to the discussion: talking, listening, opening up - all that has its place and is amazing to explore perspectives to find out things about oneself and surrender them openly. But what some here who try to downplay psychedelics don't understand yet is that they can get you beyond all symbolism and perspectives, to the source of all of that. That can happen through work with someone else, but only when it's dedicated to that end - I repeat, A.H. Almaas seems to me the one who works exactly in that way. @winterknight It seems to me just because you have a certain realization about reality you locked yourself into some opinions about the path. What you're saying sounds highly biased and from what I've read there's not even a bit of open mindedness. Could you ever accept that you might be wrong about something? Because when it comes to psychedelics, you clearly haven't gone that far, not even as far as I have and I consider myself at the beginning of my journey. You should look into to see even the scientifically acknowledged power of those substances. Therapists work with them because they clear things a therapist needs years to do if he can manage at all. It's all publicly available, you should inform yourself with the latest discoveries. I still will try out the therapy, because I think it might be very helpful. This is not a black white discussion, but you seem to have something in you strongly trying to downplay psychedelics. Please don't forget to be humble and open minded, no matter your degree of realization.
  9. No you're not "supposed to" in the sense that just because your kundalini is doing something in you, you should feel bliss. Quite the contrary, you ever heard of "dark night of the soul"? That can take a while and not feel good. Don't neglect how you feel but don't interpret anything into those feelings. You might feel anxious because anxiety is what is getting cleared out of you. Again, you're purifying. Let it do its thing. Choose truthful, beautiful thoughts that make you realize that you ARE the bliss you are supposedly lacking. Even when you don't have pleasurable emotions, you can be blissful. You got this 🙏🏼 We're here to help you. I can't recommend Matt Kahn enough since you already resonated yesterday. Pick a video title that speaks to you and let it in
  10. @charlesnester Wow just today I was informing myself on the best earplugs for a club environment. The bigear stuff looks great! Thank you for sharing
  11. I know the tension in the head. It's gone now, but I had it for years with fluctuating presence. I think one of the main reasons for this is trying to control attention with force. That's where gentleness comes in, and accepting where you're at in your meditation. After a year or so of just inquiry and do-nothing meditation I was now brought back to the insight that I want to work on my mindfulness and concentration. Regarding your question there, really let this gentleness be a guide for your practice:
  12. Just to be sure: reduce BY 2/3 or reduce TO 2/3?
  13. Fair enough. Just saying: to let it unfold and listen to the whole sessions does wonders, even for just relaxing you. It's not about the words, it's about the feeling. Just a recommendation though. All the best to you ❤️
  14. @Peo They can't remove it for you, no. Nothing can. Only you can. What they can help you with is to see more clearly the root of your addictions. If you genuinely want to know why you act the ways you act, they can work like a magnifying glass. But maybe start with more basic self help tools or therapy first before getting into psychedelics. Good old journaling can do a ton to help you investigate into your behaviour
  15. 🙏🏼 (How did you make it to 1:31 in less than 60 minutes though 😂🤔)