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  1. Course in Miracles & Course of Love are describing very precisely what forgiveness is. It's basically correcting your perception of what is true and being loving with yourself for having misperceived your true Self all this time. Same goes for everyone. Forgiveness is forgiveness for sin, which in this case is misperception/illusion. Nothing guilty or shameful about it, but we kind of hold a grudge against ourselves having lost ourselves - and so forgiveness is utter and unconditional love for us having lost clear sight of love and God.
  2. Fascinating stuff!! I especially love this paragraph, the question at the end really struck me. I remember moments of difficulty with surrendering my bodily functions to reality itself and thinking that I need to keep being in control. How funny the ego can be. This trust in infinite intelligence is incredibly beautiful
  3. @Ivan Dimi I feel that there is a natural drive of exploration and "forwardness" in reality that is the source of all this beauty we call existence. Probably it is the burning of that internal flame which is then filtered by an inaccurate view of reality (=ego), which creates all the trouble. But let's say we would collectively shift our focus unto the immediacy of experience (which I agree should be our focus now) and realize the ever present perfection of what we are - collective awakening - I think there would be a STRONG progressive movement coming from self-recognized Truth. That which is the ego's last barrier can be a healthy expression of embodied consciousness. Of course, this would look vastly different from what progress means today. It could mean technology merging with nature without any sort of selfish agenda behind it, other than celebrating unity of all existence. Imagine what would be possible... This is just a perspective to say: let's not demonize the general tendency of progressive movement, but be clear that the specific way in which it happens is a toxic and neurotic way of a confused collective consciousness which just wants to know itself. This takes away the guilt, shame and division and creates compassion for what is happening. It's just a thought, but I think even though this extreme focus on accomplishment and growth has been a great pain, it can certainly be of great use once we are awakened as a species (whenever that may be) - I think we would be able to co-create heaven on earth in no time
  4. I feel very drawn to be open to this and I love his explanation/metaphor. But I find the language barrier and maybe his specific conceptualization quite lacking in clarity and precision. I like it and would love to dig deeper, but it still feels too arbitrary for me to really "get it".
  5. Beautifully said! I feel you, I struggle with this a lot, too. That's why (over many years of suffering), I've learned to always come back to seeing the importance of actual spiritual practice. Without direct experience of Truth and Love, we are too far away from seeing that all this is us. Love literally is everything, and there is nothing else. No problem, no suffering, no fear. It's a choice of expression, celebration and exploration of what is and has always been perfect. These bodies we're momentarily wearing, as lovely as they are, are not nailing us down into a physical, limited form which could die. We exist within and beyond all of it, and so we must choose to forgive that we have forgotten our true Self. It's not an accident, not a sin, not a mistake. We chose to live ourselves as bodies and concrete, physical beings, to love our Self in every possible way. It's just hard to follow our bread crumbs back to where we had actually started from. You are beautiful, safe and lovely beyond imagination - let's choose to change our thinking to reflect that Truth and remember it in embodiment and service Struggle can melt away astonishingly quickly in this kind of vibration - surprises me every time.
  6. Beautiful <3 Don't forget that Love = Life = Suffering = Everything. It's very hard to actually see this, trust it and embody it (struggling with this all the time), but this is where the magic really comes through. This is all home. This is all so beautiful that, as you said, that one couldn't possibly "get over it".
  7. When my mind is on, it would find things not to love. But my heart keeps reminding me: Damn, what is all this? Why does anything exist? It's pure magic, it's absolute beauty and it's incredibly lovely. I've learned to love it all and am reminded again and again that it's a choice we have to keep committing to if we value truth and love. Otherwise, we automatically choose fear. There is no guilt about this, it's just how the false self identity works in us. Denial of truth or acceptance of truth. And whenever I decide to say yes to life, even though it can be grindy, painful and seemingly ugly - I love everything, as all is one infinite beautiful something that can only be as it is.
  8. Our Relationship To Pain Perceptions, thoughts, and the pleasures of life are equally as real (or unreal) as difficult and painful experiences. They all exist simply as waves of sensation or being, flowing into and out of our field of awareness. But honoring and admitting the immediacy of pain when it is present in our experience is very difficult for most of us, even when we follow a spiritual practice. If we’re honest, we hate feeling pain and so we try everything to avoid it. This creates many twisted problems which we feel as frustration, fear and even more pain. We have never learned, or have simply forgotten, how to properly assimilate these experiences, and so we suffer. A lot. But why is our relationship to difficulty so… difficult? And how can we approach it in a conscious, harmonious way? It’s simple: A separate self-identity that is based on misperception and misinterpretation of reality does not only create pain, but is also the core confusion that doesn’t see pain for what it really is. It’s not even seeing itself for what it really is – an illusion. How can an illusion have a real relationship with something that it inaccurately perceives? How can there be a real relationship between two seeming things that are believed to be separate but are actually one? This game is rigged right from the beginning and it’s clear that a deep and healthy relationship with pain can’t be approached from a wrong perception and understanding of existence and self-identity. If we don’t even know what we truly are and what reality truly is, how then do we expect ourselves to know how to deal with difficulty? Flavors Of God's Eternal Dance In a healthy human upbringing, the separate self is properly introduced into the world so it can naturally develop a mature psyche which is then ready for spiritual realization and embodiment. In the spiritual stages of this development, any false identifications can be transcended and integrated into the true Self. Identification is a healthy step of human development. But when reality recognizes that it is experiencing itself as the human, and is not really separate from anything else, this identification can be dropped. When we grow up, we first need to learn to be okay with our pain and not to take it to be a signifier of our wrongdoing or of anything being a problem. (Most of us are already stuck in this stage, which tells us a lot about the urgency of raising the maturity and consciousness of humanity as a whole.) Later on, we come to realize that pain and pleasure are essentially not different from each other: they are just reality being itself, experience experiencing itself. They are different flavors of God’s eternal dance, just as everything else is, too. And it is then when we come to see that not seeing this truth had been upholding the illusion of a separate identity – for we had labeled things as different and categorized them into good and bad. This primary illusion, along with everything else, can then be surrendered to pure, infinite Being – to God. How To Receive The Gift Of Difficulty So the work we have to engage in to realize that all this is not the struggle we had taken it to be, but heaven itself, is twofold: We have to heal and catch up on our ego development and initiate or continue our spiritual development. Descension and Ascension. Shadow Work and Awakening. Both are really the same development, but they mark distinct phases and processes in our spiritual journey. There is a way to deal with difficult experiences that not only corrects our perception of them, but also heals old wounds that have been kept open by misperception and suppression of pain. To take this approach is to realize that difficulty actually is the greatest gift that God is orchestrating for our self-realization. To receive this gift, although it often seems impossible, is very simple and incredibly effective: “All we need to do is to quit struggling with ourselves and with reality. When it is said that suffering ceases when one is realized or enlightened, what is meant is that the struggling ceases. Enlightenment is not a matter of not feeling pain, but of not fighting it.” A.H. Almaas, “Facets of Unity” Practically speaking, whenever pain arises, don’t do anything. Don’t run, don’t fight, don’t interfere, don’t manipulate. Your mind habitually reacts by denying, suppressing, distracting, projecting. Instead of following these reactions, choose to respond: Respond by not responding, by not reacting any further. Just abort all urges to manipulate anything in your experience. Rather, be willing to face the pain exactly as it is. Let yourself simmer, let yourself burn in the presence of the intensity of whatever difficult or pleasurable experience happens to be here. It certainly takes courage, strength and trust to sit down for an hour or two when what you feel and experience becomes increasingly difficult and painful. Do it and see how magically graceful the pain is. Be curious to see the gift it has to offer. If you truly allow it to be exactly as it is, and when you face it head on, being absorbed into its core, the pain will spontaneously unfold. It might not leave you for a while and that is okay. Stay with it. As Rupert Spira once said, “No experience is unbearable”. You might not have been capable back then when you were a child, but today you are more than capable to feel any emotion, sensation or mood to the fullest. It will not break you. It will only break and burn what is unreal in you. Be willing to let these parts of you go. This is the only way to heal and to digest difficulty. Feel through it, let it transform itself, let it teach you what’s beneath the pain, the fear, the sadness. You will learn more in one hour of facing and allowing your painful experience than in one week of avoiding it. Make yourself the gift of only responding to your pain in this manner: As soon as it arises, have compassion. Love your heart and thank the pain for being there. It has much to teach you and there is absolutely nothing wrong about feeling it. And then, feel it. Sit or lie down and really sink into the pain without trying to do anything about it. Just let it be. This is your freedom. This is your healing.
  9. You have it completely backwards. She is taking care of her body and health and thus needs far less from the medical system than most other people. Moreover, this endless bashing of people for relying on systems that are poorly maintained and for which we all pay is also completely backwards. Here in Germany, while covid rose, the health care system shrunk even more because it is broken and did not receive the proper care and investment that would be the only logical response to what has been happening. But now we just say it's the individuals fault to rely on something that he/she pays to rely on - and you don't even know if she even has to go to a hospital? I have several very healthy friends who got covid and had super mild symptoms for 3-4 days. Didn't need anything but rest and plant food. One huge problem beyond this whole "should I vax or not" is that nobody takes the lesson of being a healthy and responsible human seriously. People don't respect their or others' bodies for the miracle that they are and treat them like shit, and then expect a shot in the arm to put a bandaid on that when things get serious. And those who are taking care of themselves and being a role model for society by showing us what health and responsibility means, you now shame and badmouth for allowing their bodies to deal with disease naturally because THEY are putting unnecessary demand on the medical system? Rather they deserve even more reassurance that they're doing the right thing by being healthy and responsible. Is it wrong to rely on external help like a vaccine? Not saying that, it depends. But in this case, in the big picture, it's more than okay for her and you and me to decide for ourselves what we want to have injected into our bodies. Germany plans to force us to get vaccinated by law... This is a joke, what's the next step? Shaming like this creates the problem and the fracturing of society that we see. Please be more nuanced than this. People on the pro-vax side are often just as myopic and flawed in their thinking than some anti-vaxers. Can we stop taking a strong opinion and keep things a bit more nuanced and differentiated? After all, we know way less about what's right than we pretend to...
  10. Yes in your mind and from your view it is difference. If it is interpreted that way then that is wrong. Neither sameness nor difference, that's what non duality means - both are true from a certain perspective, but not ultimately. It's very obvious and simple.
  11. There is no other way for this whole world than the realization of, and devotion to, God/Love. This is what the world needs, and we're well on the way. This needs to happen together, as a family of One.
  12. Of course. Appearance IS reality, there is no difference between reality and appearance. But ultimately, what's actually there is neither difference nor sameness. Oneness comes closest to describing the actuality of reality, but it still implies the duality of oneness<->something that is not oneness (non-duality vs duality). To say "there is difference" is just as false as saying "I am a human". It's simply not true. Thought creates all stories, including the story of this experience. But it's just a story, it's not what's there. Before humanity arrived, there was nothing here to say "oh look, differences exist". No, there was just reality happening. "There is no difference" is not saying there is sameness instead of difference. Nobody is denying that a fart has a different fragrant quality than a flower, but metaphysically speaking, a line in the sand does not create any real fragments of different things. All this is God, and an apparent difference in God does not create actual different things. When a baby is born, there is no self identity which then sees any color. There is just experience, just a unified field of being, just seeing. The content changes, of course, but there is illusion creating the idea of difference yet.
  13. No, you say it is difference because it looks that way, because your mind says this is color x, this is color y. Being seemingly in a finite form is already an interpretation, an imagination. Yes, relatively there are differences. But absolutely, there aren't and can't be. It's not even a question because difference/sameness is not even a concept yet. If you don't see this directly, you will keep on pushing on your ingrained beliefs which you never saw through. Don't get me wrong, difference is not bad. It is an appearance God chooses to experience itself as to explore itself and its beauty. But this appearance(!) of difference happens inside an utterly perfect unity of beingness. At the core, this is all you, all mind, all God, all Love. Again, if you don't see this directly then there is no point in arguing.