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  1. Loved the Video...... i feel so needy.... I want to keep in constant touch with my gf...... I have this bad habits from years and I can’t overcome it... Feels bad 😑
  2. @F E A R L E S S I just had a breakup with her .... I told her how I think that our relationship is not going to last for the future and she ended up saying Thag she dont want to hurt me as she also dont know about the future... so she said that Its a little to hurt now and a more to hurt later so she ended up saying this and I am very very sad.
  3. Wow i understamd it tganks
  4. Literally let hwr go... what if she fell for another guy ?!!
  5. @OctagonOctopus I literally don’t know how to Love myself... It feels difficult
  6. @Shin SURE thanks for the time ! ✌️
  7. I get attached to beautiful girls too much Like the girl I am talking with these days....and i live in Fear of loosing her 🙁
  8. Seriously Today I feel to share it here.... I feel very attached to someone...... I had a gf and after I broke up due to some reasons...I was literally shattered for half a months and Till now I feel very attached talking to someone.... like literally i am felling in Love with a Girl... She once told me on the call that she likes me and till then upto now I feel like getting close and close to her... I need to mention that she was my ex classmate she had to leave the university for some reason and travel back to India(home) and I feel like attached to her... I see her photos nd like feels so insecure that She should be mine and I will hate if she leaves me for someone or If she gets better....! I feel Anxious !!! I dont know why i feel all this... i meed to get over these...Seriously these things eat me up sometimes
  9. I am literally afraid to actually love someone deeply for the second time... Cuz I feel hurt and obsessed with the person I love.... I am always in anxiety... i feel disturbed when talking to someone
  10. Yes you are right...
  11. me and my friend always talk about technology and who has better device....he will always trigger me to believe in that i cant afford richer devices,,,, and i will defend the statement that how i can afford,,,,our convoys keep getting more and more stranglled and i feel bad about how he thinks that he is superior of all,,,,today i felt bad about how he laughs and just makes statement simply,,,judges me...... today I felt like I need to stop reacting but eventually I fall into these convoys,,,,, any suggestion on how to deal with it !
  12. Hi everyone, Recently I hv a very good friend of mine, she has paranoid schizophrenia I don’t know why but probably she had some emotional breakdown during his personal life with a guy maybe I guess as she told me something yesterday about her story in short steps... she sent me videos about how she feels and I was completely into her like I could feel how bad she feels... I get triggered too yesterday night as My Mind swirled thoughts of how I have been cheated too by someone... and on the other hand thoughts like my friend has been heart broken by someone and how could someone do this to her cuz she is so beautiful and how she is suffering a lot...Eventually I wasn’t aboe to sleep at night early as my mind was occupied with thoughts about her and also my ex.... the same bad bad very bad feelings when I broke up with my gf... i need some suggestions about the same feelings coming again and being uneasy with them... thanks
  13. @Shin 🙄🙄 So ypu are afraid to face your truth too as do I....