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  1. @dflores321 🙏 yes AWARENESS.... what do you say “Is awareness a practice to be done” or it just happens ?
  2. Same Here sometimes i get certain bad feelings and my Mind Always conceptualizes why I feel so... I still haven’t mastered The process of non conceptualizing the feeling with which I struggle everyday.
  3. @Danioover9000 Ah I get it..... People need to use these stuff carefully though.... 🧠. 😺
  4. I want to speak it out: It is just weird people here take Some sort of psychotropic drugs and claims that they are enlightened and u can ask them anything (the drug is imbalancing the whole brain chemistry) how come such drugs help u people ?? Its like I study any book and then ask My Teacher to ask me anything I am done !!! 🤔
  5. 😂😂 Got it Thank you guys 🤩🤩
  6. @JosephKnecht so Masturbation is Goo !? I did not actually get what you were trying to convey ! 🤔
  7. @Loving Radiance 👍😀 wow ! For me t be truthful here, when I was in Mid-School My mom use to make me wear old fashioned clothes and At school my classmates used to make fun of me of how I look... so therefore until now I am insecure of how I will look and what if people rejected me based on my looks and my physique as I am slim. 😩
  8. @mandyjw I got it... explained wonderfully ❤️❤️ While Reading this I pictured in my mInd how weirdly and comfortable I am when with my Some rare friends and eventually will try to merge the same open-ness with other people while interacting too... Thank u
  9. As I have Social Anxiety issues and try to overcome it every time I experience it, like certain behaviors..... So I try to release my behaviors.... how should I approach on releasing such behaviors....cuz I find the behavior is the thing which creates social anxiety !
  10. Hello Guys I am single So i often mast**** I want to ask here “how healthy js masturbation” Is it good or do has some setbacks... like erectile dysfunction or such....! How much is healthy? Thank you
  11. Thank you... i will take points into consideration
  12. @Michal__ updating you... WOW contrast shower was so Exciting... although It is couple minus degrees down outside... I was afraid to Go For the cold water..... HOT-COLD-HOT-COLD It was pretty refreshing and I am so awake full of energy (just out after my very first contrast shower). When I pour the cold water I was like in shock ⛄️ ....
  13. @Michael569 yes sure I will