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  1. @Justincredible76 I personally have Surface Pro. And use one note for making and storing my class note... Really That device makes my work lighter and easy light weight, on go to carry... excellent battery life....
  2. I was just going to sleep so popped up with one question about whether I should start believing in God afain on not. i am a Hindu so my I grew up in a family who taught we to worshii God and How he is the ruler and sorts out all things and helps and protect us....I used to believe in god a lot when I was a kid and until high school(esp. i believe in Lord shiva)... believe it or not whenever I had problems or I feared of something I would literally everyday chant Om shiva and literally believing that he exited and I found my all problems get solved....But recently as I grew up And into my university I started hating God and defining God that how God is nothing just a belief and sometimes Gets a fight with my parents on this topic that How they believe in such a thing which don’t even exist and How they created a false belief in my mind... i would literally talk with my Mom Whenver I feel a little depressed and talks about all my irrelevant thought which come in my mind and how they disturb me and She will always say that “Ingit first of all you need to believe in God and how there should be someone big(entity) in your life Who will solve all maters for you and look how life changes”... so now I think that my Mom might be right... i need a some superpower with me as a God Because Alone I cannot exist in this world.... My life problems started all when I started becoming egoistic seeing myself that i am alone enough I can do everything and there is no such thing as GoD and all Indiana are fools including my parents.....!
  3. @The Don uyou mentioned that to be conscious all thet ime even if it doesn’t seems clear... but I am not able to... I will be knowing buy I will end up sticking and sad to the stories in my thought.
  4. @Nahm 🌹 Appreciate That.... I feel stronger.
  5. @Nahm 🙏🙏🌹 YES THANK YOU... let me see it myself... I need to face myself and get to the root. I know I fed myself with something back when My Mind had been too fragile.. !
  6. @Aaron p lol I searched up the word Holopromo(seems like a polemon stuff) Yes Maybe I am not ready yet.. But i am continuously moment by moment trying out to get aware of my talking brain. Sometimes I feel fearful of my thought voices saying one moment the one thing and the another the another.... For the direct experience (being in the moment) I try to notice as much as I can but unfortunately thoughts pound up and defines my moment and then I become sad again... That is how much power I have given away into.
  7. @Aaron p I feelmyself with that word... and like I right now felt myself... Like a distorted view of all my body parts confines Ingit
  8. @roar Now that you asked me who is being Ingit ! I literally paused for a minute watching inside me the same: what I feel was, Confused as I was questioning myself That who is being Ingit...but i dont get any clue... It seems so boring and dissociative feeling while asking and looking that inside me and I don’t want any dissociation.
  9. Genuinely if I answer what I feel is: I am Ingit and that is what my identity is. On the surface I know that We are all same, But differently conditioned.
  10. Meditating for over last 1 year.... Trying to get conscious of my mind patterns... But Nah Lately I feel like I haven’t overcomed anything yet.... Midst of the low self esteem and doubt...I can see it happening with me but The attachment seems so strong that I feel helpless and Like I can’t do anything....and feels disappointed.. Tired of getting conscious of my speaking mind again and again. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Loved the Video...... i feel so needy.... I want to keep in constant touch with my gf...... I have this bad habits from years and I can’t overcome it... Feels bad 😑
  12. @F E A R L E S S I just had a breakup with her .... I told her how I think that our relationship is not going to last for the future and she ended up saying Thag she dont want to hurt me as she also dont know about the future... so she said that Its a little to hurt now and a more to hurt later so she ended up saying this and I am very very sad.