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  1. Oh I get it....foamy urine is usually a sign of proteinuria which don't settle fast(foam) not always u mentioned about ur family history...I would recommend getting your urine checked for protein level... Check ur dm
  2. @Danioover9000 in morning.... i drink tea with brown bread sometimes with butter and sometimes the afternoon usually eating rice these days with the evening a little rice then go to gym and consume 25 g of protein isolate shake,.,,,after gym,,.usually eggs,,,,,and rice again with vegetables,,,,and before sleep,,,banana with milk..... @Preety_India thank you preety.... For protein part as long as ur kidney functions tests are normal ubcan consume protein.....I am doctor so trust me 😊
  3. Hi people... I have a slim kind of figure so recently joined gym... Its been 6 days and I have started loosing weight... I am eating Well But Loosing weight... is it okay To loose weight at start.... I live In mountaineous area so Have to walk a lot... consuming 30g of Protein isolate... Meed te commendation for weight gain... Thanks
  4. Wow Looks Like I need to Be a Man now and stop acting like a weak Girl ✊✊ Thanks ... just things that keeps me pulling back are my insecurities and Looks and confidence ... I doubt myself if I will get a Girl ? so psychological exhausting
  5. You are very right... ? ????
  6. MayBe you are right... But i am afraid of meeting Girls above my Level lol I feel inside they have much higher value than me ?
  7. To a Very little degree but mostly with The Girl I am talking to now.. believe me It sucks energy outta me
  8. @Rilles I am reading the article and most of the things it says is true in me... i went physical abuse with my ex whom i loved her so much just to force her more love on me and Which Will escalate my self esteem and confidence??
  9. Thank you I will read that... i am so sick of this habit of mine... ruined most of my time... i need to break it enough Unnecessary weight on my heart ?
  10. The problem with me Is I need validation every day and reassurances... i want my girl like to text me every single hour and that is frustating... I don’t know what is wrong with me
  11. Self Love How!? I really don’t love that much of me. Yes dependent on assurances of her
  12. Thanks for the advice... i have a very negative Mindset
  13. I have a very bad habit.. of continuously checking my whatsapp... happened with me everytime I am talking to a girl... I ma currently talking to one girl over phone (long distance relation)... its been over 5 months and She seems to be a Good girl ...I am constantly worried what If she is talking to other guys (even though she might not) always Checking my phone for her messages (also she is busy due to her upcoming exam)... what if she dumps me... this brings a Lot of anxiety to me... we talk a lot on phone yesterday... but today as I don’t saw her message, my mind was almost busy the whole day thinking if she loves me enough... this has happened me with every girl I was trying to get serious with... i am very possessive and wants validation from my girl to feel better... Otherwise anxiety takes me over... when she messages me I feel relieved.... I almost feels like an irresistible desire to check phone for her message and an insecurity in me that i may not be good enough... i need to get over this thanks ?
  14. Hello Guys.... I need some suggestion from you.... I have thinner type of physique,,, No health problems...... and recently I lost from 61 to 57 Kg because most of the times I spend hours studying (Medical student) and eating not that much,,,,, I rarely eat fatty foods, Fried items, Colas and drink,,,Cuz I think they are harmful and bad for the body.... I joined Gym in Jan but was not able to continue because I don't get much time and Exams are near...... SO I want suggestions about HOw AT HOME can I get my body to shape especially getting those arms and forearms a little heavy and also Recommended daily diet and other home exercises.... Thank You