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  1. I am so insecure needy and keeps on checking my girlfriends phone… I am afraid to loose her Keeps on asking a multiple questions and doubts every time…. I am doing this from my past relationships… always live in relationship anxiety… Will it ever end will J be confident again and don’t care
  2. I am sorry to post again and again regarding this but my possessiveness and insecurity are to the roof... My every past relationship had been full of anxiety and insecurity... my body literally punishes me everytime... Currently I am in a living relationship... but due to my night shifts I become so anxious and think if My girl would be cheating...why didn't she texts me... When I will get her text I will feel good for few hours but the feelings of insecurity and anxiety returns again and I feel suffocated / My first relationship had left me so trauma that I don't trust any girl and always have fear of loosing someone which is the main reason my every relationship failed just because I pushed every other girl out of my insecurity and quarrels.... what should I do,,,i feel like I could never overcome this...... writing from my bottom of my heart
  3. ❤️❤️ Thank u guys... I am Going through suffering everyday But feel helpless... Insecurity possessiveness and anxious attachment drain me... Probably my mother didn’t loved me through my childhood....
  4. @ZenAlex she said... that she had no problem Of me checking her phone... i asked if She wants me not to check her phone but she said I can check
  5. I am an obsessive possessive type in relationships..... I am with a Girl for 2 months... she talks with her two exes In between.... Today i checked her phone In found out she rang her ex But she already said that i don’t trust her and she told me that her ex know that I have a boyfriend... I went upset like why would she talk... But she said normal talk and Told me that she has no problem if I check her phone but at least don’t accuse her of flirting or doing things.... I stay in a livin relation with my girl... POSSESSIVEness and neediness has always an issue with me in a Relationship and J feel weaken and broken... what should I do... how to deal with such situation... and How to not feel sorry for me... my ego becomes depressed
  6. So recently I came across pea protein..... Should I buy pea protein for daily consumption or whey isolate Post workout at gym????
  7. @JohnnyAb got it. .... ?Much appreciate u for the reply.....
  8. I am taking this ....BY NUTROVA an Indian brand.... i trust their products.... I don't know what more concentrated means @JohnnyAb
  9. Is it Okay for person trying to gain weigh to take protein isolate????? ANSWER ME please..... With some recommendations...thanks
  10. My trainer says that strictly don't. Consume Isolate protein as it will shed my weight( I am trying to gain weight)....... Is it so guys? I have isolate powder at home.... If i consume along with other carbs and fats ....It will behave equal to concentrated protein...what u say??? I find it illogical to think that isolate will shed my weight....should I continue consuming isolate...???? Thank You