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  1. Hello Guys.... I need some suggestion from you.... I have thinner type of physique,,, No health problems...... and recently I lost from 61 to 57 Kg because most of the times I spend hours studying (Medical student) and eating not that much,,,,, I rarely eat fatty foods, Fried items, Colas and drink,,,Cuz I think they are harmful and bad for the body.... I joined Gym in Jan but was not able to continue because I don't get much time and Exams are near...... SO I want suggestions about HOw AT HOME can I get my body to shape especially getting those arms and forearms a little heavy and also Recommended daily diet and other home exercises.... Thank You
  2. @Eternal Unity yes Same thought here.... excited to see them together
  3. Hello @Leo Gura A thought came up "It would be great seeing you in a Video with Eckhart Tolle" Have you ever thought of intervening him in one of your Video ! ? Would be GREAT
  4. @Superfluo Being with Them makes me SO Overwhelmed ( like pressure to run and force them aside ) ,,,, EGo seems too powerful
  5. @Someone here Was just reading and I was feeling a state of Bliss.... felt Like my thoughts stopped for a moment..... Thank You
  6. But As soon as I start observing my feelings and Thought,,,, I feel like They are part of me and There is some struggle to let them go,,,,, I have Issues letting them go easily and they stay on for quite a long time... any suggestions.. Thank You.
  7. @dflores321 ? yes AWARENESS.... what do you say “Is awareness a practice to be done” or it just happens ?
  8. Same Here sometimes i get certain bad feelings and my Mind Always conceptualizes why I feel so... I still haven’t mastered The process of non conceptualizing the feeling with which I struggle everyday.
  9. @Danioover9000 Ah I get it..... People need to use these stuff carefully though.... ?. ?
  10. I want to speak it out: It is just weird people here take Some sort of psychotropic drugs and claims that they are enlightened and u can ask them anything (the drug is imbalancing the whole brain chemistry) how come such drugs help u people ?? Its like I study any book and then ask My Teacher to ask me anything I am done !!! ?
  11. ?? Got it Thank you guys ??