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  1. There exists several if not infinite dimensions of You, of Reality. The physical world/body is one of them.
  2. There is only one path to Truth, meditation. Reading about spirituality can help a little bit in your journey but ultimately you have to do the work to get results. The green is interested in spirituality but has not even began nor can he enter the spiritual realm, that requires extreme open mindedness.
  3. Having my head spinning around about three times. This is possible when you enter another dimension of reality.
  4. Divine love convinced me that a higher power and intelligence exists. Actually, God is after all a good word as that is where I felt this love and energy came from, it somehow made it clear to me as well. The kalam cosmological argument is NOT a bad argument, but no rational logical argument can lead you to God, to know God. Go within, that is the path to God. Everything in the earths and in the heavens praise and glorify Him, if you just knew. He is the One and Only God, the Omnipotent, the All-loving, the All-pervading, the Omnipresent, the only true Good and Light of this existence and reality. His gentle love will leave you speechless, all you can do is cry and cry. He is both your own Self and also separate/outside yourself, as there is nothing He cannot do or be.
  5. Very good. How to be freed from karma? Cleansing your individual consciousness which happens naturally as you go within and follow the path of spirituality. Or salvation from divine love, the total acceptance, understanding, and dignification of what and who you are, with all your past and all your past actions. This is salvation from the highest possible authority that exists, from the One God.
  6. Weed awakens you to something, it changes your perspective of reality. It is a great plant from reality herself. I recommend smoking good weed and doing intense meditation at the same time, as that is the way that reality is transformed into the surreal, the way that a mere human being is transformed into the potential of reality itself, into the immortal and multidimensional, into God.
  7. Enlightment is not a story, altough you can make it a story. Beyond stories is the now and all the potential that lies in the now. We all live here every milli second, but because of imposed beliefs, conditioning, and stories we are not able to be fully aware of this simple fact.
  8. The irony of life. You are right, the universe or reality is within you, as you. The mind suffocates this truth with stories and imposed beliefs, the truth is that it is right in front of us, in every second. Just looking at your hands is enough to realize that this is being, this is reality you are looking at and looking with. We take these Things for granted, the mind is a powerful illusion creating mechanism
  9. Reality can become mythological, surreal. It does start where madness starts. One realizes a lot in this madness, awakens to a lot. This myth becomes the hero's reality, existence. It was too in my madness that I experienced a great many things. They are rare those who are able to live perfectly in this ''madness''. They are beyond the psychological state of most human beings, they have reached the potential of a human being, and are therefore seen as insane and their reality seen as unreal. But it is trough conscious evolution that we see reality for what it truly is, that we see ourselves as what we truly are. And this spiritual madness is actually no madness at all.
  10. @SoonHei I don't think it was far away from awakening, it was sort of a realization. Illusions can be penetrated when high, things are seen differently, not the same. It can quickly trigger awakening if you smoke a lot of good weed and do intense meditation at the same time.
  11. I am all of these people, I am their mind, their body, their toughts, their consciousness, their awareness. The One is in many forms creating the illusion of separation, and in some sense that is beautiful.
  12. Welcome to reality, it is surreal We are indeed creatures. There is no essential difference between you and a lion, dog, cat, or cow.
  13. We were created this way because of love. The divine loves, understands and dignify us. That is my experience. Only the enlightened or the Divine is capable of this love without any fear or doubts. Love is what holds things together, if the Creator did not have unconditional love we would not be here.
  14. The power and energy of the sperm is immense. I used to play a lot with energies, my sexual energy was used a couple of times for the spiritual. Actually there is nothing that is not spiritual, nothing which is not reality.
  15. @Ingit Look at your hands, what you are looking with is awareness, it is your direct experience. Ultimately just be aware that you are aware, that you are aware of your direct experience, aware of this thing we call mind. That's the next level.