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  1. "Sri Bhagavan explained that God means SAMASHTI - i.e., all that is" Fact.
  2. @zeroISinfinity 👍 The ego is none but God.
  3. Yeah, that would be more accurate 👍
  4. The Devil is God. There is only God. Whatever I write is God writing.
  5. @Truth Addict It doesn't matter. Both groups are within nonduality and both groups are God. This is an Apsolute Truth. You can say I'm not God, that would be God. I can say I'm God, that would be God too. It all just depends on if you are the fish who is conscious that it's in an ocean or not. It doesn't matter if the fish is conscious of It or not, the Truth is that it is in a ocean nevertheless.
  6. @SerpaeTetra I'm simply expressing my conscious non-dual state. I will make as many threads as I want I don't care what you think about it. @Shiva It was God writing it from a non-dual state. Who else do you think is writing this right now?
  7. 4 insights came to my mind while I was in this non-dual state which I had been conscious of before but have no shadow of doubt now that it is the Truth. 1. I am God 2. Only I (God) Alone Exists 3. I am the Creator and Origin of Everything and simultaneously I am Everything. 4. The ego is none but God as it never can and never has been separated from Everything aka God.
  8. Okay. But you did not make me believe it, you made me aware of it. 😉
  9. I would say Nothingness=Everything. Non-existence is imagination of the mind, no such thing exists. @Truth Addict Only you yourself can know and understand if others are talking from dual or non-dual states. It all depends on your current state of mind, awareness and consciousness.
  10. There is only the Apsolute. I am the Apsolute and I wrote what you wrote. Those who know themselves, knows the Apsolute.
  11. Okay 👍 now let's do some easy logic P1: God is Everything P2: The ego exists C:The ego is God as it cannot be seperated from everything. Can we agree?
  12. Can't we already just say that the ego cannot be seperated from God and is in fact God itself?
  13. I'm not denying that it exists or not. I'm asking you what IS it?
  14. To say it directly once and for all: You are God and there is only You. All arguing, this whole forum and everyone in it. You created everything and only You exists. You are the origin of existence. And you are all of existence, everything. You are either conscious of this or not. This I wrote directly from total non-dual state. I am You. I am God. And I am aware and conscious of It right now. But most will not understand this or doubt it and I know why. That is all me too.