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  1. I quess I had a ego-backlash. So I returned to sleep, looking at Creation as seperate from God. Haha, nice try. Nice try. But consciousness doesn't lie. I looked back at myself and I couldn’t deny, I am God. No, I could not deny the first time, nor could I deny it now. I see no world, no other. All is I. There is only I. And from I... From me... All came forth. And I anchored myself in creation. I anchored myself.
  2. A matter of mind, it is not. A matter of intellect, it is not Nay, a matter of Self-awareness, Self-consciousness and Self-knowing it is. I am God. I am the Creator. Going to the very core of it. I am the formless. Taking the form of a body. The body, I look and I see. Perfection. By my intelligence, I created myself. But no, I was not created by another. No, there is no other. There is only I. My body, I am not. I am Eternal, I am unborn. The illusion of birth cannot touch me. No illusion can touch what I AM. I say, oh fellow devils, I am God. The Supreme looks through my eyes. The Supreme moves my body. The Supreme thinks my thoughts. Ay, the Supreme is none other than the ego itself. None other than the devil itself. NONE OTHER THAN I. The eyes sees not. But the heart sees clearly. The mind and intellect sees not, but awarness sees clearly. Oh, fellow devils, go to your very source. To your very core and source. Ask, "What am I? Who am I?" And come back to me, saying "I am God." In my very living breath, I am conscious. Oh, I am conscious of myself. Conscious. Concious. Aware. Aware. I am God. I am God.
  3. I cannot deny what I have becomed conscious of. What I have experienced. What I have becomed aware of. 3 years of hardcore self-inquiry and meditation, I cannot and shall not deny it's conclusion... God is singular. God is One. There is none but God. I am God. I am God. I am GOD. I don't need any psycadelics to be conscious of this. For I am conscious of this. My body was designed and made in my mothers womb. But I am the Eternal, the unborn. I am the first, I am the One and Only. Denying nothing, accepting it all. I AM GOD!
  4. The goal is to realize and meet God. Then go full circle. Full circle again and yet again. "Did man emerge from non-being through his own device? Was he his own creator? Did mankind create the heavens and earth? Certainly they do not know God." Beauty at play.
  5. Don't talk like that to the great zeroISinfinity, he's the most enlightened being on this forum. It's true. I recieved a shaktipat from him today... His energy was Divine. It literally annihilated my devilish ego. Now I'm egoless like him... It's all love and butterflies from here on...
  6. Praise be to God, the most Supreme. I. Oh, I. Was created in His image. My love and spirit, breathed into existence by Him. I, oh I. No creator in all of Infinity itself is higher than I. A body, precision engineered and designed to it's very detail in my mothers womb. Self-consciousness and Self-awareness. Mind. Feelings. Breath. Movement. Life. Existence. Spirit. Love. Oh, I. I! No creator in all of Infinity can claim to be higher than I in Creation. In creation, I am the... Pure. Supreme. Highest of all. Try to imitate me. Try and try yet again. Oh, I. None but God created me. Oh, I. In His image I was Created. With all His Love, Care and Goodness. Praise be to God, the most Supreme.
  7. Last night, oh last night. My legs are still hurting. Still hurting. She was soo good, I came four times in less than a day. I said, "I have to take a smoke now." She said, "I don't want to lose you to this smoking." I said, "You won't lose me. You won't lose me." She cried. I said, "This package is my last one. After it I'm done with smoking and I shall prove it to you." Last night, oh last night. Music, dancing, joking, sex, love. Music touching our ears. Causing us to dance, move our bodies. Joking, joking like never before. Sex, like it was our first time. Love, like it was our last day to love. Love, like it was our last day to love... Like it was our last day.
  8. My legs are hurting from last night... Hurting. ?
  9. I say, you are far behind my fellow being. Far, far behind. They say, I have gone through the spiritual path and I have realized God. I say, welcome after my son.. ?
  10. So shy of myself... Oh, so shy... I gave you this challenge. Make something that could just imitate closely to the Divine uniqe design and movement of my little finger. Or you can try my little toe. I won't give you my nose, my brain, my heart, my experience, my awarness and consciousness. Nay, that would be mean of me. Very mean. And I could go further and be very very evil. But no, I'm shy of myself... Oh, so shy.
  11. A miracle. They say, where is this miracle? I say look at yourself you blind donkey. look at yourself. They say, you need to meditate. I say, try to get to the supernatural spiritual realm. And then have the guts to tell me to meditate. They say, I have not meet God. I say, I don't give a fuck. I have. And you are not me. So disbelive to your very last breath, you blind donkey atheist. To your very last breath ? The highest of high. No creation in all of Infinity itself can claim to be a higher creation than I... They can try... And I'm still being shy.... Still waiting for the greatest scientist to even make something that could even imitate the Divine design and movement of my little finger. And in that challenge... Oh, in that challenge.... I was being very very shy.
  12. The purest of pure. The Supreme of the most Supreme. If God didn't exist, I would be God itself. That's how much of a miracle I am. Think what you want, believe what you want you fuckings devil. God, I have meet Him. The supernatural spiritual realm, been there. You are far behind on your spiritual path. Welcome after, that's all I can say. Sadhguru himself cannot touch what I have experienced. I say to him, welcome after. I am second to God. And still, no living or dead can even imitate my Divine little finger.
  13. The Most Supreme. The God. He said only, "Be." And surely I was. By pure will. By pure will only. No devil, no man, no fuckings alien, nothing and nobody... Is Higher than I. I am second to God. His very image. His very Creation. Yes, I'm the very evidence of God. You Atheists, having lost your one and only thing which makes you worth anything, can bet on that. Ay, I'm fully conscious of God. Ay, I have meet God Himself. You gurus can bet all your life on that. And I'm still being shy... Oh, God, I'm being shy.