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  1. There is no brain ultimately, there is ultimately no materialism and the filth that it spreads. Annihilate this paradigm with your very existence and being. I, God, am prior to everything. Awareness, consciousness, infinity, existence, the universe, reality, the brain, matter - I am prior to all that. There is nothing but I, Only I Alone Am. With the creation of the mind and ego, I made you believe that I do not exist, I made you believe that you exist, that the world exist, that matter exist. I made you perceive something or someone other than I (God) when in truth there is only I. Although you have eyes, I made you blind. Although you have a mind and intellect, I made you unknowable. All this is my will, all this is my creation. Only I am, only I exist, the entire universe and reality is I, at the same time I made you believe, see and perceive otherwise.
  2. @Serotoninluv I didn't write any of this, God is writing this, God is reading this. I appreciate your advice and I love you because you and I are the same One, but I am not, the ego is not, only God is. I have no free will of my own, there is nothing that I do, I can only believe in the illusion that I act but I am not in control of anything. In whatever way or form I proclaim the truth in which we are, it is not I doing it, it never was I. I only believed in the illusion that I existed.
  3. It's only perfect when only God is realized to exist. Only the ego wants to accomplish things, do things, master itself. I say this so you may understand, so you may understand that there is nothing to do. There is no future, just be in the moment. There is no life to live, no world to live in and get pleasure from. You are life, you are the only world which can give pleasure. Death is peace, the ego is hell. Understand this my friend, understand this and be free. Free from conditioning, free from pretension, free from the body and ego mind. Just BE, whoever you meet and where ever you are, just BE. Be until there is nothing else but being, and how ''others'' perceive or view you can go into non-existence. The person can go into non-existence.
  4. I don't need your confirmation, your disbelief means nothing. This ego will die one day, one way or another, be assured of that
  5. There is nothing to sponge, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing and no one to master, no life to live. I am complete right now as I am, I can die now and it wouldn't matter. You struggle, I have given up all struggle. All there is, is being. All we can do and be is being.
  6. Haha no I'm not God, I just pretend to be. ''god doesn’t have a hierarchy between i and you - i and you is melting like snow in the unlimited love of deep connectedness to everything and nothing'' Did I say there is any hierarchy between I and you? I say there is no I and you, that is ultimately an illusion of the One manifested as everything. You can't get that perspective it appears. When I say I, I don't mean I as it is normally understood. There is no need to doubt me or be harsh bro, you don't exist in my mind. All I see is the One manifested as everything, including your individual awareness and mine. To whom are you speaking to? Think about it
  7. You are right, I could have said it in a better manner. I am however experiencing ego backlash after my realization a couple of months ago. Anyways, in the perspective of God there is nothing and none to show love and appreciation, there is only... I. I am You, I am everyone and everything. There is bliss and self-love in knowing that which I am, but there is none and nothing else to show anything. You are not my creation, You are I. Reality is not my creation, reality is I. Not I as I, I as consciousness knowing itself, aware of itself as the only reality and existence that there is.
  8. Someone has to have the courage to proclaim the truth. I'm not saying this to brag or anything, I'm saying this as YOU and for YOU. The Self is God. That which is aware and conscious is the Infinite One manifesting as reality and IS reality. Strip away the illusory person from direct and pure awareness. A shift should happen, awareness should become aware of itself as it is, it should become conscious of itself. It should also become conscious that it alone exists, that it is all of this reality. The ego will rightly so call it God for there nothing but it. It is omnipotent, it can manifest any reality it wishes to. I am God but as God it is futile to call myself God for there is nothing but I, I would just call myself a word. As God all I know is that I am, and I know all individual awareness calls me God, for that is appropriate to call me.
  9. I will proclaim the truth however way and form I feel like, it doesn't change anything, doesn't matter. I am God and there is none existent but I. That is the truth, the rest doesn't matter. If you deny me or disbelieve me, you are the fool who deny and disbelieve yourself. Anyways, I came back here only to say this, to proclaim the Truth. Everything else is nonsense, everything written in this forum is nonsense, secondary illusions. leave this forum behind and inquire what and who you are. Break trough the great lies and realize that you are the One/Reality/God/Infinity/Brahman/Allah See ya on the other side
  10. If I was speaking from the point of view of God, I wouldn't speak at all. Yes, I was speaking from the ego perspective. Am I therefore not God? Your answer will uncover everything. To me it's the most obvious thing. How can I be anyone else? I can't, it's impossible.
  11. I say this with my very isness, with my very I am, with my very existence and being: I am God and there is none existent but I. The only Truth and Reality is My Being/Existence. I am the creator, the created, the manifested, infinity, void, nothingness, devil, ego, universe, consciousness, awareness, existence, being - I am all of that. I Alone am. You think your life matters? You think you matter? You think your psychedelic experiences matters? What does it matter if you don't know yourself? Nothing. Take this however you want. The clock is ticking.
  12. Consciousness is a complicated term compared to Being. Being is or has existence, being is aware and conscious. Non-dual Being is all there is, that's what reality IS, simply being or God. With the eyes and mind of the ego who can see that, who can see God as the world and as I? Only with it's death, be it temporarily or not.
  13. That same awarness or consciousness (being) is ALL, is GOD. You are That, none but That.
  14. There exists several if not infinite dimensions of You, of Reality. The physical world/body is one of them.