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  1. Did some contemplation and introspection, and I just got a powerful insight; the fact that I have ALWAYS just been here now. This is beyond the mind, beyond memory. Understand me, I have always just been, there was no point in time where I did not exist. Not before ''my birth'' nor a thousand years ago. I have always just existed, timelessly. I cannot end or disappear, these are made up concepts conceived and imagined in the mind. When we think about ''end'' we think about for example when a movie ends and it becomes dark. But I am not a movie, I am not of this world, I just am! There is no reason for me to end. My nature cannot end, reality/existence is not about that. In a few days I will quit my time here and sell my computer, I cannot waste my time with it any longer.
  2. I see where you try to point to by saying ''awareness'' but awareness is another relative concept conceived in the mind my friend. The only thing which exists is that which exists. Now you can call it whatever. Awareness is a good name but ultimately this has no name, it's beyond language. It can only truly be known internally.
  3. What is the Self and how do you find it, and how do you know it is the Self when you find it? That's the question. I assume this is beyond the sense of self aka the ego.
  4. I have been trough it, and I shall tell you it is only the beginning my friend. The spiritual path is deep, hard and difficult to comprehend for the earthly mind. Go on, all this will pass away. No one can save you but yourself.
  5. You are alive. You are being with a body and mind. You are conscious and aware, indeed you are existence/awareness itself. What a gift, what a marvelous thing, what a glorious thing! Do you realize the privilege to be a human being? When I look at myself and creation I see perfection, how is it even possible I ask my self? My mind cannot comprehend it. It's a miracle, everything, from a single ant to the great human brain. So much design, so much accuracy, so much complexities. We are all of that! We are death, we are mystery, we are existence, we are truly IT. The ego mind creates a person with suffering and problems, clouds pure reality both internally and externally. Stop identifying with it and you shall be free. The illusion is so well made and strong. The sense of self is creation, that's why it's said that the ego can never truly disappear. But there is no wrong with this sense of self, there is beauty there, there is perfection there. But when one identifies oneself surely as the body, suffering must come. So sacrifice everything for the Truth, whatever that may be. Thank you.
  6. Forget about the material world, the truth is within, the success is within. Realize yourself, there is nothing greater.
  7. It's okay, you are not what they think you are. You are not what you yourself think you are.
  8. From nothing everything springs forth. Yes you are absolutely nothing, but at the same time you are all that which is. It's a paradox, that's reality. I've tried to be just nothing, empty, and detached, but I have realized that I am also existence itself. It's me! There is no escape from that.
  9. “Death is the most misunderstood phenomenon. People have thought of death as the end of life. That is the first, basic misunderstanding.'' - Osho If I say the soul exists after death, it is only a hypothesis for you. For me this is an experience. I don't believe in it: I know it.'' - Osho
  10. Personally, my obstacle is that I cannot do any more spiritual growth cuz every month I'm injected with a syringe after my extreme psychosis breakthrough, where I left my body completely and experienced another reality, far away from what we normally think about reality.
  11. Ignorance. He cannot know his true nature, literally. That's why the path of meditation is hardcore, it is to end ignorance. There's more than the physical world, one who is trapped there in normal consciousness cannot know anymore than what he sees. But once the veil of ignorance is broken, reality is seen as it is, glorious.
  12. Leo said it, Meher Baba claimed to be God in human form, the Vedanta says You are Brahman (God), the Sufis say God and the soul are One and the same. I know you have to experience it to fully understand it. But let us have a try. What does it actually mean that you are the God? Does it mean that God made himself a finite being with the possibility to know itself, or did we become finite to experience ourselves when we actually are God? How is it even possible, what does it really mean and entail? I have a difficulty getting my mind around it, it's a profound thing. Would appreciate any help to try and understand it.
  13. It goes to say that we have a Self beyond the ego, eternal and infinite. There are others who say that there is no self. I like the idea of no-self (Anatta) but the Upanishads make a good case for the Self which they claim can be directly experienced and known, which they also claim is identical to Brahman (God). What is your opinion, do we have a self or not, and why?
  14. You are not who you think you are my friend. Self-inquire into what you are, who you are. Introspect. The truth is harsh but it is worth it. The ego self creates it's own reality and suffering, find out it's source and it disappears, just like it does in deep sleep. You want freedom and happiness, but you don't want to disappear, your little self doesn't want to disappear. I know it feels huge and very real, that's part of the great cosmic illusion. The journey is long, but start while you are young, at some point the ego self will be seen just as a dream which passed away, it was nothing but a dream, completely made up by the mind.
  15. I try to be as empty as possible. And detached.