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  1. Ego development paper
    Cook-Greuter Paper is Down
    I've reuploaded on my blog:

  2. Sing!
    A plea to consider the practice of singing. Among the many self actualizing benefits; confidence, humility, diaphramic breath control, awareness of connection with vibration and emotional resonance (the sound board / register),  greatly develops the elusive art of ‘letting go’ and releasing pent up tension, a deeper understanding of self & humanity (opens the mind up), and it’s a great hobby / practice that is enjoyable socially and can open doors (musicians work and network too). And if you’re having a little trouble with dating etc - it sure makes it easier.
    A trap to watch out for: Singing properly could never be as ‘embodiment’ as ancient practices. Master breath control and the registers, and you master breathwork, and a deep unification arises.
    Other benefits:
    -Develops focus within your body, increasing self esteem and enhancing other actualizing practices
    -Simultaneously calming & energizing (pairs so well with meditation)
    -Improves posture
    -Tones facial muscles and intercostal muscles. 
    -‘free’ fun ab & lower back workout when done properly
    -You’ll sleep more soundly
    -it’s a natural antidepressant (releases endorphins & oxytocin)
    -Lowers levels of cortisol (stress)
    -Lowers stress levels & blood pressure, improving mindfulness
    -Deepens your appreciation of music, and vocal mastery (one day you might just realize you wrote every song!)
    -Improves cognition, concentration and focus dramatically
    -Improves mind & heart health, proven to extend longevity (live longer)
    -Increases empathy & compassion
    -Increases lung capacity, enhancing breathing & increasing oxygen levels
    -Memorizing lyrics is a fun way to improve memory
    -A point is reached where you forget about “worrying what your face looks like while singing”, that little transcendence alone contributes to reduction of overthinking (monkey mind)
    -Proven to boost immunity
    -Develop flow state, a huge insight ‘releaser’
    -Develops intimacy with God / self
    -Reduces anxiety & improves quality of life 
    -Can be a fun way to work through fears of public speaking and general social confidence & connection
    -Develops presence
    -It’s a great fun heathy practice to consider replacing an unwanted habit with
    -Takes a while to get sounding good; reducing judgment and being critical of others - gaining insight to dedication, and appreciation for life & developed talents escalates
    -You’ll get to see “I learned this and now I can do it...and this applies to everything else I want in life”
    -You’ll go full circle with your relationship with the breath - try it - find out what that means 
    It doesn’t matter if it sounds good, that’s not the point. Sing like you’re alone. The benefits are cumulative - stick with it. Youtube things like ‘how to sing properly’. ❤️
    Where to start? 
    See what it’s like to learn to sing properly in 30 days.
    Notice the similarities between activating the kundalini and proper singing. One is a great opening of connection so to speak, for the other. The two together are quite powerful.