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  1. Why does Rupert Spira pick a shirt over a blouse? Interesting indeed.
  2. This is far from fake, and it's very much possible to sustain with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. But I agree it's all ego nonetheless.
  3. Like making a snowball out of water.
  4. The silliest logical masturbation I've ever witnessed on infinity. "Some infinities are bigger than others", just to increase the silliness as if it wasn't enough already. ?
  5. I have a funny feeling that you already know the answer.
  6. I've had some trouble sometimes falling asleep after trips. What helped a lot was just to accept that you don't have to sleep. Stay up for as long as you must without "trying" to fall asleep, and before you know it you'll be dead on the bed.
  7. That is because Martin Ball "gets it". I don't really see what people are on about here. To me, Leo looked calm and collected after the first 15 minutes. This conversation couldn't have gone better in my mind, and Charlie seemed happy with all the answers. And one expects a response like that from people outside actualized, that's just how it is when a mind has been programmed for survival. @Leo Gura I'd love to see an Aubrey Marcus interview, I really think it would flow well.
  8. @Carl-Richard I was going to post this as well, here's another one.
  9. One meal felt too packed for me, especially when I included a lot of protein. Two meals feels perfect in a 20-4 fasting window.
  10. A lot of his art shows mushrooms and the dissolution of the human mind, as well as awareness depicted with a bunch of eyes.
  11. I hope you realize the foolishness of such a question in the future. Just appreciate what is being created, being enlightened doesn't make you automatically better at art.
  12. Well to start off, it tells you that you're a human taking a keep you in the illusion.
  13. I noticed this when I was starting cold showers too, especially when I had a strict routine where I "had to" take a cold shower every time. Now I take them only if I feel like it, which is 90% of the time. Works way better for me but you also have to be disciplined enough to not start skipping them completely.