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  2. Get yourself a vape.
  3. How is nobody here talking about his contact with extraterrestrial life? I really think he goes way deeper than people give him credit for.
  5. Trip Took a trip into Lucy-land last night. It was the 4th trip this month, I took another two trips after the hectic one. One being mushrooms and the other LSD. Been quite the start to this year psychedelic-wise. This was probably the 10th trip of the year and I'm slowly getting back into the spiritual grove. Each trip has catapulted me deeper and deeper into exploration of all sorts of things. Yesterday's trip came with many flavors and facets that I explored. One being semi-god contact, another being this social matrix we're locked into; how deeply ingrained all of human history is in this human vessel. It's quite tricky to put into words, but it was a blast to explore. My friend has got a bunch of DMT and 5-MeO currently and has offered me to come join him to explore those substances more. I'll contemplate in the next few days if I'm up for it. I'll see how I'm feeling or if it's too much in this short period of time. I'd love to allow for a little more integration before I delve into the DMT realm. Investments I've been investing in crypto notes lately and it's going pretty well so far, even though the market has been insanely volatile and hectic lately due to current events. This works like passive income and you can keep compounding the notes so you'll earn more daily, or you can cash out with the current notes you own. I'm currently making around 3.5k monthly, but I'm planning on compounding more until I feel satisfied enough to cash out so I can invest in more similar projects. Addiction Lately, I got into this nasty habit of nicotine snus bags which has been absolute hell to detach from. I started experimenting with them in December and have tried to quit about three times. There's this incredibly strong urge that suddenly comes after about 3 days without them, where it's like I get possessed and lose control. So I end up going and buying more. I have a feeling this has to do with how un-disciplined I've been lately. I've been wanting to start a routine for quite some time, working out, eating clean, not waking up at 11 am. I really should pull the trigger right now and start tomorrow, no excuses. I've just finished the last snus bottle so It's the perfect time to give it a shot. Shout out to this guy who passed away three years ago. He came from one of the best-trained sheep heard dog families in the country and was a blast to hang out with.
  6. Putin isn't dumb enough to detonate a nuke in his front garden. This would have massive consequences on Russia itself.
  7. Develop a healthy relationship with it. Start off by taking one day off, then two, then three, and so on. Until you reach a point where you can go a week without it. Then start treating it as an experience to be enjoyed once in a while. This I've found to be the best and most realistic way in the long term.
  8. Leo covered this in the curt podcast part 1. When you reach infinite consciousness, all skepticism there ever could be is contained within it, which you are infinitely and eternally aware of.
  9. Last night's trip was one of the most chaotic and powerful I've ever had. It was pretty hectic first of all because of the weather outside. It made it pretty hard to focus and felt really unstable. Note to self, don't trip during a weather storm. I resisted much of it and didn't really manage to overcome the fear I was feeling. I got an incredibly strong sense of oneness, and all language flew out the window. One thing that is reoccurring during my LSD trips is how duality functions, desire, and letting go, the engine of how god works. I've managed to get complete control over reality on previous trips but failed to do so this time. I entered some sort of 5th-dimensional realm where I encountered "myself" as a higher being. It kind of felt like "time-traveling" into another lifetime. But that was short-lived and I can't really recall much more than that. I also felt I was repressing the sadness that came up during one point. It kind of scares me to feel into the sadness and suffering, so I've often tried to avoid it, which leads to it just forming a knot and I can't get past it. This was my first trip in a while so I'm not going to read into this one too much. Tomorrow night I'll be taking edibles to make some sense of this all. I've got a feeling this trip was so hectic because my baseline level of consciousness hasn't been too good lately. I'm going to have to delve a little deeper into learning, contemplation, and meditation. Watch some more of Leo's stuff and other teachers. I did have a peek at a Leo video on the trip, and I completely melted into him and became him. So I was teaching myself through him, a reoccurring theme. I definitely need another trip soon to fix these issues.
  10. I'm currently stuck inside due to a red alert weather warning, so I thought why not jot down some journaling, been a long time. I just came from picking up some LSD and edibles from my friend's house. I had planned to trip tonight but didn't want to risk it in this weather, in case the roof blows off or some other emergency calls for, so tomorrow it is. Not really sure what my intentions are for this trip. I've kind of been in a slump since December when I encountered a health problem. I was eating no more than 500-1000 calories per day which made me lose a lot of excess fat from the bulk I did the months before, kept some of the muscle which has gotten me interested in trying calisthenics again since I've lost so much dead weight. I've had low energy levels ever since this health issue came about. Not eating too well either, which doesn't help. So I guess I want this trip to serve as a life reset button. I've not kept up with my spiritual practices at all for a pretty long time. I'd love to slowly get back into it, not too fast nor too deep. I've been focusing on crypto investing and de-fi nodes lately which is a new hobby I picked up recently and it's going pretty well, and hopefully will be the way out of wage slavery. I've had a hard time balancing work life and life in general with a spiritual lifestyle. Would love to find a nice way to balance that better than I've done in the past. The first step is to get into top physical shape which then leads to a better mental state. So I hope this trip serves as a reset button in that aspect.
  11. The gang is ready for Christmas ??
  12. @Zigzag Idiot haha! look at us bonding over shit Don't get me started on how much I miss the smell of cow slurry. After we got rid of them in 2008 every time I smell it somewhere it brings back strong and vivid memories from that time. This is something a lot of people could learn a lot from, no job will ever feel shitty again once you're used to this.
  13. Today we finally finished the shitties job of the year, literally. For the past two weekends have been getting all the slurry out of the storehouse. It's an extremely physical job since we don't have a slurry mixer. So instead we use the slurry tanker to suck in and spit it out again to get some movement and all the water on the bottom to mix it nicely. Since sheep shit is so solid we use 1x6 boards to stir it and break it down. It's great to be done with it, no more shit in my face and hair, yay! I've also been working this new construction job lately, building a mega-mansion for a Scottish millionaire. It literally looks like the iron man house. It's been fun to be a part of such a unique project. But it's not the most spiritually aligned work, not to mention extremely physical. I'm clocking about 17k steps a day while holding heavy objects and climbing ladders. I'll likely quit after December to pursue some further education, which keeps this manageable in the meantime.
  14. I live in a town of 2000's enough.