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  1. @PlayTheGame Love yourself for relapsing
  2. @Erixoon50 You should be alright with 2g. I did 2.5g and 0.5g edible last night and it was stable and controllable; had incredibly deep insights and an ego death. I'd say once you go over 4g range, things start to get uncontrollable. But since it's your first psychedelic trip, I'd just have some ambient music close by and the lights turned off.
  3. Unlocked the key to the universe Massive awakening Became god Realized living as a superconductor
  4. An unexpected trip out of the blue! I've just consumed 2.5g of Liberty Cap Mushrooms and 0.5g edible. I'm expecting nothing My mind is ready and has been lubed up with contemplation and meditation It's kicking in VERY intensely as I'm writing this and it's only been 15 minutes...holy fuck
  5. Looks pretty stoic, didn't see any mention of Love.
  6. Please report on it here once you finish it, I'm very interested in it. I was a huge fan of Kobe all of my childhood, he's probably the only influential person I stuck with throughout my whole life. If this had happened 6 years ago I'd have been A LOT more devastated than I actually was now, knowing death is an illusion and there never was a Kobe. I was saddened but more so celebrated all of the inspiration he gave me. Still to this day, I apply the wisdom I learned from his insane work ethic. He really knew everything about passion-driven work. I think you'd be surprised by some of the wisdom he had during his second career as a storyteller, almost to the extent of a philosopher. He transcended orange and was in a green to yellow transmission before his death. But his fanbase is so massive that it mostly consists of blue/orange as one would expect.
  7. You have all the answers! Been seeing loads of nonsense threads and posts here on this wonderful forum. I understand where these people are coming from tho, the may have gone through tougher moments in their life than I have, so they seek comfort here, around likeminded people. But I wish for them to get this: You have all the answers my dear friend. You just do not listen. You race to the internet to avoid silence, you go watch braindead content, you go watch healthy content such as Leo's, but you don't take any action. You do this all to hide your problems, so you don't really have to face them because it's way more comfortable to philosophize about them while watching videos. There are no external sources that will solve your problems, but they might motivate you and nudge you in the right direction. Ultimately you will have to do the work. God is always trying to speak to you, through EVERYTHING, through the relative. However, the ego loves to not notice it, because ego loves suffering. That's what ego is, it's just that which does not want to die so it clings onto things, like it actually thinks there ever was a past, lol. Try and sit in silence if you ever long for answers, and when you think you don't find any, notice who it is that would love to call it quits and give up, you have to overcome the ego in order to find any answers. Next time when you decide to rush to the forum for answers with your question. Stop and think for a little while, ponder it, bask in the question. It's a patience game.
  8. @zeroISinfinity Happy to remind you, compadre.
  9. Psychedelics are too good to be true honestly. I'd avoid commenting on them until one tries them multiple times. Are they the fastest way to real "enlightenment" or liberation, no probably not any faster than the standard way. But can they make you have the grandest realizations of reality and existence that took the most advanced yogis and gurus of all time 50 years to achieve? Yes! absolutely. I believe if one does both, It will boost your growth and you'll save yourselves multiple years of nonsense seeking in the process. Either way, you can make it by picking one path over the other, or you can just supercharge your way to that motherfucking infinity and pick both.
  10. This - Well put. Also @VictorB02 I'm going to have to steal that Tzu quote for my quote collection.
  11. 30 days is huge for a business. Why would it need to be any longer? A change in teaching, also the new logo and the white shirts he wears in his videos were a mark of a new start. I can't speak for actualized nor Leo, but I pretty sure we're way beyond happiness, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Happiness is the side-effect of pursuing awakening. Also, there are hundreds of hours of old videos circa 2014-2017 that cover every aspect of happiness out there. Wanting new fresh content on this topic which is already available is a sign of people watching these videos as a distraction and not actually taking any action.
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine They are a distraction no matter how you look at them. You will give them up sooner or later, might as well be now. They offer an escape into a very real alternate reality that can latch onto you without you even noticing. Ask yourself why you want to play video games. Notice how all the answers you come up with are a distraction of some sort. But I mean, if you don't have a craving for waking up, then just play video games and enjoy them without interfering with your life. There is nothing to do in reality anyways. Ask yourself, in 30 years when you finally decide to give them up, did you maximize love for the world by playing them? Only you know where you are at growth-wise so only you can decide. Some just need to play some video games, smoke crack, commit murder, to get out of their ego to grow - some need a full collapse for there to be growth. *Not saying this necessarily applies to you of course.
  13. @Dand haha yes I'll be very careful with this stuff, small doses first. From the trip reports I've read, it really varies what to expect, some have total non-dual god awakening while others become a fence or an orange glass. I'm currently working on purifying my soul now with other psychedelics and practices. I will sure as fuck not take Salvia lightly. It doesn't sound like something to mess with at all.