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  1. @Danioover9000 Awesome! Only if you let it. I personally do it because normal fitness had become extremely boring and repetitive. And it forces you to work on flexibility and joint mobility, both very healthy things to have. Calisthenics is a fun way to spice things up.
  2. @peanutspathtotruth You're absolutely right, saying in that 6-8 rep range is key.
  3. Planche pushups? I've been using mine for about 8 months and with extra weights as well, I've not noticed any damage to the frame other than the wall becoming a little black from the rubber that holds it in place. Definitely worth it. Yeah, you really need to work on weight training as well if you want to gain muscle with it, or at least weighted pull-ups, dips, push-ups, etc, and eating at a calorie surplus.
  4. Before Christmas, I was doing 9 PM bed, and 5 AM wakeup. Never felt as clear-headed when I was doing it, especially after running. Now I'm doing 2-3 AM and waking up at 11 AM and it doesn't feel nearly as good. Really aching to go back to the 5 AM but it takes a little effort and progresses slowly but surely. Personally, I would prioritize 8-hour sleep over getting up earlier. But I've found that sticking to the 5 AM, I got my night owl creativity and productivity slowly and it just started to change. I don't really believe you're stuck with either being a morning person or a night owl, it's just that once you've been doing either one all your life, it can take time to adjust. If I were you, I'd sacrifice the late-night working and stick to 9 am-5 am.
  5. That's impressive, man! You could easily get the muscle-up if you'd practice the technique. Although it's just for show really, it won't really progress you any further, unless you do weighted MU's, which is my further goal. My main goal for this and next month is to get the handstand for at least 30 sec without a wall, best is 12 sec so far. I'll definitely write my progress down in my fitness journal, I'll think about shooting vids if I'm up for it. You really love those auroras, don't you. @BlackMaze Yeah building the foundational strength is really important for proper form. I'd never have started off with calisthenics without having been in great shape already. From what I've seen in progression videos, you'd easily be able to do the flag and handstand pushups within 12 months, especially since you're already in good shape. That seems to be the case for the planche and front lever, but we won't let that stop us. I'm 184cm, 86kg, and have longer arms and legs than the average person so it will definitely be a little more of a challenge. I'm really focusing on my core work and flexibility so I can control my midsection better.
  6. You can't go anywhere. Even if you travel to the other side of the universe, you're still at the same spot, the illusion just changes.
  7. I've just started training calisthenics about 2 weeks ago and I'm interested to see if anyone here is into it. My goals are handstand pushup, muscle-ups, L-sit, superman pushups, and planche/planche push-up. I'm also working on my flexibility such as reaching a full split. Since I've just started I'm noticing rapid improvements and it feels amazing. What are your goals? Are you close to achieving them?
  8. Did a 30-minute handstand session tonight alongside 30-minute stretching. I'm really focusing on opening my hip flexors and loosening my hamstrings; calisthenics really relies a lot on having flexibility in the hips and hamstrings. Also did a 1-hour core session on Monday and I've been infinitely sore in my core since then, so today's stretch session was a nice relief. I've been listening to Aaron Alexander for the past couple of days, really working on my posture and fixing my anterior pelvic tilt. It takes so much conscious effort and it's really exhausting but it's definitely worth it. I bought his audiobook today, The align method, and will be giving that a listen soon. Last week I found a pack of Swedish snus (strong), and have been experimenting with it. I've never done nicotine or smoked, so it's been like a really strong weed high yet only lasts for 10 minutes, then it's back to baseline. Safe to say it's not for me, but I really like experimenting with stuff and giving it a chance. I believe to really give something a fair shot you must try it at least 3-5 times before reaching a conclusion. I've decided this is not worth it at all, and it's extremely unhealthy as well. Maybe it's a nice solution for smokers who are trying to quit, but it has no place in my life. I'll be taking San Pedro soon so I'll have to cleans my body of this stuff before I head in. Diet has been good lately and relatively clean. I'm trying to get about 300+ calorie surplus to build muscle while on this calisthenics journey. I feel how vital all the training I did in sept-dec was to build a strong foundation for all these movements I'm working on. If I keep my volume increasing, I'll be on a fast track to succeeding in all my calisthenic goals. Been losing my cold shower consistency lately, only doing them when I really feel like it. I notice how much more comfort bound I'm becoming and I want to fix it before I'll completely ditch them. They're so vital for muscle recovery, and just all-around health.
  9. Sounds like you need to work on your blue shadow
  10. I've found contemplating the difference between somethingness and nothingness to be more effective. It can lead you to realize that there is no such thing as death. You've been sitting in the same spot for eternity, in pure emptiness.
  11. Stop taking psychedelic advice from people who've not done them at least 20+ times. Waste of time. All these teachers preach direct experience, yet fall into this trap themselves.
  12. Week one of calisthenics done. I've been doing handstands daily throughout the day and notice how fast I'm processing. I've yet to puzzle together a scheduled program so I've just been freeballing it. And I've been binge-watching Chris herria and Austin Dunham to get tips and tricks, and to get the gist of how to progress faster in the world of bodyweight training. I feel like I will definitely be able to reach all the goals I've set for this year, the hardest being either the handstand pushup, planche, or the muscle-up, but I really believe I can reach all of these. I really need to focus on my stretching more also. Found this channel called Saturn Movement which combines Yoga and Calisthenics, so I'll be following some of their videos as well to reach more flexibility.
  13. You can not tell a child to do something, especially when you tell it to sit and do nothing. You must lead by example, let her see you meditate and maybe that will spark curiosity in her about what you're doing, then you can proceed to tell her about it. It makes all the difference when she asks what you're doing instead of being told to do so.
  14. When you die, people who love you die as well.
  15. The beauty of life is that everyone gets to be how they wish to be.