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  1. Stay present, don't let your thoughts run so wild. Right NOW! Become present. Feel the being of just being. No expectations of anything, just be as you are.
  2. @Wisebaxter Thanks for dropping by! I'd say it really depends on what state of consciousness you're at right now, and if you've had awakenings with psychedelics or not. I started to notice a big leap in my meditations when I'd been doing Kriya daily for about 2 weeks. If you stick with the practice and do it properly for a month, I'm sure you'll start to notice immense effects take place. What I noticed most is how the energy system of your body starts to flow around more, up your spine, and through the chakras. This is essentially like a spiritual workout. I get faster results from doing it over traditional mediation, although I tend to blend them both. And it's not easy by any means, doing it daily is a challenge if you're new to it but well worth it. Check out Ryan Kurczak on youtube for some guidance. Today was spent thinking about Salvia. I had a meet-up with my friend and we had a great conversation about Salvia and future trip plans while playing some soccer (football). I've not been feeling as afraid and nervous as I'd expected. I'll dip a toe into this new world in a few minutes, then maybe again when I wake up. I'm going in with a lot of humble respect for this substance and completely open for an experience that hopefully helps my growth, and deepens my understanding of this reality.
  3. Finally, I've got my hands on some Salvia-60X extract. I almost went in tonight but felt it would've been rushed. If I'm feeling good tomorrow I'll proceed to experiment with it. Most of this evening and night was spent heavily researching this substance, and from what I've read, it could pose some benefits to my spiritual growth. I'm careful with taking all this read information lightly and when I go in, I'll do so with a blank slate. Much of the info I managed to find on salvia comes from silly young people, so it's not much help. I'm going to rewatch Leo's video on it before I go to sleep for one final report. I don't really know what I want to get out of salvia; I'll just ask her to lead the way. I guess I'd just like to face my fears fully. My last LSD trip didn't end being as profound as the others I've had, nevertheless it was a very enjoyable experience, with many moments of insights. I didn't really tackle any fears or try to control the trip in any-way, it just happened on its own. So I guess I'm hoping for a little more confrontation with Salvia. I will start off with microdoses and work my way up slowly, to a level I feel I'm satisfied handling alone without a trip sitter. It will be done in total darkness as I've read is the proper way. Most likely with nice heartfelt music to start off with, as the doses increase it will be done in silent darkness.
  4. Infinity can not be something. It's exactly that which is nothing. As soon as you say something is infinite, it is not. Because it can't be, it's finite. The universe is not infinite, it has a beginning and it will end. The future is not infinite because it has a beginning and an end. As soon as you think about infinity logically, you're chasing your tail.
  5. haha, that's okay. Just push until you feel you hit your limit, then push a little harder. You will leap in growth if you do it this way.
  6. @BjarkeT Ditch those numbers, you have to push to limit a little. Do jumping jacks until you can't do more, same for the others. I find I get most energized when I train as hard as I can, which gets you out of the comfort zone.
  7. @Zigzag Idiot I appreciate you and all the other journalers here as well. It's very motivating to get a peek into other people's minds, and you grow a lot from it. We're all here to share our love and receive some back. I recognize that tall grass sensation all to well, sometimes you get plenty high on air and the fresh smell of nature.
  8. I'm taking LSD tomorrow at midnight. I haven't exactly been sticking to my spiritual practices, so I'm kickstarting those back with a trip. Not going in with any expectations other than to grow more as a human, and become more loving. I lost all intellectual interest in this work a while back, so I don't really enjoy talking about it as much, rather than just experiencing it, then proceed to live life as lovingly as I can. That's the reason I haven't been partaking as much on the forum as I used to, although I enjoy the journals here; they're authentic and nice to read over from time to time. I don't feel I can gain much from posts here anymore, nor books, at least not on this subject of spirituality. But I'll never stop learning for fun. Maybe all this will change after the trip, and I have a feeling it will. I've been a little closed off emotionally last two months. Maybe I just need some heart opening to start enjoying taking part in discussions on this wonderful forum, I really enjoy helping people I believe I can help, but see very little reason for it at this point in time. I wonder where I'm going. The road lies clear and empty in front of me, but I'm over here in neutral revving my engine. There are some actions I have to take in order for me to get moving. I really want to build my own house, manage my own business, and being able to focus fully on awakening and enlightenment. I notice how rotten working online can make you feel. Maybe I want to start a carpentry business or something of that sort. I enjoy being outside and find that work very satisfying. But I feel like it lacks the mastery aspect I so wish to partake in. There is a ceiling in that type of work you can hit pretty fast. Maybe I'll manage to channel my creativity in other ways around that. I can feel my potential simmering and not being utilized. So I guess there's a lot of road to cover tomorrow night. If anyone even managed to read through this, I hope your life falls in place to your fullest desires and wishes.
  9. Who knew, it takes hard work to get high results? Let this be a lesson for your next term. If you feel down from these results, I'd bet you'll do better next time. So there is no reason to self-loathe.
  10. @EternalForest here in Iceland it's considered normal to live with your parents up to 25-30 years old. It allows people to more so figure out what they want to do with life at their own pace.
  11. I've planed to take LSD on Thursday after meeting up with my friend this evening and picking it up. he's always willing to lend me some of his batch when I've gone dry. We had a great conversation about what all this spiritual work is leading to and how to enjoy the journey. And the answer is obviously very simple, it's just to love, then love some more, then when you think you can't love any more, you love extra more until you run dry of love...but then you love again some more. That is the highest wisdom. I got a lot done today and finally was somewhat productive after being in a little slump. I wrote down a to-do list last night, I suppose that helped a lot. I'll do that again tonight. I also trying to pick up more new hobbies to learn. What I enjoy most is learning something new and hitting a plateau, because it takes patience to grow and learn. I might learn to make electronic music as my friend has mastered, I enjoy that music a lot and feel it's a great way to express oneself. I've also started to draw for fun, maybe that turns into a hobby that can stick around. My friend just released a new album inspired by various psychedelic trips and ofc Leo.
  12. @SQAAD Looks like your integration is going well. I'm grateful for you sharing this with us.