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  1. @electroBeam Dehydration should not be given as advice to newbies, you never know if someone just decides to act upon it and ends up killing themselves. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but that it's obviously a dangerous method and there are 100 better ways of going about it.
  2. That's just lazy meditation; you have to separate the two. That's very dangerous advice that no-one should follow.
  3. Chapter 13: In the next 3-5 days, I have decided to go on a reading break. Been going pretty hard at the books since January 1st; reading anywhere from 80 pages to 140 each day. Although it drastically slows down by the type of book I am reading. Flying through self-help books is way easier than the big fat spirituality or systems books such as Wilber's work. After reading a few self-help books in January; I've kind of decided to stop there, as I find the wisdom and lessons in them not nearly as close to the spiritual books. They tackle your issues from the core in with shadow work; whereas self-help takes on more surface problems that stage blue-green deal with. There are definitely some good self-help books out there, but I find I can tackle most of these problems with shadow work on my own, and not from external resources. I had a weird moment the other day where I stubbed my toe very hard on a table. It was of the kind where one jumps around and squeezes one's toe for a minute or two. But I instantly decided to just question what had happened instead. So I asked - Who is it that feels this pain? Why don't I like this pain? And the pain was immediately disidentified from me. There was nobody feeling pain; there was just pain being pain, the isness of the pain was so obvious. So I just stood there loving the pain for what it is. Not judging it from a human egoic perspective. Other: Meditated for 70 minutes last night. It was done as Leo advised in his guided meditation video - JUST LET GO. It was very awesome, but the problem I'm facing the most at the moment is my seating position. I always sit on my bed with my back supported by a wall, in a crosslegged posture. But as the meditations pass the 30-minute mark, It starts to get very uncomfortable on the legs and they usually go completely numb in the end. I've been able to sit it through for some time, but now it's getting kind of tiring. I'm contemplating on whether to change it up or just get used to it until it stops bothering me. Lucid Dreaming- I've not been able to achieve another lucid dream since the last one befell. I've been trying to wake up 6 hours after falling asleep and performing the WILD technique; while doing reality checks many many times throughout the day. I'm assuming I'm not waking up during my R.E.M sleep since I have not been able to recall waking up directly or recently from a fresh dream. I will experiment with waking up 5 and a half hours after falling asleep. I'm assured of achieving a lucid dream within a week or so, from how much time I'm investing in thinking about them.
  4. @PlayOnWords Happy for you brother! Feel the love!
  5. @Raptorsin7 When I view the world with the eyes of wisdom I see that I am nothing, when I view the world with the eyes of compassion I see that I'm everything. ↞
  6. @Nahm I haven't watched it yet; too busy at the moment. But I love me some Wim Hoff and psychedelics.
  7. @Nahm Wow, I had no idea this show was touching upon these topics. There have been a lot of warnings from doctors and public health officials in the media here in Iceland. Now I see why. 😂
  8. Why do you assume it ends, maybe it's just a new beginning. Have you personally died?
  9. But that's only relative to survival, not the ultimate truth.
  10. @SickLuv Leo's teachings are the highest I've found so far. Ken Wilber is excellent at mapping out all of this work, but I think Leo is one of few who's reached supermind or "clear light" with direct experience AND has a deep understanding of broad topics such as epistemology and metaphysics; his latest awakening video was just a clear look at what supermind looks like. I like to blend in older teachers such as Sadhguru, Osho, Wilber and Ralston for their wisdom and experience in this field. But ultimately you are your highest Authority, make sure you don't give it away to anyone - not even Leo.
  11. @Leo Gura Maybe Aubrey is still open to inviting you.
  12. I DID IT! I achieved my first lucid dream tonight! It was so real I was questioning it throughout the dream. It happened as I woke up after 6-hour sleep accidentally. I had been listening to Andrew Holecek on the "Inspire Nation" podcast talk about dream yoga and lucid dreaming. When I woke up I was awake for probably almost an hour, because of a family emergency. I then head back to sleep - IT wasn't even that I was trying to sleep, I more so meditating lying in bed. All of a sudden every thought turned into a vision like I was tripping; a crystal clear image. Then I find myself in a dream, I did not know I was lucid yet, but my first instinct was to do a reality check and count my fingers. There were 6-7 of them morphing around like some kind of tentacle fingers (still human-looking, but noodly). I can not stop thinking of how happy I was having achieved it. And even though I was super excited in the dream, I didn't wake up as I asked a dream character how I could stay lucid longer and get more clarity. By a surprise, he said "walk down some stairs, and you will increase the lucidity", I took that advice and It worked, I was lucid for probably 20 minutes. I'm certain that the advice he gave only worked because I believed him, so I wanted it to happen really badly - and so it did. Conclusions: This is a field I am going to master. It's blatantly clear to me the power of what this can do, It was SO REAL, it's hard to describe. It felt just as real as reality, which makes waking life feel more like a dream. Alongside Dream Yoga and Sleep Yoga where one is aware in deep sleep as nothing but an observer, pure awareness. I could feel within the dream how weird it felt to talk to dream characters, I felt so connected to my deep subconscious which for the most part is locked up and hard to get to. It was also clear that the subconscious is not some evil version of you which want but the worst. It's an innocent victim of experiences you've been through. I am going to use lucid dreaming to purify myself while in sleep, and have some nondual experiences. I will be studying this subject more today in the hopes of going back in there tonight. FUCK YEAH
  13. Don't expect your first trip to be all rainbows and sunshine. You have to tread the waters and purify yourself first before you go focusing on truth and such deep topics. So just go in with good intentions, to begin with.