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  1. The following is a short text I came up with on sociological entropy. The concepts I had in mind when I first wrote it were emergent phenomena like crimes rates, different ideological currents overtaking certain societies, the rise and fall of different businesses, corporations, public figures(healthy or toxic) and how their level on the spiral dynamics scale of consciousness is a reflection of the state of the broader collective etc. We see a lot of “green” and even healthy, well meaning, orange and blue people trying to tackle these issues but it always end up being some sort of radical solution or ideological war never going to the root cause of the problem. So here’s a brief summary of how society can get to the bottom of such issues(in the end, only higher levels of consciousness will do it): “From a sociological perspective, we’re only the victims of entropy induced emergent phenomena when we do not have sufficient understanding and awareness of the broader patterns giving rise to said phenomena. Whether at an individual(micro) scale or at a societal(macro) scale, developing an understanding of the patterns of non linear causation can help us break or prevent negative emergent phenomena and induce desired ones. Now obviously, every set of variables in any system can’t possibly be taken into consideration, so entropy, and therefore unwanted emergent phenomena will always occur, but the more we foster an understanding of fundamental natural patterns at different levels of existence the more we can limit the spread of “cancerous” or parasitic archetypal forces. The less conscious an invididual or a society is, the more of a victim it will be to the tides of unseen forces directing its course. The more conscious a system is on the other hand, the more it will be able to act in accordance with the fundamental laws governing the universe and to deliberately steer itself on a more optimal course of being or timeline/field configuration.”
  2. Jesse Lee Peterson is a known political commentator. At first glance he is a clown to be laught at and not someone to be taken seriously. He’s a Christian but just like with most(especially conservative) religious individuals you would expect ideological dogma and pure idiocy but in a new interview that came out you actually can notice that he has some level of spiritual, metaphysical and psychological knowledge. Skip at 34:15 “Forgiveness will set you free”. I think he’s far from truly understanding what he’s saying and even further from actual integration but damn, such knowledge from someone that you would consider a right wing normie. Because what he says relating to forvgiveness of the mother, even though extremely simplified and crude, is very accurate from a psychological and spiritual perspective. It’s way deeper than how he communicates it but even then, he has some grasp of extremely deep concepts while apparently being not very conscious, extremely biased, homophobic etc. Do you,@Leo Gura have any explanation for how some normies having a baseline level of consciousness that is very low, can demonstrate such feats of abstract comprehension. I would’ve never expected such sauce to come out of this man’s mouth this has given me a pretty rough mind fuck. He even speaks about Gods energy being something that brings(even though not in these words) equanimity(which he basically calls peace). He speaks about how Gods energy transcends the neurotic up and downs of the ego and centres you in something more fundamental basically which gives you peace, or what is most commonly referred to in our circles as equanimity. This is extremely deep knowledge that someone like him SHOULD NOT be aware of in the least. What’s going on here?
  3. Knowing that big corporations are at least as powerful as the state, you could ask yourself. Interesting series of documentaries on the subject:
  4. They overlap. There is no contradiction between them. You seem to have a crude conception of both these things, the only problem is in how you see these concepts. Spirituality is the continuation of self actualization. The purpose of self actualization is the same as individuation in Jungian terms. The purpose of spirituality is the dissolution of the IDENTIFICATION with the individual. But in the natural process of the evolution of your consciousness, spirituality is nothing but a continuation of self actualization. Individuation is a prerequisite to the transcendence of identification with such individuality, they are not opposites, they are part of a continuum. In spiral dynamics, you must go through and burn the karma of previous stages before being properly integrated at a new level of consciousness. So again, they are part of the same process just like an orgasm is the product of the continuation of masturbation, well spirituality is the continuation and emerging product of evolving your consciousness to a certain level. I highly recommend you Leo’s video about burning karma.
  5. No you didn’t properly read what I said. Masculinity and femininity are concepts true, but what is not a concept is what they are POINTING TO. These are not arbitrary constructs, they are constructs as long as they remain in the realm of mind and words. But look at what they are pointing to within yourself. Dont think. Feel. What is your body telling you? What kind of porn do you watch? What kind of sexual fantasies do you have? What do you truly want? If you listen closely and pay attention to your psyche and the message it sends, the answer will be clear and you’ll understand what I mean. Unless you are asexual or something you are like most souls and are under the law of gender. “Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes”. What is masculinity? What is femininity? The answers are not found in the rational mind. They are found in the imagination(intuitive aspect of the mind) through fantasies and in our penises and vaginas. FEEL what being a man/woman is. This is fundamental in actual nature, this is God given.
  6. Also this is not coming from some alpha red pill ideologue Andrew Tate type of “Man”. This is coming from someone who embraces more than most the feminine aspects of his psyche like unconditional love, presence, fun etc. In fact I’ve realized you can’t be a true man without that. Integrating the feminine aspects of your psyche even strengthens your masculinity. So this is not some ideological rant of some butt hurt wanna be macho man, I am just expressing my metaphysical knowledge and my concerns of letting behind the divine(integrated, healthy) masculine and the divine feminine and that doing so is a mistake of tremendously dangerous implications. Woman need strong men and men need nurturing woman, there is no going around that and any philosophy trying to deny this simple fact will just contribute to make EVERYBODY more miserable. If you are a serious intellectual, these videos might help you:
  7. So I am watching the video “is gender a social construct” and even though I agree with @Leo Gura on most of what he says, the blurring of the line between masculine and feminine is a mistake. Of course, there is no definite line and it’s a spectrum, but, masculinity and femininity are fundamental aspects of nature. Now one argument he gave is that, before animals and humans existed, there was no male or female. This is only partially true. The truth is that the principles from which masculinity and femininity emanate from have always existed. The metaphysical principles of expansion and contraction, or the active and passive principles(Yin/Yang) have ALWAYS existed. Of course from the ultimate perspective these dualities are just conveniences that God used to manifest itself into form and to interact with itself and from the absolute perspective no such distinctions exist, but to claim that here, there is nothing fundamental about masculinity and femininity and that these things are nothing but mental constructs is, again, a mistake. There are objective ways into which the female genome and male genome manifest themselves through our behaviour. Even though reality is nuanced and there are masculine woman and feminine men, they are a minority. And even then, notice that an individual either leans more to what we identify as “masculine” or “feminine” or a mix of those but never to some other unknown pattern of behavior. What does that tell us? That these are the primary forces of nature forming this plane of reality that we exist on. Feminine creatures are more passive, nurturing, emotional/intuitive, receptive(Vagina, *being* penetrated) etc. Masculine creatures are more active, grounded, aggressive/forward going, penetrative(Penis, *Doing* the penetration). So a mistake Leo is making is to say that all of these patterns of behavior are subjectively and arbitrarily ascribed to stereotypical and imaginary constructions that we call “Men” and “Woman” for the purpose of survival. There is an aspect of it BUT this is not all there is to it!!!! He seems to forget that DIRECT EXPERIENCE IS KING. There is a difference between the mind/intellect and the instincts(here I am not talking about the big Mind but the rational aspect of the human condition). The instincts are something fundamental that are not created(created by God yes, not socially created) but DIRECTLY felt and experienced regardless of conceptual projections or not. Woman or feminine creatures seek the masculine for (emotional not necessarily financial) stability, security and having a strong pillar acting as a contrast to their chaotic natures. They want a powerful figure of authority and discipline(without him being a tyrant as nobody likes being oppressed which is pathological masculinity). That’s why most woman want to be “taken” and often fantasize about dangerous, tough men and want their man to be taller and stronger than them. Notice that a woman doesn’t want a more emotional men, because according to the law of polarity, there is no magnetic or energetic pull and thus no *attraction*. In the same way men, or masculine individuals, want soft, sweet, nurturing, happy, smiling partners who can calm their incessant desire for conquest, their fire of masculine intensity burning within them. They do not want a strong, independent, tough, dangerous, big partner, for the same reason that feminine individuals do not want feminine partners, because attractions works through opposites and masculinity and femininity happen to be FUNDAMENTAL opposites(that complement each other) of nature. Now of course the healthier solution in both cases is for the feminine to integrate the masculine aspects of her psyche(Animus in Jungian philosophy) and be in a state of cohesion, alignement and balance and for the masculine to integrate the joyful, present, happy and nurturing aspects(Anima) of its consciousness. As Leo once said, the goal is to become both men and woman or balancing both of these energies within ourselves and this is very true. So my point is that these things are not merely social constructs. The fact that a young man wants to drive fast on the highway is not a cultural construct based on an arbitrary projection of expected behaviour, but something that is deep in our nature, fundamentally. In fact, the expectation that men should engage in such behaviors, emerged from our implicit subconscious understanding of our fundamental nature. Our sexual fantasies are also not constructs as they are FELT and directly experienced. There are very definite ways into which the feminine genome strives to survive(being as attractive, sweet and nurturing as possible as to seduce the most powerful and dangerous male of the tribe) and ways into which the masculine genome tries to survive(being as confident, secure, dominant as possible so as to crush opposing masculine competition and gain the best female for reproduction). THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY!!!! Recent waves of feminism and other such modern movements trying to claim that there is absolutely no such things as femininity and masculinity are a tremendous danger to the survival and thriving of the human genome. No matter what kinds of ideas you hold, it doesn’t matter, instincts are there whether you are conscious of them or not. Also my final point would be that, I find @Leo Gura to be disingenuous in his claims simply because he himself is undeniably still run by his hormones and instincts, and no matter what he says about identity(which he is mostly right about from a matter of absolute perspective) he still is run by the most primal aspects of his carnal being. He doesn’t want to be fucked by some woman with a strap on or be taken charge of. He most likely wants to be in control in the bed and take initiative and he doesn’t relate to men the same way he does woman. He wants to fuck woman and has a different kind of relationship with them as he does with men. He also probably doesn’t want to put on a nice dress, make himself all pretty and be picked up by his date who’s gonna open the doors for him and pay dinner, an idea which most likely repels him or at the very least, is simply totally unrealistic to him. It’s not true that masculine or feminine roles are constructed and don’t matter, it’s very real and it’s F-U-N-D-A-M-E-N-T-A-L. So no matter what he says, the activity of the masculine energy is there in him also which deconstructs any claim that masculinity and femininity are constructs. You can’t think your way through relating in such a fundamental way, what you directly experience and feel is what is real, and the feeling is either masculine or feminine. This stuff is deep within the core of your soul, whether you carry a more masculine energy or a more feminine energy.
  8. Anyone studying the future of the world and where it’s headed to has inevitably come across the World Economic Forum(WEF); This intergovernmental organization that connects the worlds most powerful corporations and government leaders from all major countries. But then the following question arises: Is the WEF an evolution in the progress of humanity or a dangerous organization that we should be worried about. People like Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson have pointed out some of the dangers associated with them from a rational instead of conspiratorial perspective and it can be hard to discern the true nature of the World Economic Forum because of all these good points on both sides: I am wondering what people on this forum and more specifically, what do you, @Leo Gura think about the WEF. Do you see it as a necessary stepping stone in the healthy spiral development of humanity towards a healthy green stage Global Government or do you think it is justified to be worried about it and a possible dystopian China-like future it could impose to the world?
  9. Conspiracy theories as they manifested recently with the whole pandemic thing are known to be ridiculous psychotic paranoid speculation. But there is a smarter side to conspiracy theories where, although biased, might contain some value. Russel brand has been a good example of a healthy establishment skeptic. Also this series of videos have some value if you discard the biases. What are your thoughts on this: Try to come from a stage yellow perspective and be detailed.
  10. Elliot Hulse has a strong spiritual intuition and a good sense of how to navigate life. The following are my notes on a series of shorts he made on YouTube some time ago. It’s really the fundamental formula for success in any endeavour but it’s from the perspective of the highest endeavour, which is spiritual work. I also tweaked it a little so it’s higher consciousness than the original ideas of Elliot, I expounded on them: 5 Steps to create momentum in your life 1-Know Thyself You must thoroughly know yourself in the deepest sense before attempting to create momentum in life or else you’ll just plant bad seeds and accumulate negative karma, soul ties etc. 2-Soul Goals vs Lower Goals Soul goals are goals that are in alignement with the deepest desire of your soul or your fundamental line of development and what has been anticipated by your spirit as the highest expression of your self. Lower goals are selfish objectives that are a distraction from the fundamental mission that has been given to you by the Gods. After having a thorough knowledge of yourself you are now aware of the objectives you need to set in order for your destiny to unfold in the way it was anticipated for you. Beware of lower goals and know that complete denial of them is also not the key. Once you are grounded in that which is highest you can also enjoy the lower and in fact in can help you transcend even more because by consciously engaging in the lower you burn through karma and fulfill the desires of your lower nature. 3-Reorganize People, places and things People, places, things & habits that are in the way of you reaching your highest potential must be either edited and reorganized or completely cut off from your life in order for your life force to align completely with the task at hand. Anything that is a distraction is robbing you of energy(spiritual warfare), an energy that could’ve been put to use on what’s important. Life force must be aligned through the chakras and external situations must also be reorganized in a way that fits your new aligned self. Past circumstances and situations created out of past karma and unalignement must be broken down in order to make place for the new. 4-Structure your days to be most productive You need to create structure in your day and learn to flow within that structure so you never get stuck. Set aside blocks of time in your days where you are going to perform a certain task to bring you closer to your goals but don’t be attached to when you are going to do it; as long as it gets done. The perfect balance(between the 2 pillars?) must be it. You need structure but you also need to flow within that structure. Too much flow = disorder. Too much structure makes it impossible to properly adapt and live life. Learn to balance. 5-Create momentum within the structure Once you established the desired structure and learned to flow into it now you need to maintain momentum and repeat each day so you can reap the fruits of your investments. Prioritize momentum over perfection. Momentum is more important than perfection because as long as you keep going you’ll finally get where you wanna be.
  11. So I do not mean to generalize and say that the whole left is “crazy”, but the most radical ideologues on the left are surely gaining more and more influence in society to a degree that is not only negative but potentially dangerous. I am coming to this understanding after the months of witnessing crazy political propaganda, cancel culture, transgender activists and their extreme and ridiculous claims etc. What was before a harmless minority is becoming more and more powerful and this madness is coming from the left. Look at all the people that have had their social media accounts terminated for “hate speech” for example. If only this only concerned crazy conspiracy theorists but it is not the case. All of you should be well aware of the Twitter files that Elon musk leaked. They(old Twitter) were in direct contact with the government to suppress any opinion that was going against the mainstream narrative about(among other things) vaccines; even expert advice. Goes to show that this whole thing was never about intellectual objectivity and scientific accuracy but about a moralistic agenda being perpetrated, a new religion of the politically correct and moral thing to do, based on ideology not facts. Even legit arguments against the mainstream narrative like evidence for side effects were shut down. Again, history repeats itself, humans have always adopted mass ideologies, emotionally attached themselves to these ideas and crucifying people who are going against these ideas. Blind, unconscious survival and dogmatic consciousness pushing humans to destroy what they deem different. Human beings caught in between polarities and needing to divide everything meanwhile everything is part of the same spectrum. If vaccine side effects are proven to exist it is not necessary to deem that “against” anything but to take that as part of the puzzle in our collective battle against a common enemy(COVID), and THIS is TRUE collectivism(Green) but this is not what happened. There were even some people wanting unvaccinated people to do PRISON TIME. And now I just see this tweet: People are being FIRED for their ideas and political opinions. Again, this doesn’t only happen to legitimately dangerous ideologues, it happens to people who are merely AGREEING with a fucking political opinion. This is absolute madness, a madness that is being perpetrated by the far left who, who would’ve thought, is gaining more and more power in mainstream institutions. These far left ideologies are a cultural parasite infecting society and spreading pretty fucking far. When people are being tracked by who knows what mechanism and fired for merely agreeing with someone who is not in alignement with the mainstream political identity of the west you know there’s a big fucking problem. Being fired means not being able to pay your bills or feed yourself. This should be taken seriously. This parasite has gone far enough that it has the power to ruin peoples lives. And what about the clowns that tried to take away his “Doctor” title to JP? And one of the only problems I have with @Leo Gura is that he only speaks about the far right and their conspiracy theories which are, indeed, pathological, but he never says a word about the absolute madness being perpetrated by the far left which is becoming at least equal of a danger to society than ideas related to the far right. We can rightfully say that if conspiracy theories, racism, hate speech etc have infected society, political correctness, pseudo moralistic madness, LGBTQ propaganda and pseudo collectivism/socialism has at least equally corrupted our society, and the worst part is that they infiltrated the institutions and the Governing bodies, the very institutions we are dependent on for our very SURVIVAL. So what now, if you just happen to commit the horrible sin of agreeing with evil Jordan Peterson on YouTube you can lose your FUCKING LIVELIHOOD??? What is this. This doesn’t sound like inclusive socialism at that point but to oppressive communism China style. The complete eradication of individual identity in order for the collective ideology to thrive; and anybody not aligning with the collective being totally destroyed. What the fuck is that? It’s absolutely fucking preposterous! I love Leo for, on one hand, calling out the matrix and also, on the other hand, not buying in bullshit anti-mainstream conspiracy theories like so many so called “spiritual” people; but at the same time were is the genius of Leo Gura when it comes to calling out the madness of the radical aspect of the political side he’s adhering to? This is where self bias goes too far because failing to acknowledge that the far left is a dangerous ideological parasite is just intellectual dishonesty especially when you have reached the highest the levels of intellectual development for a human being. Just as conspiracy theories needed an intervention, so too does the radical left deserves a deep breakdown of the pathological psychological processes that are giving rise to such cultural viruses of the mind. Because yes there is deep psychological reasons as to why these sort of ideological currents exist, yes they are pathological(Evil/Devil/Separation etc) and yes you can analytically break them down and offer a healthier(Godlike) alternative just like with conspiracy theories and the like. And if you are not gonna make a 2 hour video about it you can at least make a brief blogpost about the toxic psychology and the micro-macro dangers of the perpetuation of these ideas which would be helpful to society, something I haven’t seen @Leo Gura doing. How can you “despise” the politics of Jordan Peterson but not despise this madness that we’ve been witnessing for the past couple of years, a madness that is becoming all too influential in this culture. This bullshit is NOT healthy green stage spiral dynamics level of consciousness. This is a distorted, corrupted, evil, unintegrated and wounded green, and this sort of green can quickly turn into communist oppression and God knows what. Leo should’ve been calling this shit out.
  12. Provocative title which is only half true. But in this type of communities there’s always a certain number of people getting into self help as a compensation mechanism rather than genuinely doing the true work. For anyone finding themselves in this situation:
  13. Of course he was unstable that’s what the earlier stages of awakening do. And of course he fell in traps people fall into when they are just getting into it…he was doing just that; getting into it. My thing is that, as unstable as he was he was not crazy like most normies write under his videos. He was not “gone”, he was consciously transforming. I just recommend you watch his video “escaping the cult of bodybuilding the full story” completely if you haven’t. It’ll probably explain many things and fill many wholes like it did for me.
  14. My friend, if you followed the whole thing then you are aware that the beginning of everything is his “mental breakdown” in 2020, the famous video of him in his apartment and then faking his death and “resurrection”. The way he planned his 3 day stay(which ended up being 14 due to legislative bs) in a mental hospital was absolutely genius. He called the cops on himself etc. At the very beginning you see him throwing one of his old shirts, saying “bye old me” and other things signifying the death of an old life for the birth of a new one. This video is a good example: He knew what he was doing since the very beginning the purpose was the destruction of his inhibiting public persona, quitting profane existence for the beginning of a spiritual one. So of course he was mentally unstable(spiritual awakening does that every single time it’s the nature of it) but he wasn’t mentally ill. He knew what he was doing. For the new to be born the old must die and of course his old illusions were so solidly rooted in his psyche because of the crazy amount of attention he received for shallow acts of exhibition and the whole ego he created around all of that. Bear in mind that Connor was a normal dude so OF FUCKING COURSE an awakening would make him unstable and blow his mind, make him question his whole existence and force him to realign his life with the truths he had now discovered. We life in a society were people are constantly limiting themselves to pathological degrees and an aspect of awakening is realizing the irrational, aggressive and intense nature of subconscious contents. The destruction of the persona and the arising to consciousness of previously buried contents brings about instability every time because the foundations of the psyche must be destroyed in order for new order to be created. So the poor guy realized all of this and became unstable but not crazy. He planned his escape from the prison that was his old conditioned existence and he succeeded brilliantly. Sheep’s and normies will obviously call him crazy because they didn’t had these realizations but I would expect a much more precise and sharp understanding of the whole picture coming from people who are supposed to be seekers of the divine path. So I think that we agree that he was mentally unstable but I say it’s normal. Of course he was for reasons that I detailed. But people claiming he was having a psychotic break and batshit crazy are stupid. He definitely was not and all in all, it was pretty much all logically structured. What we witnessed with Connor murphy is the destruction of a false self, an awakening and the work of God within a profane human who redeemed himself beautifully. He destroyed his reputation for the sake of truth and liberation. He did gods work. He should be an example for everybody who’s on this path as someone who had great courage and did the right thing instead of perpetuating a lie for comforts sake.