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  1. these are some tips, how have you embodied this?
  2. i totally missed your post when i reading through this forum. it probably had to do with my ego for missing it and didnt want me to reflect that the people closest to me are the one to get hurt if i stay unhealthy. thanks for your post
  3. you can find a books about kundalini awakening on the book list or search:enlightenment through kundalini awakening by Tara Tpringett
  4. so im irrationally minded, noticed this now the thoughts appear on the left side of the brain on the frontal lob become aware to me and now noticed to world values rationalism or so it seems. before i was in my own little bubble and had anxiety and now im and aware of the collective bubble ( collective ego). its so new to me trying to be a rationalist....is rationality above irrationality is this a step up in my spiritual development? is my ego getting stronger? i heard leo say you need strong ego in order for it to break or transcend it. I've also noticed how much people care about survival including my own ego. i do feel more grounded and theirs actually less or little anxiety then before. are the steps of development...irrational-rational-post rational- a rational? i can feel a resistance to this and it actually takes effort being rational i can feel the energy or focus is on my right brain and i need to constantly change it to left brain or sometimes putting the energy in the center. it would be good to get a mix of feedback from mixed levels. everything you do is for survival, from how you eat to how you walk, sleep, shake hands, poop, talk, cry, smile, being good i know the best solution would be to use both side of the brain and be in harmony and not just use one. thanks for reading.
  5. @Leo Gura alright thank you, this gives me hope.
  6. hi, im not really in tuned with my emotions actually their pretty much suppressed due to medication and when it comes to contemplating and questioning your beliefs can real change happen if you don't change the emotion associated with the belief?. my current belief is that its hard to change a belief if your not in tune with your emotions or if their suppressed! so should i continue to question my beliefs and contemplate, will i see changes?
  7. the real cult is within yourself. have a think about that one
  8. i also heard that thoughts get passed by touching. my theory is that its more intense or even more thoughts get passed by having sex. maybe even your subconscious thoughts get passed.
  9. im looking at a book and in my image it seems ive already bought it...its almost like Deja vu. should i buy the book or just leave it. what does deja vu mean?
  10. contemplate. you have a limiting belief about yourself, the world and how you see girls. why do you want a girlfriend? contemplate that
  11. that's a good analysis. we all have beliefs we somehow convinced our self are true. i don't think your experiencing a true nihilism, if you think you are you need to go full circle by questioning it and contemplating.
  12. start contemplating and get your mindset right. its your belief and how you see things that holding you back ask yourself questions like.... what is love my definition of love is..... i will receive love...... i will be rejected if...... i will accepted when.... my experience have told me love is.... my experience have told me i receive love when? i want people to like because? i'm insecure because.... so ask yourself various questions and you will be surprised at your beliefs and how you really see the world.
  13. this is personalized question and you should contemplate it yourself...im in the same boat never had a girlfriend and im frustrated sometimes and if it makes me unhappy its because im in agreement with myself that i wont be happy unless i get a girlfriend. i can also have an agreement that says i can be happy without a girlfriend check this out to find out more:what are agreements? and how they take away our power its by gary warmerdam
  14. @youngshinzen its like my ego is dying and struggling because im taking to the medication. im practicing just letting this be but its tough man. and i feel like theirs no support if i decide to get off my medication but that might be a limiting belief. i cant even cry because its suppressing my emotions and i want to be able to cry lol. what caused your psychosis? i believe my one was weed and childhood trauma also bullying