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  1. that is so true and i love it lol aajjajaajaj
  2. @Antonius iv'e always wanted a girlfriend but it took me decades to have the epiphany if i actually wanted to be a boyfriend! to look at it from a different angle, do you want to be a boyfriend? what does it mean to be a boyfriend? why do you want a girlfriend? ive come to the conclusion that its okay not to have a girlfriend.
  3. hi guys. as it says at the top can you do shadow work while on anti-psychotic medication? i'm wondering because i'm on anti-psychotic medication for my psychosis?! or is it harder?
  4. yeah i also think its good to get rid of beliefs all together. what would happen if a person didn't have any beliefs at all?
  5. so i've been thinking about suicide lately for the past couple of days and i believe on of the reasons is that i have the belief "i believe i will be happy when i die" so i did some work by byron katie and changed it to "i wont be happy when i die" now idk if its the belief its self but i got this feeling on my chest and its a weird sensation like a worry tightening sensation. not sure if its because its a change of believe that caused it. to change a belief you also need to change the emotion you attach it to. my question is it okay to have the belief "i wont be happy when i die" if it means you wont commit suicide or get a more neutral belief. also what happens when you change a belief? like do you get a sensation in the body or anything like that?
  6. thank you everyone
  7. hi guys, my name is Daniel and i tend to just believe my mind with what ever it tells me. this then creates an emotional reaction. they tend to be fearful thoughts or create fearful emotions.the thoughts imply....if i don't do this then something bad will happen to me. an example would be lets say i'm at mcdonalds and i just finished my order and the lady gives my change back. now that i have the change a thought might pop up if you don't donate then you will go broke....and i automatically believe it and just assume its true and it creates emotional reaction out of me. this can happen multiple times a couple minutes. so how do i stop believing my mind and become a skeptic until its automatic i question things my mind tells me.
  8. @brugluiz thank you for posting the video
  9. @martins name lol
  10. does anyone know a website where you can talk to people like counselling and its free. like a place where you get to talk to them about anything that is concerning you. video sessions and send messages to each other.
  11. good luck buddy!
  12. i got a subtle realization when i read that lol very subtle insight
  13. whats your channel ill check it out!?
  14. Thanks for all your answers everyone. Much appreciated!