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  1. Quitting porn is the main thing that'll give you benefits.
  2. Secure. My issues don't have much to do with friends, family, and lovers. Or coworkers. Or people in general.
  3. From what I know of Hegel from reading Sublime Object of Ideology, I'd have to agree. Though Capital (or more accessibly, David Harvey's Companion to Capital) is a must read.
  4. Marxist and ML Theory and Analysis is pretty based. However, almost all the proposed solutions involve high state control. Luckily with technology we can explore different solutions. But yeah, my general take on MLs is that they are worth studying, but not emulating, because it wouldn't be appropriate. Also, Marxism is a materialist philosophy, so it's got it's limitations there.
  5. Start hitting up other chicks. You don't have to cheat on your gf, but get yourself some female company. And if you find someone more responsive who you click with better, then your instincts will know what to do.
  6. Gorgias by Plato is a good start.
  7. You don't need books on specific issues. You need books to help you see the bigger picture of things. But those books are dense and difficult, not easily consumable like self help books.
  8. Don't take words like "you're creepy" at face value. If you were actually perceived as creepy she would have noped the flip out of there.
  9. Relationship categories (boyfriend-girlfriend, fuck-buddies, etc), love = exclusivity, the general dynamic of tying oneself down to the other, essentially crippling both parties into some sort of codependency for the sake of security, the necessity of marriage as goal of a sexual relationship (it CAN be a goal, but it doesn't have to implicitly be the case). People model their relationships off of romcoms, Disney movies, or hook-up culture, and follow the respective implicit rules without even being fully aware of them. This is just from the top of my head.
  10. From my experience, women tend to put in a lot of effort after she enters some sort of sexual relationship with you. Also the whole endeavor of overcoming my own limiting beliefs and getting what I want is an empowering reward in and of itself. If you don't like taking the lead, then you're not alone, you are in company with most men (and women).
  11. Not too experienced with asexuality, but romance is a social construct, and I've been more "aromantic" lately. This doesn't mean I don't have love for the other, but the way I structure my sexual relationships isn't based off of cultural tropes.
  12. Accept, yeah. But also work on it. Going to the gym, taking hairloss meds (cuz mpb), skin care routine, etc. Working on my looks helped me accept it, because I'm doing what I can, and that's enough. There are people that aren't as good looking who still have a good life, accepted by those around them, etc. There are ppl that are good looking but still fail at life.
  13. You'll get over the need with time most likely. No one really cares about your past, and so won't hold it against you. However if you bring up the past that means it's an issue at present. Perhaps you're looking for some sort of third party validation for pick up. Which of course, you don't need. You don't need forgiveness. Even if you actually get it, it won't be it. It might feel good for a woman to tell you it's normal, but nothing changes. Also, Saying "if I hadn't struggled we wouldn't be together" is like saying "if I wasn't born, I wouldn't have met you."
  14. This attitude might be your issue.
  15. You'd be worse, because nothing deep down would change. Before, by being a nice people pleaser you're avoiding the tension that you would encounter by being authentic in a given situation. By acting like a douche, you're also avoiding being authentic, and you deep down know it's not gonna work, so it's a self deception mechanism to make it seem like you're changing, but you're really not. You just gotta practice. Don't try to be a certain way, just go for what you want.