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  1. You're still not pushing to the edges, you're still stuck in the box where you're trying to get something from women. It's even worse, cause you're calling it a reward. Before you were a nice guy, thinking that it'll get you a reward. You correctly realized that it won't. Now you're thinking devilry/ not giving a fuck, etc will get you a reward-- and you might be right, but do you see the edges that define your pathetic box? It's the "how do I be in order to get puss" box. It's reactionary in nature, and makes you into a slave, and not into the master you think you are/want to be. Getting puss is theory (about technique, not into understanding "female nature") + experimental action + reflection. That's it. You can find what works for you both in approaching and in relationships. All this "female nature" talk is fetishistic (meaning it prevents you from understanding the underlying structure). It's really not that profound. It's not something to be so heavy-hearted about. This whole post is structured like advice, but it's clear that it's advice to you. You're just talking to yourself, but on this public form so that it can be validated by others. It's cope.
  2. @Peter Miklis If you had a chance to read about the phallus and sexuation, a way to put that into psychoanalytic terms is: "men" want to have the phallus, and "women" want to be the phallus. Rape fantasy is just a very clear expression of that.
  3. You'll never know. There is no sexual relationship. There's only how much he fits into your fantasy and vice versa. And of course it will never be a perfect fit. Love is an empty master signifier. You're idea of love is won't be the same as anyone else, even if you explain to someone what it is and they agree. For example, some people don't consider commitment as being a necessary component of love. You, however, do. Language is both a means and a barrier to communication. You gotta just go with your intuition. If he seems needy, then that's all you need to deem him needy. As for commitment, I can't speak from experience here, but that's a decision you both make, and you trust the other person's loyalty... you will never KNOW, unless you learn AFTER THE FACT that he betrayed your trust. So to sum it up, you won't truly know, unless after he proves otherwise. You can't make it risk free.
  4. I liked the metaphor in your original post. It's frustrating to see guy's willfully not getting the point. There's a fetishism of sex. Guys think that by getting laid there's something inside them that is valuable. But it's like you said, if one approaches enough chicks, sex is easy. The advanced pick up guys I know DON'T equate getting laid as a metric of measuring one's value, because once one puts in the time, getting laid becomes one of the easiest things to do. The guys that think that getting laid a lot means that one is high value are the ones that have difficulty getting laid. I've been there myself. As for the guys I know in big cities that are able to get laid, a lot of them struggle with finding a "regular". It's like for the girl, it's no big deal, just another dick in her hole. Pick up is great. But without applying an insight similar to yours, it's just not that great of an ROI.
  5. Get hurt again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again gain and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. And then you'll realize that one particular person doesn't matter.
  6. @machinegun Lol, powerful aroma. There is no "natural", God appointed leader. To think that there is would mean your caught up in a fetishistic illusion. Leader is a position within a socio-symbolic network, and it's that position that necessitates you behave in a way that leader's behave. Sure, some people have a disposition to become the leader, but someone with the same position who doesn't occupy the leader's place in a socio-symbolic network would simply be an asshole. No one is born a leader. No one is genetically destined to become a leader. With animals, it comes down to genetics, because their social network isn't symbolic, i.e. mediated through language. Occupy the position of leader, and then you get the powerful aura, which is essentially other people projecting their fetishism onto you. You "lead naturally" when you get used to occupying the position. Dispel your fetish, and go lead something.
  7. It's pretty easy being the leader because most ppl don't want to be. Take the initiative when it comes to planning/inviting. I have a philosophy/economic discussion group that I started. They were my friend beforehand, but we became a real group after I gave it a vision and started planning study sessions and hang out stuff. Make the decisions. Most people don't want to make a decision. This can be as simple as where to eat. Everybody is "fine with anything", so no one makes a decision. Be the one that says "Yo, let's go here." That's about it. If you're gonna be a leader, you need a vision to unite people to do activities to meet that vision. That vision can be starting a business together, having the most bomb parties, anything. Having a vision for something greater and the assertiveness to bring it about will give you the gravitas to become a leader.
  8. Thanks for the quality response. As for Hypergamy, true, I don't disprove it perse. But I take it off the pedestal. To the Red Pill Hypergamy is the center of everything. Male and Female do have inherent "drives" if you will, and we can the female drive Hypergamy, but the way these drives are employed (sexual strategy), depends on the context, hence different norms in different time periods. As for posting it on TRP, I just might do that. I've never posted there before, just lurked.
  9. There's an even bigger picture you're not looking at. To put it succinctly: Economy <--->>> Culture <--->>> intersexual dynamics. With automation, AI, and more profits being able to be made via speculation that production, less people are needed. I cover this in my "Critique of the Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology." Essentially, the Red Pill is trying to address the symptom, and it's being less and less effective as time goes on for more people. Blackpill is a "solution". But not for you. The issue is that people are now decontextualized individuals that are incapable of cooperating to effect material change that's beneficial to them. They at right into the hand of big munmunz. The fact that the blackpill exists is telling as to who won the class war. Another issue is that most ppl are incapable of looking at the bug picture. Like even in your post, you're still stuck at the individual level, and your solutions are also stuck there. Here's a solution: find a way to get location independent income and move to a place where there's a lot of attractive women. The high supply makes them easier (supply and demand). ^ this solution is literally outside the box, and is also super challenging and can even be scary. Or, you can stick with Blackpill, in which case, you've lost, and are just stuck with coping.
  10. According to psychoanalysis incompleteness is par for the course as a human being. Subjectivity emerges from incompleteness and our drive to complete ourselves. In a way, we are already complete, just not aware of it. Complete in our incompleteness. Weather you're in a relationship or not, you'll still feel incomplete. Once you're complete, you're pretty much an object. (I know this perspective isn't seen on this forum a lot, but that's why I'm here xD) My advice is to go after your desires instead of doing some form of mental masturbation cope to "be fine as you are." I don't think we're here to just be. We aren't rocks or trees. We're here to act on the world, to create, to destroy, whatever the case may be, to move things.
  11. Yo I've been living in Japan for the last 3 years. Learn the language and the culture, and there's way less discrimination towards you. You will get different treatment for being a foreigner, but I see it as a plus. You don't have harsh expectations Japanese ppl hold each other too. Also, not all Japanese people are shy. You there are outgoing ppl here, just like everywhere else. Cheap to live in the countryside, more expensive in the city. It's not the most racist country on Earth. I'm not white for the record. I'm of Indian descent. Being from the US is somewhat of a plus though, but ultimately, most Japanese ppl haven't really met a foreigner, so you can shape their perspective (of you at least).
  12. Pull the trigger, deal with the consequences. Or just keep pondering over whether you should have done x or y. You build your intuition by DOING x and y, and dealing with what happens. It's not a pleasant experience most of the time
  13. Just gotta be physically capable of moving your hips in a thrusting motion.
  14. I just checked it out. From a glance, it seems like a less sophisticated version of the Red Pill, but catered towards women. It has the same flaws the Red Pill has, as I pointed out in my "Critique of the Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology" post. Mainly, not seeing the big picture as to why the dating market is as fucked as it is in the West.
  15. Gotta have some class. Saying something like that is just too intense, especially when there's no real relationship yet. I think a lot of people (men or women) would find it too intense even if they were in a relationship. Having flirty phone calls is supposed to be fun, don't need to make it so heavy all of a sudden. I think him calling you stupid/crazy is just a way for him lightening the mood and keeping it playful.