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  1. Let it play out. More material to analyze.
  2. Thanks for the honest post. First off, just from what you said, it seems like the coop also has confidence issues (as we all do at times), because otherwise there's no need to paint you in a negative light. Second, your crush seems passive, and the coop is actively pursuing. The coop is taking the masculine role and your crush the feminine. My suggestion is that you keep being attractive, but also try to engage just a little more. Being attractive can actually scare off a lot of guys who are attracted to you. Ideally some guy wouldn't be scared and would approach, but if you want to increase the likelihood of finding guys you have affinity with, engage a bit more. As a guy, if there was a 7 and a 10, but the 7 actually talked with me and showed interest in me, I'd more likely pursue the 7-- once you get to know people other things add (or subtract) from the initial attraction.
  3. Affinity. Things like appearance is not something to look for, you can tell whether you're attracted or not in an instant. When you approach/interact, the thing to look for and build is affinity. Sometimes it takes a little digging. Dating is a way of building affinity. Sex is a way of building affinity. Getting married and having children is a way of building affinity. The above ways is how I would build affinity with a woman I'm sexually attracted to. But affinity itself, I try to look for/build in everything/everyone. Sometimes there's no affinity to be found and therefore nothing to build off of, so such things/people, I don't bother with.
  4. For guys, I would say trial and error. For girls, it's separating the wheat from the chaff. Women also have a shorter window of attractiveness than males, so most of them want to find a good dude to take care of them, which is why they invest a lot in the relationship if they are with a guy they like. They don't want the guy to leave. And if the guy is high quality (the type they want), then he could find someone else if he is displeased with the woman. The woman of course can find someone else too, but it gets difficult as they get older. A 40 year old guy (given he's in good shape and hasn't pissed away his life) has it so much better than a 40 year old woman. Even if a woman doesn't want to get married or anything, she would want to continue to attract high value companionship.
  5. Let us know how it goes!
  6. I sure am glad men aren't equally as ridiculous and equally susceptible to marketing/media telling us how we ought to be.
  7. Make your own dating system. I go for Lacanian Psychoanalysis as my theoretical base, and then just approaching as practical action. The issue with dating systems is that they're products meant to be sold. Even the people that get good from them only do so because they've discovered their own way of going about things.
  8. It's "normal". To abstract the idea if jelousy in psychoanalytic terms, you assume the other has your object of desire (whatever it might be, material or otherwise), and has access to an enjoyment that is cut off from you. The other is the subject presumed to enjoy. Now the thing it doesn't matter if the person your jealous of has the object of desire or not, you just assume they do. Getting over jelousy is to realize that no one has the object of desire, because by definition, once you attain it, it no longer is the object of desire. Use your emotions to fuel your growth.
  9. Coral is the Red of Tier 2. There's a good talk on it I listened to a few years back by M.A. Carrano. So far none of the answers here come close.
  10. It's usually not the persistence itself that does the winning over. A woman has a life too, and depending on where she is with her life, she might be receptive to someone pursuing her or not. Most women usually aren't receptive if they have a boyfriend. However some women go on a dating spree after a breakup, and so easy to get with during that time period. Then again, if she's in that state, she might be dtf, but not looking for anything beyond that. Those are just two specific examples. As a guy of course, it's not in your best interest to be persistent with a woman in the long run. You could have met several women that would have given you a more fulfilling experience in the meantime.
  11. Lol, don't hate on @Vzdoh, especially those that complain "women aren't honest about what they want" she's being really honest here. Being at least a 6 is easy. On top of that going to areas where there are more hot women means that it's easier to get with women in general-- supply and demand. That being said, if deep down you think you're not good enough, overcompensating by being cocky is emphasizing your insecurity. You need reference experience. Which is done by actually approaching. You need to legit not care about a woman's opinion of you.
  12. Setting boundaries means being ready to let the person go if they can't respect your boundaries. Either you set boundaries, or just accept the situation. Either choice is good. The bad choice is picking the middle path between the two options.
  13. Not cool man, you made her insecure enough to post pics of herself on the forum for guys to rate.
  14. How are guys who are r4-5 at best supposed to behave?
  15. Oh look, I found the answer in your question.