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  1. Hahaha so much easier said than done
  2. At the same time, a total free-for-all will likely end in another drunk club escapade, which is equally childish and stupid. If the girl truly regrets her mistake, she would have no issue moving on and vowing to have higher standards in the future.
  3. No, I'm questioning your integrity as you copy-paste Rumi 🤷
  4. -retardation is so key lol
  5. This question is so backwards lol
  6. Not to put you on the spot but you do realize how bold of a statement this is? Putting rep over truth is in some ways the definition of human. If you always adhered to the truth you would just die.
  7. If you watch anything from me, please let it be this one. The rest is negligible
  8. As promised:
  9. totally spur of the moment decision lol!
  10. Wow, we are in identical boats
  11. My god, if this ain't true. Coaching is one of the highest highs I've had in this human life
  12. This is the second to last stage orange-esque video I will release. Content will rapidly begin approaching green/yellow
  13. I just recorded my most vulnerable, devastating video by far. It's over 40 minutes and I cry 3 times. Part of me worries that the lack of flashiness will result in poor video performance, or that the tears will come across as weird/pick-me. However, I'm going to trust that YOU are here to see me "honor life," as my youtube banner says. You don't want hype gimmicks or polished perfection from me, you want the truth. So thank you for being here with me if you are. I love you.