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  1. I communicate Love by embodying and teaching Acceptance.
  2. With regards to dating + relationships, or reality at large?
  3. I don't see this at all. Leo is far more integrated than whatever credit you give him. Of course his advice to struggling men will be within the confines of the status quo social game. You can't expect struggling men to "rise above" a crooked system while they're starved and hungry. Leo's advice is tailored. Don't equate him to his advice. We would see different advice from Leo if he were to answer the questions of a non-starving and fulfilled man. Unfortunately, we just never see this happening because fulfilled men don't come crawling onto online forums for help.
  4. @Raphael It's a stunning video. Highly recommend. @soos_mite_ah They're lonely and reaching out, not so different from you and I.
  5. I'm not a lady, but I'm relating strongly to a lot of the responses so far, so I'll add my story to the soup too, as encouragement. Currently, I have 2 guys that I'd consider very close friends. They are on their respective spiritual journeys and are startlingly mature for their age (20ish). I have a couple dozen more people that I hang out with regularly and bond with, but there's a sense that they will "never understand me" because they're not serious about contemplation and introspection the way I am. I often dumb myself down to vibe with these people. Aside from that, I loosely consider anybody that I interact with a "friend." I had an amazing 40 minute conversation with my uber drive today. Even though I'll never see him again, he felt like a "friend." At the end of the day though, I understand that even my 2 closest dudes are temporary. Furthermore, I only hold them in high regard insofar as they serve my egoic survival agenda (acceptance, being listened to and understood, they provide massive value to me through their presence, energy, and insights, etc.) Truly, they are not any more special than someone I feel unable to befriend. Being friends with all of humanity is my ultimate ideal, but fundamentally I'll always be alone, as are we all.
  6. this paradox/strange loop is "a feature not a bug" (as leo would say) It's hard to explain how what you wrote is perfect to someone who insists that it can only be either/or
  7. Right, so this is why I prefaced the statement with "past a certain point..." There are many useful distinctions early on that melt away the more Realized you become. Maybe she was suggesting with her answer that she was past the point of making "wokeness" distinctions.
  8. I've done this kind of male behavior before, many times. I didn't realize this gave y'all "Eww" sensations. I'm so glad you're spelling it out like that, it makes my future judgements easier. The good news is I will never do this again even if y'all wanted me to. But now that I know that even you guys don't want that kind of treatment from me, the path forward is clear Uh oh. Just the mere urge to retract whatsoever hints at some subconscious part of you being misaligned with Truth.
  9. Ladies & Gals Agreed...
  10. You know that's not true
  11. Mark Manson is not very conscious. He is soaking in the worldview of physicality/materialism continuously, even after reading sources that would point him towards alternate modes of being. He's a great teacher for basic self-help but not for transcendence.
  12. Lol, welcome to the social matrix. Yes. Simple - do what you know to be right, and accept(!) all consequences (both internally & externally). Let your folks feel your appreciation from time to time
  13. Leo isn't really a master in this field. You're better off studying Owen Cook (the guy Leo learned from).
  14. @March Yes, that explains the fire behind your original post. Getting your shit together is important and good. But you'll learn to naturally, spontaneously, and lovingly act over time. Being a tyrant towards yourself is a temporary solution - use that fuel as far as it takes you, but be willing to go beyond it some day