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This thread is about coming full circle. It's about understanding the whole picture. 

Most people like to protect their beliefs in advance and are not ready to learn without their existing assumptions. When we blindly protect our beliefs and assumptions we feel more at home and safe which is an illusion. Because of that most people as they age lose their ability for accepting new explanations, new facts and new realizations because they identify with that state of being at home and safe and because of that, they reject and don't accept new explanations, realizations...because if they did, they would have to invest energy in changing their ego, and when we're identified with our thoughts and emotions we will want to maintain it.

This is what cognitive dissonance is. It's a thought-emotion based blockage from our ego/mind that automatically triggers it's defense mechanism by triggering resistance and fear about change so it maintains itself. We overcome this by being honest with ourselves and with forgiving our self the emotional reactions with conscious re-direction of our life force.

If you are Self-realized, do you know how to practically use that realization to systematically transform your life and remove ego reactions methodically? So many people that claim to be enlightened are basically just aware of their infinite nature, their undefined self, aware of the formless  non-physical aspect that extends to infinity in all directions and dimensions, that is all present, always here and now, through which space-time moves, when you glimpse that you realize that you are everything and nothing at the same time...

That's good, that's quite radical and good. Enlightenment will remove all of suffering and you will come to mental piece and inner silence. But... you will NOT be blissful.  

At the moment of realizing enlightenment and oneness, you see everything as perfect but the questions is it really? The paradox is that it is, and it's not. And now you have to integrate that paradox. 

"It's not this or that, it's both" - Bashar

The question that realization using you or are you proactively using that realization to come to full embodiment resulting in total bliss? If not, then your enlightenment is half-assed. 

When you become enlightened you realize and see how everything is happening without you doing it. It's a total mindfuck. It's really like stepping out of the matrix and seeing it for what it is, like super mario realizing it's not the character but the screen.

But....that's not nearly enough. That realization is so big, that you don't know how to actualize it and so you can get stuck in passive observation of the present moment for decades.

Passive observation of the present moment will never be enough to embody that realization.

For example. you can be fully aware all the time, but if you are not able to see how your ego is trying to survive, you will be a passive observer and you'll be following the thoughts and emotions that are responsible for the maintenance of an egoic program. You will stay selfish and ignorant.

What is necessary is active observation and acting on principles that are based on oneness, value equality, what is based for all life ...... in the now moment, inside yourself.... it's understanding that you are playing a part in the great scheme of things. (you being a fractal - a part and simultaneously the whole... well we need to act like)

Active observation=a shift in being/looking -> a shift in relating
Passive observation=allowing and accepting everything -> staying stuck in "all is perfect the way it is"

When you're fully aware you see how thoughts and experiences pop up in the present moment without you making a choice. These thoughts, emotions and experiences come up without you making a choice and tell you who you are.

Now you have 2 choices. Accept and allow these things or make a conscious choice to change yourself within yourself. To accept and allow the automatically generated reaction to continue or to stop it and do something else.

To make a choice you need to be aware.

We allow it to continue with our ignorance, non-understanding, carelessness for our state and well-being and self-direction and with our resistance to being honest with ourselves and taking responsibility for our thoughts.

We are not our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts are our tool that we can learn do direct instead of being submissive to it. Our automatically generated ego takes control of ourselves only if we allow it and this is when we don't give ourselves a clear principle based self-direction - when we are not clear about how we want to exist and do in every moment. 

Let's first define awareness and consciousness.

Looking comes from awareness/being.
Thoughts and thinking comes from consciousness/your mind.

By stopping and looking you are re-defining yourself within yourself. You are changing your relationship to these things. 

You stop by becoming aware of your breathing (you can also slow it down, in the beginning it's much easier to manipulate your breathing by slowing it down than to be aware of it, just don't do it mechanically and try to observe your breathing, be one with it).

When we are not conscious of every breath we take, we direct our energy into our thought-emotion energetic system and at that point we're not even aware of our body. This is an ideal scenario for our parasitic mind to take control of our attention and gain energy for it's own survival.

When you are asleep you are simply assuming you're making all the choices in your life, and you're also assuming that if you've made that decision then it's probably a good one, when you're awake you're seeing your own shit that pops up in the present moment and you're able to re-define yourself in the present moment, by being something else. You are no longer identified with the thought, emotion or experience and that's when transformation takes place.  

Bliss is something beyond positive emotions, it is a result of embodying the Devine aspect of yourself. Bliss is divine and it's your true nature. Bliss feels good, but it feels better than feeling's feeling like a God. 

Everything is energy but there are different kinds of energy. For this article I will focus on the mind energy and life energy. Life energy is a stable energy. The unstable energy is mind energy. The mind uses energy to preserve itself, it NEEDS energy for it's own survival.

Mind energy is parasitic and if you identify with your self-created thought-emotional conscious system you will accept and allow the mind to suck the energy from your body for it's own survival. It is like a vampire, if you follow the automatically generated thoughts and emotions that show up in your awareness, you will allow the mind energy to maintain itself and the result is that your physical body will age and die one day.

It's like staying asleep in the driving seat of a car.... you are the driver not the fucking car. 

What we are does not need energy to exist, it's eternal.

 A lot of Self-realized people still don't get this, they are aware of the totality...but not conscious of the part that they are playing in that screen.

You are reality and you are also in reality. You are aware of the reality that is happening in you, and you are conscious that you are that self-created reality.

If you are not conscious of that, then you are lost in the formless aspect of you and you don't know how to integrate that realization in your life, you don't know how to navigate between the paradox of it all and because of that you are still submissive to your automatically generated thought-emotional based system. 

What are you? You are an undefined being, being able to be aware, able to recognize patterns, self-reflect, to be self-responsible, self-honest, principle self-directive and able to co-create.

You are always present, that means that you don't need energy for survival unlike your mind....

From that, we can clearly see that there is something more to non-duality, we are all one, but we are different, we are individual units of consciousness, souls... at different levels of maturity who are able to grow in discernment, intelligence, wisdom, love, compassion through using our abilities that I described earlier.

Awareness(god) is creating his own consciousness field and this field of consciousness carries information that was accepted as true and allowed to be. This is our ego, this is the though-emotion energetic based system.

You can only change yourself while being in yourself (that is a radical statement that you need to become conscious of, the character needs to shift from BECOMING a character to BEING, from form to formless and back to a different form)...

Everything is now, but did you make a distinction between being and becoming? Are you aware of the constant change that is happening in you in the present moment, and be able to be principle self-directive when an automatically generated though/emotion shows up or will you be selfish and ignorant...react and follow the dualistic mind energy, that will suck the energy from your body for it's own survival?

You created the mind through imagination but now the mind is using you, you are lost in your own dream, you are asleep while the process of survival is happening and because of that you are allowing and accepting the egoic reactions to continue, when you are aware, you notice how thoughts and emotions automatically come out of nowhere and you notice how these thoughts and emotions need your attention to survive... you are able to stop them, transcend them and be principle self-directive in the now moment.

The mind will of course trigger fear, because it fears death and non-existence -> an illusion, so it will seem like you are powerless in the passengers seat, but that is an illusion that can be overcome by being aware that you are the only one here and the only being responsible for your direction, and that you always was that which is here&now.... you will need to train your discernment abilities to recognize appearances from reality.

Following certain thoughts and emotions of course has benefits, that's why you do it...BUT...are you seeking positive experiences and emotions? If yes, then you are identifying with your emotions, you are polarizing reality into good and bad. You are basically being selfish and ignorant.

When we're under the influence of certain chemicals we easily forget our self-responsibility and power of self-directing and start being submissive to our automatically generated thought-emotion programs. 

When we look through our ego, we want more of these experiences. Ego wants more! When we look through our ego we want to maintain our selfish interest and what is best for the ego AND NOT what is best for all life just because of the generated emotions.

Ego is afraid of honesty because if we are totally honest, the ego might lose it's benefits so it uses all kinds of ego defense mechanisms to avoid facing the truth. Ego thrives on ignorance and avoidance.


An internal or external trigger will trigger a behavior of thinking, feeling and acting and you will need to stay mindful to notice that - that's mindfulness .

Then, you will stop the egoic reaction by focusing on your breathing, focusing on your feeling in the body and every sound around you, you will become present.

Then you will bend the flow of energy based on described principles.

By shifting that energy, you will enter an unknown territory, your mind will be afraid and it will trigger fear for the purpose of shifting the energy back. In that moment you will stay present and cultivate a metaphysical connection to reality by being grounded in the present moment, in that case, you are practicing transcendence and witnessing how triggered thoughts and feelings of the old program are trying to sedate you for the purpose of You putting attention into them.

And in this process you will understand what is being and becoming. 

The process that will be described is holistic. It doesn't focus just on the spiritual or emotional or thoughts or physical aspect it focuses on transforming all aspects, that's why it's revolutionary and very advanced but the thing is, that it's so simple that everybody can understand and use it!

The principles are based on oneness, value equality - what is best for all. What is best for all is also best for you. "I take others into account and treat others the same way as I would like to be taken into account and treated if I was in their place"


A shift needs to happen. A shift to where you don't operate based on your thoughts and emotions but on a deeper level of knowing. A shift from memory to knowing. 

Some aspect of you always knows...but you don't listen carefully enough. Instead of listening and deeply feeling the truth you are accepting and allowing the thought-emotional based system to steal your attention so it can maintain itself.

You quickly jump to conclusions, quickly jump into are being reactive, because you take things as obvious...and that's a trap of the egoic program because if things slowed down, you would have more opportunity to discern falsehood from truth and truth would have more opportunity to shed falsehood.

 You need to slow down to stop acting like a sheep, following his thoughts and emotions. And you do this by taking a few controlled breaths. 

When the thoughts and emotions pop up in the present moment via internal/external triggers to steal your attention from what is best for all beings, then you slow down. 

You must intend to become aware and then you will be aware. By setting an intention you will awaken in the present moment (in the linear sense for example you will set an intention today and tomorrow the triggers will trigger thoughts and emotions and you will be awake in that moment because you've set the intention).

Commit to setting intentions to redirect your life force.

 For example: smoking. Picture this scenario. It's time for lunch break, the smoker usually smokes a cigarette after the lunch break, so that's an external trigger, then there can be also an internal trigger that says ("another cigarette and then I will come back"), BUT if the egoic program was integrated due to repeating it a lot, then there will be no thoughts like that, it will just seem obvious to the smoker that that's the next thing he will do, in this case he is assuming the thought-emotional based system is true and you will always do what you believe to be true. 

Then that's going the become his reality, because he imagined it to be real....but then let's say a shift in consciousness happens where that no longer makes sense and is no longer true, let's say the smoker found out in reality he doesn't want to smoke but to finish smoking, at that moment he becomes aware of the bigger picture, he steps out of himself and becomes aware and he connects to a deeper level of knowing that is present, he starts imagining a new reality, a new possibility existing. He awakens....

so let's say now comes the same scenario, he finishes lunch and goes to his location to smoke, he grabs a cigarette, he lights it up and then....he awakens, he becomes aware and knowing and at that moment he has the decision to drop the cigarette or to continue smoking it, if he continues smoking it, he promotes the thought-emotional based parasite but if he drops it, he embodies his new truth. 

When he became aware, memories were not needed to drop it, he was aware and thus knowing....and that's the way toward embodying truth. You come to deeper and deeper levels of realization.

But now he needs to transmute the old program and awareness alone usually doesn't do it because we need a new program to integrate, to remove a program without adding a new one will just create a sense of emptiness and after a while we will spiral back into the old program just because we don't know any better, as simple as that sounds. Awareness alone is curative only in the short term.

 We transmute the old program with speech. So, the smoker comes home, analyzes his emotional reactions in writing(this step was possible only after he became aware), he is honest about his self. He writes self-correction statements about what is best for all and then he needs to say it out loud, for the transmutation process to take place, he needs to repeat these statements, once is not enough and by doing so, he embodies a higher truth, that was deeply felt. 

We can only change ourselves inside ourselves, analogy - screen (awareness) and mario (the character-you-the thought emotional based system), the character needs to become aware of the screen and only after that he can shift to a new program, like being a character in a movie, if the character wants to play a different role in a different movie, he needs to drop his role and stop following his thought and emotions. 

By doing so he is becoming a master of himself. 

You will avoid writing things out and analyzing your reactions at all costs because being honest and reflective of your actions is dangerous to the maintenance of your ego. Make no mistake, you will never feel like doing it.

 IF you will not do it, that's the same as being identified with the thought-emotional based system. You will keep rationalizing, making excuses, believing your lies and you will keep deceiving yourself but slowly if you keep at it you will become better at spotting your own bullshit, facing your own self, overcoming the fear of losing parts of yourself and do self-correction to change yourself. 

You always put trust in something, now is the time to ask yourself what you put trust in. 

There are different levels of knowing. The first is hearing something, the second is contemplating it and the third is making it instinctual. But how can you make awakening instinctual...? BY following certain principles. 

Alignment with truth. Remember, it's not only about realizing Truth but about being in alignment with Truth. Alignment is not the same as balance. Alignment is about being in tune and connected to the present moment. Being in tune + connected to the present balance.

By being in tune and present, we allow the higher self to manifest. For alignment to happen, there needs to be calmness and silence for us to listen and then discern different energy flows. When we're in alignment then we're supporting all life and beings with our actions and if we're not , we're creating disharmony and unbalance in the universal system. 

We're here to be present to a certain role in the evolutionary process of consciousness. A divine role consists of certain beliefs, attitudes, visions, thoughts, states, interactions, sounds, voice, communication, feelings.

So, you need to be present to specific things that remind you of who you are...and not what you truly are, because no thing can trigger the memory of what you are, because what you are is not a memory need to train your discernment abilities to recognize these things. Not just staying in the present moment, but regulating your attention/energy flow/body movements to be present to specific things.

And you do this by slowly silently deeply feeling things to discern if you resonate with them or not. This is totally different paradigm than taking things as obvious and reacting to the perceived stimuli.  

Consciousness is this infinite field that can resonate at infinite number of frequencies, different frequencies = different experiences(sounds, feelings, visions, thoughts...) but as souls we will not resonate with all frequencies, it's not really our purpose to do so, and this is why I told you to discern if you resonate with it or not...that is God understanding what it actually is.

Freeing ourselves from the automatically generated thought-emotional based system is a process in which we step by step with every breath and with a few tools 1.conscious breathing 2. self-honest writing 3. self-forgiveness 4. self-correction take our responsibility for our mind/ego/though-emotion based energetic system and start AWAKENING.

While doing that we take into account the law of one and value equality of all life, because that's the best for all and because of that best for us. Every action that does not take into account "I take others into account and treat others the same way as I would like to be taken into account and treated if I was in their place" is an action that is coming from our deluded ego.

Awakening is a process where we realize our power of directing our eternal life force. 

To direct your life force, you don't need any kind of energy, because you are eternal and don't need energy for existing. You don't need stimulation. If you're stimulation driven then when there is no longer a supply of your stimulation you don't have any motivation anymore to do the act, you are like a program that will stop existing if there is no supply of input commands. And most people are just that, programs. 

Being self-honest is about being honest about your state, thoughts, emotions, actions, intentions we're existing in. This is our ability to see our source without judgement. Only by being self-honest life is born until then we're only our automatically generated thoughts and emotions.

With writing we discover which thoughts created our emotions and we forgive ourselves. Then we write self-correction statements.  

And breathing. Only when we're aware of our breathing and grounded in the present moment, we're able to direct our life force.

The process of writing looks like that. This is the most efficient form.

    1. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed ____ (describe your harmful selfish way of thinking, acting, emoting) 
    2. When I notice and become aware of ___(describe the things you mentioned earlier), I stop and breath.
    3. I am conscious that ___ (1. describe the harmful consequences of your pattern and why it's not supportive for all life. 2. Describe why and how the changed action is better for all)
    4. This is why from now on, I am committed to (describe a practical healthy mind pattern new pattern that is best for all life with which you're substituting the old, unnecessary, selfish and harmful pattern)


"You are the program and also the programmer" - Arcturus RA

With this process we are expanding our understanding of our ego/mind and that gives us power to change ourselves. We are becoming more aware of our selves as the eternal life force and our ability to self-direct selflessly. We are becoming more familiar with our way of thinking, with our habits, reactions and though-emotional based states that we're submissive to.   With this process we're coming back to our full power by being less submissive to our thoughts and emotions step-by-step, breath by breath. With this process we're removing all kinds of limitations and we're becoming able to express ourselves more effectively more and more.

You can do this at the end of your day to reflect back on your day, you can also open a blog on blogger like many Destonians do to keep yourself more accountable. 

So, now I have a question for you. Will you start practicing the process and do what is best for all life or will you accept and allow your thoughts and emotions to direct you. 

I will explain a method that I learned from Destonians. Keep an open mind.

Resources to take it to the next level:

The mind has no answers and the heart has no questions.



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@AleksM Thanks for sharing. Really great insights!

The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Morpheus (The Matrix)

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I like your thread. It has a really positive vibe to it about doing good and helping others. I relate to this more than the super heavy non dual perspective thrown around here that feels devoid of emotion and almost uncaring and apathetic. Can you go more in depth into fear and inner conflict. I have fears and conflicts in me that I sometimes don't know how to heal or resolve. Also, what are your thoughts on delusional thoughts and fears ?

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Thank you for this, your posts always provide great techniques which fill the gaps most others miss. Just reading it helps you :)

Namaste <3

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@AleksM Thank you for taking the time to express and share this. 

He has no will of his own.
He dwells in reality,
and lets all illusions go.

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From turquoise to coral.

I'll read everything mater thanks for your work aleksM

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Edited by AleksM

The mind has no answers and the heart has no questions.



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@AleksM Very nice. Thanks. 

Possible implications of Awakening are huge. 

Deep stuff. 

Really Wondered where this leads. Not Something average human is interested for. 

You are the Source and this right now. Source is unlimited in possible manifestations and so on. 

Yes Serve all of Reality but how?!

That's mystery, deep one. Problem is that everything is done. It's already Perfect. 

Would like to ask @Nahm how You actualize this.

Yeah stay on your side on the Mirror big kiddo victim of your own cleverness. 


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I am God. I am Infinite Love. 

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 @AleksM Thank you for your work.

On 8/1/2019 at 9:57 AM, AleksM said:

Awakening is a process where we realize our power of directing our eternal life force. 

To direct your life force, you don't need any kind of energy, because you are eternal and don't need energy for existing. You don't need stimulation. If you're stimulation driven then when there is no longer a supply of your stimulation you don't have any motivation anymore to do the act, you are like a program that will stop existing if there is no supply of input commands. And most people are just that, programs. 

Being self-honest is about being honest about your state, thoughts, emotions, actions, intentions we're existing in. This is our ability to see our source without judgement. Only by being self-honest life is born until then we're only our automatically generated thoughts and emotions.


"To have a free mind is to be a universal heretic." - A.H. Almaas

"We have to bless the living crap out of everyone." - Matt Kahn

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This is great, a lot of insight and might help me quite a bit. Thank you for this!

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