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  1. Control of the breath is unimaginably important. The more you observe the more you become.
  2. Early realization before transcending yourself may cause you to commit suicide. Know your limit.
  3. I'm watching the city at the moment and thinking about why humanity still loves fear, pain, and suffering. I see that humans took their survival guaranteed for a long time ago. We're here, serving to world and life, consciously or unconsciously. Everything is so clear to see and simple to recognize, but humankind still lives like they have to survive in a wild forest. We love to hate, kill, win, fear, give pain to others. We love to feel pain and suffer. But this only creates an infinite loop in our daily lives. Humanity lives in everyday panic mode. Our minds became a wild forest which we have to survive inside of it every day. We're free, but our minds are telling us what's true and false as if it's our parents. We live like a child who secretly fears everything around him, but which actually in its heart wants to explore everything. We fear from our unlimited selves. We want unconditional love, but then ask why to love. We're the one that creates everything and then acts like we never created anything. We forgot so we started to search for an answer, reason, and meaning. We lost ourselves in our creativity. We fear to love, but love to fear.
  4. Spiritual ego could be hardest thing to surrender.
  5. Read the page in the second post. You are already preparing.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I can't stop laughing. My body hurts.
  7. No, there's no fail in your expression in my opinion. It's not possible to see through each other's eyes without swapping ourselves. Even though I knew this, I was suffering for 3 hours. This post made me remember and see counter-intuitiveness again. This helped me. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Trying to grasp infinity with mind is like moving around in all directions inside an infinite sanbox while losing sight of other directions and dimensions. Because the screen has limits altough the sanbox is infinite itself. Screen has limits, it's 22 inch, it has a flat surface, it's resolution is 1920x1080... This video could zoom and continue forever. But the screen will always be limited. Everything we do, like self-inquiry, meditation etc. or substances we use like Psychedelics can be helpful to expand minds resolution if the person do or use them properly. At some point it will realize itself.
  9. There's a topic for video summaries. It can be helpful:
  10. The Great Story For centuries, what we human beings are doing is unconsciously creating stories for ourselves and others. This is the answer to why we are here today. Along with the stories, we created something called meaning. We believed in separation by creating characters, past and future, experiences and wills. We created something called belief. And all of this came from our great invention that what we call is "mind", the story-generator, the pointer, the thing that believes it's real. But it was the infinity itself that includes and excludes everything. Beyond the possible and the impossible. It was the creation that which is just one part of the infinity and that which is infinite within itself, that created everything within its infinite possibility and impossibility.
  11. Life is like an infinite tree. When the spring comes, new leaves, that which every one of them is special, come out of the branches. Each one of them has its self to survive. When the fall comes, every leaf has no choice but to fade and die. But the essence of leaves, the being of the tree, is never touched by anything. The tree never comes and goes, never fades and dies. The tree exists and gives life to new leaves, forever. And the ones that see this cycle are just the leaves itself.
  12. Here is the demo of my latest acoustic song.
  13. Everything you know, see and explore is a part of infinite consciousness. When you recognize that, everything dissolves. Acceptance and love manifest itself.